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Posted on: October 27, 2010 9:31 am

Troy Smith named starter, Alex out 2-3 weeks

Posted by Will Brinson

Alex Smith will miss two to three weeks with a left shoulder separation suffered against the Panthers on Sunday. And David Carr played so well in his absence that Mike Singletary is tabbing Troy Smith, who has yet to take a snap this season, the starter.

Singletary, in London with his team already, announced the move on Wednesday morning, according to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.

"The bottom line is I think for where we are, Troy Smith gives us a good opportunity to win the game," Singletary said.

It stinks for Smith (Alex) that he'll miss that time, but it's not that devastating for his legacy -- he looked pretty bad against the Panthers in the early going, and will probably only be remembered as doing well because the act that followed him (Carr) was flat-out embarrassing and completely uninspiring for a team that desperately needs a spark.

Which is what Troy Smith could provide, according to Singletary.

"Probably the No. 1 thing I like about him is leadership," Singletary said. "The ability to get everybody on the same page."

That's not "arm strength" or "pocket presence" or "accuracy" or anything that relates to immediate success on the football field, and it's definitely concerning that Smith was sitting behind Mittens on the depth chart all season (and fans never started chanting HIS name when Alex started stinking it up), but watching Carr play against the Panthers, it was 100 percent clear that he has no business ever taking live snaps for an NFL team again.

Too bad that's a lesson the 49ers had to learn after they traded the always capable Shaun Hill.

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 9:12 am

Top Ten With a Twist: 2007 Drafted QBs

JaMarcus Russell, the first pick taken in the 2007 NFL Draft, is one of the bustiest draft picks in league history (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

I saw an interesting tweet from @PScrags a few weeks ago, and it went like this: “FACT: Of the 10 quarterbacks drafted in the 2007 NFL Draft, not ONE is a current starting NFL quarterback.”

That perked my ears, and I thought I’d check out that particular Draft and see what happened to that non-illustrious 10 (in doing my own painstaking research, I discovered there actually were 11 QBs taken that year). As of today, PScrags' statement isn’t exactly true, though it could be soon, assuming Michael Vick retains his starting spot for the Eagles.

Carolina's Matt Moore, it should be noted, was an undrafted free agent that year, and now he’s back to being a starter after Jimmy Clausen showed he’s clearly not ready to play in the NFL. But Moore wasn't drafted anyway, so we're not including him.

1st Round

No. 1. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders: Well, we all know what happened to him, don’t we? The only question now is this: how many of us were introduced to Purple Drank because of Russell? A fair number, I suppose. Therefore, a toast to Russell. A toast of Purple Drank.

No. 22. Brady Quinn, Browns: Remember how amazed we were by how far Quinn had fallen in the Draft and how long he had to sit in the green room? Remember how some people thought he could be a No. 1 overall pick? Jeez, how crazy are some mock drafters anyway? He’s now, depending on the day, either the second- or third-string QB in Denver.

2nd round

No. 36. Kevin Kolb, Eagles: Well, he was the starter at the season’s beginning. Before the concussion and before Michael Vick transformed himself into one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. When Vick returns, he likely will knock Kolb into the backup spot. Unless Andy Reid changes his mind once again. And because Kolb has played well in Vick's absence, that's a possibility.

No. 40. John Beck, Dolphins: He was the third-string QB in Baltimore during the offseason, but that was before Marc Bulger came into the picture. He was traded to Washington where … he’s the third-string QB.

D. Stanton came in relief of S. Hill during Sunday's Detroit game (US Presswire). No. 43. Drew Stanton, Lions: I bet you didn’t know this: Stanton threw a TD in his first-ever NFL attempt. Ultimately, that probably will be the highlight of his career. When Matthew Stafford returns to the field after the Week 7 bye, Stanton will fall back to No. 2 (until backup Shaun Hill recovers from his forearm injury).

3rd round

No. 92. Trent Edwards, Bills: The wound is still too fresh to delve into the details, but in one week, Edwards lost his starting job and then lost his backup job. Jacksonville has since claimed him off waivers. Let me repeat: the Bills – who might be the worst team in football – decided they couldn’t use him. Edwards replaced David Garrard on Monday Night Football after Garrard sustained a concussion, and actually, Edwards didn't play badly.

4th round

No. 103. Isaiah Stanback, Cowboys: What can we say about Isaiah Stanback? Namely, he has five pass receptions in his pro career. He tore his Achilles in the preseason with Seattle, and he was released soon after. It’s almost not fair to call him a QB, but that’s what he did in college, so that’s how we’ll list him.

5th round

No. 151: Jeff Rowe, Bengals: He sat behind Carson Palmer and Ryan Fitzpatrick for a season. The next year, he lost his third-string job to Jordan Palmer. Ah, nepotism sucks, eh? Unless, of course, you’re the recipient of that nepotism. Then, it’s awesome.

No. 174. Troy Smith, Ravens: When Baltimore signed Bulger to back up Joe Flacco, that signaled the end of Smith’s time with the Ravens. There’s little doubt Smith has great athleticism, but he’s proven he’s not a starting QB in the NFL. He’s currently the third-string QB in San Francisco.

6th round

No. 205. Jordan Palmer, Redskins: Jeff Rowe’s worst nightmare. Actually, Palmer is one snap away from taking older brother Carson’s job if the latter has to leave the game because of injury.

7th round

No. 217. Tyler Thigpen, Vikings: Thigpen actually has had a better career than many of the QBs on this list. Sure, he’s the third-string QB in Miami, but he’s started 11 NFL games (with an absurd record of 1-10) and he’s thrown 19 TDs against 15 INTs.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 9:08 pm

49ers dump Nate Davis, grab Troy Smith

Posted by Will Brinson

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation -- the oft-crappy Alex Smith starting, David Carr playing the role of backup and Nate Davis as the lazy third-stringer with potential -- was tenuous at best heading into the season.

Things changed quickly in the last few hours, though, as the Niners announced they have released Davis, their 2009 fifth-rounder out of Ball State, in order to make room for ex-Raven Troy Smith, who was recently released by the Ravens.

Davis was considered a pretty nice QB prospect (at one point, he was the third quarterback on a lot of draft boards, behind Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford), but his work ethic's been seriously questioned by Mike Singletary and it seems that eventually the team felt they couldn't risk the possibility of actually having to play Davis if things went downhill for Smith or injury struck.

Smith, on the other hand, has actual experience as an NFL quarterback, and, even more importantly, isn't David Carr.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 11:31 am
Edited on: August 13, 2010 11:32 am

Joe Reitz' touchdown celebration dunk is denied

Near the end of the Ravens-Panthers Thursday night preseason game, backup quarterback Troy Smith took off on a run that resulted in a touchdown. Once in the endzone, he handed the rock off to his lineman Joe Reitz in order to let the big fella celebrate (they so rarely get the touchdown spotlight, after all). Reitz obviously didn't have anything planned, so he went for the old standby "goalpost dunk."

One problem: he got blocked.

The most awkward part about Reitz being denied is that, as Shutdown Corner's Doug Farrar notes , he played basketball for four years at Western Michigan, where ended up pretty high on the school's all-time records list for points and rebounds.

He's also 6'7" which means there's literally zero excuse for not being able to throw it down, big fella. (I went to high school with someone who was that tall and couldn't dunk. That's worse than being named "Richard D. Swallows" and having to go through middle school.)

Thankfully, the AP was there for the photograph (see the glory to your right) and Farrar did the dirty work by finding the NFL's video, allowing us all to enjoy Reitz' failure in it's full moving picture glory.

Posted on: July 23, 2010 3:19 pm

Weird happenings in Baltimore

E. Reed has had an interesting past few weeks (Getty). The Baltimore Ravens have had a strange week. Let’s review:

-QB Joe Flacco seemed lukewarm to the idea of the Ravens signing Marc Bulger as a backup. Said Flacco to the Baltimore Sun: “Hopefully, we just all get along well. When you have a little bit of tension in the room, it doesn’t lend to playing well. Yeah, he might bring a thing here or there that helps me out. We’ll see. It’s all about going out there, preparing during the week and having a good time doing that. Hopefully, we can do that.”

-S Ed Reed – who has been outspoken about wanting a new contract though he’s almost 32 and coming off major hip surgery – said he might start the season on the physically unable to perform list. Then, he said he didn’t really say that. Then, he said, the Ravens are refusing to send him game film.

-CB Cary Williams was suspended for the first two games of the season for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

So, what in the hell is going on in Baltimore?

With Flacco, it seems pretty clear that he likes backups Troy Smith and John Beck and doesn’t want to see one of them get cut because of Bulger. Of course, I sort of suspect – and I’ve talked to other people who suspect this as well – that Flacco doesn’t want the competition. It’s not like Smith or Beck would unseat him as the starter. A two-time Pro Bowler like Bulger could. That might play a role.

With Reed, it’s hard to say. He’s been one of the best safeties in the NFL for many years, and perhaps he senses his domination is nearing an end. Talking about the game film snafu, Reed told radio station WBAL, via the Carroll County Times : “Don't treat me like that after I gave my blood, sweat and tears for this guy, for this organization. I train my tail off. I'm putting my life on line. But I have to give you an excuse to study tape? When I do give you an excuse, and my excuse is I'm studying tape, that's not a good enough excuse. But Ed is wrong for asking for a new contract.”

The Ravens responded by telling the Baltimore Sun that it all must be a misunderstanding.

Maybe the entire last week in Baltimore has been one misunderstanding. Maybe that’s the real explanation.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 3:42 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2010 4:06 pm

Ed Reed rants on Ravens, could miss entire season

Ed Reed expected to start the season on the PUP list , missing the Baltimore's first six games of the season. 

He confirmed that news to a group of reporters at his football camp in Maryland, and also added some pretty harsh words regarding his relationship with the Ravens, via Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post .

"I haven't had the support from the other side as you think has been there," Reed said. "If I don't say it now, it won't ever get said. It's like a marriage. There are going to be disagreements.

"You got to work with that person. When it starts to get too much, you got to pull back: 'Is it worth it? or should I take a pay cut and be on another team?"

Reed was referring specifically to his request last year for a new contract (he currently has three years remaining with base salaries between $6 and $7.2 million for each of those years), a request he claims has not been renewed this year. (Although a recent radio appearance -- in which Reed said "it needs to be taken care of" -- certainly seems to refute that.)

"The word I got was, 'We're comfortable with where we're at,'" Reed said. "Yes, you would be comfortable with the plays that I'm making on the field and paying me what you're paying me. ... There are six, seven players in front of me at my position [in terms of money] that I honestly wouldn't let hold my jock, and I don't even wear one.'"

Reed's semi-rant continued with him lobbing out the possibility that he might not return for the entire season before answering his own hypothetical question about wanting to retire in Baltimore: "Does it always happen? No."

The former Defensive Player of the Year's words, coupled with the little brewhaha boiling between Marc Bulger , Joe Flacco and Troy Smith suddenly paints a portrait of an organization that, while a strong candidate to make a Super Bowl run, that might be in a bit of disarray.

Then again, considering Reed is almost 32 and these quotes are amidst a discussion of retirement, maybe Baltimore knows exactly what they're doing.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 8:43 pm
Edited on: July 20, 2010 8:47 pm

Flacco isn't sure about Bulger

You might remember our post last week about new Ravens backup QB Marc Bulger and how he thought he could help starter Joe Flacco progress in his career if that’s what Flacco needed from him.

Apparently, Flacco isn’t too impressed with the opportunity he’s been given.

“Hopefully, we just all get along well,” Flacco told the Baltimore Sun . “When you have a little bit of tension in the room, it doesn’t lend to playing well. Yeah, he might bring a thing here or there that helps me out. We’ll see. It’s all about going out there, preparing during the week and having a good time doing that. Hopefully, we can do that.”

Obviously, Flacco has loyalty to his current backups Troy Smith and John Beck, and that’s commendable. But seriously, you’d rather have Troy Smith than Marc Bulger? You’d rather have a guy who has 89 attempts during his three-year career than a two-time Pro Bowler who probably could still start in this league? You’d rather have a guy who can offer you very little advice vs. a guy who could truly help you on your way?

Of course, the other way to look at it would be this: he’d rather have a guy who has no chance to supplant him as the starting quarterback vs. somebody who potentially could.

“I don’t want to have any bad words about Marc,” Flacco said. “I’m sure Marc is a great guy. But I had a great relationship with Troy and John. Depending on what happens, one of them might not be around and two of them might not be around.”

Also, Ed Reed had this to say to 105.7 FM, as picked up by the Sun :


Ravens Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed, speaking on 105.7 FM Tuesday, weighed in on the team’s recent acquisition of quarterback Marc Bulger, who is expected to be Joe Flacco's top backup, saying that Troy Smith would be more than qualified to lead the team to an NFL championship if he were called upon.

Bulger is “just another guy that’s been in the league and been around," Reed said.


--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: June 26, 2010 7:00 pm

What Now for Troy Smith?

With the Ravens signing Marc Bulger to a lucrative backup quarterback contract earlier this week, what’s going to happen to Troy Smith? The former Ohio State star has settled in as an NFL backup – his desire to be a starter was noble but unrealistic – but with Bulger around, Smith is unlikely to ever get on the field in Baltimore.

Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun says that if the rumors that Smith could be dealt to Buffalo are true, that would be a win-win for the quarterback and the Ravens. Though his chance of playing in Buffalo would be far greater, Smith would still not be the front-runner in the Bills’ quarterback competition. Smith is a good athlete, but he simply doesn’t have an NFL caliber arm.

--Andy Benoit

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