Posted on: September 23, 2010 9:32 am

NFL could push Players Union for harsher DUI rule

Posted by Andy Benoit

Over the next nine months during the collective bargaining negotiations, the NFL could try to convince the Players Union to sign off on stricter guidelines for DUI violations.

Bob Glauber of News Days writes:

According to people familiar with the situation, the NFL repeatedly has pressed the NFLPA to increase the level of discipline for first-time DUIs to a suspension of up to four games. Each time, the union rejected the idea.

I'm told the Jets were prepared to deactivate (Braylon) Edwards for Sunday night's game but were concerned the union would try to block the move.

Said union spokesman George Atallah: "What we've said is that if there are any changes made to either the personal-conduct policy or the substance-abuse policy is that it has to be done through collective bargaining."

Since 2000, about 28 percent of arrests in the NFL each year have been for drunken driving, making it by far the league’s most frequent crime. In 2008, 73 players on an NFL roster had been arrested for a DUI at some point, according to Yahoo! Sports. That equates to roughly four percent of all players; around one percent of adults over age 21 have a DUI on their record.

Harsher punishments for first-time DUI offenders could pay dividends – not just for the NFL and its image, but for the rest of society.

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