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Posted on: September 17, 2010 9:43 am
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Mike Singletary is feeling extra grumpy

Posted by Andy Benoit

Earlier this week there was an entertaining controversy in San Francisco pertaining to miscommunication with the play-calling. In case you don’t know the story, the long and short of it, Niners head coach Mike Singletary said there were problems with Alex Smith’s headset at Seattle; Smith said everything was fine and that the plays need to come in quicker.

After this, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports wrote that offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye is the primary source of the communication problems.

All the speculation and drama surrounding the Niners is not sitting well with head coach Mike Singletary. Take a look at the transcript of this tense television interview Singletary had with KPIX Sports Director Dennis O’Donnell. (And, good news: if you want to watch the interview, you can click here.)

Singletary: “What’s the truth? Jimmy has been in the league 33 years. He’s been a coordinator for longer than you’ve been doing this.

How does a guy be a coordinator and be successful all those years and not be good at what he does? That does not even make sense to me, the question. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but it doesn’t make any sense, the question you’re asking.”

O’Donnell: I’m basing it on what was said in the Yahoo article …

Singletary: But don’t base a man’s entire career on a dang-gum Yahoo commercial.

O’Donnell: That’s the point I’m trying to make because as I said …

Singletary: The point I’m trying to make is I don’t want to talk about the Yahoo deal. It really pisses me off now that I sit here and think about it. We just talked today and I had a press conference today. I don’t want to talk about the Yahoo thing anymore. Whoever said it, I don’t care who said it, it’s over. I want to move forward.

O’Donnell: So there’s no truth to it?

Singletary: I want to move forward.

O’Donnell: Let’s talk about Alex moving forward into Monday night. In situations where maybe he’s not getting a play by a certain amount of time, if he can see …

Singletary: Alex will be fine Monday night. Watch the game and you will see that Alex will be fine. I don’t want to talk about time. I don’t want to talk about clock. I don’t want to talk about any of that. I want to talk about New Orleans if you want to talk about that.

O’Donnell: I’m alluding to …

Singletary: I want to talk about New Orleans if you want to talk about that.

O’Donnell: OK. Let’s talk about trying to stop Drew Brees.

Singletary: We will not try to stop Drew Brees. We will stop Drew Brees. Next question.

O’Donnell: Let’s talk about trying to move the ball against the New Orleans defense …

Singletary: We will not try to move the ball against the New Orleans defense. We will move the ball and we will score.

O’Donnell: Obviously there’s a sense of frustration that’s built …

Singletary: No, there’s not a sense of frustration. I’m just being honest. I had a conversation about this early today and I came in here ready to talk about New Orleans and we get all this other. I’m just tired of talking about that. I’m ready to go. I am excited, I’m ready to go, I just finished talking to my team, I’m ready to go. We can talk about New Orleans, let’s go, but I don’t want to talk about all this other stuff.

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 8:46 pm

Oh, so THAT'S the problem with Niners' play-calls

Posted by Andy Benoit

Monday we wrote about the consternation surrounding the play-calling in San Francisco. (After the Niners burned threeJ. Raye (US Presswire) timeouts in the first half, Mike Singletary said there was a problem with Alex Smiths’ headset against Seattle; Smith basically said the coaches need to get the plays in quicker.)

Well, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the problem could be offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.

“It seems like Jimmy calls plays from memory a lot of the time and not exactly the way it’s written down,” a source told Cole. The source said that plays often get garbled. “(Raye) knows the plays and he knows the right thing to call, but he’s fumbling through his papers and it’s like, ‘Hey, we need to get a play called.’”

Cole writes:

Last season, Raye relayed the plays to offensive assistant Jason Michael, who relayed them to the quarterback. This worked well, somehow compensating for Raye’s communication issues. But the arrangement diminished quarterback coach Mike Johnson’s involvement in the game plan. Cole writes, “As a result, several players went to Singletary this offseason to complain about Raye and the overall situation. Singletary’s solution was to change the mechanics of how the plays were sent in. He replaced Michael, who is still on staff, with Johnson in the play-calling process. On Sunday, that became a problem because Johnson couldn’t decipher what Raye was saying during tense moments when the Seattle crowd was making noise. Singletary was seen several times yelling at Johnson on the sideline when plays didn’t get relayed in a timely fashion.”

This is miscommunication in the truest form.

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 3:10 pm
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Week 2 Top Ten with a Twist: biggest letdowns

The NYJ provided us with the biggest letdown of the week (Getty).

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

We all heard the hype before the first week of games was complete. We heard the boasts and the proclamations and the Super Bowl aspirations in the offseason and in training camp. Yet, this past weekend, we found out that some who had so much confidence perhaps shouldn’t have been so forthright about their thoughts.

Sure, some of us – many of us – bought into so much of the hype. And now we know better. Without further ado, here’s the top-ten list with a twist entering the second week of games.

Top 10 Biggest Letdowns After So Much Offseason Buildup

10. Kevin Kolb: It’s not really fair to completely dismiss the Eagles starting QB after he played just one bad half of football (that, unfortunately for him, came with a side of concussion). But after so much discussion about how Philadelphia made the right move by trading Donovan McNabb to the Redskins – who naturally won with McNabb on Sunday night – and giving the job to Kolb, this move fell flat with his 5-for-10, 24-yard performance. Now, there’s another quarterback controversy in Philadelphia.

9. Percy Harvin and Bernard Berrian: I was on the bandwagon with the Vikings receiving corps, even after Sidney Rice underwent hip surgery that’s supposed to keep him out half the season. I had called Minnesota’s receivers one of the best units in the league. I might have been wrong about that – or, at the very least, underestimated the impact of Rice’s absence. Harvin and Berrian combined for two catches for 15 yards Thursday. That’s two freakin’ catches for 15 freakin’ yards.

8. Jake Delhomme:
Many of us figured Delhomme was nearing the end of his career – he was going to CLEVELAND after all – but he certainly had to be considered an upgrade over the awful Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn combination from last year. And besides, he couldn’t possibly be as bad as his last year in Carolina (eight touchdowns, 18 interceptions), right? Well, he might just be that bad. For a veteran QB, he made a terrible throw that was picked near the end of the first half that killed any momentum the Browns had when they led 14-3. Delhomme still is an upgrade from last year, but man oh man, he needs to play smarter.

Stafford 7. Matthew Stafford: Is it possible the 6-foot-3, 230-pound quarterback is brittle? Last year, he suffered a shoulder injury, though he showed huge guts by returning against the Browns to throw a game-winning TD pass (if you’ve got 6:27 to kill, check out Stafford’s killer Mic’d Up segment from that game – it’s cool as hell). On Sunday, he apparently suffered a Grade 2 separation of his right (throwing) shoulder that could keep him out 4-6 weeks. Considering how poor backup Shaun Hill played, some of that preseason Lions optimism has leaked away.

6. 49ers:
They were supposed to win what should be a very weak NFC West. And then they get blown out by a Seahawks team that shouldn’t have played as well as it did. But you know, coach Mike Singletary said Monday he was excited about QB Alex Smith, so that has to be comforting/horrifying to San Francisco’s fans. Perhaps the 49ers are vastly overrated. Or perhaps Seattle RB Leon Washington was inspired by our Five Questions (Or More) segment we did last week.

5. Terrell Owens:
Was he upset, already acting like a diva? Were his shoes bothering him? Was he getting himself checked out by a team doctor? These are the theories that have been bandied about since Owens, along with teammate Chad Ochocinco, left the field before the Bengals attempted a Hail Mary pass at the end of the first half. Any which way, Owens didn’t endear himself to Cincinnati fans after a smooth preseason. He had seven catches for 53 yards, but he certainly wasn’t the dominant force he and Ochocinco predicted he could be. Lucky Cincinnati got him cheap.

4. Bob Sanders: Sanders had been annoyed this preseason about all the questions he’s faced about his durability, and he was excited to be fully healthy for the start of the season. But he's torn a biceps tendon and could be out for the season. Again, his durability will take a huge hit, and once again, the Colts will have to find a way to win without him – something they couldn’t do against the Texans.

3. Concussions in Philly: remember all the talk about how the NFL was really serious – no, no, really, really SERIOUS – about concussions and keeping players from returning to the field too soon after a brain injury? Yeah, neither does the person(s) who somehow thought it was OK for Eagles LB Stewart Bradley and QB Kevin Kolb to return to the game after suffering concussions. Coach Andy Reid explained it like this: “They were fine. All of the questions that they answered with the doctors registered well, but as it went on, they weren’t feeling well, so we took them out.” Yep, Bradley really looked fine after stumbling around the field like Trevor Berbick after facing Mike Tyson. That’s a scary, disturbing scene.

2. Tim Tebow: Two measly carries for two measly yards. That was Tebow’s stat line from Denver’s loss to Jacksonville on Sunday. Of course, he is a backup QB playing his first NFL game, so we shouldn’t expect the moon from Tebow (I could echo those sentiments for the rest of the season, in fact). But for the amount of hype we got, doubly so because Tebow was opening his career in his hometown, it wasn’t much of a payoff. Unless you like your hype short-lived and ineffective.

1. Jets: I knew that if I kept talking about the possibility of the Jets winning the Super Bowl, they’d make me look like an idiot. And so they have. Still, there’s little doubt that with a defense like that, New York could (should?) make a run in the playoffs (though losing NT Kris Jenkins for the season with an ACL tear could complicate those plans). The problem, of course, is the offense. QB Mark Sanchez went 10 for 21 for 74 yards, and starting RB Shonn Greene had five carries for 18 yards (plus a tough time holding onto the ball). With an offense that plays that poorly, the Jets have no chance for the Super Bowl. And maybe not even the playoffs. 

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Posted on: September 13, 2010 11:31 am
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Niners QB, coach contradict each other in presser

Posted by Andy Benoit

Talking on Around the League last week about the Vernon Davis-Michael Crabtree quarrel in Niners practice, we made the point that Mike Singletary must avoid speaking publicly on the matter as much as possible. Singletary’s tremendous elocutionary skills have a tendency to inflate stories. Even when he’s saying nothing, the man just can’t help but say something.A. Smith (US Presswire)

Now, Singletary has an even more delicate issue to handle: Alex Smith and the clock management mystery. The sixth-year quarterback did not play well, going 26/45 with two interceptions (though both picks can be blamed on wideout Michael Crabtree). More noteworthy, however, might be what was said after the game about the three timeouts San Francisco blew in the first half.

“There were some problems with Alex’s helmet,” Singletary said. “We had a similar situation last year. When the communication can’t come in and it’s spotty on the headset and you already can’t hear, it makes it very difficult. It’s not that the plays weren’t coming in. It’s that he wasn’t getting the plays because of technical issues. It happened a few times. We had to take timeouts because of the headset. It’s very frustrating. I guess it just happens to us.”

Okay, perhaps Singletary is hinting that something fishy is going on at Qwest Field. Problem is, as Lowell Cohn of the Press Democrat points out, Singletary’s quarterback doesn’t seem to be singing that tune.

Alex Smith chalked the timeout burning up to “management issues…that we’ve got to figure out.”

Smith said, “The only time it was the headset issue, the clock rolled, they were late to spot the ball and I asked (referee) Mike (Carey) to bump the clock and he bumped it. Once the play clock runs down past 15 (seconds) your headset turns off and it never turns back on. He bumped it up to 25 and the headset never kicked back on and that was the one time, really the only time we had a headset problem.

“For whatever reason most of (the timeouts) occurred on third-and one, fourth-and-one, so yeah, whatever it is, deciding on what personnel would go in, deciding on if we would go for it, that decision has to be made. The refs aren’t waiting around to spot the ball based on what we’re going to decide to do. That clock’s rolling. You’ve got to make that decision if you’re going to go for it, then the play’s got to get called. You’ve got to have a call ready. That happens fast. It was all in key situations like that today when we had most of the problems. It’s frustrating, absolutely.”

In all likelihood, Smith wasn’t trying to refute his coach. But, that’s why it’s not always wise to be transparent in a press conference. Either directly or indirectly, Smith called out the offensive coaching staff. And it’s unfortunate for the Niners that these comments contradicted what Singletary had said just moments earlier.

Maybe this never becomes a story. But we know Singletary is great to listen to, and we know Smith willingly shares his mind. The Niners may have an issue to deal with throughout the week.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 10:13 am
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Diva? What's a diva?

 Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Somebody needs to get 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree a dictionary immediately. Apparently, he doesn't know what a diva is.
“What is a diva?” Crabtree asked the San Francisco Chronicle. “Really, I have no idea.  

"Isn't a diva a female?" Crabtree said. "I don't know, I'm asking. I mean, come on, that makes no sense. A diva?"

Perhaps, a look in the mirror could answer his questions (or a look to the photo at right. Sunglasses indoors says it all). After all, as pointed out in the article, Crabtree reportedly acted diva-ish in his predraft interviews and he missed 71 days and five games after a holdout last year that basically was a waste of time. Then, recently, he and Vernon Davis had an exchange at practice.

Plus, he doesn’t like to wear the same outfit twice (actually, my high school girlfriend pulled off that stunt her final two years of high school: she never wore the same outfit twice, which was, I thought, pretty impressive) and has a thousand  pair of shoes (though, I have to admit, I’m a bit of a shoe maven myself).

Crabtree, by the way, wasn’t being sarcastic about the diva thing. Apparently, he’s legitimately confused by his association with the word.
From the story:

Crabtree is truly baffled by the label he can't shake. In a rare one-on-one interview, Crabtree did much of the asking about his very real perception as a football-style diva.

He wants to know where this reputation came from. He wonders why wide receivers are called divas, whereas a defensive tackle is just considered moody.

Above all, Crabtree wants to understand why people can't just leave him alone so he can play football.

"It's just people's opinion," Crabtree said. "The ones that matter, they know me and what I'm all about. You don't see me in no trouble. I do everything I can to keep my image clean.

"I'm just a regular guy going about my business."

For the record, coach Mike Singletary agrees with Crabtree. Still, somebody, at the very least, should show Crabtree this Wikipedia link.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 3:40 pm
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Crabtree, Vernon Davis have sideline argument

Posted by Will Brinson

Pretty busy day in the NFC West -- in addition to the ongoing Matt Leinart saga (MORE, somehow, on that in just a bit), 49ers offensive stars Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis apparently had some not-so-nice words for each other during the team's walkthrough.

According to our 49ers Rapid Reporter Michael Erler , Crabtree and Davis got into a little spat that garnered some unwanted attention from head coach Mike Singletary.

Earlier reports that Singletary came over to talk to the two players and "after Davis became animated, Singletary escorted both players to the locker room."

A little while later, Davis came out of the locker room and then was followed by Crabtree and Singletary shortly thereafter. They're now standing on the sideline with "a dozen teammates" between them.

There's no telling -- at least right now -- what caused the confrontation, but with both Davis and Crabtree, we're talking about reasonably explosive personalities. I'm sure reporters will ask about it when Singletary talks to the press, and I'm also pretty sure that he won't want to discuss it.

If there's anything we know about a trip to the locker room that involves Singletary, though, it could be a) pantless, b) motivational or c) both pantless and motivational.

Update (3:55): Singletary spoke! And he said, "I will not talk about the issue. They were both in the wrong." He also apparently called the beef (my words) between Crabtree and Davis the "elephant in the room" (his words), which certainly makes it seem like something more than just a little sideline blowup.

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 5:49 pm

Aubrayo Franklin to report to Niners, sign tender

Posted by Will Brinson

DT Aubrayo Franklin has missed all of the 49ers training camp after being franchised by San Francisco, but will reportedly, um, report to the Niners.

That's according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, who says that Franklin will fly to San Francisco to take his physical and sign the $7.003 million tender on Saturday.

Franklin recorded 36 tackles, two sacks and a pick in 2009 -- coupled with his 46 tackle, single sack and two-forced fumble season in 2008 made him a highly-coveted free agent before the Niners franchised him.

It was pretty much assumed , by even Mike Singletary, that Franklin would end up reporting and signing his tender before the season started. Now it appears he will.

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Posted on: August 11, 2010 8:55 pm
Edited on: August 11, 2010 8:56 pm

Balmer said he plans to return to 49ers

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Nice reporting by Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News . Brown, much like Woodward and Bernstein, tracked down his source – in this case, the AWOL’d 49ers DE Kentwan Balmer – the old fashioned way. He knocked on Balmer's front door.

Balmer answered, and Brown had his scoop, as Balmer said he had a meeting scheduled with San Francisco coach Mike Singletary today.

He also said he needed more than two days to deal with his personal issues, which he wouldn’t divulge, but that he planned to play the season with the 49ers.

“People are making a big deal about nothing," Balmer told the Mercury News. "I feel like the 49ers could do a better job of saying that, but it's not my place to say."

Phil Barber of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat has a different take on his Twitter page . Writes Barber: "Niners rep says no meeting scheduled btwn Balmer & Singletary."

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