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Posted on: February 16, 2011 2:47 pm
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Hot Routes 2.16.11 surgeries and squabbles

Hot Routes

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Posted on: November 11, 2010 10:59 am

Hot Routes 11.11.10: Booing Braylon

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Braylon Edwards is correct that he will be booed when the Jets play in Cleveland this weekend. He is incorrect in thinking that he doesn't deserve his reputation for dropping the ball. After all, that's not like a rep for running hard or anything -- dropping the football is an easily quantifiable statistic, even if Derek Anderson is the guy throwing you the ball. Either you hold onto it or you don't. What makes his pre-Browns game behavior so bizarre is that by any account, Edwards should be humbled and thrilled that he got a chance to go somewhere else and pick up DUIs play football. And instead, he's just trying to hate on a city that deserves nothing more than pity when it comes to sports these days.
  • Rex Ryan has instituted a new "pushups for penalties" rule in Jets practice -- and said penalty includes owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum, who were forced to do pushups every time the Jets committed a penalty too. We need video of this ASAP. 
  • Brian Cushing is going to maybe move back to strongside linebacker after spending some time in the middle. Not that it really matters for Houston, since people have stopped bothering trying to run against them and now just have opposing quarterbacks throw the ball as high and as far as they can on every single play. Or at least that's what it feels like.
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Jags' Britton likely done for the year

Posted by Will Brinson

Jacksonville got whipped by the Chiefs (42-20 at Kansas City) on Sunday, but the news got even worse following the game -- it appears as if young tackle Eben Britton could be out for the season with a shoulder injury.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that Britton will have an MRI on his shoulder Monday, but that the time isn't hopeful and expects to lose him for the year with what is "probably" a torn labrum.

This is pretty nightmarish, not only because Britton's been playing pretty well recently, but because the Jaguars' biggest weakness on the offensive end has been their line, which hasn't been able to open holes for Maurice Jones-Drew or protect the rotating poo-poo platter of quarterbacks (David Garrard, Trent Edwards, Todd Bouman) enough to keep them healthy or upright.

UPDATE 3:30 pm ET: Britton has told reporters that he will likely have surgery on his injured shoulder. He suspects it's a torn labrum. 

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5 Questions (or more) with Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice Jones-Drew is the brightest star on a Jacksonville Jaguars team that's had some identity issues over the past couple of years. He's also a favorite of fantasy football players and a pretty good running back too.

CBS Sports had a chance to catch up with MJD, thanks to the fine folks at Gatorade and the NFL who are running the "Beat the Heat" campaign (go here -- NFL.com/trainingcamp -- and download the packet and Gatorade will donate $1 to charity to fight heat-related illnesses). So we asked him about the Jaguars' new stadium sponsor (Everbank), if the offensive line has improved this offseason, who he would take first in a fantasy draft now that he's an analyst and has to be honest, and what the hell will happen with Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens in Cincinnati.

Alright, we'll ask first: Everbank, man. My family's from Jacksonville, so I'm a closet Jags fan and I was pumped to hear ...

Maurice Jones-Drew:
Wait, why be a closet fan? Might as well come out, man.

CBS: [Laughing] Man, I'm in North Carolina ... Gotta stick with my Panthers. Anyway, how important is this for you guys to pick up a name sponsor like that in terms of helping you contend as a small market team?

MJD: It's very exciting. I think from a front office standpoint, just with all the hard work they've been doing with selling tickets and trying to find sponsors. And obviously Everbank stepped up and will do a great job ... but as players, with all the hard work we've been doing, even though the last season didn't pan out the way we wanted it to, they see what direction we're going in and are interested in us, and that's always great to see.

CBS: Yeah, I  think it's tough for you guys, especially with such a rebuilt, young offensive line. How much growth have you seen from the two young guys, Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton, during the offseason?

MJD: Those guys last year grew so much and this year, working out with them through the offseason, they've just done a great job of staying ahead of the game. And pushing each other -- I  think more than anything those two guys push each other ... they push the whole line, and it's great to see that.

CBS: Alright, lemme ask you this random one: Terrell Owens is joining Chad Ochocino in Cincinnati. What do you think about that pairing?

MJD: [Laughing] It's gonna be interesting, man. Really, we don't play them, so I couldn't care less about it, but I know a lot of people are talking about it. It's gonna be good to see how those two guys get along -- really, the way they portray themselves in the media is not how they act ... I've hung out with them before and they're totally different when they know the cameras aren't on. So they might put a show on for the cameras, but behind the scenes they'll do a great job of learning from each other and working with Carson [Palmer].

CBS: Cool, cool. The Colts are always talked because they're the Colts, Chris Johnson's contract got the Titans in the press this offseason a lot, and everyone's always chattering about the Texans "taking the next step" -- do you guys think you're an underrated sleeper-type team in your division?

MJD: We've kind of always been that way I  think. No one every gives us the benefit of the doubt, so we're kind of used to it. That's just how it is -- all we do is go out and play games. We can't worry about what everyone else thinks. When we start worrying about people picking us to be Super Bowl champs or picking us to do this or that, that's when we get sidetracked. We just worry about what we have to do and take care of our business and we'll be ready to roll.

CBS: Speaking of sleepers ... aren't you hosting a fantasy football radio show now?

MJD: [Laug hing] Haha, yeah.

CBS: If you're an analyst, you have to answer HONESTLY -- who's your top fantasy pick in the draft this year?

MJD: [Not laughing] Myself.

CBS: Hahah, just making sure man, just making sure. Got any sleepers out there for the fantasy players?

MJD: I do man, I do. But you gotta listen to the show. I just can't, you know, give you all the news, because then people won't tune and in listen.

CBS: Fair enough. Let's talk about "Beat the Heat" with Gatorade and the NFL --

MJD: It's very exciting. Obviously Gatorade asked me to get out speak to other athletes -- pro, high school, collegiate, Pop Warner, whatever. It's an honor. And really, something I've tried to do my whole career is preach to people about taking care of their bodies -- your body's your resume in this business. So if you're always getting heat-related illnesses and things like that, team are going to shy away from you. So it's simple: drink water, drink Gatorade and hydrate yourself before, during and after practice.

And if you go to to NFL.com/trainingcamp and download the training camp packet, Gatorade will donate a $1 to charities to fight heat-related illnesses. And hopefully a lot of people will go out and do it, because it's definitely a serious topic. Whenever I was in high school, before Korey Stringer died, it was always like "Water makes you weak." And then he passed and it was a tragedy but it ended up being somewhat of a blessing because it opened up everyone's eyes to what was going on. So, I'm glad Gatorade took a stand on it -- it's definitely made an impact out here in Jacksonville.

CBS: Good deal, man. Alright, we'll get you out on this: what's the nickname of the new stadium going to be?

MJD:  I don't know about a nickname -- I think the phrase is going to be "We're on our way to the Bank."

CBS: "Take it to the bank?" I've heard stuff like "The Bank" and "The Vault" and stuff like that.

MJD:   Yeah, I bet it'll be "Take it to the bank." And we've got three weeks to be together so I'm sure we'll think of something ... gimme a couple days and I'll have something on Twitter.

-- Will Brinson

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