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Posted on: October 10, 2011 1:04 pm

Drew Rosenhaus clarifies comments on '60 Minutes'

Posted by Will Brinson

Super-agent Drew Rosenhaus caused quite a stir leading up to Sunday night's showing of 60 Minutes, stating that the NFL would "fall apart" without him.

Rosenhaus also flashed his sale pitch Sunday night, which was again on display Monday morning when he took to Twitter to clarify his remarks about the NFL collapsing without agents being around.

"I want to clarify a comment from 60 Minutes," Rosenhaus tweeted Monday. "I believe the NFL would fall apart without the contributions of the sports agent profession. Agents as a whole play an important role in the infrastructure of the NFL. Agents help to keep the business of the NFL running smoothly."

Honestly, that's kind of a difficult point to argue.

[VIDEO: Rosenhaus' full 60 Minutes interview]

Agents are a pain for teams, sure, because they want more money for their players. But what would happen if players actually negotiated for themselves or -- gasp -- used the union as a negotiating tool?

Well, the power of the individual player would be severely dampened, of course. Willis McGahee came off a serious knee injury in college and somehow managed to get drafted in the first round anyway. That was all Rosenhaus.

Terrell Owens -- though he may be lacking work in the coming months -- has been able to consistently find a job with teams. It's not because he's a locker-room charmer. It's because of Rosenhaus.

And perhaps the best example in recent memory: DeSean Jackson. While Jackson doesn't have a contract, do you think he'd be playing by the rules and suiting up for the Eagles if he didn't have Rosenhaus (who learned from a previous mistake with Philly and the aforementioned Owens) advising him? Probably not.

Agents might not get the greatest reputation in the world, and they're certainly a downfall for the college game at the moment, but they're an inevitable part of the evolution of professional sports. And an ultimately necessary piece of the process.

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