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Posted on: December 12, 2011 5:08 pm
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Dwight Howard says he might stay in Orlando

By Matt Moore 

Dwight Howard told media on Monday that he was still open to the possibility of staying in Orlando, if "changes" were made to improve the team. From the Orlando Sentinel
Said Howard, "As of right now, I have on a Magic uniform. Right? So I'm with nobody else, and that's the only thing that matters. And if it's meant for me to stay here, then I'll stay. And I love this city. There's no place I'd rather be but here in Orlando. And I just want to make sure that we have the right things here so we can win a championship.

"And I'm all about change. If you're willing to change and you're willing to do what it takes to win, then, you know, you've got me. And if you're not willing to do what it takes to win, I don't think anybody here would question anybody's motives if you want to stay in the same position you are."
via Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard hints he might stay with Magic - OrlandoSentinel.com.

ESPN.com reports that one of those changes is to bring in Chauncey Billups once he clears the amnesty waiver process. Because clearly, that's the kind of move that will put the Magic over the top. Howard has listed wanting input over the direction of the franchise as his biggest reason for wanting out. This despite his reticence at moves like trading Rashard Lewis and amnestying Gilbert Arenas. Essentially, Dwight Howard wants more control to run the franchise badly, which would only serve to make the team worse and drive him out of Orlando. 

Meanwhile, the Nets are reportedly considering making an amnesty offer to Billups the same day. Their efforts to bring in Howard have been nothing if not consistent. 

Howard's discussions of staying are a bit cruel, in a way. No one has believed Howard would stay in Orlando, not for two years. He's had every opportunity to say so and he's declined every time, instead leaning on the "I just want to win a title" talk which is code for "Don't blame me, blame the GM."

Now, by wanting Billups he's basically giving Jameer Nelson a vote of no confidence, if reports are accurate. That's the kind of thing that hurts chemistry, especially when Nelson has stuck up for Howard so many times. But this is all part of Howard and his management's plan to ease their way out. You say the things you can to put the onus on the team so when the time comes, people have somewhere else to drive their anger, which keeps the most public support you can. It's all part of the playbook, and Howard's filling it out nicely.
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Magic sign Jason Richardson to 4-year, $25M deal

Posted by Royce Young

The Magic got their man! Well, not that man. Not Superman.

It's just Jason Richardson actually who inked a four-year, $25 million deal according to Yahoo! Sports. One of the top guards in this free agent class for sure, but not exactly the primary target or someone that will necessarily encourage Dwight Howard to stick around.

Magic general manager talked to the media Saturday evening and said the team was close to a deal with Richardson and would have one done by Monday. He was asked if Richardson were just trade bait or for the long-term and Smith said he intended to keep Richardson. Smith also said the re-signing of Richardson would not have been possible without the amnesty on Gilbert Arenas.

The Magic are in such an interesting place right now with their roster. Just because Dwight Howard might be out doesn't mean it's time to blow everything apart and start anew. Orlando will be receiving a nice package in exchange for Howard that could include someone like Brook Lopez and/or Nene. So there needs to be quality pieces in place for when the roster is rebuilt.

He's only 30 and still has a number of good years ahead of him. He gives the Magic a lot of depth at shooting guard with J.J. Redick and keeps the team with a bevy of outside shooting threats, which is something coach Stan Van Gundy likes. Especially if Dwight Howard is his center. And while he might not be in a week or so, there's a good chance Van Gundy will have a new talented big man in his place, so having those marksmen flanking the wings isn't a bad thing.

Richardson averaged 15.6 points and 4.1 rebounds per game with a 15.02 PER playing in both Phoenix in Orlando last season. With the Suns in 25 games he put up 19.3 ppg but with the Magic in 55, he only averaged 13.9. Four years at a little more than $5 million per year is a pretty good bargain for a player like Richardson. Considering what a lot of other guys in the same neighborhood as him are going for, I'd say the Magic did pretty well. But that's not the whole story. Because the Magic are in flux right now, or at least should be.

Richardson faded mightily last season and will greatly damage the Magic's chances of getting under the cap in the near future. Which seems like the logical plan post-Dwight. Cut salary, open up some flexibility and rebuild. Instead, it seems like Otis Smith is trying to prep to continue on with a mediocre roster that may include Nene or Brook Lopez in the near future.


Related: Consider this curious quote from Richardson though that he had over the summer:

"I want to go to a great place for my family," Richardson told the Saginaw News. "I've been blessed by God to play in the NBA for a lot of money. I'd like to go someplace that has a chance to win a championship ... I probably have five or six seasons left in the NBA, so I want to go somewhere I can stay."

Are the Magic a team he can win a title with? Or I should say, will they be that type of team in a week or two? Nope. But at this point, no way is he turning down what the Magic offered. Forget titles and contending. Money talks.

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Magic C Dwight Howard requests trade

Posted by Ben Golliver


Get me out of here!

Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard has reportedly told the team that he wants to be shipped out of town.

The Orlando Sentinel reported Saturday that Howard had request a trade multiple times this week.
Dwight Howard has told the Orlando Magic that he wants to be traded, Magic General Manager Otis Smith told the Orlando Sentinel Saturday afternoon.

Smith said Howard has made the request twice in separate conversations since Monday.
Yahoo Sports reported soon after that Howard, who would be eligible for free agency next summer, had requested a trade to the New Jersey Nets.

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com confirmed Saturday that Howard has requested a trade to New Jersey but noted that "a person involved in the chase cautions not to count out the Los Angeles Lakers" and that Howard "still views L.A. as the best fit for his off-court pursuits." Berger reported on Friday night that the Magic had given permission for Howard to speak with the Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. Howard's particular interest in the Nets was first reported on Friday. Almost two weeks ago, the Nets reportedly offered a trade package to the Magic that includes center Brook Lopez and two first round draft picks in exchange for Howard and forward Hedo Turkoglu.

As noted Friday, if Howard's heart is truly set on landing in New Jersey there's an excellent chance it could happen, especially now that chaos reigns over the Los Angeles Lakers, arguably his strongest other suitor. But that still remains an "if" until we hear from Howard personally or from the Magic, in the form of a completed trade.

Howard, 26, is a 5-time All-Star and the best center in the NBA, by far. In New Jersey, he would be the immediate face of the franchise and he would soon be in Brooklyn, adjacent to the media center of the universe and right in the middle of all the fame he can handle. The Nets, given their cap situation, would have a fair degree of flexibility in building around All-Star point guard Deron Williams and Howard, so he wouldn't be stuck in a capped-out situation like he is in Orlando, at least not immediately. He would figure to have solid input in helping New Jersey build around him, as the Nets surely would want to avoid the Magic's mistakes.
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Magic waive Gilbert Arenas via amnesty clause

Posted by Ben Gollivergilbert-arenas

The most obvious cut has now been made.

The Orlando Magic announced on Friday that the team is waiving guard Gilbert Arenas using the amnesty clause that is provided under the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement.
The Orlando Magic have waived guard Gilbert Arenas and designated him as the team’s amnesty player, President of Basketball Operations/General Manager Otis Smith announced today.

Arenas (6’4”, 215, 1/6/82) played in 70 games with both Washington and Orlando last season, averaging 10.8 ppg., 3.9 apg., 2.7 rpg. and 1.06 stlpg. in 25.7 minpg. He was acquired by the Magic on December 28, 2010 from Washington in exchange for Rashard Lewis. In 49 games with Orlando, Arenas averaged 8.0 ppg., 3.2 apg. and 2.4 rpg. in 21.8 minpg.

Arenas has appeared in 535 career NBA regular season games with Golden State, Washington and Orlando, averaging 21.2 ppg., 5.4 apg., 4.0 rpg. and 1.63 stlpg. in 35.8 min pg.
Arenas was owed more than $62 million through 2013-2014. The Magic will now be able to remove his $19 million contract off of their salary cap number and luxury tax bill this season.

Arenas has played in just 117 combined over the last four NBA seasons due to chronic knee injuries and a lengthy suspension for bringing firearms into the Washington Wizards locker room. Magic GM Otis Smith had hoped a change of scenery might do Arenas some good, dealing Rashard Lewis for Arenas last season, but Arenas' effectiveness was limited.

While Arenas represented the NBA's worst contract, it's possible that someone places a low-bill bid for his services in the blind amnesty waiver process. It's also possible his many off-court red flags and controversial statements (including inappropriate Twitter posts) could lead teams to steer clear. Arenas, 29, will eventually catch on with someone, somewhere, but it remains an open question how many bridges he has left unburned.
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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

By EOB Staff

While the debacle that is the Chris Paul Trade/Non-Trade continues to unfold, there's drama in the East as well. Dwight Howard is just as much in the rumor mill as Chris Paul, as his free agency in 2012 looms and a potential trade could be coming (if the league doesn't block it). We'll keep you updated on all the latest in news and rumors below.

Magic haven't filed charge

6:24 p.m. -- New Magic president Alex Martins told the media that the team has not filed a tampering charge against the Nets. The NBA confirms this as well. But Martins did leave it open as a possiblility.

Howard denies meeting with Nets

4:22 p.m. -- Via ESPN NY, Dwight Howard said that he did not meet with the Nets. "There was no meeting," he said.

"Right now, my plan is to show up to training camp for the Orlando Magic."

However, the original report maintains that sources insist the meeting took place.

Magic to file tampering complaint?

1:46 p.m. -- Ken Berger reports that the Rockets will not be investigated as originally reportd by SI.com. Magic are still considering a complaint against New Jersey. SI.com says that the Magic decided not to pursue a complaint against Houston due to a lack of "information." SI also says the Rockets have been informed they were not "considered" for the complaint. Confusing.  Good thing, though. The Rockets have enough going on with the Chris Paul debacle. 

1:00 p.m.
-- Oh, this should be fun. David Aldridge of TNT and NBA.com reports that the Magic are filing tampering charges against two unnamed teams for contacting Dwight Howard without their permission. SI.com reports the two teams are New Jersey and Houston. The Nets side apparently stems from a meeting between Howard and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov along with GM Billy King in Miami a week ago.

Meeting with Howard isn't prohibited strictly by the NBA. Doing it without permission from the Magic? Yeah, that's a no-no. Prokhorov can claim he's unaware of the rules, being new. Billy King? Not so much. This could get very bad for the Nets very quickly. The charges against the Rockets aren't known at this time.

Howard to request trade to Nets?

9:00 a.m. -- ESPN reports that Dwight Howard will request a trade from the Magic to the New Jersey Nets Friday afternoon. The Nets are rumored to be offering Brook Lopez and two first round picks, which is not exactly a king's ransom for a multiple Defensive-Player-of-the-Year winner and an MVP candidate who's the best in the league at his position. 

Landing Howard would be a monstrous coup for a franchise that has repeatedly struck out with major deals. They whiffed on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Amar'e Stoudemire in the summer of 2010, Carmelo Anthony throughout 2011, being used as leverage by the Nuggets. They landed Deron Williams, but gave up a metric ton of assets for him. Landing Howard to pair with Williams makes them an instant powerhouse with cap room to spare. If the Nets want to join the big-time, this is the move to do it. 

Reports earlier in the week indicated that Howard had not informed the Magic of what he wanted, nor had the Magic composed a "wish list" for what to get back in return for Howard.
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Report: Glen Davis traded to Orlando for Bass

Posted by Royce Young

At certain points, Glen Davis was considered a pretty solid free agent acquisition and a major part of the Celtics rotation. But in terms of money, he wasn't fitting. No, not because of his size, but because of the money he wanted.

The Celtics have decided to move on, trading him to Orlando for Brandon Bass in a sign-and-trade, according to Yahoo! Sports.

With the deal being a sign-and-trade, Davis' salary is reportedly for four years and $26 million. Bass is set to make $4 million this season.

It's kind of an odd deal because it's hard to say what the Magic were trying to upgrade here, but Bass will definitely fit in well with the Celtics. He's a hard working player and someone with a good amount of offensive skill that never seemed to fit in to Stan Van Gundy's rotation for whatever reason. He can rebound and hit a little jumper, which are two things Davis did well. It'll probably just be Bass fits in at a cheaper price.

Davis will likely head to Orlando and start at power forward, and will probably be paid more than Bass. And he's not at all a better player. He's not a better defender, not a better shooter and it's up for debate if he's a better rebounder.

It's kind of a minor deal that will be lost in the shuffle of all this madness, but it's a curious one. The Celtics upgrade with a young player that likely just needs more opportunity, but the Magic have acquired an inconsistent tweener that is probably going to be paid too much.
Posted on: December 9, 2011 1:25 am

Report: Nets are top choice for Dwight Howard?

Posted by Ben Golliver


Earlier this week, word surfaced that the New Jersey Nets were preparing your classic "young piece / financial relief / draft picks" package in an attempt to swing a deal for Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard. The Nets have been kind of a running punchline for the last few years, so the offer was seen merely as an opening salvo in what could potentially be a long and complicated trade process.

But ESPN.com reported on Thursday that this isn't necessarily a one-way street of interest. Indeed, the site reported that Howard "is expected to ask the Magic to trade him to New Jersey" as the Nets "have emerged as his No. 1 choice."

The benefits for Orlando are clear. They can toss in Hedo Turkoglu's terrible contract, amnesty Gilbert Arenas and begin work on crafting their future. New Jersey can toss in cash, picks and all the other accoutrements to make the bitter pill of trading Howard go down a bit easier. 

New Jersey's motivations are equally transparent. Landing Howard not only gives them one of the league's top-2 players, but it serves as the perfect hook for keeping All-Star point guard and impending free agent Deron Williams in town. Pairing Williams and Howard would give the Nets arguably the best inside-out pair in the game. Williams is 27-years-old and Howard is 26-years-old, so the Nets would figure to be strong title contenders for the next four years, minimum.

This all comes down to Howard and his motivations. He hasn't made extensive public comments to this point so it's not easy to gauge where he stands or what's most important to him, other than the obvious desire to win a title. In New Jersey, he would be the immediate face of the franchise and he would soon be in Brooklyn, adjacent to the media center of the universe and right in the middle of all the fame he can handle. The Nets, given their cap situation, would have a fair degree of flexibility in building around Williams and Howard, so he wouldn't be stuck in a capped-out situation like he is in Orlando, at least not immediately. He would figure to have solid input in helping New Jersey build around him, as the Nets surely would want to avoid the Magic's mistakes.

If Howard's heart is truly set on landing in New Jersey there's an excellent chance it could happen, especially now that chaos reigns over the Los Angeles Lakers, arguably his strongest other suitor. But that still remains an "if" until we hear from Howard personally or from the Magic, in the form of a completed trade.
Posted on: December 7, 2011 2:31 pm

Vander Weide denies being intoxicated for call

By Matt Moore  

At the official press conference for the retirement of Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide, it didn't take long for the entire thing to fall into madness. With GM Otis Smith along for the ride, the questions about Dwight Howard were nearly immediate, and from there, of course, the questions turned to the topic of the phone call Vander Weide discussed Wednesday in which he called Howard after "a couple of glasses of wine." A local television reporter did not beat around the bush, immediately asking if Vander Weide had "drunk-dialed" Howard, in those terms. Vander Weide took the time to be clear on the subject. 

To begin, Vander Weide said that he had been texting back and forth with Howard over several hours. He then said that he was not intoxicated when he dialed Howard during a game of "paddles" with friends, saying he had had "two-to-three glasses of wine" over several hours. 

"We need to be clear on this," Vander Weide said, "that phone conversation has not changed my relationship with Dwight."

Vander Weide said he and Howard share a close relationship, saying the two "like each other, even love each other, as people." The former Magic CEO said that the phone conversation had nothing to do with his retirement, which was for personal reasons. 

Magic GM Otis Smith was there to play the business end. Smith said that the Magic's intention is for Howard to retire with the Magic, but also said that any team wih a top-five player has to deal with free agency, and they're dealing with it now. Smith said that while the franchise is building around Howard and wants him to stay, they will not "placate" to anything he wants in order to keep him. 

The circus rolls on.  
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