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Posted on: February 17, 2011 11:06 am

Hot Routes 2.17.11: The Westminster NFL show

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Chuck Cecil -- you may remember him from such films as "My Middle Finger Caught on National TV" -- will interview for the Steelers defensive backs coaching gig.
  • Is there anyone out there that wants to argue that Da'Quan Bowers is a better pick for the Panthers than Nick Fairley? Yes, yes there is.
Posted on: February 7, 2011 2:51 pm
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Fairley focused on stuffing stereotypes for now

Posted by Will Brinson

DALLAS -- Nick Fairley's got plenty of time to worry about where he'll be picked in the 2011 NFL Draft. And he's got ample conversations with various GM's and coaches on the docket in his future.

But right now, he's focused on improving his game and his draft stock by doing things the smart way -- saying the right things and getting his off-field work done ahead of time.

"Actually I haven't had any contact with any NFL teams," Fairley told CBSSports.com earlier in the week. "I've been getting myself together as far as training-wise goes and getting ready for the NFL."

Fairley knows that some analysts have used some awkward phrases to describe his game, too. "Dirty player" and "bad work ethic" are two of the particulars that have been thrown around with respect to his draft profile.

But Fairley disagrees with the notion that his being "aggressive" equates to his being "dirty."

"Basically, I just hit my light switch when I hit the field and I don't turn it off until I leave the field," Fairley responded to the first set of criticism. "Basically, I'm just trying to come in there and be disruptive from the get-go."

He certainly doesn't come off in person as a guy with a nasty streak (although, frankly, I was kind of scared to ask him about it; that probably has more to do with me being easily crushable by anyone over 6'0).

And based on the fact that Fairley eschewed the Super Bowl parties Dallas offered in order to head home to Houston and keep training for the Combine, it's hard to take too much beef with him on the work ethic issue. Additionally, he seems to know what teams want.

"Oh of course," Fairley said when asked if he could turn the Panthers around. "Anywhere I go I'm going to try and dominate on the defensive side of the ball and have success real early and bring joy to the community."

It's interesting that he mentioned the "community" point, because that's something that will be important to the Panthers. They don't need Drew Brees-like savior or anything, but certainly they'll look for a marketable star who's well-received by the fan base.

Think Julius Peppers, who, ironically enough, was Fairley's hero growing up. (Although even he didn't do a pre-draft Twitter chat for Panthers fans only, which Fairley set up the Monday after the Super Bowl.)

Of course, Fairley wouldn't be Peppers 2.0 either, because they play different positions. He might be something closer, though, to what Tommie Harris was coming out of Oklahoma for Ron Rivera's 4-3 defense with the Bears -- a huge, disruptive presence in the middle of the defensive line.

Fairley's bigger than Harris, but the similarities still remain and the former Auburn star even threw out a "No doubt" when asked if he could have a similar impact.

First things first, though, and that means the NFL Combine. Fairley will leave Houston for Indianapolis later this month, and even though the future of professional football is as yet uncertain, and Fairley's status as the No. 1 overall pick is far from guaranteed, he seems confident that what he's doing right now -- and what he's doing in the future -- will give teams good reason to stop worrying about any preconceived notions they might have.

"I can't wait for it," Fairley said. "I'm gonna go out there and do the best I can and show the teams why they should select me as their No. 1 pick."

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 1:05 pm

Hot Routes 01.26.11: Fairley certain Cats want DT

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Marty Hurney told Joseph Pearson of the Charlotte Observer on Monday that the Carolina Panthers top two needs are quarterback and defensive tackle. Hurney also mentioned that Jimmy Clausen has the tools to succeed. Oh, and he drafted him. So, provided Nick Fairley doesn't do anything ridiculous between now and April, there's a good chance he's the top pick.
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