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Posted on: January 1, 2011 4:24 pm

NFL Sound Off Week 17

Posted by Andy Benoit

This week Tim Cary, our social media guru at CBSSports.com, came up with a question that everybody in the social media world seemed to absolutely love:

Vikings-EAGLES Tuesday night! Fill in the blank with your most creative answer to describe 1946: "The last time an NFL game was played on Tuesday, ___________." EXAMPLE: "...there were only 48 states in the USA."

It was amazing how many a.) funny responses we received and b.) how many totally serious and factual responses we received. We appreciate people who took the opportunity to spread knowledge and wisdom, but as you’re about to see, we mainly chose to publish the responses that took a stab at humor. Enjoy.

VIA FACEBOOK (facebook.com/CBSSports)

Bob Elliott
‎... Joe Paterno had just become eligible for Social Security.

Mike Sparks There was still manufacturing in the US and no TV station in Idaho lol

Jacob Wang Gov Rendell, Philly's mayor from 1992 to '99, was going thru the "Terrible Twos":

Bill Barrett The Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl... Oh snap.. That isn't right.

Tyler Babcock The Lions were about to make their dynasty run.

Cindy Lowery Major Howard Cosell had just been discharged from the Army and hadn't even thought about sports broadcasting yet!

Bill Beason The officials wore yellow and threw red flags!!!!!!

Kurt Ludwick Charles de Gaulle was a President, not an airport. Also, the United Nations was still called the League of Nations.


@pstatesmd  Hugh Hefner was his current fiancee's age.
@atc2ntc  Cher was only 35.
@ryangravlee  Brett Favre was the starter.
@isaacfromCT  MLB was actually popular and outdrew the NFL
@drteston  Joe Pa was ONLY 20.
@nicksundrup  Hugh Hefner's fiancé was -40
@hunt4justin  Brett favre was making his start as a rookie

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Posted on: December 31, 2010 10:23 am

NFL Week 17 Podcast Preview

Posted by Will Brinson

It's the end of the world as we know it, people. Oh? What's that? It's only going to be 2011? Whew. There will be football Sunday after all. Which means it's time for a podcast to get all you poor folks working today through your end of the day (and the year!).

Andy and I break down Week 17, wondering whether the Falcons or the Saints are the tougher out at this point, whether or not teams should play their starters at this point in the season with nothing to actually play for, whether Eric Mangini's job is safe in Cleveland, whether Jacksonville had a successful season even if they miss the playoffs, whether the Raiders should be happy after 2010 and whether it was smart to bring back

All those topics tackled (plus much, much more) -- just hit the play button below and don't forget to Subscribe via iTunes.

If you can't view the podcast, click here to download .
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Posted on: December 18, 2010 11:49 am

NFL Sound Off Week 15

Posted by Andy Benoit

With Pro Bowl voting closing this Monday, we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook friends which player they would like to “un-vote” for the Pro Bowl. In other words, if they could vote against one guy, who would it be and why.

Here are the best responses we received:

VIA Twitter ( @CBSSportsNFL )

@badger_dave  Brian Urlacher, pads his stats by piling on, and always saves his best games for the Packers
@theonedmitch  James Harrison- a Pro Bowl nod shows that fines and questionable hits get rewarded which is the wrong message kids need to see
@toad3527   i would vote against Chris Johnson because Arian Foster and mjd deserve it more
@ukmary1968  Tom Brady. Hair 'nuff said
@ Chiefsfan712  Chris Johnson, because he has done next to nothing this season. Plus more deserving players deserve to be in. (Jamaal Charles)
@brownstocking  T Owens bc he's bitter & divisive; B Favre bc he should have stayed retired.
@caseysiena36  Cortland Finnegan, I heard justin timberlake called him, wants his hair style back. Grow up finnegan shave that head!

VIA FACEBOOK  ( facebook.com/CBSSports )

Jeff Myers the entire Colts team what happened to them?

Sean Willms tom brady and or Peyton Manning and or Eli Manning. not because i dont think they deserve it because they do but come on they been to a few already. give someone else a chance to experiance the pro bowl.

Scott Maude Bears whinebacker #54 Brian UrLACKER. He should own chicago... Name one hit, or tell me the one time he ever shed a block.Overrated!!

Hugh Dulle Brett Farve! Because he'll probably decide to go to the pro bowl at the last minute!

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Posted on: December 11, 2010 4:01 pm

NFL Sound Off Week 14: McD's future gig

Posted by Andy Benoit

Josh McDaniels was one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL. After his firing on Monday, we figured fans would enjoy taking one last shot at him this week. We were right.

Question: Where should Josh McDaniels apply for his next job (could be in or out of football) and why?

Here were the best responses we received:


  McDonalds. He's a teenager right?

@Chaoticblaze27  Coaching the Minnesota Vikings He's the second coming of Bill Belichick The Broncos was just his Cleveland

@toad3527  should apply to be the quarterbacks coach job for the chicago Bears...

@AndrewBucholtz  Well, the Edmonton Eskimos and Saskatchewan Roughriders are looking for head coaches...

@mike_toback  how bout if McDaniels becomes the WR Coach of the Miami Dolphins ... lol

@finnfromminn  How about an Ethics course instructor?

@AdamKresch  Josh McDaniels next job = New host of Candid Camera

@Rizzmiggizz  Josh McDaniels should audition for the part of Kevin McCallister in "Home Alone 5"

VIA FACEBOOK  ( facebook.com/CBSSports )

Jeff Bryan telemarketer for ESPN

Jesse Jmac Campos He should go coach the Gators since Myers will be gone and start fresh and in like 6-10 years go back to the nfl and coach again

Jason Reyes AIG or Bear Stearns would best suit his skills, instead of screwing us all he'd just screw the fan base.

Tony Grimmig At McDonald's He could take my order for a double cheeses (kinda like the program he ran)
(Andy’s note: we include Tony’s comment because he was one of SEVERAL who mentioned McDonalds.)

Pat McConnell Donald Trump's sparring partner. Something tells me he's going to hear "you're fired" a few more times during his career.

Rick Blagg Take a year off so potential employers forget some of his incredibly horrible personnel decisions. Then, hit up Kraft to be his coffee gopher.

Joshua Corio Car salesman... he is quite good at talkin stuff up and really good at laughin at you when you believed him...

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Posted on: December 3, 2010 11:00 pm

NFL Sound Off Week 13: player endorsements

Posted by Andy Benoit

In this week’s Social Media Sound Off, we asked out Twitter and Facebook followers this question:

Tom Brady is endorsing Ugg Boots. What other products & NFL players would make a good match for endorsement purposes?
Here were the best responses we received.

Via Twitter ( @CBSSportsNFL

  Jared Allen and Cabela's.

@Bobby_BigWheel  Philip Rivers and Midol

@strictlyCALI  Antonio Cromartie should sponsor the Maury Povich show.

@tomtehr  Brett Favre for Crocs. (And) Philip Rivers for Huggies diapers.

@RevDJChadEsq  Jay Cutler and Summer's Eve?

@jallen14  Cortland Finnegan and Summer's Eve.

@gcmac08  Are you kidding me? Any guy endorsing UGGS is seriously unmasculine-even if it is Tom Brady. First the hair and now this.

@thesteelersnat  James Harrison & Western Union

@DrewUnga  Ryan Leaf and Summer's Eve.

@uh_ohcarlyrae  @mvp86hinesward & Crest toothpaste

(Andy's note: the best idea we received overall if you're looking at it from a pure business standpoint.)

Via Facebook (  Facebook.com/CBSSports  )

James Freeman Tom Brady in need of a SuperCuts endorsement, of course that is if Giselle will let him.

Jim Boardman All Dallas Cowboys players- Hoover vacuums

Jason Jacoby Ambrose Cooper Courtland Finnegan; Everlast 4008 80-Pound Traditional Heavy Bag (Punching Bag if you didn't get it)

Stephen Florentz Peyton Hillis-mack trucks

Pat McConnell Rex Ryan – Fatheads
(Andy’s note: Pat got on a bit of a roll and left another clever response: Derek Anderson – Comedy Central)

Kevin Maloid Stevie Johnson (Bills) - Butterfinger candy
(Andy’s note: just plain mean.)

Join in on the social media platforms next week for another intelligent, thoughtful discussion (or sounding board for semi-crass one-liners) about a major story from the NFL.

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Posted on: November 20, 2010 5:18 pm

NFL Sound Off Week 11 Pats-Colts

Posted by Andy Benoit

This week, we asked our social media followers this question: If Manning were a Patriot and Brady were a Colt, how would history and today's NFL be different?

Here were the best responses....

VIA Twitter (  @CBSSportsNFL  )

  Manning would have 6 rings and Brady none.

@SteveFerr  The Patriots would have 10 superbowl rings... Peyton with that defense in their prime would win every game.

VIA FACEBOOK  (  facebook.com/cbssports  )

Mike Gameover football is a team sport and overall the pats and brady had better teams than manning especially in the defense dept. had u put peyton on all those good teams he too would have had as many rings or more than brady. the biggest difference is peyton MAKES great players out of noone, brady makes himself great with other good players around him

Bob Swallow With the Pats system,I would say the Pats history would be pretty much the same. Who knows about the SB against the Giants if we had Manning instead of Brady? On the flip side,I think the Colts would have done better in the post season with Brady at QB. I agree that Brady has done so well due to the Pats system,but I also think he would be a legit top 5 QB outside the system.

Jon C. Myslivy   name a single Patriot offensive player that left the team and did better then when they Had Brady as a QB... Ill give you the answer - NONE. Branch, Givens, Gaffney, Watson, Glenn, etc - none of these players ever had the stats after they left New England.

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Posted on: November 13, 2010 5:39 pm

NFL Sound Off Week 10: Tim Tebow's memoir

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

This week, we asked:

Denver Broncos rookie and former Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow is writing an inspirational memoir. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = no chance, 10 = you'll be in line at midnight to buy it the day it  goes on sale), how likely are you to read it and why?

Like we feared, we had a number of people who just wouldn’t color inside the lines. Strangely, we had nobody vote for more than 10, but we had numerous responses that were less than zero. Like, way less than zero. The average, I’m afraid to report (hopefully, Tebow’s publisher isn’t reading) was a minus-21.2. Here were the best responses …

Via Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL )

@kantwistaye 1.. everyone knows his story anyway. You couldn't avoid the past 4 years.

like a 2 or a 3. I don't hate Tebow, but I wouldn't give a damn about his lifestory.

@M_Haze91 However, if the book were him exposing the dark secrets of paid recruitment at D1 schools, then it becomes a 10.

@nathanwhitaker (Tebow’s co-writer for the project) Thanks! RT @18to88: 9.5 for cowriter @nathanwhitaker RT @CBSSportsNFL: WEEKLY SOUNDOFF:Tim Tebow memoir. Scale of 1-10, how likely to read?

tebow's last chance for cash is a memoir at 23 before the future career backup can only milk jesus followers. Pass.

@PancakesPodcast -666... too easy?

Via Facebook (Facebook.com/CBSSports )

Blake Bollinger ‎1...I think I would rather read a memoir by Cecil Newton.

Steve Hassler Tebow for President!10

Matt Menard
No chance I buy it but I will be in line making fun of those who are! That is technically the middle of this scale so I give it a 5.5

Eric Stuart
‎22 year old writing a memoir? The chances of me reading that garbage are the same as Helen Keller.

Bridgette Bordelon
‎(6) Keyword is Inspirational. It's meant to "inspire" a body to strive for more and to be a better person. Tebow's life was not great yet he did great things. That, at least, makes it worth the time to read!

Mark Seemiller
Because of his faith, I'm sure his memoirs will include a testomial to that faith and will be more evangelical than it is sports centered. ... I would read it.

James 'Frady' Morley
As a Gator fan and Christian I will be in line to read it for both reasons. As for those wanting to laugh at me for wanting to read it I say bring it on. That's the difference between you all and Tebow. He wants the best for all of you while you all wish the worst for him.

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Posted on: November 6, 2010 10:07 am

NFL Sound Off Week 9

Posted by Andy Benoit

Sticking with the 1-10 scale theme (EVERYBODY loves 1-10 scales), we asked this week:

On a 1-10, how much blame does Jerry Jones deserve for the Dallas Cowboys' terrible season? (1=none, 5=as much as any normal owner, 10=all the blame)

The response was overwhelmingly anti-Jones. The average score was an 8.44, with more than half of the responders giving the Cowboys owner the full 10. If we include the scores from those who took the liberty of bashing Jones with an off-the-scale score – and there were more than a few who did – his average score balloons to 23.4. (To be fair, this average was heavily-influenced by a crushing score of 432 issued by Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders (@FO_DougFarrar). We hinted to Doug that his score could carry significant mathematical damages to our efforts for this whole 1-10 report, but that only encouraged him to dig his heels in deeper in standing by 432. Doug points out that just a few years ago, Jones had a coaching staff that included Bill Parcells, Sean Payton and Tony Sparano. Now, he has one led by Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett. Good point.)

Anyway, Doug Farrar wasn’t the only one who hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Here are some of the other responses:

VIA FACEBOOK  (facebook.com/CBSSports

Alex Acosta ‎ 7, you can only blame the owner and GM for 3/4 of the problems. Wade Phillips is to buddy with his players to call out the lazy guys like Roy Williams, Tony Romo, and Felix Jones. Also, what about Jason Garrett, Tony Romo's play calling and development is more in line with an Arena Team not an NFL team

Daniel Lowe  I'm a Raiders fan, so Al Davis is to me like Jerry Jones is to the Dallas fans... Only difference is... My Raiders actually have a shot to get into the playoffs... I had lost some faith in my guys, but seeing how bad them Cowboys are, I'm a...

Gabe Nieves  Attention: Police find a 6 yr old boy walking the street... Police ask lil boy we r gonna take u home.....Boy: no my mother beats me Police: wat bout ya father.... Boy: he beats me too.... Police: so where do u wanna live? Boy : wit the DAL...

Justin Earegood ‎10. Because he should have fired that jelly fish of a coach long before.

Rich Hall ‎ 4. He didn't take any credit when they were winning Super Bowls, so no blame now. What? He fired Jimmy Johnson because he thought that he could win by himself? Change that to a 13.

Roger Wolfe ‎10! Their roster is teeming with talent but short on the role players necessary to win. It's been that way for years now. So the GM gets the blame for the poorly constructed roster, and Jones is the GM. Wade Phillips sucks but he should have been fired two years ago. Jerry gets the blame for that too. Finally, the weight of expectations was too much for the Cowboys to bare. Jones was the person most responsible for those expectations too. FAIL!

Wesley Duncan my fantasy football team name on CBS is titled Jerry Jones Impulsive Hipster. 10


Daniel Littrell
Uh, uh,uh I take full responsibility. Uh, Uh at this time we will be sticking with Wade as our coach, Uh, Uh, 10 pts on performance

(Andy's note: as Jerry Jones impressions in print go, that’s at least a 9.5.)


  10. If he would allow coaches to coach then he could get a cowher caliber coach.

@pjcostello  8.5 .. his players, his coaches, his palace, his mess.

@jroehling1018  63526, he should fire himself, rehire Parcellsn, the fire himself again.

(Andy's note: scored this as a 10, just because I couldn't tell if 63526 was really his score or just a zip code.)

@Faiz32Ahmed  7 because we should blame him for leaving Wade Phillips in charge of talent like that

@strictlyCALI  I'm going 6-7. After all, he is GM.

@Aquaman105  10! Keeps bringing back Wade Phillips. At the least the guy shoulda been fired two weeks ago. Espec w/Garrett on payroll.

@tomtehr  Cant really find a reason to fault him much. coaches and players aren't getting it done. talent is there.

Stay with us next week for Sound Off. And keep sharing your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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