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Posted on: February 7, 2011 10:24 am

2012 Super Bowl odds

Posted by Will Brinson

Well, the 2011 Super Bowl is over, and that means only one thing: time to get ready for 2012!

Okay, actually we've got a lot of housekeeping to do in between then, in terms of the combine, the Draft and this little labor situation, so perhaps that's getting a bit too far ahead of ourselves.

Still, if someone's willing to offer up 2012 Super Bowl odds (which Sportsbook.com is), then I'm willing to talk about them. The favorites:
New England -- 5:1
Green Bay -- 6:1
Pittsburgh -- 8:1
Baltimore -- 12:1
New York Jets -- 12:1
San Diego -- 12:1
Weird that Green Bay isn't favored? Um, yeah, it is. But New England was the top team in the regular season during 2010, they have a pile of draft picks and they'll likely bring everyone back.

Additionally, the Packers almost missed the playoffs, if you'll recall. (And not to rain on their parade, but can you imagine what their fans would be saying today if they hadn't made the postseason?)

The other weird thing: it's all AFC teams except Green Bay.

Oh yes, and the Chargers missed the playoffs last season. So there's that.

Don't forget that teams like the Pats and Jets are extremely popular with the public.

The next tier is interesting as well:
Atlanta -- 15:1
New York Giants -- 15:1
New Orleans -- 15:1
Philadelphia -- 15:1
Indianapolis -- 18:1
Dallas -- 18:1
Chicago -- 18:1
I can't remember the last time Peyton Manning wasn't in the top five for Super Bowl odds preseason, but I'd be willing to bet it's a long time ago.

Chicago's interesting because they're the only conference championship team that didn't get single-digit odds. Perhaps that says something about whether they can keep up their run from 2010.

Dallas, despite a terrible season, hops right back up into the top teams who are favorites. Again, the public likes Dallas, and they have tons of talent, so no one's going to get burnt by making them 30:1 or anything.

Philly's spot is a little low, I think, if only because of Michael Vick, and I might argue the same thing for a really good Atlanta team. But apparently the NFC is the second-best conference in 2011.

Just don't tell the Packers that right now.

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