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Posted on: August 17, 2010 9:32 am

Norman Tugwater, Adrian Peterson's fantasy lawyer

Posted by Will Brinson

I think Vitamin Water is pretty tasty. Particularly the stuff with Taurine in it (that's the speedy ingredient that comprises the "wings" part of Red Bull). But that's not the point here ... What is is that I thought that Vitamin Water made a HUGE PR blunder when they sponsored LeBron James' "The Decision" with a special flavor of drink called "Decision Water."

Really, it would have been simpler to just name it "Stab Cleveland the Face and Back Simultaneously Water." Less transparency and whatnot. So I'm glad to see that the creative types got back to the roots that 50 Cent would want (really, what's more creative than back-to-back hits "Candy Stick" and "Magic Shop"?) with the below commercial, featuring an angry Gary Busey playing the role of "Norman Tugwater," the world's first fantasy football lawyer.

He's repping Adrian Peterson and he's cheesed. Which is good, because, really, the only kind of Busey you want is Crazy Busey. Bonus for the Shaquille O'Neal cameo.

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