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Posted on: June 6, 2011 9:42 am
Edited on: June 6, 2011 11:19 am

Miami has concerns about Vince Young's attitude

YoungPosted by Ryan Wilson

In today's edition of News That Should Surprise No One: The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson writes about the possibility the Dolphins might pursue Vince Young once the labor dispute is settled. However, Jackson dds the obvious "concerns about maturity" caveats.

"(One) official who has spoken with the Dolphins said there’s concern about whether Young would be happy as a backup if Chad Henne beat him out. Remember, Young wasn’t happy when he lost his job in Tennessee. Speaking about no one specifically, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said, 'You can’t guess about' a quarterback’s 'accountability and dependability.' Those have been issues with Young."

To be fair, Young should have been upset when he lost his job to Kerry Collins in 2008. Not because Young deserved the job, but because he was faced with the reality of not being able to beat out a 35-year-old who went three years between being a full-time starter in the NFL (and his last gig was with the Raiders). Young started 13 games as a rookie in 2006, even making the Pro Bowl. Two seasons later he was on the bench, a vantage point he got to know pretty well until the Titans finally decided they had had enough following the 2010 season.

The thing is, Young is, well, still young. He will be 28 when the 2011 season starts. And it's not like we're talking about JaMarcus Russell here. VY isn't a kid with a ton of talent who refuses to work hard. It's just that his on-field abilities are often obscured by lapses in judgment and pouting fits. He didn't handle getting benched well, and he had frequent run-ins with then-coach Jeff Fisher. Right or wrong, have enough incidents and you develop a reputation.

But if you're willing to overlook all the baggage, Young wasn't bad last season. He completed 59.6 percent of his throws, tossed 10 touchdowns and just three interceptions, and averaged five yards a rush. According to Football Outsiders, Young ranked fifth (!) among all NFL quarterbacks in value per play behind Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, and Aaron Rodgers. Henne ranked 22nd and Collins was 26th.

The issues with Young have never been physical. It's always been between the ears; his ability to deal with adversity, something that he was rarely confronted with in college.

Last month, Ireland laid out his criteria for finding veteran quarterbacks. Money quote, via the Sun-Sentinel:

“You’ve got to know what you’re going to get,” Ireland said, answering Jessie Angler’s question about the intangibles he’s looking for. “The intangible side of things. You have to know exactly what you’re going to get from the person. You can’t guess about work ethic. You can’t guess about intangibles, competitiveness, intelligence... You can’t question those things AT ALL! That’s how I’d lead the book. The intangible makeup. You have to know exactly what you’re getting.”

If Ireland thinks the Dolphins have the staff in place to get the most out of Young, then it makes sense to pursue him. But this is the same outfit that hasn't gotten anywhere with Henne in two seasons. Plus, if history is any indication, Young won't respond well if Henne wins the starting gig, and that will mean more distractions for a team that has enough of that to go around.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 6:53 pm
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Kerry Collins not cool as Locker's 'nursemaid'?

Posted by Will Brinson

There's a pretty standard presumption that Kerry Collins will wrap up his career by playing for Tennessee until a) he's done or b) Jake Locker is ready. Either possibility is probably no more than two years away, and likely only one, so it makes sense.

But maybe that's not how Collins wants to wrap up his career. Titans guard Jake Scott recently said Collins might just decide to walk away, rather than play the role of "nursemaid" for Locker.

"I'm not sure Kerry isn't going to say, 'I'm done,' and ride off into the sunset," Scott told Ross Tucker and Peter King on Sirius radio last week. "I don't think he wants to come back and be a nursemaid to a young kid. Money's not an issue to him."

There's something to be said for going out the way you want to go out. Collins doesn't come off as the type of guy who would want to show up just to help transition the franchise, especially with an entirely new regime in place.

Jeff Fisher was "his guy," and Fisher's gone. Collins has also dealt with plenty of "quarterback issues," mostly relating to the Titans willingness to yo-yo him back and forth depending on how healthy and/or sane Vince Young was at the time.

It's possible that Tennessee could struggle, and that Mike Munchak might turn to Locker if the Titans head into the second half of the coming season with a losing record, 

And that's the most nightmarish scenario for Collins, because he'd end up basically being a glorified coach and might have to ride off into the proverbial sunset as a benchwarmer.

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Posted on: April 26, 2011 6:22 pm
Edited on: April 28, 2011 12:01 pm

Is Andy Dalton really a top-10 pick?

Dalton Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Since when did Andy Dalton become a top-10 pick for this week’s NFL draft? Hell, when did he become a first round pick? I must have missed that memo, but apparently, somebody thinks quite highly of the former TCU quarterback.

That team, according to NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora is the Titans – who apparently are thinking of picking Dalton with the No. 8 pick (rather than, as convention (and our mock draft gurus Rob Rang and Chad Reuter) dictates, go with Auburn DT Nick Fairley).

La Canfora’s sources told him that Tennessee – which, after losing Vince Young and probably Kerry Collins, is in desperate need of a starting quarterback whose name happens not to be Rusty Smith – considers Dalton an elite prospect who is less of a risk than the other quarterbacks who might fall to No. 8.

Considering Auburn’s Cam Newton and Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert likely will be off the board by the time the Titans pick, Tennessee could want to avoid Washington’s Jake Locker and Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett and pick Dalton instead. The Titans also could be worried that by the time they get to their second-round pick, Dalton would be gone.

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Greg Cosell of the NFL Network disagrees, telling the Sacramento Bee that Dalton is no better than (gasp!) a fourth-round pick.

“He won't go there. He'll go higher," Cosell said. "But he doesn't throw it very well. He doesn't spin it very well. He's a guy you'll have to camouflage. He needs a strong running game to be successful."

Either way, it’s nice to know that Dalton’s red hair might not be that big a consideration with at least one NFL team.

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Posted on: April 14, 2011 12:57 pm

Offseason Checkup: Tennessee Titans

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Eye on Football's playing doctor for every NFL team with our Offseason Check-ups.

The Titans are in need of an overhaul, which is exactly what they’ll be getting this year (whether they want it or not). Long-time coach Jeff Fisher is gone, replaced by his former OL coach, Mike Munchak. Defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil is gone, replaced by Jerry Gray.

So is offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, replaced by Chris Palmer. So is QB Vince Young, replaced by, um, who exactly?

You might have forgotten this, but at one point last season, Tennessee was 5-2. Then, the Titans lost eight of their final nine games of the season to finish the season on a disastrous note. A note that signified that the organization needs a makeover and fast.

New coaching staff

The end of Fisher’s tenure in Tennessee was awfully strange. Though it seemed like owner Bud Adams thought about picking Young over Fisher, he actually didn’t. He wanted Fisher to stay, and Fisher agreed to return. Until he didn’t, changing his mind and resigning his position. Which means that the Titans are going through a wholesale change, and considering the lockout is preventing the staff from meeting with the players, Tennessee will have a tough time catching up.

One of the biggest losses to the team, though, was when DL coach Jim Washburn left for Philadelphia. Jason Babin – who made his first Pro Bowl last season – was really upset with the transition, because he knows how much Washburn tutored him. Washburn also helped develop Albert Haynesworth, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Antwan Odom, and his loss will be felt, especially if Babin leaves via free agency.

1. Quarterback
Young is gone, and though he compiled a 26-13 record and two Pro Bowl appearances in his five seasons with the Titans, a clean break from the organization clearly was needed. So, who to replace him? Kerry Collins, but he’s 38 years old. Rusty Smith, but he’ll be a second-year player with only one start of experience. So, where do you go next? Backup Brett Ratliff? I don’t think so.

2. Interior Offensive Line
LG Leroy Harris and C Eugene Amano struggled last season – one reason RB Chris Johnson’s numbers weren’t as good as he expected. Harris is still young, so the Titans might continue to use him, but Johnson might be appreciative if the Tennessee played somebody else at LG and C. RG Jake Scott, meanwhile, is solid and dependable.

3. Defensive Tackle
When the Titans talked about trading back for Albert Haynesworth last season, you know they were desperate for another DT. Thus, the Titans have to be loving the recent supposed drop in value of Auburn DT Nick Fairley. Although the undersized Jason Jones is quite a strong player at one DT spot, Fairley could add big talent to the defensive line if he’s still available for the Titans to draft at No. 8.

Is there optimism for the Titans next season? I don’t see how. Not after they lost their quarterback and then hired a head coach who’s never even been a coordinator to lead the team. Munchak, a pro football Hall of Famer because of his playing skills, is well-respected inside the game, but it might take a year or two to turn around the organization that, let’s face it, was left in total disarray.

And while we can say the AFC South isn’t necessarily going to be dominated by the Colts next season, I’d put the Jaguars and Texans ahead of Tennessee in the race for the division crown. By far.

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Posted on: March 31, 2011 3:55 pm

Rusty Smith wants to start for Tennessee

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

You might remember the day last season Titans backup QB Rusty Smith was called into action after the whole Vince Young/Jeff Fisher/walking out on teammates saga and then backup Kerry Collins getting hurt.

It occurred Nov. 28 when the then-rookie Smith went 17 of 31 for 138 yards and three interceptions in a loss to the Texans, and immediately afterward, he was relegated to backup duty once again.

Smith Still, Smith wants to compete for Tennessee’s starting job heading into next season.

Especially since, you know, Young isn’t around any more and it sounds like the Titans will look to add a veteran and a rookie QB to the roster before next year. If you think Smith is the forgotten man – and honestly, he probably is; his name hasn’t crossed my mind since that Texans game – he’d like to persuade you that you’re wrong.

"A lot of that has to do with newspaper people talking about that stuff," Smith told the Tennessean. "They tend to forget about small guys like me. I think the coaching staff knows what I can do and that I'm still here and working hard."

Smith obviously is dealing with a new head coach in Mike Munchak (though someone who’s familiar with Smith’s work) and a new offensive coordinator in Chris Palmer, so, in some respects, he’ll get a fresh start.

But if last season was any indication, he’s going to have to be really good early on in preseason practices to convince anybody that he’s ready to handle an NFL starting quarterback role.

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Posted on: December 20, 2010 6:55 pm

Fisher still happy with invisible Randy Moss

R. Moss wasn't targeted in Sunday's game (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Can anybody have predicted that WR Randy Moss would have had this severe a downfall this quickly?

For the second-straight game, Titans QB Kerry Collins didn’t target Moss at all (Collins attempted 24 passes, for the record), and Moss is testing out unprecedented water in his career (when he’s not even an afterthought in the offensive gameplan).

Moss has been invisible, and though he probably won’t, he has to question his future in the league. Even so, Titans coach Jeff Fisher seems genuinely happy with Moss’ contributions to the team (five catches for 62 yards and zero touchdowns in six games).

“It was not a mistake whatsoever (to sign Moss),” Fisher told reporters, including the Tennessean. “If we had to do it over, of course we would do it. He has been great. Randy has been great for this team. The numbers aren’t there, the production is not there, the play time is not there right now because Kenny (Britt) is coming back.

“But Randy is a great teammate. He works with the young guys and has fun, so it is great to have him around. We have really enjoyed him.’’

And to his credit, Moss hasn’t said anything inflammatory about his diminished on-field role with Tennessee, and he’s (gasp!) actually talking to the local media.

Perhaps it’s because he knows his career hangs in the balance. If he pops off, bitching and moaning, his chances of playing next year decline. If he stays quiet, remains a good teammate, becomes a mentor of sorts, he might have a better opportunity next season, because Fisher will give him a good recommendation and because the words “more mature now” will be bandied about.

He still has skills, and somebody most likely will sign him for (relatively) cheap with richer incentives.

Hey, it worked for Terrell Owens, anyway.

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Posted on: December 19, 2010 6:05 pm

Texans teammates fight each other (VIDEO)

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

You know what’s not a good sign for your NFL team? When one of your players gets into a fight …

With another one of your players.

That’s what happened today for the Texans when Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith got into a shoving match on a play in which Titans QB Kerry Collins had been sacked. Not sure why they were going at each other, but, well, it doesn’t look good.

Here’s the video, via The Big Lead:

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 9:36 pm

Mawae isn't impressed with Vince Young

Kevin Mawae, an old teammate of V. Young, said Young lacked leadership (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

When a respected former player like Kevin Mawae talks, many people listen. So when he candidly discuess an old teammate, Titans QB Vince Young, Mawae is probably making sense.

Though this isn’t a huge shocker, Mawae intimated to ESPN.com that Young isn’t exactly professional in the way he handles himself. Of course, it’s not a revelation, but you also haven’t seen many of Young’s teammates speak so critically of him (with the exception of Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher).

Reporter Paul Kuharsky asked Mawae about Young’s leadership.

“It might be time for a change of scenery,” Mawae said. “I played with Warren Moon, I played with Vinny Testaverde, I played with Kerry Collins, I played with Chad Pennington, and the one thing all those guys had in common is that they were all field generals and leaders on the field. And there is one name missing that’s very obvious. And there is a difference in those four players versus the one that plays for the Titans.

“... It is disappointing because the kid’s got all the talent in the world and has had an opportunity to step up and hasn’t done so. He’s a great athlete and he wins games. That’s one thing you can never take away from Vince is that he wins ballgames. ... But as far as being the consummate pro like some of the other guys in the league, it’s disappointing that he hasn’t taken that step.”

Disagree? All you have to do is recall how Young left his teammates in the locker room while storming out to his car following an overtime loss to the Redskins. Not what you’d call a chivalrous showing of top-notch leadership.

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