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Posted on: February 12, 2012 4:14 pm
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The couch made famous by Jeremy Lin

Posted by Royce Young

Before he became Jeremy Lin of Linsanity, Linning Time and all of that fun stuff, he was Jeremy Lin, the guy on a non-guaranteed deal that had to sleep on his teammate's couch.

Lin said that he's continued sleeping on teammate Landry Fields' couch because it's obviously been working. Who knows if he'll keep doing it, but regardless, Fields tweeted out the now famous sleeping spot of Linsanity:

I like how Fields put all the throw pillows on it before he snapped a picture. I think it would've been better though if it was what it looked like after Lin slept on it. Pillows on the floor, sheet laid out and stuff.

Fields tweeted with it, "Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only couch made famous by @JLin7! Let the bidding begin..." I think Spike Lee might offer $5 million for it, but that's only if Lin keeps sleeping on it in his house. Can't break up routine when it's working, you know?

(Posts about where Jeremy Lin sleeps? Yep, we've all gone completely Linsane. Or at least I have.)
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Report: Lakers had interest in Allen Iverson

 Iverson and Kobe? Together? What? (Getty Images)
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The Lakers are clearly in a desperate position at point guard. Gilbert Arenas is reportedly under consideration. Steve Blake has been injured. And Derek Fisher isn't the answer.

So, they might be looking at The Answer. Via ESPN Los Angeles:
Allen Iverson, who sources indicated the Lakers had some interest in as long as he was willing to go to the NBA Developmental League for a few weeks first, is not the answer. He's simply not a point guard. The Lakers are also said to be interested in former Toronto Raptors point guard Rafer Alston, who helped the Orlando Magic reach the NBA Finals in 2009. But who knows if that will materialize into anything?
OK, so it's way unlikely Iverson actually ends up with the Lakers. Or for that matter, anywhere. He reportedly recently had some interest in playing professionaly in Puerto Rico as the beginning of an NBA comeback, but that's a believe-it-when-I-see-it thing.

Iverson playing for the Lakers really doesn't solve anything. I mean really, what's the point? Yeah, Iverson wants to play again and he's probably still got something left, but the Lakers need someone to run an offense, not someone that has a point to prove. Unless Iverson is planning to completely reinvent himself at age 36 as a pass first point guard that penetrates and creates, then this isn't a good fit.

Unlike the Arenas interest that could potentially be a low risk, high reward move, the Iverson one smells like failure all over. I realize the two players aren't that different, but the chances Arenas can still play a little are higher than the ones of Iverson having something left. Picturing Arenas fitting in alongside Kobe is much easier than picturing Iverson doing that.

The interest level probably isn't much higher than "He's a living breathing point guard that isn't signed by someone, so I guess we'll listen" type of thing, so that's important to keep in mind. Just because the Lakers might have interest doesn't mean it's a lot of interest. Also, notice it's past tense. Sounds to me like the Lakers were mildly intrigued and now aren't.

The Lakers do need help and are looking to improve their roster. But Allen Iverson? Not the answer.
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Rose sees specialist for back, is day-to-day

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UPDATE: Via the Chicago Tribune: "Back specialist confirmed Bulls' diagnosis of Rose. Lower back spasms. Nothing structurally wrong with back. Muscular issue. Day-to-day."


Derrick Rose has been battling an ailing back and sat out Sunday's game against the Celtics.

He exited a game last week because of back spasms and sat out two games for the Bulls. The spasms started Jan. 29, which kicked off a nine-game road trip for Chicago.

"The first time I remember [the back problems] happening were in high school," Rose told ESPN Chicago. "But college I didn't have it. First couple of years [in the NBA] I didn't have it. All of a sudden it just happened now. Hopefully, [Monday] I'll meet with some people and try to figure something out."

Rose actually said he was "scared" about the pain. Which is surely scary to Bulls fans. He's planning to see a back specialist Monday for the pain.

“Probably go see some people tomorrow, have them look at it. But I don’t know yet,” Rose said via CSN Chicago. “I can’t say I’m going to be out. If I feel good tomorrow, I’m definitely going to play then, but I don’t know yet.”

Rose is obviously more concerned with getting healthy than an early February game against the Celtics. Still, he wants to play and the Bulls need him. Behind him is a serviceable backup, C.J. Watson, but the Bulls' injury problems are piling up. Richard Hamilton, Rose, Luol Deng -- Chicago needs to get healthy.

Rose has missed seven games this season. In his three years prior, he'd only missed six total. He is averaging 22.0 points and 7.0 assists per game this season.

Posted on: February 12, 2012 3:17 pm

Dwight Howard wants the ball in the fourth

If Howard wants the ball in the fourth, he's going to need to do better than 49 percent at the free throw line. (Getty Images)
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There's often a trend with pretty much every Orlando Magic game. Dwight Howard dominates for three quarters and then fades in the fourth taking only two or three shots.

Why? Because defenses clamp down, clog the paint, foul him when he gets it near the basket and he doesn't have teammates that can create good opportunities for him. It's not like someone like LeBron disappearing. Howard can't really help it. He doesn't handle the ball, can't create for himself and in general, has to be set up with opportunities.

But he wants the ball. He wants to be a fourth quarter player. He wants to start shouldering that load, on his very oddly wide shoulders. Via FoxSports.com:

"I do want the ball more in the fourth quarter," a frustrated Howard told FOX Sports exclusively after the game.

"I want to become a closer. The only way you get there is by getting the ball and have coach have the confidence in giving me the ball.

"That’s how Kobe (Bryant) and the rest of the great fourth-quarter players got that way. It’s trial and error. When Kobe first got in the league, it took him a while to become the killer he is in the fourth quarter now. That’s because he went through that phase where he had to learn what shots to take and just get confidence in taking shots in the fourth quarter.

"That’s one thing that I want for myself, so I can become the guy who finishes games for my team. I want to be that guy whose team wants him to close games out for them. Coach just needs to have confidence in me."

Obviously the Magic would love for him to be that closer too, but as I mentioned above, there are obstacles. The most obvious one being Howard has to do better at the free throw line. He's shooting just 49 percent from the stripe this season (a career-low, by a longshot) and hasn't ever shown the ability to be a consistent back-to-the-basket scorer. He gets a lot from lobs, putbacks and just overpowering his defender.

Howard doesn't care though. He wants the ball.
"Just run plays through me, so I can be comfortable in being the guy and have confidence in getting the ball late in the game and scoring," Howard said.

"That’s what I’m worth. I want to be that guy who controls games. As a kid, that’s what you dream about in the NBA, taking that shot. I want to do that.

"I’m the leader of the team. Ride my back. I’ll lead. I don’t care if I miss every single shot, I’m going to continue to play hard. Just get on my back.

"That’s why they call me Superman."

Actually, I'm not sure THAT'S why. I'm pretty sure it has more to do with you putting on a cape and calling yourself that, but whatever. Not the point.

It's such a challenge to do that with a post player though. It's so difficult to rely on a guy on the block to hit a crucial late game shot. Shaq was sort of an exception, but still, he faced challenges of Hack-a-Shaq and Kobe getting him the ball.

The Magic have always been most dangerous when they play inside-out with Howard drawing extra defenders and then kicking out to a shooter or to someone who can penetrate a rotating defense and then dish again. They've never really succeeded just dumping the ball to Howard and letting him go to work. He doesn't have the footwork or touch to really do that.

But he wants the shot. And at this point with his future in the air with Orlando, it might be best to just give him what he wants.
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Jeremy Lin's 'ChinkBalla88' Xanga page from 2004

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Becoming a superstar in professional sports is almost like running for president. Everything you've ever done seems to become part of the story and you get vetted. Especially if it was put on the Internet.

Lin has risen from an undrafted D-Leaguer cut by two NBA teams to maybe the story of the season in the NBA, but he was once a goofy teenager that had a Xanga page in 2004 under the profile "ChinkBalla88." That's right
Lin was 16 in 2004, so keep that in mind as you have a chuckle at Lin sampling some headband styles from that time. (Captions are Lin's.)

“this is what a regular headband looks like on a sexy guy.”

“ghetto and gangster, but sad! The only tournament that i could play in ended up being a disaster. But its ok, cuz now, alex and i are gb-ing!”

“this is what Marquis Daniels on the dallas mavs looks like with a sideways ghetto headband.”

“there’s Josh Howard on the dallas mavs. he wears his headband jewish style…very very loosely.”

“there’s brian grant from the miami Heat…girl style!”

“this is Derek Fisher on the los angeles Lakers with the headband covering the ears.”

So to recap, Jeremy Lin roasted Derek Fisher in 2004, and then roasted him again on the court in 2012. Linsane, you guys.

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Report Card: Bynum and Gasol dominate Boston

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 Bynum is an All-Star and Gasol got snubbed, but played like one anyway against the Celtics. (Getty Images)

Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad, and the ugly from the night that was.

Bynum and Gasol
The Lakers needed something from their terrific interior duo and they got it, as Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol combined for 41 points and 31 rebounds. They gave the Lakers just enough inside and on the glass to overcome a rough night and beat the Celtics. Plus, Gasol had the game-winning block of a Boston layup.
Houston bench
 The Rockets bench combined for 57 points and here were their plus/minus numbers in a win over the Suns: +18, +27, +25, +17. +22.
Sacramento Kings
The Kings deserve a whole lot of credit for beating the Thunder in their only national television appearance. They closed the game on a 19-6 run, "forced" 23 turnovers and have now won four of five and are a two-point loss to the Wolves away from winning five straight. Still, it wasn't a clean performance and you could tell the Kings weren't entirely sure where to go for points late but caught OKC in a couple bad rotations as Marcus Thornton hit two big 3s. The team still has work to do.
The Lakers-Celtics game in general A close overtime game, featuring the biggest rivalry in the NBA, but it was mostly ugly for about 47 minutes. There were some big shots and some big plays, but both teams shot under 40 percent and both teams looked old and out of sync at times.
Houston starters
The Rockets starting five combined for 39 points and here were their plus/minus numbers: -15, -13, -16, -16, -14.
Denver Nuggets The Nuggets have dropped six of seven after working themselves into the conversation of the best in the West. The Warriors did the work, behind 36 from Stephen Curry who had 36, but the Nuggets aren't looking like the elite team we all thought they were going to be. It could be just a bump in the road, as they're without some key players, but it could mean something more as well.
Thunder ball security
Oklahoma City blew a chance to lock up Scott Brooks' coaching the Western All-Stars with a 106-101 loss to the Kings. But what killed the Thunder most was 23 turnovers and 17 Sacramento rebounds. That added up to 22 more shots for the Kings and a loss for OKC.

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Video: Celtics start offense by snapping the ball

Posted by Royce Young

Primetime spotlight game on TNT against a hated rival. The Celtics need to come out focused, ready and ready against the Lakers. They win the tip, the ball falls to Kevin Garnett and here we go.

What does he do? He bends over like he's a deep snapper and snaps the ball back to his punter, in this case being Rajon Rondo. And to top it off, Rondo snaps it to himself after that. Was that basketball's version of the fumblerooski? Or the Celtics just coming out loose and confident?

I don't know why the Celtics did that, but I would approve of that becoming a little tradition.

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The five biggest All-Star snubs

Posted by Royce Young

Jennings tweeted after the announcement, "Just gotta work even harder now." (Getty Images)

The 2012 All-Star teams have been filled out and as always, there are some serious snubs. It's a select group that makes the All-Star Game as just seven spots in each conference are open for reserves. It's not easy to make it which means guys that have a great case to be there always get left out. You can't take everyone and there have to be cuts. So here the top five guys that have a reason to be disappointed. Feel free to create your own "snubbed from the snubs" list too.

Brandon Jennings

The Bucks aren't having a great season at 11-14, but it would be really bad without Jennings. He's averaging 18.9 points, 5.3 assists and 3.3 rebounds per game. He's third among Eastern point guards in scoring and has been terrific in a number of big Milwaukee wins, including both over the Heat. Again, what hurts him is that his team is 11-14, but that didn't seem to affect Deron Williams' candidacy much. Jennings has a legitimate gripe to be left out.

James Harden

You're saying, "James Harden? There are way bigger snubs than that. But there should be something to be said for a guy that’s second at his position. It just makes sense for Harden to have been included. He’s second in PER (21.94) in the West for shooting guard, only behind Kobe. He’s 22nd overall in PER in the league. He’s fourth in scoring among 2-guards. He’s the third best player on the team with the best record in basketball. And his beard has the power to heal blindness. Those five things should add up to enough to trump Dirk Nowitzki, who even said himself he shouldn't be there.

Paul Millsap

The Jazz have basically come out of nowhere to contend for a playoff spot. People are saying things like, "Whoa, where did the Jazz come from?" and "Hey, what are the Jazz doing in the top eight?" You know why? Because of Paul Millsap. He's averaging 16.5 points and 9.7 rebounds which aren't as gaudy as his power forward counterparts in the West, but definitely better than Dirk who has missed a good number of games and isn't playing close to his level.

Kyrie Irving

He's a rookie. He's playing for a not great team. But as Blake Griffin proved last season if your play is outstanding, those things aren't supposed to matter. Look at Irving's 21.66 PER. That's top 25 in the entire league. And he's exploded over the last month too. He's really blossoming into one of the East's very best point guard and with the reserves just having two point guards, Irving has a good case to be a third.

Kyle Lowry

The top snub in my mind. Lowry isn't just having an All-Star caliber season. He's having potentially an MVP caliber season. His numbers don't pop -- 14.7 ppg, 7.9 apg and 5.8 rpg -- but considering his importance to the now 15-11 Houston Rockets, he has to be considered one of the elite players in the West. It's tough because the Western team is already guard heavy and it would be tough to say Lowry should go ahead of Tony Parker or Steve Nash, but this shouldn't be about name recognition. It should be about this season and Lowry is having as good a year for a point guard as anyone in the conference not named Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook.
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