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Posted on: June 17, 2011 3:39 pm
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Crime data don't support Ray Lewis' claims

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Most of us are aware of Ray Lewis' warning last month that if the lockout looms, and there is no football, crime rate will increase.

"Do this research if we don't have a season -- watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game," Lewis told ESPN at the time.

In the weeks since, we've joke that, every time an NFL player is cuffed and stuffed, Lewis' doomsday prophecy seems less absurd. Since Lewis' May 22 comments, Raheem Brock and Javarris James have been arrested, and Kenny Britt has had several run-ins with authorities.

But is this out of the ordinary? It seems that way, probably because there's not much else going on in the NFL, between the lockout and June historically being the slowest month on the league calendar. Plus, this phenomenon could be nothing more than selective perception, which is a fancy way of explaining how expectations affect perceptions. Because Lewis' warning was at the front of our minds, we noticed arrests when we might not otherwise pay attention to them.

Well, PolitiFact.com took Lewis up on his "do the research" offer. They looked at the 1982 NFL work stoppage, when a 57-day labor dispute led to the 16-game schedule being reduced to nine games.
The nation’s violent crime rate in 1982 was slightly lower than it was the year before the work stoppage, according to FBI crime data. The violent crime rate dropped more significantly the following year, the data show.

Northeastern’s Sport in Society center examined Lewis’ claim after a call from us and also focused on the 1982 NFL work stoppage. It, too, reached a similar conclusion.

"There is very little evidence supporting Lewis’ claim that crime will increase the longer the work stoppage lasts," the center told us.

PolitiFact.com also cited a recent Baltimore Sun study that looked at crime in 1982 and found an increase during the strike in only one category: homicides. (Note: The Sun stressed that the study was unscientific.) Other findings:
  • The newspaper’s Crime Beat blog looked at crime data last season when the Ravens had their bye (off) week. The Sun found there was slightly more crime during the bye week. 
  • There were the same number of crimes in Baltimore the four weeks before the season started as the first four weeks of the season. They also found that there was less crime after the season ended in early January. 
If you're still not convinced (and at this point, only Ray Lewis wouldn't be), there's this: "The FBI says crime typically decreases during football season, but it doesn’t see a correlation, according to a newspaper account provided to us by the Sport in Society center," PolitiFact.com notes. "The FBI believes criminals prefer to strike when the weather is warmer."

Northeastern University criminologist James A. Fox did his own study after hearing Lewis' comments and he also came away unconvinced. "I took the Ray Lewis challenge and I don’t see any evidence of [a crime increase]," he Fox.

Mystery solved … although expect us to keep making "Ray Lewis can predict the future!" jokes every time an NFL player gets arrested. He can talk to animals, after all.

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Posted on: June 17, 2011 10:16 am
Edited on: June 17, 2011 10:37 am

Raheem Brock arrested for running out on $27 tab

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Raheem Brock, who played for the Seahawks last season but will be a free agent once the lockout ends, was arrested Thursday night after he ran out on a $27 restaurant tab, Philadelphia Magazine reports.

According to MyFoxPhilly.com, the former Temple player allegedly walked out on a bill at the South Street club, Copacabana, before police questioned him nearby. A source told MyFoxPhilly.com that "there [was] a minor struggle and police put Brock under arrest."

PFT.com says Brock was charged with theft and resisting arrest and was released Friday morning without bail.

We've written previously that the lockout isn't strictly a billionaires-vs.-millionaires battle over money. Like most of us, many players rely on their weekly paychecks. They aren't all wealthy enough to take eight months off work with no financial worries. That was the case with Dolphins rookie fullback Charles Clay. Apparently, Brock could use some walking-around money, too.

Too bad he didn't call Roger Goodell for a loan before allegedly dining and dashing.

Meanwhile, Ray Lewis nods knowingly.

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Posted on: May 10, 2011 4:27 pm
Edited on: June 18, 2011 1:02 pm

Crankin' the NFL Commish (video)

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Seattle’s Raheem Brock and Chester Pitts are funny dudes, and in the latest episode of Crankin’ the NFL Commish (via atom.com and the Seattle Times), the two, naturally, fake crank-call commissioner Roger Goodell.

Of course, this is a propaganda film for the NFLPA, but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny. Because it is fairly humorous.

My favorite part of the video: Brock and Pitts making the calls on a bed like a couple of teenage girls during a slumber party. Good stuff.

12 Angry Mascots Channel
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Posted on: January 23, 2011 7:43 pm
Edited on: January 23, 2011 9:37 pm

What will we think of Cutler now?

Photo courtesy of Twitpic.

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The condemnation came quick and mercilessly.

@RaheemBrock (Raheem BrockSeahawks DE) “Cutler...wut a sissy! This is the NFC Championship game! Guaranteed if it was brett farve..he would still be in the game!” (and) “Cutler u little siSsy...how does it feel that ur back up's backup is the only 1that can put pts on the board!I bet cutler comes back now!”

Bears QB Jay Cutler was out of the game early in the third quarter with a knee injury, and those in the Twitter world, especially his NFL colleagues, began to brutalize him.

@Jones_Drew32 (Maurice Jones-DrewJaguars RB) “Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now... When the going gets tough........QUIT.. (and) “All I'm saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee... I played the whole season on one...”

Cutler, out with a knee injury that no one had seen him sustain and that kept him on the bench for most of the second half of the Bears 21-14 loss to the Packers, showed no heart. He has no guts. One sweet-looking woman on Twitter – she looks like she makes cookies on the weekends for her children – called him the p-word.

@DBrooks55 (Derrick Brooks – former Buccaneers LB) “BEARS fans I am so SORRY, I have to be crawling and cant get up to come off field,Josh Freeman would not come out, MEDS ARE AVAILABLE

But much of the rancor came from Cutler’s fellow players. Most of them would play on a knee injury – any kind of knee injury – if they had the chance to participate in a conference championship game. Like a certain QB from San Diego.

@DBrooks55: “Knee injury has to be VERY VERY INJURED, if you come out, Philip Rivers p[layed on torn acl now its pick,seriously JAY CUTLER”

Cutler left the field a few seconds early at the end of the first half, and he was one of the last Bears on the field to begin the second half. After one series, he was done for the day.

@kerryrhodes (Kerry RhodesCardinals safety): “Cmon cutler u have to come back. This is the NFC championship if u didn't know.”

I guess the issue now is how his teammates will view him. Is he not tough enough? Did he quit on his teammates?

@Thepresidentcb (Asante SamuelEagles CB) “If he was my teammate I would be looking at him sideways.”

Hell, would his teammates even allow him to dress in the same space as they did after the game?

@ddockett (Darnell Dockett – Cardinals DT) “If I'm on chicago team jay cutler has to wait till me and the team shower get dressed and leave before he comes in the locker room! #FACT”

So, let’s hear from one of Cutler’s teammates. A guy who most likely knows Cutler better than anybody else on Twitter. A guy who watched the Bears offensive line allow an NFL-high 56 sacks behind a mediocre offensive line, a guy who watched Cutler continue to rise from those sacks to take even more punishment.

“A lot of jealous people watching our game on TV when their season is over,” Bears LB Brian Urlacher said when he was told many NFL players were blasting Cutler on Twitter. “Jay was hurt. We don’t question his toughness. He’s tough as hell. He doesn’t bitch, he doesn’t complain when he gets hit.”

Will the comments from his teammates - C Olin Kreutz indicated to reporters he thought Cutler had a torn ligament and that he couldn't believe Cutler came out for the second half at all - change the public’s perception of Cutler? Probably not. If Cutler – who declined after the game to comment on those questioning his toughness – is diagnosed with a torn ACL, will people walk back their words? Doubtful. If he needs major surgery, will people apologize for their snap judgments? No chance.

The die already has been cast for Cutler. His reputation will suffer. It might follow him for the rest of his career.

People won’t forget this, no matter the reasons he couldn’t play. People still will want to burn his jersey. His career will be tainted by this. It’s unfortunate.

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 9:58 am

Hot Routes 11.16.10: Who cares about concussions?

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

- Not only does Steelers WR Hines Ward think he should play next week vs. the Raiders following his concussion Sunday vs. the Patriots, he thinks he should have gone back in the game after his injury. Ward’s mistake, he said, was getting up too early from his collision and stumbling across the field. Instead, he thinks he should have stayed on the turf in an effort to clear his head. Instead, he proved, without a shadow of a doubt, he should not return to the game.

- His Jets teammates were awfully impressed by WR Jerricho Cotchery’s diving overtime catch Sunday, despite hopping around on a bad groin. Damien Woody said the Jets were in awe of Cotchery’s dedication.

- After a Titans debut in which he was targeted just four times (and caught one pass for 26 yards), coach Jeff Fisher said there would be more opportunities for WR Randy Moss in the future. Speaking of Tennessee, it’s Vince Young’s team to run again. Kerry Collins will be out several weeks with a calf injury.

- Chiefs coach Todd Haley to Broncos coach Josh McDaniels: Um, sorry about that.

- With Giants Tom Coughlin announcing Monday that WR Ramses Barden has a fractured left ankle and significant ligament damage, making him likely done for the season, New York only has three healthy receivers to play. That would be Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and (let me know if you’ve ever heard of …) Duke Calhoun.

- Making matters worse for Seahawks DE Raheem Brock, who was arrested on a DUI charge last weekend, he didn’t tell his coaches about it before playing in Sunday’s game. That likely won’t sit well with the decision-makers in Seattle.

- Anybody wanting to take a bet on whether Dolphins LT Jake Long will play this Thursday, despite suffering a torn labrum in his shoulder, should consider this: In the first 42 games of his career, he’s played 99.4 percent of his team’s snaps (missing only 18 out of 2,838). That said, his injury does not sound so good.

- Former Buccaneers guard Arron Sears is battling mental issues. And it’s not like he’s far removed from his playing days.

- The Panthers did not appreciate Tampa Bay’s helmet-to-helmet hit on Carolina QB Jimmy Clausen that might have led to Clausen’s concussion. Especially WR Steve Smith.

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Posted on: November 14, 2010 4:58 pm

Report: Raheem Brock arrested for DUI

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Looks like Broncos LB D.J. Williams wasn’t the only NFL player to be arrested on suspicion of DUI this week. According to Q13fox.com , Seahawks DL Raheem Brock was arrested early Saturday morning on the same charge.

Brock, who is active for Seattle today, was not booked and was released by the arresting officer.

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