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DeMaurice Smiths' somewhat awkward speech

Posted by Andy Benoit

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith was the commencement speaker at the University of Maryland graduation ceremony earlier this week. Smith grew up rooting for the Terps and attended the school for a few semesters in the mid-80s.

During the event, some of the Maryland crowd cascaded on Smith the same “we want football!” chants that Roger Goodell heard at Radio City Music Hall.

“I want football, too,” Smith said.

The theme of Smith’s speech revolved around comparing the NFL players’ lockout fight against the owners to the detractors the students will face in their future lives. He incorporated several football labor themes into his speech, including mentioning how much he “digs” players like ex-Terp and current NFLPA executive committee member Dominique Foxworth (who was in the stands) and ex-Terp Boomer Esiason, whom Smith noted once sat down in front of a bus full of replacement players during the 1987 strike.

There was an awkward moment late in the speech when Smith wrapped things up by incorporating Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll (Part 2)” as background music and encouraged everyone to clap along while shouting the mildly profane term that Maryland students have made a tradition of incorporating into the song:

"To anybody who thinks for one minute that passion is something that is cheap and futile, I have two words for them: You suck," Smith said, according to the Associated Press. "And for anybody who would ever think that it is the wrong thing to do to care so much that you're willing to risk everything because it is right, reserve those two words for them."

Driving the awkwardness was the fact that the music was not very loud and the students were essentially unresponsive to Smith’s implorations.

If you want to view Smith’s speech, fast forward (or click and drag forward) to the 4:15 mark in this video.

To view Smith’s awkward “you suck” cry, go to 26:59.

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Torrey Smith is a decently athletic dunker too

Posted by Will Brinson

Torrey Smith, the fourth-ranked wide receiver and 40th overall prospect on CBSSports.com' board, is big-play machine.

You can see it when you check out his performances at Maryland, you'll see that at the combine when he torches his 40-yard-dash time, and you'll see it once he gets in the NFL.

But if you'd like other proof that he has some athletic ability, how about watching him perform in an impromptu dunk contest during his final year at Maryland? (H/T: The Big Lead) Smith, by the way, projects to the Ravens in both the Rang and Reuter mock drafts.

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