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Posted on: September 1, 2010 11:40 pm

Leinart and Giants might be good fit

M. Leinart might be better off if he was traded to New York (AP). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

As I discussed with Lauren Shehadi this afternoon during Around the League, the Cardinals have shown some interest in trading Matt Leinart. ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter reported three teams who had returned the eye-batting were the Raiders, Bills and Giants.

Since then, the Raiders and Bills have denied their interest, but we haven’t heard anything of the sort from New York.

And there might be a good reason for that. Dealing Leinart to the Giants would make sense for the Cardinals. It would make sense for New York. Maybe Leinart wouldn’t like it – since he’d be the backup to Eli Manning – but it would make sense for him as well.

Here’s why: without backup Jim Sorgi, who was placed on IR last week, around, the Giants have nobody to back up Manning in case of injury. They obviously have somebody they could throw on the field – in this case, it’d be second-year player Rhett Bomar and/or rookie Dominic Rudolph – but these guys have virtually no experience.

And really, the Giants, in good conscience, can’t simply hope Manning doesn’t go down and keep Bomar and Rudolph in the quarterback room. If they can secure Leinart, that would really ease some minds in the Giants locker room.

It makes sense for the Cardinals, because that coaching staff – not incorrectly, in my opinion – thinks Leinart has no future in that organization. Arizona has given Leinart ample opportunities to take the starting position, but instead, he lost the job to Kurt Warner (nothing to be ashamed about) and now apparently to Derek Anderson (absolutely something to be ashamed about).

The Cardinals don’t want him, and if they don’t want him, they should get rid of him.

And it makes sense for Leinart. As further evidenced by Anquan Boldin’s comments today, it doesn’t appear that Leinart and coach Ken Whisenhunt have a great relationship. Sure, Leinart wants to be a starter, but if you can’t beat out Anderson for a starting job, you don’t deserve to have one in the NFL.

The next best thing? Perhaps it’s being Manning’s backup.

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Posted on: August 31, 2010 4:30 pm

Derek Anderson to start once again

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Remember all that squawking by Matt Leinart about how he should be the starting quarterback in Arizona and about how nobody has outplayed him and about how is he supposed to win the job when he’s not given a fair opportunity to compete? So, how did that work out for him?

Not very well, apparently.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt told ESPN Radio today that Derek Anderson will start the team’s fourth and final preseason game.

Click here for a link to the podcast of the Scott Van Pelt Show.

Whisenhunt, when asked about Leinart, said the quarterback job was the toughest position on the field but that he needs a little more from the former USC standout.

“There is a certain quality that you have to have in that position and that is all part of the evaluation process. And I think, more importantly, is how your team responds to that player and how you handle that role. I’m not talking about Matt. I’m just saying I feel like he has made great progress in that area, but, for whatever reason, we have not performed the way we have needed to perform as an offense. We have not made the progress that we as a coaching staff felt that we needed to do. So it’s not so much about that person as it is about trying to find the right combination. Once again, I believe Matt can play. I’m not saying that at all. I am just trying to find the best match for our football team.”

Jeez, when he says he’s not talking about Matt, it sure sounds like he’s talking about Matt, huh?

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Posted on: August 24, 2010 8:42 am
Edited on: August 24, 2010 11:43 am

Leinart's starting job is in jeopardy

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

After another subpar performance in what has been a career of subpar performances, people are questioning whether Arizona QB Matt Leinart’s starting job is in jeopardy. As Andy pointed out last night, Leinart was 4 for 6 for 28 yards against the Titans on Monday, and he led his team to a trio of three-and-out possessions.

Here’s Leinart’s response, as recorded by the Arizona Republic , and it’s part obvious and part … sorta … ridiculous.

"You want to move the ball better, obviously," Leinart said. "It falls on the quarterback. … You guys critique every play and think I'm not very good because we don't move the ball. I understand it falls on the quarterback. The game plan is small. I'm not worried about it. I know I need to play better."

I like that he thinks people think he’s not very good because he’s having a tough preseason. No, people think he’s not very good because he allowed Kurt Warner – true, possibly a future Hall of Famer, but he was an old future Hall of Famer in Arizona – to take his job in the 2008 preseason and because he’s completed 57 percent of his passes for 14 touchdowns and 20 interceptions in his career.

And because if Warner wanted to play another season instead of retiring, Leinart, once again, would be relegated to the bench.

That being said, I don’t know how the Cardinals organization could give the ball to backup Derek Anderson, who was absolutely horrendous last year for a bad Cleveland Browns squad.

Listen, I know Anderson was playing in a system that didn’t highlight his strengths – mainly his big arm – but if Leinart can’t keep the starting job that was thought to be his, I’d say there’s no hope Leinart will ever be a starting quarterback in this league.

"I think we had opportunities from all of our quarterbacks to make plays tonight," Whisenhunt said after the game, intimating that his quarterbacks didn’t actually make those plays. "I'm not panicked about it. It's a process you have to go through."

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Posted on: August 10, 2010 4:20 pm

Beanie Wells to be limited in practice

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

A quick update on Arizona RB Beanie Wells, who hurt his ribs Monday after taking a well-placed hit from Cardinals S Hamza Abdullah. Though there were no fractures, Wells is experiencing swelling and he’s likely to be limited in practice today.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Wells will play in the preseason opener Saturday against the Texans.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt explained what happened, and the Arizona Republic was taking notes:

Whisenhunt had no problem with Wells being hit on the play, he said.

"I don't blame Hamza because earlier in practice Beanie had come through and lowered his shoulder and knocked the (inappropriate term) out of a DB," Whisenhunt said. "And Hamza obviously wasn't going to let that happen to himself. It was a good football play; there was nothing cheap or unnecessary about it."

Wells was carrying the ball through the hole and was stepping over another player. "He was a little bit high," Whisenhunt said. "He could have dropped his shoulder and there would have been a collision but that (bruised ribs) wouldn't have happened. But that's part of practice and you have to understand that when you're in pads, that's what can happen."

Tim Hightower remains the starter at RB, but Wells was looking to take more carries this year after a decent, but not great rookie season. LaRod Stephens-Howling and Jason Wright also will take more reps if Wells is out for a while.

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Posted on: June 21, 2010 8:11 pm

NFL suspends Ed Gant

If WR Ed Gant had any illusions about making the Arizona Cardinals 53-man roster this year, his chances took a big hit today when the NFL announced that he’s suspended for the first four games of this season because of a violation of its policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

Gant spent all last season on the practice squad, and as the Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers points out, coach Ken Whisenhunt wasn’t exactly Gant’s biggest fan.

Gant can work in training camp and can be used in preseason games before the suspension starts. Chances are good, though, he won’t be around for too much longer.

--Josh Katzowitz

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