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Posted on: March 3, 2011 11:23 pm

Jamarcus Russell's Oakland house foreclosed on?

Posted by Will Brinson

One of the biggest issues in the current CBA negotiations is the rookie wage scale. One of the biggest reasons the owners want a rookie wage scale is because people like JaMarcus Russell -- probably the biggest bust in the history of the NFL Draft -- once upon a time made $60 million.

Oh, and hey, look -- his giant Oakland mansion is apparently being foreclosed on! What timing!

TMZ first found the news and claims to have foreclosure documents, which seems like something they could easily prove. It also seems like something pretty logical -- Russell doesn't exactly have a track record for being either fiscally responsible, good at football, or in shape.

In short, his life's been a pretty big mess since Oakland drafted him and it doesn't appear that things are going to get any better for him, especially when he really becomes a poster boy for the NFL's argument about overpaying rookies.

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