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Posted on: April 12, 2011 1:03 pm

LT ruled 'Level 1 sex offender' by NY judge

Posted by Will Brinson

The final (hopefully) ruling in the Lawrence Taylor saga is here, and the Hall of Fame linebacker has been ruled a Level 1 ("low risk") sex offender by a New York judge.

Per the Associated Press, Rockland County Court Judge William Kelly passed along the ruling despite the prosecution's request that Taylor be classified as a Level 2 sex offender.

"The difference between Level 1 and 2 is almost minuscule because of the notification that has already gone out to the world," said Kelly.

The judge also added that Taylor "would be awfully foolish to go out and do this again."

Taylor, who wasn't present at the hearing, was recently sentenced to six years of probation. Following that sentencing, he made some pretty bizarre/awkward/creepy remarks about the nature of prostitution. (The appearance was later classified by his agent as "should not have happened.")

Taylor, who was arrested for felony statutory rape in May, originally pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges.

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Posted on: March 24, 2011 9:45 pm

LT's agent on TV spot: 'Should not have happened'

Posted by Will Brinson

Lawrence Taylor was recently sentenced to six years probation for a pretty reprehensible crime -- having sex with an underage prostitute.

Following his sentencing, Taylor appeared on FOX News' Studio B with Shepard Smith and said some things about the nature of prostitution that are kind of mind-blowing:

His agent, Mark Lepselter, joined WQAM in Miami with Sid Rosenberg on Thursday to talk about LT's situation.

When asked about the interview, he basically said the same thing we all thought: "Whoops."

"I'm never one to pass the buck. I will say that I wholeheartedly agree there were some things internally that should not have happened. I'll leave it at that. I don't disagree."

Translation: someone got fired QUICK after that interview. As they should have -- it's one thing for you client to get sentenced for having sex with an underage prostitute. That's on LT. But whoever let him get on live television and defend it deserves to get canned.

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Posted on: March 22, 2011 12:36 pm
Edited on: March 22, 2011 5:58 pm

Lawrence Taylor receives 6 years probation

Posted by Will Brinson

Back in January, Lawrence Taylor pled guilty to sexual misconduct and having sex with an underage prostitute.

On Tuesday, he was sentenced by the New York court system to six years of probation. Taylor will also be required to follow the rules that apply to sex offenders, though the level of his status won't be determined until April 12, at a hearing.

Allred would not say if the girl plans a lawsuit against Taylor, but said, "We look forward to representing her as she continues her fight for justice."

She said Taylor "should be in the hall of shame, not the Hall of Fame."

The girl was 16 - under the age of consent - when she met Taylor last May. Speaking outside the Rockland County Courthouse, she denied she was a prostitute and said another man, whom she called Rasheed, forced her to go into Taylor's Montebello hotel room by punching her in the face.

She said Taylor should have been able to tell she had been beaten and that she was underage.

"I believe Mr. Taylor could see my face and how young I was," she said. "I did what he told me to do because I was afraid what would happen if I didn't."

She added, her voice breaking, "I am upset that he will not go to jail for what he did to me."

The girl arrived with celebrity lawyer Allred, who described her as "a sex-trafficking victim." The girl, now 17, has been identified in court and by Allred only by the initials C.F.

The judge in the case ruled, however, that such statements are only permissible in cases involving felonies, and Taylor was being sentenced based on a pair of misdemeanors.

Taylor said when he pleaded guilty that the girl told him she was 19. His attorney, Arthur Aidala, said Tuesday that Taylor "did not intend to patronize a prostitute who was under legal age."

He apologized on Taylor's behalf to Taylor's wife, family and fans.

Aidala criticized Allred for exposing the girl to the public eye, saying, "This young woman is being victimized once again."

All sex offenders have to report their addresses annually and report changes within 10 days.

Aidala persuaded the judge to modify some of the probation restrictions generally imposed on sex offenders. For example, the judge said Taylor would be allowed to bring his young son to school or to a park. He also agreed to a 1 a.m. curfew for Taylor instead of 11 p.m.

In addition, Taylor will be permitted to serve his probation in Broward County, Fla., where he lives.

Kelly offered Taylor a chance to speak in court before the sentencing but Taylor declined, saying, "I'm fine, judge."

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