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Posted on: June 24, 2011 2:27 pm
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Judge: PHI still has little interest in Asomugha

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Since obviously the Eagles would like another CB to pair with Asante Samuel -- we already (kind of) debunked the rumor of Philadelphia going after Arizona’s Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie -- there also have been whispers that Philadelphia is stalking former Raiders and current free agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha.

Not true, says CBSSports.com’s Clark Judge.

Judge originally wrote June 7 that league sources told him that the club had little interest in going after Asomugha, one of the most high-profile (and most expensive) cornerbacks in the league.

Judge’s reasoning: Asomugha is too limited (he’s a press CB who plays only on the right side of the line), he’d be way too expensive and he might be a touch too old for Philadelphia’s taste.

Still, some are saying it’s a move the Eagles could make.

Again, Judge says it's not likely. He’s talked to sources today that continue to reiterate the Eagles don't have much interest in Asomugha. So, there you have it.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 1:46 pm
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Would the Cards trade DRC for Kolb?

D. Rodgers-Cromartie is rumored to be traded to Philadelphia (Getty).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Cardinals, without question, need a quarterback for 2011. The Eagles, without question, would like a cornerback to play opposite Asante Samuel.

So, what would make more sense than a trade for Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and Cardinals CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie?

And with all the rumors, started by a Philadelphia radio station, that have occurred the past couple days linking these two teams together for an impending trade, it almost seems like the swap is just about complete.

Except it’s not, according to Arizona’s official website.

Writes Darren Urban: “To begin with, the Cards, who have been looking to solidify their third cornerback spot, finally seem to have that lined up with (Patrick) Peterson, DRC and Greg Toler. That becomes an issue all over again if DRC is dealt. Peterson hasn’t even proven he can play cornerback yet – remember, there are some who think he’ll be better suited as a safety, a la Antrel Rolle – and giving up the team’s best current corner is a pretty big risk in today’s pass-happy NFL. Also, for whatever DRC’s faults might be, his resume is still more complete than Kolb."

And so continues the idea of Kolb as the biggest potential acquisition of the offseason. But, like Urban, I don’t see why the Cardinals would make this move, especially since nobody really knows if Kolb is any good. That’s the point that’s baffling to me. Kolb has started seven games in his career and has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. Is that enough to know for sure? Would you want to give up one of your starting cornerbacks to take a chance that Kolb is that much better than Derek Anderson or John Skelton or, if the Cardinals go the free agent route, Marc Bulger?

I don’t see why Arizona would take that chance. It doesn’t sound like the Cardinals will.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 9:38 am

A word of caution about Nnamdi Asomugha

Posted by Andy Benoit

The most sought-after free agent this offseason (barring a lockout, of course) will be Nnamdi Asomugha. The former Raider is one of just two true shutdown corners in the NFL today (you can probably guess who the other one is).
N. Asomugha (US Presswire)
There have been whispers about Asomugha and that other shutdown corner joining forces in New York. But Pro Football Weekly believes Asomugha could wind up in Philadelphia.

This would give the Eagles a dynamic cornerbacking tandem: Asomugha on one side and Asante Samuel on the other. But a word of warning. Two words of warning, actually. One, Asomugha is more of a man-to-man corner, while Samuel is almost strictly a zone defender (more specifically, an “off coverage” defender). The Eagles would not change the scheme for Asomugha, which means he’d have to learn to play zone. No biggie, but something to think about.

The other thing to think about is how often expected dominant cornerbacking tandems wind up failing. Remember when Dre’ Bly joined the Broncos to play opposite Champ Bailey? Remember Fred Smoot going to Minnesota to team with Antoine Winfield? How about DeAngelo Hall to the Raiders to play across from Asomugha?

In a “dominant tandem”, what often happens is the once-feared No. 1 corner ends up becoming the No. 2 corner. Teams are forced to throw on that corner, and when they do, that corner winds up being exposed. Why? Because it’s hard to play cornerback in the NFL.

The reality is most players truly can’t shut down athletic wide receivers on a regular basis. The only reason they seem to do so is because when they’re clearly the best corner on their team, it’s just easier for opponents to throw away from them. What gets lost is that throwing away from a corner doesn’t necessarily mean that quarterbacks CAN’T throw at that corner – it just means it’s easier no to. But that’s all tossed out the window when you form a dynamic cornerbacking duo.

Asomugha will be the hottest name in the 2011 free agent market. Just remember, one shutdown corner plus one shutdown corner almost never equals two shutdown corners.

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Posted on: January 23, 2011 7:43 pm
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What will we think of Cutler now?

Photo courtesy of Twitpic.

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The condemnation came quick and mercilessly.

@RaheemBrock (Raheem BrockSeahawks DE) “Cutler...wut a sissy! This is the NFC Championship game! Guaranteed if it was brett farve..he would still be in the game!” (and) “Cutler u little siSsy...how does it feel that ur back up's backup is the only 1that can put pts on the board!I bet cutler comes back now!”

Bears QB Jay Cutler was out of the game early in the third quarter with a knee injury, and those in the Twitter world, especially his NFL colleagues, began to brutalize him.

@Jones_Drew32 (Maurice Jones-DrewJaguars RB) “Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now... When the going gets tough........QUIT.. (and) “All I'm saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee... I played the whole season on one...”

Cutler, out with a knee injury that no one had seen him sustain and that kept him on the bench for most of the second half of the Bears 21-14 loss to the Packers, showed no heart. He has no guts. One sweet-looking woman on Twitter – she looks like she makes cookies on the weekends for her children – called him the p-word.

@DBrooks55 (Derrick Brooks – former Buccaneers LB) “BEARS fans I am so SORRY, I have to be crawling and cant get up to come off field,Josh Freeman would not come out, MEDS ARE AVAILABLE

But much of the rancor came from Cutler’s fellow players. Most of them would play on a knee injury – any kind of knee injury – if they had the chance to participate in a conference championship game. Like a certain QB from San Diego.

@DBrooks55: “Knee injury has to be VERY VERY INJURED, if you come out, Philip Rivers p[layed on torn acl now its pick,seriously JAY CUTLER”

Cutler left the field a few seconds early at the end of the first half, and he was one of the last Bears on the field to begin the second half. After one series, he was done for the day.

@kerryrhodes (Kerry RhodesCardinals safety): “Cmon cutler u have to come back. This is the NFC championship if u didn't know.”

I guess the issue now is how his teammates will view him. Is he not tough enough? Did he quit on his teammates?

@Thepresidentcb (Asante SamuelEagles CB) “If he was my teammate I would be looking at him sideways.”

Hell, would his teammates even allow him to dress in the same space as they did after the game?

@ddockett (Darnell Dockett – Cardinals DT) “If I'm on chicago team jay cutler has to wait till me and the team shower get dressed and leave before he comes in the locker room! #FACT”

So, let’s hear from one of Cutler’s teammates. A guy who most likely knows Cutler better than anybody else on Twitter. A guy who watched the Bears offensive line allow an NFL-high 56 sacks behind a mediocre offensive line, a guy who watched Cutler continue to rise from those sacks to take even more punishment.

“A lot of jealous people watching our game on TV when their season is over,” Bears LB Brian Urlacher said when he was told many NFL players were blasting Cutler on Twitter. “Jay was hurt. We don’t question his toughness. He’s tough as hell. He doesn’t bitch, he doesn’t complain when he gets hit.”

Will the comments from his teammates - C Olin Kreutz indicated to reporters he thought Cutler had a torn ligament and that he couldn't believe Cutler came out for the second half at all - change the public’s perception of Cutler? Probably not. If Cutler – who declined after the game to comment on those questioning his toughness – is diagnosed with a torn ACL, will people walk back their words? Doubtful. If he needs major surgery, will people apologize for their snap judgments? No chance.

The die already has been cast for Cutler. His reputation will suffer. It might follow him for the rest of his career.

People won’t forget this, no matter the reasons he couldn’t play. People still will want to burn his jersey. His career will be tainted by this. It’s unfortunate.

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Posted on: January 1, 2011 9:06 pm

NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

Posted by Andy Benoit

It was baffling that the league chose not to fine Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel for the helmet-to-helmet hit that knocked out Vikings receiver Sidney Rice Tuesday night. NFL spokesman Randall Lui explained to Pro Football Talk why Samuel, who would have been a repeat offender, was not fined:

“Because the receiver had completed the catch with two feet down and possession of the ball, he had protection from a hit to the head only from a defender who launches. Samuel did not ‘launch’ as defined by our current rules because the ball of his right foot was on the ground when contact with the receiver was made. Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8(h) Note states: ‘Launching is defined as springing forward and upward by a player who leaves his feet to make contact on the receiver.’ [NFL executive V.P. of football operations] Ray Anderson confirmed that the NFL Competition Committee will review the rule and the definition of ‘launch’ in the off-season with the anticipation that this type of action will be a foul in future seasons.”

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Posted on: December 19, 2010 11:39 am

NFC Inactives Week 15

Posted by Will Brinson

As usual, any big name ACTIVES go here: DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles; Asante Samuel, CB, Eagles;

And we list INACTIVES right here:

Chris Gamble, CB, Panthers -- hey, so we might actually get up in the 20's for total points scored in this game after all.

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 12:18 am

Top Ten With a Twist: Super Bowl contenders

New England has to be considered a Super Bowl contender (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s getting to be about that time.

The time when we really can crack down on the best teams in the NFL and really figure out which squads are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Preseason favorites (like, ahem, the Jets) have begun to show cracks in the foundation, while other teams – in this case, it’s just one team, really – have begun pulling away.

Three weeks left in the regular season, so we should have a pretty good indication of which team is going to do what once it makes the playoffs (if it, in fact, makes the playoffs at all). Without further ado, here’s your guide to which squad will be spending February in Dallas.

10. Jaguars: Why they will: Why the hell not? I mean, they won’t really. But RB Maurice Jones-Drew is fun to watch, and QB David Garrard has played great football lately. Jacksonville is just a fun underdog to watch. Why they won’t: I’m not even sure they’re good enough to get to the playoffs.

9. Chargers: Why they will: QB Philip Rivers is still having a fantastic season and is still an MVP candidate. Plus, San Diego is the No. 1 defense in the NFL (you can look it up!). Why they won’t: They simply haven’t played well for most of this season. Losses that look like this: 27-20 to the Seahawks; 35-27 and 28-13 to the Raiders; 20-17 to the Rams.

8. Bears: Why they will: They’ve surpassed many people’s expectations for the season while dragging coach Lovie Smith off the hot seat, so why can’t the surprises continue? I mean, if Jay Cutler can play fairly well on a consistent basis, anything can happen. Why they won’t: The offense isn’t good enough, and the defense isn’t good enough to overcome one of (statistically) the worst offenses in the league.

7. Ravens: Why they will: They’ve got plenty of talent at the WR position, and much of the time, QB Joe Flacco can even get his receivers the ball. Plus, there’s always Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis. Why they won’t: Did you see the way the defense collapsed Monday vs. the Texans? That’s unlike the Baltimore defense we’re accustomed to seeing every season. That secondary struggles, as well.

The duo of B. Jacobs and A. Bradshaw has been big for New York this year (US Presswire). 6. Giants: Why they will: The Giants offense, though beat up in the WR corps, still picks up the yards. Once they figured out their roles, the running back duo of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw has been outstanding. Why they won’t: For one, Eli Manning doesn’t have very many healthy receivers. For two, the team won’t stop turning the ball over to its opponents.

5. Eagles: Why they will: Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson can lead this team anywhere. The proof lies in the league-leading 402 yards of offense Philadelphia produces per game. Why they won’t: Some injuries on defense – CB Asante Samuel, LB Stewart Bradley and DE Brandon Graham – certainly don’t help. Plus, it seems like Vick would have to play perfect all the way through, doesn’t it?

4. Steelers: Why they will: The Steelers played well without QB Ben Roethlisberger, and now with him in there – even though he’s less than 100 percent – they’re nearly unbeatable. Plus, you know, Troy Polamalu. They don’t win ‘em pretty, but they win ‘em anyway. Why they won’t: The offensive line isn’t very good. Like, not very good at all.

3. Saints: Why they will: New Orleans has played progressively better as the season has neared its end. Even if the Saints can’t catch the Falcons in the NFC South, the wild card should be there for the taking, and hopefully for them, they would catch one of the NFC West teams on the road. Why they won’t: They’re not as good as they were last year.

2. Falcons: Why they will: They have the quarterback, they have the running back, they have the receivers, they have the TE and they have the coaching (and a pretty decent defense). There’s a lot to like about this Atlanta squad. Why they won’t: Not a ton of guys on the team have been on teams that have made deep playoff runs. Unlike, say, the New Orleans Saints.

1. Patriots: Why they will: It’s obvious. Rewatch their last two games – destructions of the Jets and the Bears. Why they won’t: Can Tom Brady really keep up this unbelievable pace? Isn’t the young – and, at times, ineffective – secondary eventually going to get the team in trouble? Especially if the Patriots face somebody like Philip Rivers or Drew Brees?

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 12:48 am
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Young guns have Eagles wheeling for NFC run

Posted by Will Brinson

The exuberance DeSean Jackson flashed after Philly's 30-27 victory in Dallas could only be matched by his enthusiasm after a 91-yard afterburner-filled touchdown catch and run that put the Eagles up for good. (Or the enthusiasm with which Tashard Choice approached Michael Vick for an autograph.)

"We gonna keep doin this till the wheels fall off, baby!" Jackson shouted to the camera during his on-field interview.

It was a stark contrast to the humility Vick displayed, giving credit to Jackson and blossoming running back LeSean McCoy who, once again, helped salt away a victory with a flurry of impressive fourth-quarter runs.

McCoy piled up big play after big play on the Eagles' final drive, finishing the fourth quarter with 66 yards on six carries, for a ridiculous 11.0 yards per carry. Not to mention, you know, a career-high, 149-yard rushing performance.

Jackson's day wasn't too shabby either -- 210 yards on just four catches and a touchdown -- and he showed again why he's one of the most dangerous receivers in the league.

"When he gets the ball in his hands, you better make sure you tackle him and tackle him with more than one guy," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "They threw to him eight times; he caught four and was awfully productive when he did."

Indeed he was. But that's nothing new for Philly, who's seen an awful lot of success this year on big plays. Their opening play, a 60-yard laser from Vick to Jackson set a similar tone to the Eagles' blowout win against the Redskins four weeks ago, even if the results weren't as definitively unproportional.

And that's what makes this Eagles' team so special (and possibly en route for a cannot-come-close-to-justifying-the
-hype potential matchup in Atlanta for the NFC Championship game), because they're impossible to matchup against, and they specialize in dropping big play bombs onto opponents that crush morale.

The Eagles followed Jackson's 91-yard teeter with an interception that absolutely sucked the life out of Cowboys Stadium and those sort of plays are why they're on track for a matchup in the ATL, even with a tough slate of games (@NYG, MIN, DAL) on the schedule to close out. 

There are still some issues with the defense, and the news that Stewart Bradley's likely to miss the rest of the regular season is devastating. The Eagles are also substantially better against the pass when Asante Samuel is healthy (Winston Justice's presence will help the run game too).

And anyone with an elite pass rush (hello, Cowboys, Bears, Giants) offers up the terrifying possibility that Vick could take a game- or season-ending shot. 

But with the explosiveness of the offense, the way the youngsters are gelling (despite some occasional bouts of, ahem, immaturity), the Eagles have firmly established themselves as not just a contender, but a team with the big-play power to knock just about anyone back on their heels at any moment.

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