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Posted on: September 25, 2010 11:00 am

Week 3 NFL Sound Off

Posted by Andy Beoit

We’ll continue the NFL Sound Off each week for the rest of the season. To join the discussion, hit us up on Twitter @CBSSportsNFL or Facebook.com/CBSSports.

This week we asked, Who had the roughest week in the NFL? The nominees were Kevin Kolb, Vincent Jackson, Braylon Edwards and “Other”.

A large number of people chose Other, citing Reggie Bush. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much – in fact, there wasn’t any – sympathy for Braylon.

Here is a collection of some of the best responses we received.

Who had the roughest week?

Via Twitter
@eagles6592 Kolb, he finally gets the chance then after not even two quarters vick becomes the starter.

(Andy’s note: this was sent Thursday…)

@EatSleepRedskin For once, not Haynesworth. Still time though.

@BFISA VJ’s agent

@finnfromminn Favre. No receivers, no offensive cohesion, 13 more weeks of getting the crap kicked out of him, and he's turning 41.

(Andy’s note: Need to add that finnfromminn hesitated to defend his answer when it was pointed out that Favre still made $1 million this week.)

Via Facebook
Dan Berry
andy reids soul

After several people answered Reggie Bush or Brett Favre, this response came in:

Scarekrowe Karratti
I don't know about the rest of you... but I can read, and I really believe Kolb probably had the roughest week of all. Sitting on bench watching Vick fiddle and fart around, and then take his job on top of that...???? Kolb. Roughest week in the NFL.

Keith Yawnick
rough week? these ppl have millions in their pockets. I have dust! im the one with the rough week!!!!

(Andy’s note: how does one get dust in their pocket?)

Tom Cole
Jackson and Edwards have been in trouble before, so thats no surprise. Therefore, I would have to say Kolb because he was pretty much promised that job when they got rid of McNabb. Then you suffer a concussion and lord your starting job.

Kevin Gregg
Vincent Jackson did it to himself. Braylon Edwards redeemed himself in week 2. Kevin Kolb seems to suck it up every time Philly puts him in.

Lance Peavy
Wade Phillips!!!! Fire him please...

Patrick McElwaine
Kevin Kolb!!! Hi Kevin, here is the keys to our franchise!!!! We'll start out on this road, wait you just hit a speed bump, pull over, Your not driving any more, heck, you cant use the car anymore, and there is a chance i am kicking you out of the house and taking your license!! Hope that doesnt hurt your self esteem--hey kev, you will be alright, ----ANDY REID

Christopher Cross
V-Jack had the roughest week by far. He's NOT getting paid.....and with the lockout looming he's probably going to NOT get paid for two years! FIRE your agents man.....they're costing you MILLIONS!

Sean Gus Robinette
Vincent Jackson because the Chargers are starting to prove they dont need him to win so hes not playing this season and the Charges already sent Cromartie packing for crying about the  not gunna make near as much as he woulda if he just sucked it up and played and Edw ards Kolb and Bush are still making millions

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 10:26 am
Edited on: September 21, 2010 11:25 am

Bush with broken fibula; out 4-6 weeks

R. Bush is expected to be out 4-6 weeks after breaking his leg in Monday night's game (AP). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

According to published reports, Saints RB Reggie Bush suffered a broken leg during Monday’s win against the 49ers, and he’s expected to be out about six weeks.

Neworleans.com’s Brian Allee-Walsh sets a good postgame locker room scene and originally reported Bush had broken his leg and that he’d be out a minimum of six weeks.

Bush is supposed to undergo more tests today, but it doesn’t appear that his ankle or his knee have been affected.

Sources told ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter that the injury was a broken fibula but was not expected to be a season-ender. Instead, Bush could be back as early as four weeks.

The injury occurred in the fourth quarter while Bush was trying to field a punt in windy Candlestick Park – a punt he muffed – and while attempting to recover the ball, somebody landed on his leg.

“It was pretty windy and the ball was moving around a little bit,’’ Bush said after the game. “At the last second, it kind of shifted just enough for me to drop it and I tried to recover it and somebody took my leg off.

“I don’t know who it was, what happened, or how it happened. I just know my leg got taken out. That’s it.

“It hurt like hell,” Bush said. “When I got back up and tried to walk on it, it felt terrible. I’m trying not to think the worst and trying to stay as positive as I can in this situation. That’s all I can do is hope for the best.”

Without him, the Saints will lean heavily on RB Pierre Thomas, but considering Bush brings so much to New Orleans’ offense – rushing the ball, catching the ball out of the backfield and on special teams – the Saints will have a tough time duplicating his abilities.

UPDATE (11:23 a.m.): The Associated Press also has confirmed, through its sources, that Bush has a fractured fibula. Since today is the NFL's weekly dark day and the Saints are off, it's unclear if the team will release any information about Bush's injury this afternoon.

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 1:23 am
Edited on: September 21, 2010 1:31 am

Reports: Bush to miss 6 weeks with leg injury

Posted by Will Brinson

Reggie Bush, former Heisman holder and all-purpose Saints star, left the fourth quarter of Monday's game with a leg injury after trying to recover a muffed punt.

The team has yet to release information relating to what exactly is wrong with Bush, but he was spotted by cameras leaving Candlestick Park on crutches; certainly that's not a good sign for anyone.

ESPN's Coleen Dominguez reported following the game that Bush could miss up to six weeks with a knee injury and NewOrleans.com cites a source indicating that Bush broke a bone in the injured leg, but that the injury will not require surgery.

If that's the case, it's a tremendous blow to the defending champions -- despite Bush's inability to ever become a full-fledged running back, he's one of the most versatile weapons on the team and the perfect compliment to Sean Payton's offense.

Additionally, a six week timeline for a knee injury would at least open up the possibility for Bush's injury to be more significant.

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Posted on: September 18, 2010 9:58 pm

Sarkisian says Bush quote 'not for print media'

Posted by Will Brinson

Remember how Steve Sarkisian called Reggie Bush "an idiot again" last night and the story got all swole up and talked about by everyone on the Internet?

Turns out, he didn't think anyone was going to hear about that, since he said it in a production meeting to Shelley Smith and assumed she wouldn't repeat it. That's according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (via CFT ) who brings us quotes following Sark's Huskies getting whipped by Nebraska.

"The quotes came out in a production meeting for [the game against Nebraska]," Sarkisian said. "In general, those production meetings are not for print media."

"It was a conversation, it was part of a conversation where there were quotes on both sides," Sarkisian said. "It's unfortunate, it's a great learning lesson for me about when things get said around media, they're live."

Fortunately for Sark, the football world probably won't talk about this long -- there's WAY too much dissection of how bad Jake Locker stunk the joint up to handle for us to spend an excessive amount of time worrying about whether one of Reggie Bush's old coaches thinks he's dumb for getting USC put on probation and giving back his Heisman.

But it's probably safe to say that Shelley Smith won't be pulling any more scoops from meetings with the Washington football staff. But, yeah, Sark should know better than to call someone as high profile as Bush an "idiot" in a room full of reporters and not expect that to get reported.

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Posted on: September 18, 2010 9:29 am
Edited on: September 18, 2010 10:00 pm

Sarkisian calls Reggie Bush 'an idiot'

Posted by Will Brinson

Technically, this is probably a story for our compadres over at the College Football Blog . Unfortunately, they're a little tied up with posting GIFs of PedoBear , so we're gonna be the ones writing about how Washington coach Steve Sarkisian called Reggie Bush "an idiot." Again.

Er, not again, but "an idiot again," which theoretically is kind of the same thing, right? (Also, worth noting that we love what those guys at the CFB blog are doing. They're our besties.) Anyway, Sark had some words for Shelley Smith about Reggie Bush handing back his Heisman Trophy.

"He had a chance to apologize, look like the good guy," Sarkisian told Smith. "But in giving it back and not apologizing, he just looks like an idiot again ... No matter how much money he got paid, that didn't affect how we prepared. We weren't the best team in football because of what he or his parents took."

UPDATE: Sark said after the Nebraska/Washington game that the comments weren't intended 'for print media.' So, um, okay.

It's understandable that Sarkisian isn't "thrilled" by the fact that Bush's public debacling and USC's punishments makes him look less effective as a coach, but it sure seems that everyone is quick to forget that it was common knowledge (a la Shaq at LSU) that Bush had some "stuff" going on.

And you know what? Even if Sark didn't know what was going on (somehow), it doesn't matter -- if someone gets to participate in everything that leads to the celebration of the championships, they get to participate in everything involved in the downfall afterwards, too.

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 11:10 pm

Bush: Heisman return "not an admission of guillt"

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Saints RB Reggie Bush did the courageous thing today and talked to the media – come to think of it, he’s been pretty forthright with reporters throughout the late stages of the USC/Heisman Trophy debacle; that’s a move I can respect – and the most interesting thing he said was that the fact he gave up his hardware didn’t mean he was guilty of anything.

It’s just, as he said, the best way to put an end to the controversy.

"It's me showing respect to the Heisman Trophy itself and to the people who came before me and the people coming after," Bush said in comments recorded by the Associated Press. "I just felt like it was the best thing to do, the most respectful thing to do because obviously I do respect the Heisman. I do respect all the things it stands for."

His parents, Bush said, didn’t agree with the notion he should return the trophy.

"That's just the motherly and fatherly nature of parents,” he said. “They understand it at the end of the day. They understand I'm a grown man and I've got to make my own decisions and this is a learning experience for me and anybody else coming after me. ... All I can do is grow stronger from here."

Luckily, he no longer will have the heavy Heisman memento strapped to his back impeding his growth.

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Posted on: September 14, 2010 4:57 pm

Reggie Bush's statement on forfeiting Heisman

Posted by Andy Benoit

Saints running back Reggie Bush will forfeit his Heisman Trophy. Now comes the complicated and awkward question of , What do we call him? Former Heisman winner? Bush is the first player to give back his Heisman…does that make him a current Heisman loser?

Here is Bush’s full statement, released by the Saints Tuesday afternoon:

"One of the greatest honors of my life was winning the Heisman Trophy in 2005. For me, it was a dream come true.

But I know that the Heisman is not mine alone. Far from it. I know that my victory was made possible by the discipline and hard work of my teammates, the steady guidance of my coaches, the inspiration of the fans, and the unconditional love of my family and friends. And I know that any young man fortunate enough to win the Heisman enters into a family of sorts. Each individual carries the legacy of the award and each one is entrusted with its good name.

It is for these reasons that I have made the difficult decision to forfeit my title as Heisman winner of 2005. The persistent media speculation regarding allegations dating back to my years at USC has been both painful and distracting. In no way should the storm around these allegations reflect in any way on the dignity of this award, nor on any other institutions or individuals. Nor should it distract from outstanding performances and hard-earned achievements either in the past, present or future.

For the rest of my days, I will continue to strive to demonstrate through my actions and words that I was deserving of the confidence placed in me by the Heisman Trophy Trust. I would like to begin in this effort by turning a negative situation into a positive one by working with the Trustees to establish an educational program which will assist student-athletes and their families avoid some of the mistakes that I made. I am determined to view this event as an opportunity to help others and to advance the values and mission of the Heisman Trophy Trust.

I will forever appreciate the honor bestowed upon me as a winner of the Heisman. While this decision is heart-breaking, I find solace in knowing that the award was made possible by the support and love of so many. Those are gifts that can never be taken away."

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Posted on: August 30, 2010 11:11 pm

Mack Brown: Young should get Bush's Heisman

Posted by Will Brinson

This is only tangentially related to the NFL, I suppose, but I'm writing about it anyway, because I think the fact that Reggie Bush is so sad about not being able to give back his Heisman Trophy is hysterical.

Mack Brown, current Texas Longhorn coach, agrees with Reggie , although he doesn't seem to find it as amusing as I do.

"I think you have to go back and really give that choice to the Heisman Trust. If they take it away, I think Vince should be awarded the trophy . . . Vince was second in the voting, so even if they re-voted I would like to see Vince get it," the Longhorns football coach told Dan Patrick.

"At this point it's irrelevant because the Heisman Trust has not decided to take it away," he added.

Brown's right -- if the Trust decides to let Reggie keep it (and maybe they just don't want to deal with the whole process of having to try and take it away), there's little chance he'll give it back voluntarily.

Of course, Young supposedly said he doesn't even want the thing , and if that's true, Brown probably knows that -- he's probably just trying to make a point that not only did he win a BCS title legally, but that his best player didn't get the props he deserved.

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