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Posted on: February 10, 2011 4:16 pm
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Jerry Sloan resigns: His career by the numbers

Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan resigned on Thursday. Here's a list of his accomplishments as both a player and a head coach. Posted by Ben Golliver. jerry-sloan

On Monday , Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan announced that he had signed a contract extension and everything seemed right with the world. Instead: the shocking news Thursday morning that Sloan has abruptly resigned .

Here's a roundup of Sloan's accomplishments and achievements, facts and figures.
  • Jerry Sloan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach in 2009.
  • Sloan's career record as a head coach: 1221-803, for a winning percentage of 60.3%.
  • Sloan is third all-time among NBA coaches in wins, trailing only Don Nelson and Lenny Wilkens.
  • Sloan was No. 1 among active NBA coaches in wins until his resignation.
  • ESPNNews notes that Sloan is the "only coach to win 1,000 games with one team."
  • Sloan coached for 26 seasons (including this season) total: three with the Chicago Bulls and 23 with the Utah Jazz.
  • According to NBA TV, 245 coaches were replaced while Sloan coached the Jazz.
  • Sloan finished with a winning record in 21 of his 22 full seasons as Jazz head coach. His resignation came with the Jazz above .500 as well.
  • His career playoff record was 98-104, for a winning percentage of 48.5%.
  • Sloan's teams made the playoffs 20 of his 24 full seasons coaching. He was fired mid-season in 1981-1982.
  • His teams advanced out of the first round of the playoffs 10 out of the 20 times they appeared in the playoffs.
  • Twice, Sloan coached the Jazz to the NBA Finals, in 1996-1997 and 1997-1998, teams made famous by the pairing of point guard John Stockton and power forward Karl Malone.
  • Sloan never won a title as a coach.
  • ESPN notes that only three coaches in any sport (Connie Mack, Curly Lambeau and Tom Landry) had longer tenures ever.
  • The Elias Sports Bureau notes : "40 current NBA players weren't born yet" when Sloan took over as coach of the Jazz in 1988.
  • Sloan played 11 years in the NBA, as a member of the Baltimore Bullets and Chicago Bulls. He averaged 14 points, 7.4 rebounds and 2.5 assists.
  • Sloan was twice named to the All-Star team as a player.
  • His jersey No. 4 has been retired by the Bulls.
  • Sloan is 68 years old and entered the NBA in 1965, 46 years ago. He has been either a player or head coach during that entire time, except for a five-year hiatus in the mid-1980s, when he was an NBA scout, CBA coach and NBA assistant coach.
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If Williams forced out Sloan how can he stay now?

Posted by Royce Young

News of Jerry Sloan's resignation is about as shocking a thing as you can expect on your regular February Thursday in the NBA. It came just a week after Sloan had reportedly signed a one-year extension and as the longest tenured coach in American professional sports, everyone was left asking one question.


According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Sloan had "lost the team." One source described the situation as Deron Williams only staying if Sloan stepped down. Everything down to playing time, Sloan's famous "flex" system and rotations alienated key Jazz players.

Yahoo! Sports reports the two clashed in a big way at halftime of the Bulls' game Wednesday. “He decided right there in halftime that he was done,” a league source said. “He felt like ownership was listening more to Williams than they were to him anymore. He was done.”

Marc Stein of ESPN.com added to the pile, tweeting : "Two sources say Wednesday's tension started when DWill ran different play than play called on sideline by Sloan, leading to halftime blowup."


Williams is a free agent in 2012 and has always been a very strong-willed player. Williams and Sloan had always gotten along, but the relationship has certainly been rocky. The feeling, according to Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune, is that Williams wasn't staying past next season if Sloan was still there.

But Deron Williams didn't just push out a coach, he pushed out Jerry Sloan. He pushed out the coach that had patrolled the sideline for 23 years. He pushed out a Hall of Famer, a coach with more than 1,200 wins and one of the all-time great. Not exactly something you want on your resume when you're looking for that max contract as a free agent.

So the front office may have made this move in order to salvage its chance to keep Williams. But the question is, how in the world does Williams stay if his legacy is pushing out Jerry Sloan? How can he possibly re-assert himself as the face of the franchise if he's the one credited with pushing the franchise's most legendary figure out the door?

Al Jefferson was brought in to replace Carlos Boozer and had performed well at times, but often looked uncomfortable. But really, who's fault is that? Sloan's, or the person that assembled the team? I mean, Sloan has been there for 23 years. I'm pretty sure we know how he's running the team. So it's not on him to bring in players that fit in right. It's up to players to adapt to the system and for the front office to put together a group that works well in it.

If Jerry Sloan "lost the team," I just find that ridiculous. Yes, the Jazz have been struggling. They're 31-23 and second in the Northwest. But they had high hopes this season with the offseason addition of Jefferson. Then again, this is a team that was losing Boozer, sharpshooter Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer, who all played key parts in the team last season.

And on top of that, the star Williams, wasn't playing nice with Sloan. All of that was a recipe for disaster. Evidently Sloan had enough. By all appearances management was siding with the players here so backed into a corner, Jerry Sloan just handed in his papers.
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Jerry Sloan to resign, Corbin named acting coach

Posted by Royce Young

According to the Deseret News, Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan will resign at a press conference later today. Along with Sloan, assistant coach Phil Johnson will step down as well.

This comes after the Salt Lake Tribune reported that Sloan was visibly shaken after a tough loss to the Bulls last night. He kept the media waiting an extended time, which is abnormal for Sloan, and just said there would be a press conference today.

Beat reporter Brian T. Smith said calls to general manager Kevin O'Conner have not been returned.

Assistant coach Ty Corbin is expected to take over in Sloan's place, according to Ken Berger.

Sloan of course is the longest tenured coach in professional sports, having coached the Jazz for 23 seasons and that's happened in 2001 after Tom Kelly resigned from the Minnesota Twins. Sloan just signed a one-year extension with the team last week.

As for why, that's up for speculation at this point. Some are already running out this being an effort to keep Deron Williams who will be a free agent soon. Some are saying that Sloan has been at odds with management for a while. In reality, nobody really knows at this point and it's probably just best to wait and see.

Sloan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.
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Jazz coach Jerry Sloan signs contract extension

Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan has signed a contract extension through next season. Posted by Ben Golliver. jerry-sloan

If LeBron James is the face of the new NBA, then surely Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan is surely the standard bearer for the old guard, a no-nonsense, straight-talking, eat-dinner-in-the-media-room, by-the-book man who has refused to cede much, if any, ground as the game has evolved over the last few decades. 

So set in his ways, the 68-year-old Sloan would border on being a caricature if he wasn't so pristinely authentic, not to mention intimidating. NBA.com's report on Monday that Sloan has inked a contract extension for next season but sat on the news for weeks just adds to the man, the myth, the legend.  
“I’ve already signed a contract for next year,” he said after shootaround at Arco Arena in preparation for tonight’s game against the Kings. “That’s been since, maybe, around the first of the year. I don’t remember what the date was on it. I never pay any attention to it. They offered it to me and I signed it.”
“I didn’t need an announcement,” Sloan said. “Hell, it’s not a big deal to me. And I don’t know what it does. Either one of us can go the opposite direction. I’ve been around long enough and they’ve been around long enough to know if they want to get rid of me, that’s all they have to do.”
Call that the Un-Decision. He delivers the news as if he's getting his teeth pulled rather than kicking off a summer-long party tour.  

Since 1988-1989, Sloan has patrolled the sidelines for the Jazz, overseeing the John Stockton / Karl Malone era and a relatively smooth segueway into the Deron Williams era. With the exception of one year -- 2004-2005 -- Sloan has had his small-market, financially-prudent clug above .500 every single season. That's an amazing feat, a poor man's NBA coaching equivalent of a Cal Ripken Jr. type of accomplishment. 

Sloan rightfully took his place in the NBA's Hall of Fame in 2009 and, perhaps most remarkably, hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.
Posted on: February 5, 2011 6:20 pm

J.R. Smith fined for flagrant foul 2 on Raja Bell

Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith was fined $25,000 by the NBA for a flagrant foul on Utah Jazz guard Raja Bell. Posted by Ben Golliver.

In the fourth quarter of Friday night's game between the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz, Nuggets guard J.R. Smith and Jazz guard Raja Bell engaged in a series of pushing and shoving exchanges. The incidents culminated with a hard foul by Smith on Bell with 6:45 remaining in the game. Smith was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and ejected from the game for slashing down on Bell's arms during a transition lay-up attempt, sending Bell crashing to the ground and causing Jazz guard Deron Williams to rush to his teammate's defense. 

On Saturday, the NBA announced that it was fining Smith $25,000 for his flagrant foul on Bell. 
J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets has been fined $25,000 for his Flagrant Foul, Penalty Two against Raja Bell of the Utah Jazz, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. 
Here's a look at the video of the exchanges between Smith and Bell, plus the hard foul that resulted in the ejection, via YouTube user MIaruntingzagwantilf

The Jazz went on to win the game, 113-106, in Denver. Utah improved to 30-21; Denver dropped to 29-21.
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Deron Williams to return Friday

Posted by Royce Young

The Jazz have been struggling a bit lately and it hasn't helped that their best players are injured. But they appear to be getting their best one back Friday against the Nuggets.

Deron Williams has been out the past four games with a strained wrist but he said he's ready to play Friday, via the Salt Lake Tribune. A few days ago Williams said he couldn't even get the ball to the rim on a jumper without pain. But he's going tonight anyway.

Wednesday Williams saw a specialist but no actual damage was found. Without Williams, the Jazz went 2-2 but clearly need him back. Over the past couple weeks, the Jazz are just 2-8. They can't afford to slip any further behind the Thunder in the Northwest.

Mehmet Okur and Andrei Kirilenko are still out for Utah though. Which doesn't help things much either.
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Posted on: February 2, 2011 10:00 pm

Jazz G Deron Williams has strained wrist tendon

Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams is listed as day-to-day after undergoing an MRI which confirmed that he has a strained wrist tendon. Posted by Ben Golliver. deron-williams

Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams has been bothered by a strained wrist, which has kept him out of action since Jan. 26. Williams is set to miss his fourth straight game on Wednesday night, and lingering pain caused the All-Star to undergo an MRI to assess the situation, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The results: Williams does have a strained tendon, and apparently nothing else.
Hand specialist Dr. Steve Huish's evaluation today of Jazz guard Deron Williams' right wrist and a magnetic imaging exam taken of the wrist confirmed that the All-Star has a strained tendon.
Williams, who is not in uniform for a home game tonight against Houston, remains day-to-day. Treatment of his injury will also remain the same.
The Jazz have been in a freefall since since just after the New Year, as the Jazz are 5-9 in their last fourteen games and 2-7 in their last nine games. 

It's a tough time for Williams to be inactive, as the Jazz play six games in the next 10 days. His next opportunity to take the court will come on Friday, when the Jazz visit their division rival, the Denver Nuggets.  In his absence, Jazz coach Jerry Sloan will turn to reserve guards Earl Watson and Ronnie Price.

Williams is averaging 21.9 points, 3.7 rebounds and 9.4 assists on the season.
Posted on: February 1, 2011 5:26 pm

3-Up, 3-Down: Lakers riding the see-saw

Posted by Royce Young

Each week we give you three teams trending up and three teams trending down in correlation with our Power Rankings. Check out the latest edition of CBSSports.com's Power Rankings here.


1. Dallas Mavericks (5): Here they come. Finally.

After a few weeks of major struggles following Dirk Nowitzki's knee injury and Caron Butler's season-ending surgery, the Mavs finally appear to be righting the ship. They've won five straight and appear to be finding that mojo all over again. Better yet, the injury to Dirk might have a silver lining as some other players had to re-find themselves a bit. Shawn Marion is playing well, J.J. Barea has stepped up big off the bench and Tyson Chandler is playing downright angry.

2. Knicks (12): The Knicks have been a bit up and down, but that comes with being a largely mediocre team. But they've won three of four and appear to actually be finding a bit of defense too. In a big win over Miami, they held the powerful Heat to just 88 points including a fourth quarter lockdown where they gave up just 15 points.

The Knicks clearly aren't equipped to be an actual contender in the East, but they do look like a squad that will give someone fits in the postseason.

3. Phoenix Suns (18):
When Steve Nash is running your show, all hope is never lost. The Suns have eased themselves back into the Western playoff discussion after winning seven of 10. The new pieces are starting to come together as Marcin Gortat had one of the best games of his professional career. Vince Carter is still showing a heartbeat and Mickael Pietrus is helping add a little defense to their chops.

With wins over the Celtics and Hornets the past week, the Suns are starting to grab some attention again. Sustaining success will be difficult in the West, but they're at least part of the conversation again.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (7): One week, they're on top of the world looking like maybe the most dominant team in basketball. The next, they're rather pedestrian, struggling to find points and having an even harder time finding stops.

The Lakers are the type of team with the spotlight directly in their face at all times and when they stink, we all notice. Kind of comes with being the defending champ, you see. General manager Mitch Kupchak is talking trades, Andrew Bynum's knee is acting up again and Kobe is hogging the ball. Just another day in Lakerland, right?

2. Utah Jazz (13): Jerry Sloan just can't seem to put his finger on the problem righ tnow in Utah. They've dropped seven of nine and the two wins were only over Minnesota and Charlotte. And both were struggles to get there.

The obvious issue is on the defensive side where the Jazz are giving up a hundred points to everyone . And when Deron Williams isn't able to carry them, they just can't keep up. Al Jefferson has been solid, but Paul Millsap just isn't the same as Carlos Boozer. Utah is still a good team no doubt, but there are problems to be solved.

3. Toronto Raptors (29):
The only reason we haven't all noticed the Raptors' 12-game losing streak is because Cleveland is toeing a historic line right now. But Toronto has been miserable lately. They were never good to start with, but the past two weeks have been especially terrible.
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