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Posted on: August 26, 2010 12:51 pm
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Hard Knocks episode 3 review

Posted by Andy Benoit

Episode 3 of Hard Knocks embodied everything we love about the HBO/NFL Films hit drama. First off, the box score: 24 S-bombs (including a few with the word “bull” before it, which is always funny) and 26 F-bombs. The first F-bomb came from special teams coach Paul Westhoff six minutes in. Best of all, that particular F-bomb was part of a package of vitriolic sarcasm. (When interior linemen were slow off the snap in rushing the punter, Westhoff told them “Take your time – f*** around a little bit more.”). P. Westhoff (US Presswire)

Westhoff wound up being the star of the show – and not just because he finished first in the final F-bomb count. He was brutally honest about wide receiver/special teams gunner David Clowney, essentially saying the fourth-year pro can be a star but that he hasn’t shown anything yet. Of backup punter Timothy Conley, an undrafted second-year player from Idaho who is just trying to make the NFL, Westhoff said, “This time last year, I would have traded him for a night off.” Coaches were impressed with Conley’s improvement this season, but before the episode ended, the young punter joined the list of guys who are now famous for having been cut on Hard Knocks.
A few more highlights from Wednesday night’s show…

---Kris Jenkins gave a speech in the locker room prior to the Panthers game in which he pointed out that the Panthers were his former team and told the second unit players “Don’t embarrass us”. Is that motivating?

---It’s surprising how willing the coaches are to differentiate between the first-string and second-string players. Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine didn’t make the first unit watch film of the second half of the Giants game because he didn’t want what they saw to “rub off”. Pettine ripped the second unit throughout the first 10 minutes of the show; Rex Ryan joined in and also ripped the third unit late in the show.

---After a quiet Episode 2, we finally got more Revis jokes. Rex Ryan had his assistant negotiate a fee paid to a magician who was brought in to entertain the players. The magician wanted $3,500. Ryan told his assistant to negotiate down to $2,500. When the assistant reported back that the magician had agreed to $2,500, Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum told her to call Revis.

---We hear that rookie hazing in the NFL is all in good fun. But what was that powder that the veterans were dumping in the face of Brian Jackson?

---Ropati Pitoitua ruptured his Achilles, giving us a fantastic glimpse of the emotional roller coaster that injuries lead to. When Ryan found out about the injury, he dejectedly informed the other coaches and snapped at players. Minutes later, he was jubilant again after Chauncey Washington lit it up on special teams.

---Finally, the treadmill scene: nothing shocking happened, but it was odd to see, from left to right, Mike Tannenbaum, Braylon Edwards, Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson working out on a treadmill. All four were walking. This makes sense with Tannenbaum, Ryan and Johnson…but Braylon Edwards?

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Posted on: August 2, 2010 7:15 pm
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Kris Jenkins is the now-less-fat Jet of them all

Kris Jenkins, Rex Ryan and Damien Woody all engaged in a weight-loss contest for charity during the offseason.

And it turns out that Jenkins is the big winner (see his sveltness to the right). Or loser, if you prefer. The DT lost 33.6 pounds (on a mostly all-cookie diet, no less ) and was jubilant when he weighed in Sunday.

"I won! I won!" Jenkins said with a huge smile while doing a celebratory dance.

"I feel like I'm in the best shape I've been in in a while," he said.

Ryan "lost" 57 pounds, but the majority of the weight was from lap-band surgery, so it didn't count in the contest. Woody shed 26.2 pounds, getting all the way down to 340. (Jenkins, by the way, clocked in at 359.)

"[Ryan] tried to put us under the bus saying, 'Aw-w-w, you guys didn't let [the lap-band surgery] count,"' Jenkins said. "He was the one when we started the competition who said, 'I'm not going to count this.' OK, well, take the 'L' like a man."

L as it may be, Woody put it best when he said that this was a "win-win" for everyone involved: he, Jenkins and Ryan are all a little healthier, the Jets should be a little better, and a charity is a little richer.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 11:50 am
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Kris Jenkins calls ex-teammates 'women'

Kris Jenkins ' appeared in a video interview with Rich Eisen on NFL Network's "Total Access" on Tuesday, and he had words for, well, everyone. His teammates, Jets fans, his ex-teammates and his dietitian, who apparently bakes cookies for a living.

Keeping in mind that it's entirely possible Rex Ryan sent a team-wide mandate to have his players publicly run their mouths as much as possible leading up to their appearance on HBO's "Hard Knocks," let's parse through it, shall we?

Jenkins, on teammates Darrelle Revis , Nick Mangold and David Harris , all of whom want their contracts reworked in some shape or form:

“Suck it up,” Jenkins quipped. “That’s what you all have been doing so far.”

On that, Jenkins backtracked a little (he was laughing while he said it, I  suppose), by saying what a prankster he was. Although I bet he was at least being a little serous.

He was not joking at all, apparently, when he threw out some words for some former teammates of his, presumably some combination of Kerry Rhodes , Alan Faneca and Thomas Jones :

We’re not here to play games. It’s one thing when you’re on camera and you’re being funny about things. We have great guys who have come in to step up and fill the void of some of these big losses that we have had this [offseason]. Then, in some other cases, we have had some real men come in and step in for the women that we lost. So, we’re going to be OK. Don’t worry about it.”

It's a real shame that the Cardinals (where Rhodes and Faneca landed) aren't playing the Jets this year. Because I'd be willing to be that things would be somewhat heated leading up that little melee.

Jenkins was much, um, nicer to Jets fans, telling them that the team was really gonna try to win! And if they failed that the fans could go get their torches and pitchforks and whatnot:

“If we win, then you get all of your dreams come true,” Jenkins offered. “If we lose, then you all get do what you’ve been doing for a long time, which is talk about us until you basically run us out of the city. So, you’re going to get what you want either way. But we’re going for a Super Bowl, so sit back, enjoy the ride. We’re planning on doing it big. That’s how we’re doing this.

But the best part of the interview had to have been when Jenkins talked about how he's lost 25 pounds in the Jets' weight-losing contest ... because of an all cookie diet

Which means cookies for breakfast and lunch apparently. Do you know a) how awesome that is and b) just how horribly out of shape you have to be in order to eat ONLY COOKIES AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT?

So, yeah, it's a pretty amazing interview and I  suggest watching it -- just like the rest of everything that's happened this offseason, it's just another indicator that "Hard Knocks" will be must-watch television.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 9:16 am
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Kris Jenkins did a lot of thinking over offseason

In his article about Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins, Greg Bishop of the New York Times gives us a very interesting look at the psychology of a veteran coming back from major injury. Jenkins, coming off a second major knee injury in five years, contemplated retirement over the offseason (sorta).

This off-season … (Jenkins) … conducted an experiment. He told himself, “I’m retiring this year,” and he said he repeated that notion until he believed it.

When a sense of calm enveloped him instead of panic, Jenkins knew he wanted to return to the Jets for his 10th N.F.L. season. He would do so on his terms, for his reasons, extending what he called the “twilight of my career” for at least this season.

“This is the first year that retirement really crossed my mind,” said Jenkins, a defensive tackle who turns 31 on Aug. 3. “You hear people talk about the end, but you start feeling those emotions, and it’s a trip, honestly. You have anxiety issues sometimes.”

He continued: “Look, I’ve been playing football since I was 8. I’m getting tired. Like, I’m not tired of it yet, but I’m starting to get tired.”

Jenkins, who has three kids, is glancing at life after football. He says the biggest reason he returned in 2010 was Rex Ryan. Past injury rehabs have been troublesome for Jenkins. He has had trouble maintaining his weight and optimism, ballooning to over 400 pounds and developing drinking problems. But this past offseason, Jenkins took a different path. As Bishop writes:

As Jenkins spoke, he drank diet soda and ate only half of his meal at a Manhattan restaurant, then boxed the leftovers. His friend Tony Washington, a former Panthers teammate, said that was one of several changes he noticed in Jenkins the past few years.

Since signing with the Jets before the 2008 season, Jenkins, who plays at around 360 pounds, has received bonuses before and during each season for making weight. But even this quest took a more public turn recently, when Ryan challenged Jenkins and right tackle Damien Woody to a weight-loss competition that will be decided at training camp.

If Jenkins makes weight there, he will receive a $50,000 bonus. But he would like to win the challenge. To that end, he enlisted the help of Dr. Sanford Siegal, the creator of the Cookie Diet, which Jenkins is now endorsing.

-- Andy Benoit

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 12:14 pm
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Some Happenings in New York

A few notes from the New York Football scene....

The Giants are practicing in their new $1.7 billion stadium for the first time today. The practice is open to the public.

Jets NT Kris Jenkins returned to the practice field for the first time since his October ACL surgery. Rex Ryan said the Jets are breaking him in slowly. Jenkins says he’s on the right track for training camp.

In other news, Ryan also told the NY Post that his “gut feeling” is Revis will “be a Jet for a long time”. Given Ryan's gut, you have to imagine that feeling is pretty intense….

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio is covering the Jets minicamp and made a great point on Mike and Mike this morning. Paolantonio essentially said that Revis owes Rex Ryan an apology for embarrassing the coach with staged sitouts during yesterday’s practice. Ryan has been a major supporter of Revis yet wound up taking the brunt of the cornerback’s questionable negotiating ploy. Revis must remember that he’s butting heads with Mike Tannenbaum and the front office more than he’s butting heads with his coach.

UPDATE: Ralph Vacciano of the NY Daily News tweeted that Osi Umenyiora is working with the second unit. Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka are the starting defensive ends.

--Andy Benoit

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