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Posted on: August 27, 2011 8:15 pm

Report: NFL also declines to suspend Kenny Britt

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

If Roger Goodell isn’t going to suspend Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib for his lockout transgressions from the offseason, then it stands to reason Goodell won’t (can’t?) suspend Titans receiver Kenny Britt.

And according to the New York Times’ Judy Battista, that’s exactly what has happened, citing the league in saying that Britt will face no discipline either.

After meeting with Goodell earlier this week, Britt had this to say: “He asked me questions about certain situations and I told him what happened.  I think it went well. I hope so. I have a smile on my face, I am still breathing. So everything is good.

“I'm still hoping nothing happens to me.”

At the time, I thought that analysis was a little ridiculous. Now it appears Britt was spot-on.

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Posted on: August 27, 2011 7:26 pm
Edited on: August 27, 2011 7:28 pm

Dominik says Aqib Talib will not be suspended

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

If there are two things we thought we knew heading into the regular season it was that Cam Newton is going to start Carolina’s season opener and that Titans receiver Kenny Britt and Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib would be suspended to start the year.

So much for the latter point.

Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik tonight told Buccaneers Radio Network (via the team’s official Twitter feed), that Talib would not be suspended for his alleged off-field incident.

Which, obviously, is great news for Talib, who will face a trial next March for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, and the Buccaneers -- who get to play immediately with one of the top corners in the NFL.

This news is surprising for two reasons: 1) we told you Friday about the report that said team employees expected a four-game suspension for Talib, especially since he’s repeatedly gotten himself in trouble throughout his career; 2) it was thought all along that commissioner Roger Goodell would dole out punishment for NFL players’  transgressions that occurred during the lockout.

Talib, along with Britt, met with Goodell in New York last week, and apparently, that meeting went well. Now, we wait for the decision on Britt. It’ll be extra interesting to see how Goodell deals with Britt because, while he’s had about three times as many arrests this offseason as Talib, his alleged incidents combined don’t equal the seriousness of what Talib is facing.

And what to make of Goodell’s no-suspension call? Could he actually be listening to reason and common sense and NOT punishing players who got in trouble during a time when the owners made sure those players were unemployed this offseason?

It’s still unclear, of course, but the Talib decision sets a very interesting precedent.

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Posted on: August 26, 2011 6:34 pm

Report: Talib can expect a four-game suspension

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

After meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this week -- the same day as Titans receiver Kenny Britt -- Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib can expect a suspension of four games to open the season.

Talib's Timeline
That’s the word from Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole, who also details Tampa's decision on whether to keep Talib after his arrest this offseason for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (he allegedly pistol-whipped his sister’s boyfriend and then fired gunshots at him; his trial is set for next year).

Originally, it seemed clear the Buccaneers were going to rid themselves of Talib after the lockout was over, but Cole writes that coach Raheem Morris “begged ownership to give the player another chance.”

There’s little question Talib is a talent, maybe one of the better cornerbacks in the NFC. But he’s also gotten into fights with teammates and repeatedly found himself targeted by the commissioner’s office. The Buccaneers could live with a four-game suspension, but at some point, it’s a very real possibility they’ll lose him for an entire year if he continues his transgressions.

Obviously, it won’t matter how much talent Talib has if Goodell won’t allow him to play.

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 8:46 pm

Talib, Britt to meet with Goodell Tuesday

Posted by Ryan Wilson

For all the wrong reasons, Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib and Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt had busy offseasons. And now both players will meet this week with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss possible disciplinary measures for violations to the league's personal-conduct policy.

In May, Talib was indicted by a grand jury for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. (He later blamed his mother.) The trial was moved to next spring, and Talib now says he's ready to move on with the season (although Goodell will probably have something to say about that).

Britt, meanwhile, was arrested a day after a court appearance, and blamed hackers for disparaging remarks about Goodell that showed up on his Facebook page.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Talib and Britt will be at the league offices in Manhattan on Tuesday to talk to Goodell, and a "lengthy" fine could be in both their futures. Schefter adds that Talib's attorneys "are convinced they have a sound defense that will appease the NFL and could help save their client."

Apparently, Talib's attorney's aren't familiar with Goodell and his knack for arbitrarily handing out punishments.  And that leads us to this: expect to hear complaints that Goodell shouldn't discipline players for infractions that happened during the lockout.

We agree, it's ludicrous. But so is granting one man the power to serve as judge, jury and executioner, which is exactly what happened with the new collective bargaining agreement.

Titans' union rep Jake Scott told ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky that the NFLPA would challenge any sanctions levied by Goodell.

"I'm still a big believer that the league should have any authority to discipline guys for things that ... happened while there was no CBA," he said. "There was a separation agreement issued from the teams to the players, which means we what it means: It means, 'We don't want anything to do with you.' "To me, nothing means nothing."

Britt, meanwhile, is optimistic that he'll avoid punishment.

"We'll have a sit-down, talk over what happened, see where our minds are at, see where I am at and see what happens from there," Britt told Kuharsky Monday. " ... I'm being hopeful that nothing happens to me. I plan on being real. I was brought up to be a man of his word, a man who takes up for his actions and things like that. That's how my father raised me up and that's how I will go in there tomorrow."

Given Goodell's history, we'd be just as surprised with lifetime suspensions for Britt and Talib as $50 fines. 

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Posted on: August 9, 2011 11:05 am
Edited on: August 9, 2011 5:03 pm

Talib ready to move on with season

TalibPosted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s been quite an interesting offseason for Buccaneers CB Aqib Talib (all of which you can read in our handy related box in the middle of this post). But to sum up, Talib was arrested and faces charges of attempted assault with a deadly weapon, and though many of us assumed Tampa Bay would release Talib the first chance it got, that obviously hasn’t happened.

Since he’s still in a Bucs uniform, Talib says he will focus only on his on-field performance.

"Straight football,'' Talib told the Tampa Tribune. "I'm focused only on the stuff I can control. If I can't control it, I'm not going to focus on it. It's about setting that alarm, waking up, making it to meetings, coming out here on the practice field and making (wide receiver) Mike Williams better. It's about seeing Calvin Johnson early, Sept. 11th, when it all starts.''

Talib's Timeline
That last sentence, of course, assumes that commissioner Roger Goodell won’t suspend Talib for his supposed actions. And as we’re all aware, Goodell isn’t shy about pressing the “suspension” button whether a player has been found guilty or not (ask Ben Roethlisberger if you even need to be INDICTED in order for Goodell to make his decision).

Talib won’t go to trial until next spring, so he won’t miss any football this fall because of the legal system.

He also can count on coach Raheem Morris for support apparently.

"That's my dog,'' said Talib. "If anybody's got the real true story of what happened, Rah does.''

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:30 pm
Edited on: July 26, 2011 5:50 pm

Looks like Bucs will keep Talib for now

TalibPosted by Josh Katzowitz

Buccaneers CB Aqib Talib has had his share of legal problems this offseason.

In late March, he was arrested on a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly firing gun shots at his sister’s boyfriend. Before he was indicted, he decided to place all the blame on his mom (perhaps you shouldn’t blame him; if convicted he’d face five to 20 years in prison).

Either way, it seemed like there was a good chance the Buccaneers would release him the first chance they got, especially considering this isn’t exactly Talib’s first time in trouble with the law.

Of course, Tampa Bay GM Mark Dominik let us in on a little secret today: Talib, for the time being, isn’t going anywhere. He told reporters today (via ESPN.com) that he expects Talib to report to training camp on time.

There are also reports that Talib will be on the roster for 2011. So, aside from an NFL suspension that’s almost surely coming, Talib should feel OK about everything. Unless, of course, a court of law finds him guilty.

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Posted on: July 16, 2011 8:27 pm

Report: Buccaneers won't cut Aqib Talib

Posted by Will Brinson

It wouldn't be the most shocking news in the world if Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib ended up suspended by the NFL to start 2011, or even if he ended up getting dumped by the Bucs as soon as the lockout ends.

There were plenty of reports to that extent following Talib's arrest on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges (not to mention his mother's involvement as well). But according to the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora, Tampa Bay won't end up cutting the talented-but-troubled defensive back.

LaCanfora also cites sources who believe that when Talib's March 2012 trial rolls around "the level of evidence and nature of the testimony against the 25-year-old might work in his favor."

Then there's the disciplinary end of things: though Roger Goodell has said the league will enforce the personal conduct policy, there's absolutely no guarantee that the NFL will have power over issues relating to off-field behavior that occurred during the lockout.

And, of course, there's the matter of simply dumping a player who was the 20th overall pick in the 2008 draft and finding someone to replace a cornerback of of Talib's skills on short notice.

It's simply not easy, and given that the league could wait until Talib's trial ends before actually issuing a punishment, gambling on Talib to stay off the radar for a full season of football is a pretty wise move by the Bucs.

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 5:15 pm
Edited on: July 1, 2011 5:51 pm

Hot Routes 7.01.11: Dareus mows lawn for rent

Posted by Ryan Wilson
  • Bucs CB Aqib Talib has a trial date: March 26, 2012, which means that his legal suit won't be settled until after the season. This is good news for his chances of playing in 2011, but bad news because Roger Goodell likely still looks forward to suspending him.
  • Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter tweets that the Cards will try to trade for Kevin Kolb and the name he's hearing "will surprise you." Prepare accordingly.
  • Things that won't surprise you (but make you laugh nonetheless): Washingtonian readers Redskins owner the "worst local villain." He finished ahead of Marion Barry (!). And the worst local athlete? Albert Haynesworth, who was signed by … Dan Snyder.
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