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Posted on: February 18, 2011 4:26 pm

Mangini as next coach of Hartford Colonials?


Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Although the Browns fired Eric Mangini following his two-year tenure as head coach, he helped the talent-poor organization make some real strides, and I figured he shouldn’t have too much trouble finding his next job in pro football.

I didn’t, however, expect him to draw interest from the UFL.

But according to ESPN.com’s James Walker, that’s exactly the mindset of the Hartford Colonials. Hey, why not?

"He is one of the people we would hope to talk to," Colonials owner Bill Mayer said this week. "What comes out of that, I don't know. I've been looking at our Facebook site, and it certainly has generated a lot of conversation. He's a Connecticut native and he's had experience. Whether we end up doing anything with him or not, we haven't sat down yet, so it’s not at all clear whether this timing would work for him.

"That doesn’t mean we're in negotiations or that he's going to be the next coach, but he's certainly on the list."

Well, if the Facebook page says, "Do it," I guess you have to just do it.

Though former NFL head coach Jim Fassel has taken the plunge to the UFL, I’d be shocked if Mangini did the same. Why? As Walker points out, Mangini still has millions of dollars coming his way via the Browns, and it makes sense for him to wait for a job he actually wants to open up rather than head to the minor leagues.

Unless, you know, the team’s Facebook page demands he be named the head coach. Then, he'd be pretty much powerless to stop it.

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Posted on: January 24, 2011 4:34 pm

Hot Routes 1.24.11 everything else in the NFL

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Charles Woodson had the best line ever about President Barack Obama. Before Sunday’s NFC Championship, Obama said the First Family would be going to the Super Bowl if the Bears made it. Woodson said after the game, "If you're not going to see us, then we're going to come see you."

Cam Newton is in San Diego working with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. in preparation for April’s draft.

Jon Beason will replace Lance Briggs in the Pro Bowl. London Fletcher will replace Brian Urlacher. (Next year we’ll just report when original Pro Bowlers do NOT drop out of the game.)

Receivers coach Todd Monken will replace Mike Shula as the quarterbacks coach in Jacksonville. Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter also has experience coaching NFL QB’s (he spent a short time in Green Bay).

Because Ken Whisenhunt figures to pluck his new defensive coordinator from Pittsburgh’s staff, the Cardinals must wait another two weeks to fill the position. (Though he’ll interview several candidates at the Senior Bowl.)

Gotta give some love to our pal Peter King. He picked Packers-Steelers back in August.

This news is a few days old, but what the heck. The Chiefs promoted Mark Donovan to president.

11-year tight end Dan Campbell (former Cowboy and Giant) is now the tight ends coach for the Dolphins. Campbell was one of the sounder blockers in the game.

Some of New York’s football pundits are criticizing Brian Schottenheimer’s play-calling. (One particularly clever New York Daily News headline referred to the play-calling as “Schotty”.

The mere mention of Eric Mangini’s name in Tennessee sparked discussion about the Titans possibly switching to a 3-4 defense. Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean says that won’t happen.

Our buddies over in CBS’s college football blog sorted out the Super Bowl rosters by college football conference. The SEC, of course, has the most players (18). Following is the Big Ten (15). In third? The MAC, with 13. No joke.

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Posted on: January 7, 2011 7:47 pm

Miami's coaching situation is a PR nightmare

Posted by Will Brinson

Something ain't stirring the Kool-Aid down in Miami. And all apologies to the inestimable Tone Loc for ganking his line (although it did involve the Dolphins, so I suppose it's okay), but whatever Stephen Ross is doing with his coaching situation seems a little bizarre.

Not only did he openly chase Jim Harbaugh (and Bill Cowher?) while Tony Sparano was/is still gainfully employed with the Dolphins, but apparently there's some sort of flirtation going on with Eric Mangini now too.

See, there was a press conference (or, if you prefer "media roundtable") planned in Miami for Friday. There the team was going to presumably present, as the Miami Herald's Armando Saiguero put it, "a unified front" after handing Sparano some "sorry for publicly embarrassing you by chasing after someone else" money.

That press conference was scheduled for 4:45 PM EST and then, suddenly, canceled. 

Why? Excellent question.

Well, they created a bit of a miss by running full sprint after Jim Harbaugh without firing Tony Sparano. Additionally, Jeff Darlington of the Herald cites sources who say the 'Fins scheduled a meeting with former Browns coach Eric Mangini for Friday. (Yes, this is like posting a sign inquiring into dates out in front of your ex-wife's house. Before she's moved out.) Supposedly the Browns were only seeking a "'consultant' who has 'knowledge of the division,'" and eventually cancelled the meeting anyway

But, given the surrounding circumstances, it's auspicious to say the least. Back to the cancelled press conference -- Darlington cites sources who believe the Dolphins suddenly realized what a mess they'd created and decided to "reorganize." Or something.

Either way, Tony Sparano should be announced as the head coach of the Dolphins sometime soon. And it's all but certain that his first press conference back from the job from which he was never fired shouldn't be awkward at all.

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Posted on: January 3, 2011 2:53 pm
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Week 17 Podcast Review: coaching speculation

Posted by Will Brinson

It's hard to go through today without singing some revised Steely Dan in your head ("Wheeeeeeen Blaaaaack Monday comes!"), but remember, there was still football yesterday.

With that in mind, Andy and I break down all the action from Week 17 and examine what the outcomes of certain games mean for certain teams. Where will the Browns go now that they've fired Eric Mangini? Can Rob Ryan hang around? Who will coach the Panthers? Did the Eagles loss to the Cowboys mean anything for their playoff hopes? Do the Seahawks stand a chance of winning at home against New Orleans? Did the Jets do the right thing in resting their players? And were the Bears smart to play their starters for the entire game? 

All those questions answered (plus much, much more) -- just hit the play button below and don't forget to Subscribe via iTunes.

If you can't view the podcast, click here to download .
Posted on: January 3, 2011 10:08 am
Edited on: January 3, 2011 10:35 am

Mangini out; who will be Browns next head coach?

Posted by Andy Benoit

Eric Mangini is out after a pair of 5-11 seasons in Cleveland. No surprise there. Even though Mangini was given 5-11 type talent to work with, even though the Browns showed marked improvement in a lot of areas (namely defensively) and even though the players seemed to respect the coaching staff (Sunday’s embarrassing performance against Pittsburgh not withstanding), it has long been assumed that president Mike Holmgren wants one of his own handpicked running the show.
M. Holmgren (US Presswire)
So who will that guy be? If it’s not Holmgren himself (the former Packers and Seahawks head coach has admitted he isn’t sure he’s 100 percent done with coaching) the name everyone is tossing around is Jon Gruden. The 2002 Super Bowl winner was on Holmgren’s staff in Green Bay. A while back, Gruden’s son even said the plan is for his dad to take the San Francisco or Cleveland job in 2012.

But circumstances seem to have expedited that process by a year. Gruden in Cleveland would make sense. For starters, the Niners are reportedly not interested in his services. Gruden loves his Monday Night gig, but he has made it no secret that it is a temporary position.

What’s more, reading between the lines, it seems Gruden has been on Holmgren’s radar all along. Why would Holmgren keep Mangini after a 5-11 ’09 season but quickly fire him after a 5-11 ’10 season in which the Browns, realistically, could not have expect a drastic improvement in their record? The most logical explanation is Holmgren was waiting on the guy he wants. And the guy he wants was waiting for his son to graduate high school before he gets back in. (Again, Gruden would have to give up that wait a year early if he jumps back in.)

It’s also possible Holmgren could have his eye on John Fox. It’s been known for two years that Fox’s contract in Carolina was going to expire at this time. Jason La Canfora of NFL.com believes the former Panthers head coach could be headed to Ohio (he isn’t citing any sources, he's just offering his own well-informed opinion).

Another name that has surfaced is Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Mornhinweg, like Holmgren, is a West Coast offensive guru. He has prior head coaching experience (Detroit 2001-02) and has gained considerable credibility around the NFL over the past few seasons.

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 6:33 pm
Edited on: January 27, 2011 7:21 pm

NFL Coaching Hot Seat Tracker: Black Monday

Black Monday is upon us, and that means plenty of coaching changes. We've organized all the NFL teams into a semi-draft order (yes, we know the Raiders don't have that pick and yes, this could change, but it puts the bad teams up top!) to give you an idea of who's been fired, who might be fired, how much job security they have, and potential candidates in different cities. See someone you think SHOULD be on the hot seat or a candidate for a certain job we missed? Let us know in the comments.  


Team Coach Job Security Candidates

Ron Rivera

Rivera lands a 4-year, $11.2 million deal reportedly
The Panthers announced on Tuesday that Ron Rivera will be the organization's fourth head coach .

John Fox

It seemed like the Broncos might go with someone that was familiar with their organization, but ultimately, they opted for experience and Fox , who they believe can help the defense and the team turnaround quickly.

Chan Gailey

The Bills were terrible in 2010, but they never gave up and routinely came close to upsetting better teams. Also, no one else wants the gig.

Marvin Lewis

Lewis called himself "unemployed" and he seems as good as gone but then there was a report that he'll return with Cincy in 2011 . Then there was a report he wouldn't. Now he's back, officially .

Ken Wisenhunt

Safe ... for now
Hard to imagine the Cards would dump Whiz until they give him a shot with another real quarterback. Cowher thinks Kevin Kolb lands here.

Jim Harbaugh

After much speculation as to where Jim Harbaugh would land, he finally ended up signing a $25 million, 5-year deal with the Niners .

Jason Garrett

Garrett was named the full-time Dallas head coach on Thursday at a lengthy press conference in Cowboys Stadium.

Gary Kubiak

Kubiak is safe but the entire defensive staff has been canned , and now the Wade Phillips for DC speculation begins.

Pat Shurmur

Pat Shurmur HIRED!
Shurmur bolted St. Louis for Cleveland and it appears Mike Holmgren really wanted someone familiar with his West Coast offense.

Jim Schwartz

Lions won four straight to close the season; Schwartz has to be a hero in Detroit at this point.

Pete Carroll

NFC West title locked Carroll in and even with the Seahawks ugly loss to the Bears, it's hard to question what he did in his first season.

Jeff Fisher

In a surprising move, Fisher and Tennessee are parting ways. Now, the Titans will have to replace their head coach and their starting QB.

Mike Shanahan

Needing a QB
Dan Snyder letting Shanny run the team so him getting booted is a long shot. QB situation is a bit of a nightmare though.

Leslie Frazier

The Vikings didn't wait long -- they announced on Monday that Frazier's "interim" tag would be lifted and he'll be their head coach.

Hue Jackson

Jackson was hired Monday
Cable got the boot and now it looks like Hue Jackson's the favorite to land the coaching gig. Al Davis is involved though, so anything could happen.

Steve Spagnuolo

Such a cold seat
Even without a division title, the turnaround in St. Louis is pretty clear and Spags is safe.

Tony Sparano

After the Fins chased Harbaugh  and embarrassed Sparano publicly, they apologized financially by giving him a 2-year extension. How swell.

Jack Del Rio

Del Rio's got one more year, but it's "playoffs or bust" for JDR, according to owner Wayne Weaver.

Norv Turner

Safe for 2011
Front office says Norv's their guy for at least next year. Another disappointing season like 2010 and he could finally get the boot.

Tom Coughlin

Coughlin is confirmed as returning by Giants owner John Mara
Coughlin's in the middle of a playoff fight (thanks to the Bears) and Casserly says he'll be back with a one-year extension .

Raheem Morris

Losses in late games by the Packers and Giants would get Morris in the playoffs and a pretty good shot at Coach of the Year if he doesn't win anyway.

Jim Caldwell

As long as Peyton Manning's playing for the Colts, it's hard to see them dumping Caldwell.

Mike McCarthy

The Packers look like the latest team to go from  "talented team to nearly miss the playoffs" to "white-hot wild card that wins the Super Bowl," so there's no reason to question McCarthy.

Todd Haley

Division champion
Haley's pretty golden in KC, no matter what some people want to say about his ego.

Rex Ryan

In like foot. Er, flint
Back-to-back playoff berths for Ryan mean he's plenty fine.

Andy Reid

The only question is whether or not Reid will trade Kevin Kolb in the offseason and how long they can keep Vick.

Sean Payton

Safe, duh
He won a Super Bowl two years ago.

Lovie Smith

Surprisingly safe
Did anyone think Lovie was safe heading into 2011? Yet he won the division and the Bears are white-hot. Very impressive year. 

John Harbaugh

Only thing he has to worry about is whether he has to face his bro once a year or not.

Mike Tomlin

Clearly, Tomlin's doing alright. 

Mike Smith

Weird thing is, Smith's not getting nearly enough love as a potential coach of the year candidate.

Bill Belichick

Retirement is the only way he'll ever get removed from New England. Arguably his greatest coaching job ever. 

Posted on: December 31, 2010 7:08 pm

Holmgren, Mangini to meet Monday

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

With so many NFL coaches fired this season – and it’s not even officially coach-axing time! – one of the biggest question marks is the job status of Browns coach Eric Mangini.

Obviously, he’s on unsteady ground (he wasn’t Mike Holmgren’s hire and the Browns are 10-21 during his two-year tenure), and we might begin to get further answers on Monday.

That’s when Mangini said he expects to meet with Holmgren, Cleveland’s team president.

Until then, Mangini hasn’t had the easiest time focusing on the job at hand.

“It is and it isn’t,” Holmgren told reporters today. “There are so many things that you have to do during the course of a week to prepare for a game that the amount of time that you have to reflect on other things, it’s not like it’s a tremendous amount of time. Again, I really am proud of the way that the guys have responded. As I’ve said before, if I was any different in my approach and the coaches were any different in their approach, then it’s hard to ask a group of men, a group of players, to be consistent in their approach.

“The future will come quick enough. Jake (Mangini, his son) every now and then will ask a question, he must hear things, he asked if we were moving. I said, ‘Don’t worry about it Jake, we will figure it out.’ When you get those types of questions, you don’t think of how I am going to explain the situation to my six year old.  That’s part of the human element.”

Considering how little talent Mangini has had to work with during his two-year stay in Cleveland, the fact he’s gotten 10 wins out of the Browns is pretty impressive. The fact Colt McCoy played better than expected in his first season and the fact RB Peyton Hillis had such a breakout season also are marks in Mangini’s favor.

But Holmgren might want his own guy to coach the team. And if that’s the case, he still has plenty of reasons to give Mangini the boot. Twenty-one reasons to be exact.

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Posted on: December 27, 2010 1:57 pm

What do coaching changes say about lockout?

Posted by Andy Benoit

All season long we’ve been hearing about how teams may be reluctant to make a head coaching change given the uncertainty of the Collective Bargaining negotiations. Owners don’t like the idea of a new staff coming aboard and possibly having to wait until late summer to start working with players.J. Richardson (US Presswire)

However, heading into Week 17, we’ve already seen four head coaches canned (Wade Phillips in Dallas, Brad Childress in Minnesota, Josh McDaniels in Denver and Mike Singletary in San Francisco).

There is guaranteed to be at least one other head coaching vacancy after the season, as John Fox’s contract in Carolina expires next week. Marvin Lewis’ deal in Cincinnati also runs out. Many believe that Gary Kubiak will be fired in Houston. And there are questions about the futures of Jeff Fisher in Tennessee, Tony Sparano in Miami, Eric Mangini in Cleveland and Tom Coughlin in New York. It’s possible that 10 teams could be in the market for a new head coach after this season.

There are two ways to look at this as it pertains to the labor negotiations – and both are uplifting. One: the owners really don’t believe that a lockout is on the horizon. Though neither the league nor players would admit it, we got a hint of this sentiment a few weeks ago when the owners extended the deadline for the NFLPA to file a collusion claim against them. The other way to look at it is that if there is a lockout and roughly a third of the league’s owners are bringing in a new coaching staff in 2011, that could subtly influence the owners to get a deal done quicker. Two of the owners who could be searching for head coaches – Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson – are major power brokers.

Of course, it’s possible that we all misread the significance of a coaching change during a lockout to begin with. Perhaps owners are simply willing to take their lumps in 2011. But confusion with your head coaching situation is a significant lump to take. It’s expensive, chaotic and, if everything is shut down anyway, unnecessary. Problem is, all it takes is one team to decide to endure it, and all the others will follow suit. After all, if one team does it, that team would have first run at all the available head coaching candidates.

Something else to keep in mind: if there is a lockout, it won’t come until March. Unless we’re talking about the Raiders, it’s inconceivable that a team would not fill a head coaching vacancy before then. So teams can still implement their new staffs, those new staffs just might not be able to implement their new systems. Still, those limits would all be planned for ahead of time.

The bottom line is, labor peace or labor war, it’s going to be a busy early offseason as usual for the NFL.

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