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Posted on: July 31, 2010 1:56 pm

Analyzing the Eagles' trade for J.J. Arrington

The Eagles have acquired running back J.J. Arrington from the Broncos in exchange for linebacker Joe Mays. Mays was a grand disappointment filling in for injured middle linebacker Stewart Bradley last season. Arrington, an intriguing scatback for the Cardinals before knee problems shook his career, hopes to make the team as a No. 3 running back.

He could be facing an uphill battle. The Eagles do not have any other quickness-oriented backs (reserves Mike Bell and sixth-round rookie Charles Scott are both bruisers). However, Philly likes to use fullback Leonard Weaver in single-back sets, which dilutes the necessity of having a third tailback on the roster. Plus, if Arrington fails to make the final roster, Philly.com reports that the Eagles would receiver a sixth-round pick from the Broncos.

-- Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 10:35 am

Eagles sign Kelley Washington

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that wide receiver Kelley Washington has joined the Philadelphia Eagles. Washington played 15 games for the Ravens last season (two starts). Before that, he was with the Patriots and Bengals.

Washington is a thick, athletic target who brings a playmaking flair to the slot. However, he’s not a go-to weapon who can steal snaps from No. 3 receiver Jason Avant.

Washington will help Philadelphia’s special teams, though. The Eagles have made special teams more of a priority (hence the hiring of longtime Bills assistant Bobby April). Washington is one of the better punt cover gunners in the game.

-- Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 29, 2010 2:13 pm

High expectations for Eagles' Kolb

Philadelphia has high expectations for QB K. Kolb (Getty) Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick got the day off from practice today, leaving fourth-round pick Mike Kafka as the only signal-caller taking snaps. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about Kolb and what Philadelphia offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg expects from his starter this season.

What Mornhinweg really wants, as recounted by the Philadelphia Inquirer , is for Kolb to maintain a high completion percentage and a low interception total. This obviously makes sense for any quarterback at any level. But Kolb is replacing Donovan McNabb, who threw interceptions on only 2.1 percent of his attempts – currently the third-best percentage in NFL history.

Mornhinweg wants him to imitate that.

“The best qualities that Kevin has, and there’s many of them, is quick decision-making and his accuracy and his timing,” Mornhinweg told reporters. “He’s got a good amount of skill and ability. And he’s got some guts. And some gut-instincts as well.”

Kolb also learns quickly from his mistakes.

“He got into some regular-season games last year and played very well for the most part,” Mornhinweg said. “There were 2 or 3 critical errors that he made and he learned from them. I can remember there was a play early in his career, there was a blitz and he just did the wrong thing. A year later in his second game last year, he was in the same spot. Similar play, similar situation. He did the perfect thing and we gained 16-18 yards. So he learns quick. He learns from his mistakes.”

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 27, 2010 7:02 pm

McNabb sends encouraging text to Kolb

A nice story here about Redskins QB Donovan McNabb sending Eagles QB Kevin Kolb a positive text message before Philadelphia opened training camp today.

"He told me to take one practice at a time and be patient," Kolb told reporters, including the Philadelphia Inquirer . "And I said, 'Yeah, I hear you. It's a long season.' That's what I was saying before. You kind of get caught up in the whole realm of the whole season and whatever expectations. Just take it one practice at a time at this time of year and that will help you get a lot better."

Since the Eagles jettisoned McNabb to Washington and replaced him with Kolb, the gesture was a classy one.

"(It) meant a lot because they're not even in camp yet," Kolb said. "He knew that we were coming to camp and he's paying attention. I appreciated him reaching out and offering good luck. Donovan's like that."

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 26, 2010 11:08 pm

One last piece on Vick B-day shooting

As we blogged earlier, Roger Goodell will not suspend Michael Vick for the shooting that took place outside of the nightclub where the quarterback was hosting his 30th birthday party. To put a bow on this whole story, we’ll leave you with what Andy Reid told ESPN’s Matt Mosely:

“I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Michael and the commissioner," said Reid. "He’s ready to go and get on with things. He learned some important lessons here. It’s just very important that you put yourself in the proper situation. You’ve gotten to know Michael. Michael is a very nice guy. He tries to please everybody as best as he can. Those are great, redeeming qualities to have and have to be careful of situation you put yourself if. He’s very aware of that."

-- Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 26, 2010 12:32 pm

Michael Vick's 'status unchanged'

Michael Vick appears, barring a serious change in status over the the next few weeks, good to go for the 2010 NFL season.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported earlier that "the NFL has completed its investigation into the shooting" at Vick's birthday party in Virginia Beach.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told CBSSports.com that "There is no change in his playing status."

An updated version of the Daily-News post now includes the same statement from Aiello; although it would seem, based on the information we received from the NFL, that the presumed conclusion of the investigation is simply a (somewhat reasonable) jump in logic.

Vick obviously had never been suspended by the NFL for the incident -- in which Quanis Phillips was shot in the leg outside a Virginia Beach nightclub -- and there were only reports (nothing official, mind you) of Vick meeting with Roger Goodell to discuss how the party could change his status as an NFL player.

But with Vick scheduled to report to Philadelphia training camp today, the theoretical annoucement that he's "clear" for 2010 is certainly good news for the Eagles.
Posted on: July 25, 2010 1:45 pm

Fantastic story on the McNabb trade

Mike Jensen and Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer have a feature today that tells the story of how the Eagles came to trading Donovan McNabb. Andy Reid, Eagles president Joe Banner and owner Jeffrey Lurie all spoke very openly about the topic.

According to Banner, Reid basically said: "I think either one of these guys (McNabb or Kevin Kolb) are top-quality guys and we can win [this year] with them."

Banner acknowledged that if no trade had occurred, McNabb presumably would have gone to training camp as the starter again.
"We weren't in a panic mode, because we could've waited another year and it could've played out that way - but if we waited a year, maybe there would've been much less market value for Donovan," Lurie said. "He wouldn't be under contract to us, so we probably would've had to franchise him to have market value."

"It wasn't an easy decision, just a slam dunk, for me," Reid said. "You've got to evaluate age and you've got to evaluate what's left in the tank, who has the upside and who doesn't. You want to make sure you got maximum value for your football team because I'm not into giving good players away. I don't want to do that.

"Brett Favre was the last big-time [quarterback] to go someplace, and Brett was a little bit older. Green Bay got a fourth-round pick for him, so if it was going to be Donovan McNabb, who I figured could probably pull the most for our organization, I wanted to make sure it was at least close to what he was worth."

Apparently, Kolb’s impressive performance in two early-season starts last year made quite an impression – at least on Howie Roseman, who was promoted from VP of player personnel to general manager after the season.

"Sunday Night Football came on (after the Kansas City game) – there was this graphic about Kevin Kolb, how he was the first player in NFL history to throw over 300 yards in his first two starts," Roseman said.

Roseman said he went to his office the next morning and closely watched Kolb on tape.

"You see his decision-making, you see his poise, his accuracy - you go, 'This guy needs an opportunity to be an NFL quarterback,' " Roseman said. "He's not going to be sitting on the bench next year, whether it's here or somewhere else. I think it was at that moment, when you see him with the live bullets flying, that you knew he deserved a chance."

Other factors involved included Kolb ’s impressive showings in the preseason and the fact that offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was fond of Michael Vick being the No. 2 quarterback. Additionally, players spoke on the record about how the age gap between McNabb and Kolb impacted the locker room dynamics.

Offensive tackle Winston Justice put it like this: "Everybody liked Donovan. We all liked Donovan as a player. There was a little bit of an age gap. We didn't laugh at the same jokes. We didn't listen to the same music. But I don't think that played into the [Eagles' decision] at all. We respected him as a football player."

Another Eagles offensive lineman, Todd Herremans, said, "I would say probably the majority of the players are younger players, and they drew to Kevin a little better as the last year went on, especially being able to get in there and actually play with them a couple games. The younger players in the locker room kind of wanted to see Kevin take over and get their own print on the team. As long as Donovan was on the team, it was going to be his thing, not the young kids taking over."

Entering his sixth season, Herremans said, "We would've loved to play with Donovan another year. But the majority of the locker room was leaning toward Kevin. It was not age or ability. They wanted to make their own mark in Eagles history right now."

The rest of the article gets into the Eagles’ conversations with McNabb’s agent (Fletcher Smith) and the back-and-forth that took place with various teams. It is excellent reporting, with all parties – Reid, Banner, Lurie and Smith – speaking very candidly. It’s highly recommended reading.

-- Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 4:51 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2010 4:56 pm

DeSean Jackson shouldn't expect a revised deal

DeSean Jackson and Chris Johnson are in pretty similar situations: both were drafted in 2008, both were Pro Bowlers last year, both have similar skill sets, and both are grossly underpaid (relative to other professional football players anyway).

However, Jackson, unlike Johnson -- who is in the process of getting a "new" deal from the Tennessee Titans -- is unlikely to see any sort of increase in pay for the coming season, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer .

Jeff Lane cites a "league source familiar with the way the Eagles negotiate contracts" who believes its in Jackson's "best interests" to play another year before asking for more money.

Jackson hasn't threatened to hold out or skip training camp (although he did miss some workouts in June without providing a reason) and when I spoke with him at the Super Bowl in February , he made it clear that he wasn't "gonna make it a distraction."

The bad news for DeSean, financially speaking, is that he a) didn't receive a signing bonus because of his second round status and b) won't be getting paid if a new labor agreement isn't reached by 2011.

The good news, on the other hand, is that if he shows up for training camp, works as hard as he has thus far, makes the Pro Bowl at two positions again and helps the Eagles finish above the Redskins and former quarterback Donovan McNabb (that's a casual season, right?), Philadelphia will have to pay him, and pay him well.

-- Will Brinson

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