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Posted on: September 9, 2010 5:39 pm
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Miles Austin gets 6-year, $50 million+ extension

Posted by Will Brinson

Miles Austin and the Dallas Cowboys agreed to a 6-year extension reportedly worth more than $50 million on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

The Dallas Cowboys confirmed the news -- on their official Twitter page -- that Austin agreed to a "6-year extension." Michael Lombardi reports that it would be worth "more than $50 million" and Adam Schefter reports that the deal is worth $57 million.

Regardless of the exact figure -- $50, 54, and 57 million have already been thrown out -- Austin is significantly richer than he was earlier today. The wideout's restricted free agent tender had him scheduled to make "just" $3.168 million, a pretty paltry sum for a wideout who caught 81 passes for 1,320 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Given the embarrassing nature of Roy Williams' performance in Dallas so far, it's not a stretch to say that Austin was a huge difference maker in 2009. And he's being rewarded for that difference-making in 2010, with a contract that will make him, according to reports, one of the five-highest paid wideouts in the NFL.

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Posted on: September 4, 2010 10:29 pm

Hurd knows when to hold 'em

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

If Cowboys WR Sam Hurd was a poker player, he’d be Daniel Negreanu. Luckily for Hurd, he’s also not a bad football player.

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News (via Pro Football Talk) has the story of Hurd calling the Cowboys bluff to take a paycut of his $1.759 million contract in order to guarantee his roster spot and refusing to take the deal.

Hurd, it turns out, made the team anyway.

Archer writes how the Cowboys approached Hurd this week and said they could lower his base salary, guarantee him a roster spot and give him a chance to reach his original base with some incentives.

Hurd said, “Ah, no thank you.”

Though he’s buried on the depth chart behind Miles Austin, Roy Williams, Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree, Hurd has value to Dallas with his special teams ability. Hurd also thought that if he didn’t make the Cowboys roster, he would have other opportunities with other teams.

And if none of this works out, there’s always the World Series of Poker.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 7:02 pm

Is Crayton about to get jobbed by the Cowboys?

Posted by Andy Benoit

The Cowboys are set at wide receiver. Dez Bryant is healthy (though not playing Thursday night). Roy Williams is inexplicably entrenched in the team’s plans. Miles Austin is a bona fide No. 1. Kevin Ogletree, while inconsistent, shows great acceleration and change-of-direction quickness as a catch-and-run weapon. P. Crayton (US Presswire)

This stability translates to insecurity for Patrick Crayton. As in job insecurity. Tim McMahon of ESPN Dallas says that Crayton is on the trading block. And, if there are no takers, the veteran could simply be cut Saturday night.

If that scenario indeed plays out, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more egregious stab in the back this season. Crayton, you may recall, was granted permission to seek a trade back in spring after Dallas drafted Bryant. When no teams bit, Crayton requested his release. That request was declined.

Crayton, relegated to No. 4 duties at best, publicly voiced his displeasure with his situation during the offseason. But in the end, he reported to camp and was a good soldier. Though still unhappy with his role, Crayton has willingly accepted it in the spirit of team chemistry. 

Admirbale character aside, it’s important to remember that Crayton is a solid special teams contributor and, arguably, Dallas’ third most dependable wideout (Ogletree has been a disappointment in recent months; Roy Williams is more talented but also more mistake-prone).

Yes, Crayton’s $2 million salary is a bit hefty for someone at the bottom of the depth chart – but it’s obviously not unworkable in an uncapped year. And what about simple respect for a veteran who has mostly overachieved in his previous six seasons? Crayton’s value as a free agent was greater in spring than it would be at this point. Why back-stab a solid player who can still help your aspiring Super Bowl club? If the Cowboys are wise, they won’t.

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Posted on: August 29, 2010 6:19 pm
Edited on: August 29, 2010 6:19 pm

Could Dallas' 1st team play in final exhibition?

Dallas got run over by Houston on Saturday, and coach Wade Phillips is debating about whether to play his starters in the team's fourth preseason game (AP). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s not all that often that a coach is so upset with his team that he threatens to play the starters in the fourth and final exhibition game before the regular season begins. Since taking over Dallas in 2007, Wade Phillips certainly wasn’t the kind of coach to make that decision.

But Phillips was so disgusted by what he saw in the Cowboys 23-7 loss to the Texans Saturday that he’s thinking about doing exactly that (even if owner Jerry Jones isn’t all that concerned with the poor showing ).

"I'm not ruling out that we won't play our guys," Phillips told reporters after the game, including the Dallas Morning News’ Gerry Fraley. "We have to evaluate this."

The evaluation will probably read something like this: Dallas stunk out loud against the Texans, and for a team that is so ready to return to the Super Bowl, that’s not a good trend to start.

The defense allowed Texas’ running backs to average 4.8 yards per carry, and the Cowboys gave Houston permission to do pretty much whatever the Texans wanted. And the offense? Well, the offense wasn’t so swell either.

Fraley explains:

In five full series, the first offense produced zippo. For 12 full possessions in the exhibition season, the first offense has managed 13 points on a touchdown and two field goals. The touchdown capped an 8-yard drive against San Diego.

No wonder offensive coordinator Jason Garrett acknowledged the first offense probably will play some against Miami. It needs the work.
"We had too many mistakes," quarterback Tony Romo said. "We need to get better."

Romo was actually a highlight, completing 13 of 18 throws with drops by wide receiver Miles Austin and tight end Jason Witten. The Cowboys again had nothing resembling a ground game.

Even so, it’s hard to imagine Phillips putting his first team units at risk in the final tuneup before the season begins. Maybe he’ll play them a series. Two, at most. Anything else would not be very smart. Especially because we know how Jerry Jones feels about Cowboys who suffer injuries in practice .

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Posted on: August 2, 2010 3:02 pm

Guess who showed up at Cowboys practice...

Jessica Simpson was often criticized for attending Cowboys games when she was dating Tony Romo. What do you think fans would have said if she’d attended practice?
K. Kardashian (US Presswire)
That’s what Miles Austin’s celebrity girlfriend did Sunday. According to the Associated Press, Kim Kardashian watched her boyfriend from a private Alamodome suite. Oh, and sitting in the suite with Kardashian was former Miss Missouri, Candice Crawford, who is dating…Tony Romo.

Apparently, the celebrities all had lunch together. The AP writes, “Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he ‘almost swallowed’ his sandwich earlier when he ran into Austin and Kardashian having lunch with Romo.

This begs the question, if Jones was so surprised that he “almost swallowed” his sandwich, then what was he planning on doing with the sandwich in his mouth before the surprise?

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 16, 2010 1:16 pm
Edited on: July 16, 2010 2:07 pm

Position rankings: wide receivers

A. Johnson makes a TD catch over Chicago's C. Tillman (Getty). Josh Katzowitz and Andy Benoit resume their debate, with today’s focus on wide receivers.

Andy Benoit’s top five

5. Brandon Marshall, Dolphins

4. Calvin Johnson, Lions

3. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

2. Reggie Wayne, Colts

1. Andre Johnson, Texans

I wish we could do top 10 receivers – this position is flooded with talent. A lot of times, a receivers’ success depends on the system he’s in. For example, Miles Austin, with his fluidity and speed, produces like a top five receiver in Dallas’s catch-and-run offense. But could he succeed in a downfield “power-throwing” offense like Vincent Jackson does in San Diego? Probably not.

As you can see, I like receivers with freakish athleticism and size. These five guys can dominate in any system. Shuffle Fitzgerald, Wayne and Andre Johnson in any order you want – just don’t drop Wayne from the Top 3 and tell me it’s because he plays with Peyton Manning. Wayne might be themost fundamentally-sound player in the entire NFL.

Calvin Johnson hasn’t done anything yet, but that’s only because he’s stuck in Detroit. He’s at least 125 percent as gifted as anyone on this list.

I’m willing to have just about any discussion that pertains to the best receiver in the game – just as long as you don’t try to sell me Randy Moss. As a deep threat, Moss is the best ever. As an all-around receiver (route running, blocking, reading coverages, etc.), he’s average.

Josh Katzowitz’s top five

5. Calvin Johnson, Lions

4. Wes Welker, Patriots

3. Reggie Wayne, Colts

2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

1. Andre Johnson, Texans

I agree with everything you said about Johnson. He’s the best WR out there today. He seemingly has it all. He runs great routes, he can make the tough catches in traffic, and he has great athleticism.

Fitzgerald has recorded 25 touchdown catches the past two years, more than any other receiver. Plus, his dad is a sportswriter – which bodes pretty well for my children. I like him just a little bit better than Wayne, who’s more experienced but not quite as athletic and who, like you said, has the benefit of catching balls from one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. But I agree with the top-three – which, truth be told, is hard to argue against.

I’ve got to go with Welker at No. 4. He has sneaky speed, he can read any defense, and his yards-after-contact numbers are extraordinary. Will he be the same receiver after his knee problems? Well, we won’t know that until the regular season begins, but for now, Welker is a top-five guy. I’m interested to hear your take on Welker, Andy. I dropped Johnson to No. 5, because he flubs too many catches.

I thought hard about putting San Diego’s (for now) Vincent Jackson on the list. He has a very high yards-per-catch average, and he’s a very good blocker. But with the three-game suspension and the fact he might hold out for much of the season, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I also thought about Sidney Rice, but one season doesn’t make a career. Where do you stand with those guys?

Andy’s rebuttal

I have no problem with Welker being top five. The numbers are there – 346 catches for 3,368 yards over the last three seasons – and there isn’t a little thing he doesn’t do right. Welker is the sustaining element of New England’s offense. I left him off my list because he’s essentially confined to the slot.

Jackson might be the best deep threat in the NFL right now. And while I’m on numbers, I’ll mention that 58 of Jackson’s 68 receptions last season resulted in a first down. Of everyone you mentioned, Josh, Rice is the only player I never considered. He had a great ’09 campaign, but given his (albeit short) track record, I need to see him do it at least once more.

Josh, you surprised everyone by not taking a principled stand and including a “solid, scrappy (read: white)” backup receiver like Mike Furrey or Austin Collie on your list. Since this made our lists virtually identical, how about we do the top three wide receiver duos in the NFL? But let’s put a wrinkle in it: top three duos, but no member of the duos can be on our top five list (i.e. no Moss-Welker, Wayne-Garcon or Johnson-Walter). Here’s what I have:

1. Donald DriverGreg Jennings, Packers. Perfect fits for Green Bay’s quick-slanting system.

2. Vincent Jackson – Malcolm Floyd, Chargers. Their size and speed creates nightmares for defensive coordinators and allows Antonio Gates to work against safeties and linebackers.

3. DeSean JacksonJeremy Maclin, Eagles. Jackson is fast becoming the best big-play weapon in the game. Maclin, in only his second season, could soon emerge as another version of Jackson.

Josh’s final word

Jeez, Andy, you make it sound like I put backups on my top five lists. Hey, I wasn’t the one who put Chad Greenway on my 4-3 outside linebackers list. That was you.

I’ll play your game, though.

1. Driver – Jennings, Packers. You’re absolutely right about these guys, Andy. Driver has been really good for many years, and though neither of these guys are top 10 by themselves, they help make Aaron Rodgers look really good.

2. Sidney Rice – Percy Harvin, Vikings. These guys are young – 23 and 22, respectively – and with Brett Favre throwing passes their way probably for the next … oh, say … five or 10 years (psst, he’s never going to retire), the Minnesota offense will continue to be very dangerous.

3. Jackson - Floyd, Chargers. We've talked about Jackson, but Floyd was solid last year after the Chargers waived Chris Chambers. He obviously needs to score more touchdowns - he only had one last season - but his 6-foot-5 stature will continue to grab the attention of QB Philip Rivers.

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--Josh Katzowitz and Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 10:27 pm

Miles Austin new contract expected

Columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor of DallasNews.com believes the Cowboys will give a long-term contract to wide receiver M. Austin (US Presswire)Miles Austin before the midway point of the 2010 regular season. Austin was given a first-and third-round tender as a restricted free agent over the offseason. He was miffed by the situation and spent most of his offseason in California, though he never publicly expressed any ill will towards Jerry Jones.

Jones is spending some $10 million on Roy Williams this season. Austin, who led the NFC with 1,320 yards receiving in 2009, is costing the Cowboys just $3.1 million. Austin’s quickness and catch-and-run prowess make him an ideal fit in Jason Garrett’s system.

More important than football and business…Austin is rumored to be dating Kim Kardashian these days. Imagine dating a Kardashian AND getting a new eight-figure salary.

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: June 17, 2010 9:46 am
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Miles Austin Dating Kim Kardashian (R Bush's Ex)?

We’ll try to avoid tawdry rumors on this blog….after we get this one out of the way. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is reportedly dating Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin. Kardashian has had somewhat of an on-again, off-again relationship with Reggie Bush. The National Enquirer reported this story, which means it’s likely hogwash. Apparently Austin and Kardashian were both at Game 6 of the NBA Finals, but they didn’t sit together.

Keep in mind, it’s possible that Kardashian thinks she’s actually dating Alex Rodriguez.

--Andy Benoit

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