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Posted on: September 27, 2010 12:23 am
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Jets move to the front of the class in AFC East

Posted by Will Brinson

The Jets started the season with an embarrassing offensive performance in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens that had many people questioning whether Mark Sanchez could effectively utilize his weapons and deliver on all of their offseason "Super Bowl or bust" claims. After a second straight three touchdown performance that resulted in a 31-23 victory over the Dolphins in South Beach, the second-year quarterback is inspiring different questions.

Namely: is this team the top contender to win the AFC East?

The answer to that is, "absolutely." The Jets manhandled a very good Dolphins defense from the get-go, as Sanchez repeatedly targeted emerging tight end Dustin Keller, who racked up 91 yards and two touchdowns in the first half.

"We kept telling everyone who would listen that this kid had learned and the offseason was about as impressive as it gets," Ryan said. "And I think you're seeing the dividends of that hard work now."

Given where this team stood after six quarters of football -- staring 0-2 in the face with a potential loss to the Patriots in Week 2 -- and where they stand after three weeks of football -- tied for first in the division -- kudos have to be given to the coaching staff for getting the offense prepped enough to take on a divisional foe that

"I told them in the locker room that I have confidence in our offense, but I don't know if I really believe that statement," Rex Ryan said afterward.

Clearly, the Jets staff did a good job of that; equally as impressive was their ability to take the distracting situation of Braylon Edwards' DUI earlier in the week and move past it to win a game.

"It's an unfortunate situation, obviously," Ryan said. "I thought we dealt with it, I thought we supported our player -- we support all our players.

But, you know, that's really all I'm gonna say. But we're behind our guys all the way. And this is a tough team and I told you that last year -- we all saw that last year and that's what we can hang our hat on."

Edwards, "suspended" for the first quarter of the game , was a difference-maker too, utilizing his boxer-esque technique for getting pumped up to score on a hitch route turned 67-yard touchdown pass.

But one thing's important to remember -- this isn't a Dolphins team that should be taken lightly, even if the defense completely caved against a Jets team that no one thought would light up South Beach for 30-plus points.

Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne seemed to find a pretty good rhythm, Devone Bess is a dangerous weapon and obviously Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams can run pretty darn well too.

And given the Patriots struggles on defense in the past two weeks, it's not hard to imagine that this division could end up coming down to the two teams who battled out in a surprising shootout Sunday night. But for now, despite even 2-1 records, the Jets get the nod as the East's top team.

Just, uh, don't tell them that. We don't want anyone getting too excited and thinking they have to start celebrating.

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Posted on: September 26, 2010 11:12 pm

Braylon Edwards gets PUMPED

Posted by Will Brinson

Braylon Edwards played three quarters on Sunday night, despite a DUI arrest earlier in the week. And, in fact, he played pretty good, scoring on a hitch route that turned into a 65-yard touchdown (and a TON of DUI jokes on Twitter which were only topped when he got called for tripping a little while later).

Anyway, you can imagine that Edwards needed to sober up before going out on the field get pumped up with all the attention on him this week, and he did so by slapping his face and jumping around like a boxer. Via Jose3030.

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Posted on: September 26, 2010 7:07 pm

Braylon Edwards to be benched for 1st quarter

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Jets have announced that WR Braylon Edwards – arrested this week on a DWI charge – will be benched for the entire first quarter of tonight’s game against Miami.

Said GM Mike Tannenbaum in a statement released by the team: "We've made our disappointment clear to Braylon. Now he must deal with the consequences of his actions as the legal process runs its course, and the league will determine the appropriate discipline under the guidelines of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

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Posted on: September 26, 2010 6:57 pm

Simms questions Rex Ryan

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

On NFL Today, Phil Simms made an interesting comment while talking about the Braylon Edwards/Jets situation from last Monday.

Simms said you should look at Rex Ryan as a big part of the problem.

“This is a perception of a frathouse gone wild,” Simms said. “It all coincides with the hiring of Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan was embroiled in a controversy at an MMA fight in the offseason (when Ryan gave some fans the finger). When you ask me, you have to really look at the hiring of Rex Ryan and you have to wonder why the Baltimore Ravens didn’t hire him after he was there for 10 years and went outside the organization and went and got John Harbaugh. I would play for Rex Ryan, but this ultimately falls at his feet.”

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Posted on: September 26, 2010 10:19 am

Hot Routes 09.24.10: where's our dinner, Ocho?

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

- Chad Ochocinco, as has become his wont, hosted 85 Charlotte diners/strangers at a steakhouse Saturday in Charlotte. One estimate said the bill might have been about $5,500.

- Today will be another big day for Jets CB Antonio Cromartie. With Darrelle Revis out of action, somebody has to be accountable for Dolphins playmaking WR Brandon Marshall. For better or worse, that person will be Cromartie.

- Indianapolis WR Pierre Garcon did not travel with his teammates to Denver today. Along with Anthony Gonzalez, also out for today’s game, the Indianapolis WR corps has taken a big hit.

- Patriots DB Bret Lockett was arrested early Saturday morning outside of a club in Providence and charged with failure to move and disorderly conduct. Good news for New England: Lockett is on IR anyway and isn’t eligible to play this season.

- A nice story here on the hell Dolphins TE Kellen Winslow puts himself through so he can play. One reason he does so: he’s scared of failure.

- A New York Jets fan named Lynda Fowles has a message for Braylon Edwards: smarten up, and next time, call a taxi. The reason Fowles is relevant to this discussion: she’s been paralyzed from the chest down since 1977 after she was in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

- Starting today in Carolina will be nothing new for QB Jimmy Clausen. He was in a similar situation at Notre Dame – a young QB and a bad team.

- Looks like Tony Dungy finally got around to visiting the Jets. The organization confirmed Dungy met with coach Rex Ryan, but declined to release any other details. Apparently, Dungy will talk about it on TV today. Hopefully, you can contain yourself until then.

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Posted on: September 25, 2010 11:00 am

Week 3 NFL Sound Off

Posted by Andy Beoit

We’ll continue the NFL Sound Off each week for the rest of the season. To join the discussion, hit us up on Twitter @CBSSportsNFL or Facebook.com/CBSSports.

This week we asked, Who had the roughest week in the NFL? The nominees were Kevin Kolb, Vincent Jackson, Braylon Edwards and “Other”.

A large number of people chose Other, citing Reggie Bush. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much – in fact, there wasn’t any – sympathy for Braylon.

Here is a collection of some of the best responses we received.

Who had the roughest week?

Via Twitter
@eagles6592 Kolb, he finally gets the chance then after not even two quarters vick becomes the starter.

(Andy’s note: this was sent Thursday…)

@EatSleepRedskin For once, not Haynesworth. Still time though.

@BFISA VJ’s agent

@finnfromminn Favre. No receivers, no offensive cohesion, 13 more weeks of getting the crap kicked out of him, and he's turning 41.

(Andy’s note: Need to add that finnfromminn hesitated to defend his answer when it was pointed out that Favre still made $1 million this week.)

Via Facebook
Dan Berry
andy reids soul

After several people answered Reggie Bush or Brett Favre, this response came in:

Scarekrowe Karratti
I don't know about the rest of you... but I can read, and I really believe Kolb probably had the roughest week of all. Sitting on bench watching Vick fiddle and fart around, and then take his job on top of that...???? Kolb. Roughest week in the NFL.

Keith Yawnick
rough week? these ppl have millions in their pockets. I have dust! im the one with the rough week!!!!

(Andy’s note: how does one get dust in their pocket?)

Tom Cole
Jackson and Edwards have been in trouble before, so thats no surprise. Therefore, I would have to say Kolb because he was pretty much promised that job when they got rid of McNabb. Then you suffer a concussion and lord your starting job.

Kevin Gregg
Vincent Jackson did it to himself. Braylon Edwards redeemed himself in week 2. Kevin Kolb seems to suck it up every time Philly puts him in.

Lance Peavy
Wade Phillips!!!! Fire him please...

Patrick McElwaine
Kevin Kolb!!! Hi Kevin, here is the keys to our franchise!!!! We'll start out on this road, wait you just hit a speed bump, pull over, Your not driving any more, heck, you cant use the car anymore, and there is a chance i am kicking you out of the house and taking your license!! Hope that doesnt hurt your self esteem--hey kev, you will be alright, ----ANDY REID

Christopher Cross
V-Jack had the roughest week by far. He's NOT getting paid.....and with the lockout looming he's probably going to NOT get paid for two years! FIRE your agents man.....they're costing you MILLIONS!

Sean Gus Robinette
Vincent Jackson because the Chargers are starting to prove they dont need him to win so hes not playing this season and the Charges already sent Cromartie packing for crying about the  not gunna make near as much as he woulda if he just sucked it up and played and Edw ards Kolb and Bush are still making millions

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 7:13 pm

Gholston knows he shouldn't have been in car

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Although Jets DE Vernon Gholston and LT D’Brickashaw Ferguson were utterly stupid to be in the car when Braylon Edwards was arrested on a DWI charge on Monday (police said he blew a .16, twice the legal limit), it’s refreshing to hear Gholston honestly talk about his decision.

Ferguson declined comment on the matter today, but Gholston didn’t go that route.

Gholston He told reporters (including the NY Post ) that the reason he and Ferguson went along with the Bearded One is because, simply put, they didn’t think he was drunk.

(On a side note, how well must Edwards handle his liquor to appear to his teammates, who should know him fairly well, that he’s sober enough to drive before blowing a .16? That’s pretty impressive, and maybe a little sad/scary. That’s also assuming Gholston is telling the truth).

Still, shouldn’t Gholston have thought to call the Player Protect hotline that gives pro athletes a no-cost, high-luxury way to get home if they’ve spent the night drinking entirely too much (or drinking at all)? Again, I like Gholston’s answer, because it sounds like something any old schlub would say: he just didn’t think about it.

“It’s something that was just presented to us (recently),” Gholston said of Player Protect. “When you talk about going out, you never have that mindset of drinking or what’s necessary (if you do drink). In those cases, you’re already out and things happen."

And the next time Gholston is out? I think he knows the answer. He’s already inputted the hotline number into his phone. And hopefully he has the mindset to do what’s right when he’s had a few drinks and not get into a car with an allegedly loaded teammate.
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Posted on: September 23, 2010 4:50 pm
Edited on: September 24, 2010 9:07 am

Givin' Em the Business: Bearded, drunk & stupid

Givin Em the Business recognizes all the people that annoyed you from the week that was in football. Feel free to provide nominations either in the comments or by yelling at us on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL) .

Rank Who Why


Braylon Edwards
Everyone's done stupid stuff in their life before. Sometimes drunk driving is among that stupid stuff. But that doesn't excuse this bearded clown hopping in a car -- with two teammates! -- and cruising around New York City -- a city with approximately 7,000,000 taxi cabs! -- absolutely lit up -- two times the legal limit! -- while ignoring the fact that his team is under a microscope -- and that they provide a taxi service for players! The best part was when he said he didn't think it caused a black eye for his team. /SMH


Full disclosure: I am a DirecTV customer. I love DirecTV almost as much as I hate Time Warner. I spend hundreds of dollars a month their way for excessive sports packages (and some movie action, but just about 25 percent worth, if the IRS happens to be reading). But the joke of a job they're doing with their online Sunday Ticket package makes AT&T look like a competent cell phone company.


Andy Reid
Hey, big guy, make up your freaking mind, m'kay? Look, sometimes I find myself sitting at the buffet line wondering whether I want the quickly cooked hot wings or the slow-cooked ribs. And then I think "OHHHH, I want BOTH." So I keep walking back and forth between the two, trying desperately to decide which it is I want, flipping back and forth a couple times, before I finally just decide to have both. Of course, that doesn't make me a bad person because I'm not making decisions about REAL PEOPLE.


Brandon Jacobs
The NFL is (in Jacobs' own words) a 'cutthroat business.' As such, if you lose some reps, get fired or treated poorly, well, you have to deal with it like a grown man. It seemed like Jacobs was going to do that the first time, when he merely stated how disappointed he was for himself. Now, he's suddenly throwing helmets into stands and not-actually demanding to get trades. Follow your own advice, Brandon, and act like a man.


Vincent Jackson
There's some sympathy to be had for a guy that deserves more money than he's making and only got hosed because the CBA got cancelled. But there's also something to be said to the guy who could have signed a multi-million dollar tender, played this year and then earned a fatty-fatterson contract next offseason. And that thing is, "SIGN THE DAMN CONTRACT, DUDE."


A.J. Smith
Of course, V-Jax isn't just at fault -- could Smith and the Chargers really not just have given him a little bump in pay? Or said, "you know what, forget it, we'll take a second- and a fourth-rounder in exchange from Minnesota." They don't need him, necessarily, but why on Earth you'd pass up that kind of draft bonus in 2011 or that kind of production in 2010 is beyond anything reasonable.


Albert Haynesworth
Well, this is getting repitive, isn't it? There's a good chance Haynesworth makes it here every week. The amazing thing about his appearance today, though, is the fact that he was inactive for his team's loss against the Texans on Sunday for "being a pain." And he very nearly became the first person ever to get put on the inactive list after the game. Either way, Haynesworth clearly can't get rid of his attitude problem, he clearly can't get along with coach Mike Shanahan, and he clearly needs to get traded so we can stop talking about this every week.


Jerry Jones
JERRAH. What is the deal with this calm reaction to an 0-2 start? Why ae you supporting the team and Wade Phillips and trying to act like you're not worried about the team slowly losing its grasp on a chance to win a Super Bowl in your brand new stadium?!? Come on, man! We want hellfire and brimstone and cooking Phillips' bacon cooking and a midseason coaching fire and Tony Romo benching and everything else that comes with a really angry Texas billionaire.


Matt Moore
The one thing that your team asks you to do, Mr. Moore, is to not turn the ball over. It also helps if you can not do so in the red zone as well. And really, anything slightly better than "Jake Delhomme" would satisfy the Panthers' fans and coaches. Yet, you're somehow worse. So now we all have to deal with the prospect that Jimmy Clausen could be good and Mel Kiper could be right. Also: all of our NBA blogger-as-a-quarterback jokes are dead . Thanks for nothing.


Icing the Kicker
No, this does NOT have to do with me losing one of my expert picks because Gary Kubiak out Mike Shanahan'd Mike Shanahan. It has to do with a ridiculous rule that shouldn't be in the NFL anymore. Look, it's okay to ice a kicker as the team is lining up and about to snap, but icing someone literally seconds before the snap happens and forcing the kick to go through is ridiculous. It's like standing next to someone who's putting on the 18th for their career low and screaming in their face, then giving them a mulligan and promising you'll be quiet. In other words, just annoying.

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