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Posted on: December 3, 2010 10:42 am

Simms has Derek Anderson's back

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Cardinals QB Derek Anderson has been put through the wringer this week.

Most of it is his fault after he made himself an Internet sensation with his response to perfectly fair questions from an Arizona Republic reporter about his sideline demeanor while Arizona was taking a pounding vs. San Francisco on Monday Night Football (he and Deuce Latui were spotted laughing on the bench).

But CBS’ own Phil Simms has taken the side of Anderson.

“Wow, what an injustice to Derek Anderson,” Simms said this week. “He should be upset about it. Players make a lot of faces when they’re in games. Now we have to go by the manual how you’re supposed to have a face during the game?  Open it up and it says when you lose be sure you do nothing but have a sad face. To stand on the sidelines and be questioned because maybe there was a hint of a smile on your face when you were losing? 

“It can happen for a lot of reasons. Did I ever smile on the sidelines when we were losing? I’m sure I did. I probably looked at one of my teammates and went, ‘Wow, I can’t believe after all the work we’ve done we’ve got ourselves in this situation.’ It can be a smirk or a smile. There could be a thousand reasons for it. It’s amazing. Fans get upset if a player acts normal after a loss. How could you be acting that way after you just lost? Hey, you work hard, you do your job, you accept it, and you go back to work and hope you can do something about it and change it.”

Sure, the “Hey, my teammates were just trying to cheer me up during a difficult time” defense would have been perfectly valid if that’s what Anderson had said in the postgame presser. Instead, he went berserk and made this a much bigger story than it needed to be. Which, after apologizing Wednesday, he seemed to realize.

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