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Posted on: November 3, 2010 1:38 am

LeBron banged up, finishes with no rebounds

Heat superstar has slight injury, fails to notch rebound in win over Wolves. Posted by Matt Moore .

Last season, LeBron James suggested we take him for granted. It speaks to that same mindset that on a night where he pulled in no rebounds, we're at kind of a loss. The last time he did that in the regular season? March of his rookie season against Utah . The quirky boxscore isn't so quirky in context; the Timberwolves only have rebounders and the Heat cruised to another easy win. No need for James to fill up the box with boards. But it's still notable that it's been that long since someone kept him off the glass completely. It's not that hard for an NBA player to get a single rebound, but even with as many of the minutes as James plays, he's still the focus of attention on the floor and hasn't been held without a board in six years. Not bad.

As far as the cause, Brian Windhorst of ESPN reports that James suffered a leg injury against the Nets last weekend and it's lingering. It's supposedly minor, but then again, the elbow was supposed to be the same deal. That may have caused his hops to be less than optimium. It's not a big injury, and he's not expected to miss time. We'll keep you updated on his status.

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Posted on: November 2, 2010 10:57 am

Game Changer 11.2.10

Deng does work with his mid-range, the Raptors do no work on the glass in the fourth, and Gordon does demolition work on the rim. All that and more in this edition of the Game Changer .
Posted by Matt Moore

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer .


In general, Nicolas Batum is a good defensive player. So is Wesley Matthews. Unfortunately, last night, they were completely overwhelmed by the rarest of finds: a fully functional Luol Deng. Not hampered by injury, a poor offensive system, or mental distractions, last night is a perfect example of what can happen when Deng is feeling it. Particularly, Deng's game is focused on the mid-range J. It's a highly inefficient shot, which is why he so rarely has nights like this. But when it's falling? Good night, nurse. Deng dropped 40 on the Bulls in a game that wasn't close right from the start. The Blazers just looked overwhelmed defensively. They couldn't protect the rim, and nothing was going to work on Deng. He kept nailing pull-up jumpers off the dribble, forcing them to close. Then he pump faked and got to the line. Take a look at his shot chart from CBSSports.com's Game Tracker .

That's a pretty good night from the field. When you're hot, you're hot.

Other than that? Not much to report. The Bulls' defense wasn't really all that stout, allowing a 110.1 efficiency for Portland, despite the Blazers shooting 41% from the field and 0.00% from the arc. 0-14 from the stripe for the Blazers. It was that kind of night. But 41 free throws helped them avoid getting wiped off the map while still being down too much to climb back from. The Blazers just looked a step behind on all their rotations, and the Bulls' offense was functioning at an extremely high level. Derrick Rose finishe with 16, 13, and 5, with 6 turnovers, and made a few absolutely gorgeous cross-court skip passes to Deng for open threes behind the baseline off-ball screen. Stuff you did not see out of the Bulls last year. Thibs has the offense going well, and with Deng hitting the jumper, that was all she wrote.


Luol Deng: 40 points on 14-19 shooting, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, +19

Tyreke Evans: 23 points on 9-16 shooting, 7 rebound, 5 assists, 2 steals, 1 block

Gary Neal: 16 points, 4-8 from 3-point land, 6 rebounds, 2 assists

Eric Gordon: 23 points, 4 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers, only Clippers starter with postiive plus/minus


Ken Berger posts on how the league needs to take note of what happened in the NHL Lockout. Check out Ken's Post-Ups with news from around the league on several subjects, including Derrick Favors, Nicolas Batum, and how the league is approaching the Knicks investigation. Be sure to check out the horror, the horror of the Mike Conley extension, and Royce Young covers what we learned in week one .


The Raptors held a 34-25 advantage on the glass headed into last night's fourth quarter against the Kings. In related news, they held an eight point advantage. In the fourth quarter alone, they lost the rebounding battle by double (14-7, advantage Kings), and were outscored by 11. That was your ballgame. Andrea Bargnani was, for some weird reason, matched up with the bulkier, meaner DeMarcus Cousins, while Reggie Evans was forced to try and hold off the wiry, quicker Carl Landry. It made absolutely no sense and the results bore out. The Raptors had this game on lockdown and just let the Kings take it away from them. This despite Evans finishing with 19 rebounds, 10 offensive. That would make them Never Be Closing, I suppose.


In case you missed it last night:


The Clippers bench was outscored 32-7 last night in a nine point loss. For those of you keeping track, that means that the starters managed to outscore San Antonio's, but they couldn't handle Gary Neal and James Anderson. It at once says that the Clippers are far too woefully thin to be considered anything close to a playoff team this year, and that the Spurs have once again added young, versatile pieces which will help them this season. One game does not a season make, but the success the Spurs are having is a product of the system, and solid player acquisition. The smart get smarter, the Clips get Clipper.


Loud noises!

Follow F&R on Twitter at @CBSSportsNBA and check out our RSS feed . This has been your daily edition of the Game Changer .
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Report: Dampier to Rockets

Report says Dampier will sign with Rockets. Posted by Matt Moore

Our long national ... apathy may finally be over. Hoopsworld is reporting that Erick Dampier has made his decision, many moons after "The Decision", and will join the Houston Rockets as a backup center. The Rockets are at 15 players, so there will have to be cut to make room for him, likely Ishmael Smith. Smith may wind up in the Rockets' D-League affiliate Rio Grande Valley Vipers who they use quite a bit.

Dampier makes for a valuable addition to the Rockets. Against the Lakers, when they had a center with size in, they flourished. Those players went out due to minute restrictions or endurance, and production dropped. They need that size, despite having an absolute plethora of bigs. Dampier gives them elite size to combat their opponents' bigger lineups. He's slow, old, and never been a great scorer, but he does his job and does it well. In limited minutes, he could pack a big punch for Houston, who has struggled in rebounding through their first two games.

Dampier had been pursued by Toronto, Portland, Phoenix and Milwaukee, with heavy talks of him signing with all three. But Dampier took his time, or those teams pursued other options, and so now Houston will bring him in and slide Chuck Hayes to backup power forward. The race for size in the Western Conference continues.

Posted on: October 28, 2010 10:15 am

Shootaround 10.28.10: Manic Panic

Posted by Matt Moore

  • The NBA Draft is headed to... New Jersey? The League announced Wednesday that Newark's Prudential Center, home of the Nets this season, will also host the 2011 NBA Draft while Madison Square Garden is being renovated. Considering that many of the top players are unlikely to come out due to the NBA's potential lockout next season, Newark seems like an appropriate choice. Kidding, Newark! We love you!
  • Pacers coach Jim O'Brien is not really happy with the league's suspension process for drug violations. The team was without Brandon Rush last night when the Spurs wiped them off the map likea  coke line at Courtney Love's house in the mid-90's. O'Brien doesn't like the fact that the team isn't notified when a player has his first or second positive test, only being notified when the player is benched. On the one hand, his desire to help his players deal with their problems is admirable. On the other, you have to have some level of privacy for players with these issues (while monotoring the problems). It's a complicated issue, really.
  • So... Celtics fans aren't all brushing off that loss to the Cavs last night. Yikes. Some aren't as worried . I tend to side with the latter group. It's a road game on a back to back against an emotional team with an emotional crowd and you have a team of hyper-confident veterans that would look past a game like this. Just needs salt for a perfect disaster recipe.

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Joey Dorsey discusses cousin's kidnap and murder

Toronto Raptors forward Joey Dorsey opens up about the kidnapping and murder of his cousin in West Baltimore. Posted by Ben Golliverjoey-dorsey It's not every day an NBA player decides to open up to a reporter about a family member's death, but that's what happened recently, when bruising Toronto Raptors forward Joey Dorsey poured his heart out to Holly MacKenzie of The Score. Dorsey, a native of West Baltimore, one of the most crime-ridden places in the United States, describes playing at the D-League showcase last January, trying to impress scouts and Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey. After a particularly strong outing, Dorsey received a call from an assistant coach who passed on his regrets for Dorsey's loss.  Unfortunately, Dorsey didn't know what the coach was talking about. At least not yet.
He didn’t know what was happening, and after the coach hung up the phone suddenly, Dorsey immediately called his mother in a panic. When he got her on the phone, his mother first tried to hide the pain from her son, pretending nothing had happened. Not on this weekend, not when he had so much to prove. After Dorsey told her about the call from the assistant coach, his mother broke down. Dorsey takes a breath before revealing the tragedy he found out about that day. “My mom started crying. My cousin had got kidnapped and killed.” The impact hit Dorsey immediately. “It’s very hard for me to trust anybody. I really don’t go back home like that. It’s just like, ‘What am I doing going back home for if they killed him?’” After that, Dorsey shut himself off even more. “I really don’t let people get close to me anymore or anything like that. My mom says you should stop shutting people out of your life, so coming up here, this is good for me. An outdoor place, I can walk around, have friends and have fun. I’m cool with it up here.”
Dorsey's immediate NBA future hangs in the balance, as he is the 15th man on the Raptors roster. Final cuts come today. After reading MacKenzie's full piece, which describes Dorsey's growing affection for Toronto and his relationship with his mother, who worked two jobs to support him by herself and traveled by Greyhound bus to attend his college games in Memphis, it's impossible not to root for him to stick.
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DeMar DeRozan dislocates finger, pops it back in

Toronto Raptors wing DeMar DeRozan dislocated his finger during a preseason game, but returned to the game. Posted by Ben Golliver Don't you just love the late night freak injury posts that we can't stop putting up?  The other day it was Stephen Curry rolling his ankle.  Tonight, we up the gruesomeness substantially. Check out what happened to Toronto Raptors wing DeMar DeRozan, who dislocated his finger during a 108-103 preseason win over the New York Knicks in Montreal, Canada, on Friday night.   Here's a fuzzy screen grab, but you can still feel the pain. demar-derozan-finger Via @justcallmejuice on Twitter. The injury occurred during the second quarter and forced DeRozan to leave the game, but he returned to the court during the second half. After the game, DeRozan posted on his Twitter account that everything was all good. "My finger is good, trainer pop'd it back in so I'm good." Here's a slow-motion replay via @Nat77 on Twitter.
And here's a longer video of the sequence posted on Raptors.com. Remember when Eddie House recently said "middle finger to all the haters"? I think DeMar DeRozan's finger is so crooked it can actually point at every single hater in the entire world at the same time now.
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Reggie Evans, gender scholar

Toronto Raptors forward Reggie Evans has strong opinions on gender issues. Posted by Ben Golliver Beneath Toronto Raptors power forward Reggie Evans's burly and bearded exterior hides an enlightened scholar on gender issues. Asked how the Raptors are coping now that former teammate and all star Chris Bosh left to team up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami, Evans told Holly MacKenzie of The Score that he does not dwell on the past because moping is not part of the male existence.
"Only girls sit around and mope. I’m speaking from a man’s perspective. Like if they come on the floor be moping and stuff, that’s what girls do. I’d look at them like a girl, doing what girls do, sitting around moping because of what happened yesterday, or last week that happened. Like my two girls, I have two girls, when I told them no, what they do? Put their heads down and mope. You know what I’m saying."
It is believed Evans acquired such a detailed understanding of the male and female mentalities through decades of careful observation and the occasional surgical procedure, like this famous one he performed on Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman. All jokes aside, Evans's attitude is on point, if a bit crude in delivery. The Raptors are clearly searching for a new identity in Bosh's absence and a forward-thinking approach, rather than the bitterness and pettiness spewed by GM Bryan Colangelo this fall, is the right way to go.
Posted on: October 18, 2010 9:48 am

Shootaround 10.18.10: Turkaboooooo

Posted by Royce Young
  • Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star: "A fan held up a sign that summed up the purpose of an otherwise uneventful preseason walk-around: 'TURKABOO,' was the message. The rabble wasn’t exactly in midseason form, even if the Raptors pulled off a 121-100 win. ('(The booing) wasn’t as bad as Vancouver,' said Steve Nash, Turkoglu’s newly-minted teammate, speaking of the reaction of the West Coast throng that took in a Raptors-Suns exhibition 11 days previous). But Turkoglu reacted exactly as you might have expected. He openly laughed. He actually applauded the crowd during the player introductions. He even led the chorus at one point, checking in at the scorer’s table while expelling a long, 'Booooooooo!' In other words, he acted as though he didn’t care -- which is exactly how he played."
  • Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe: "The rejuvenation of Celtics forward Kevin Garnett has been apparent since the beginning of training camp. He leaps with ease. He sprints down the floor and soars for rebounds with no fear about his surgically repaired right knee. ... One of the more important priorities for the Celtics in camp was to rebuild the confidence and increase the production of Garnett, who was healthy last season but still was favoring the knee.
  • Zach Lowe of The Point Forward ranks the pick-and-roll combos: "2. Baron Davis-Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers: This could be terrifying, and it really depends on how hard Baron Davis feels like working this season and if he can kick the habit of taking awful three-pointers off the bounce. Griffin could emerge as something like Stoudemire as a violent roll threat. Even in the preseason, he’s slipping screens and darting down the lane like Amar’e, and he has the athleticism and strength to finish with authority. He is going to have a highlight screen-and-roll finish every night, and he looks to have a good enough jumper to get your attention on the pick-and-pop."
  • Do the Hornets have more talent than the Bucks? And can they repeat what Milwaukee did last season? Michael McNamara of Hornets247 says so: "So across the board the Hornets have more talent than those Milwaukee Bucks and yet the perception around the country is that it is doubtful the Hornets will produce superior results. Why is that? It has to be because there has been no evidence to support the belief that the Hornets can play with that level of discipline, that level of heart, and that level of tenacity. It is because nobody knows what to expect from Monty Williams and his system. It is because people assume that at the end of the day it is talent and talent alone that wins basketball games."
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