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Wesley Matthews loves his mom, but ...

Wesley Matthews isn't sure his mom is totally accurate about her supposed 50-50 game in high school, but he loves her anyway. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Wesley Matthews is the new hope of Blazers nation as Brandon Roy struggles to stay on the floor with significant knee injuries. His ability to close games has been especially impressive and if there is a bright spot in the Blazers' season, it's Matthews. 

My mom can't play basketball. At all. But if my mom said she dropped 50 points and 50 rebounds in high school, I'd believe her. She's my mom. Wesley Matthews? He's got a much more fierce devotion to the truth. 

If you ever wonder if players are really changed by the money and change of circumstances that come with being an NBA player, listen to Matthews describe being able to support his mother after she worked multiple jobs when he was a child to make ends meet, now that he signed a five-year contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. "It's the best feeling in my life," Matthews tells CBSSports.com's Ken Berger. "Being able to let my mom relax. She's still not relaxing, she's trying. She's not very good at relaxing yet. She doesn't have to get up and go to work. All she's doing is helping take care of my business, what's going on with me, and she loves doing that. It's been a blessing, being able to do that for her."

Watch Matthews talk about his mom's big stat night and what his new contract has meant to his family in this preview of Ken Berger's video interview with Wesley Matthews. 

The full interview with Ken Berger and Wesley Matthews will be here on CBSSports.com tomorrow. 
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Video: Ronny Turiaf is beside himself

Posted by Royce Young

Ronny Turiaf didn't like a call in last night's Knicks-Wolves game at Madision Square Garden. He didn't like it at all. In a tight game, the ball appeared to go off a Minnesota player late in the fourth quarter.

The crowd booed. Mike D'Antoni yelled at the officials. And Turiaf went through like 15 stages of grief. It was like watching a Greek tragedy in the span of six seconds.

Turiaf's reaction was like a combination of the way someone acts when they get called down on The Price is Right and how a bad actor would try and play up a scene where a loved one passed away unexpectedly. Basically what I'm trying to say is, Ronny Turiaf should be prominantly featured in every movie.

Via HP
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Video: Top five moments of the Griffin era so far

Posted by Royce Young

I don't know what to nickname Blake Griffin, but it needs to be good. It needs to be something that encapsulates his ridiculous energy, non-stop effort, skill, athletic ability and devastating raw power.

We missed the opportunity to see Griffin fully operational last season in what would've been his rookie year when he hurt his patella coming down from a dunk in the last preseason game. The wait has been well worth it. In his first full month and change as a professional, Griffin has set the league on fire. Imagine Los Angeles Clipper games being absolute can't-miss events. And that's still with the team being 4-17.

You just can't take your eyes off him. You're afraid of what you might miss. Even simple things like Griffin grabbing a rebound and leading a fast break are all of a sudden the most exciting five seconds in basketball. Griffin just has something about him that most players in the NBA don't have. At some point we're going to get The Highlight from Griffin. And I just want to be sure I'm watching when it happens. There's a reason I put the Clippers are one of my League Pass teams before the season started. You've got to have your eyes on Blake Griffin at all times.

Griffin has become a nightly highlight and really, he has so many good jaw-dropping plays it's hard to narrow them down into a list. I'm going to try though. Here are my five favorite Blake Griffin moments of the season so far.

5. This Close To A Poster, Tiago. How fun is Griffin? Even his missed dunks are exciting highlights. I'm absolutely afraid he may kill himself trying to dunk over an entire 12-man roster at some point, but man, it's going to be a blast to watch him try.

4. The Sign Of Things To Come. Griffin's debute was pretty excellent. He went for 20 points and 14 rebounds against the Blazers, but he also piled up a few early highlights. For some guys, these would be great to put on the year-end reel. For Griffin, it was just opening night.

3. He's Even Good Falling Down. It's not all about the dunks with Griffin. He's actually a really skilled basketball player. And in typical Blake fashion, even when a play looks like a lost cause, it's not over. Example: After slipping and on the way to falling down, Griffin puts up a perfect bank shot against the Spurs. Maybe he should shoot all of his free throws like this.

2. Style Points, For Fun. I don't know what it would be like to be Rodney Stuckey here. Blake Griffin steals a pass and you're all alone in what separates him from the basket. I think that's the definition of terror or something. So Griffin attacks with a nice two-step move and throws it in from behind his head, just to make it a little more fun.

1. The Destruction of New York. We're just going to package all of these as his best moment. No words people. No words.

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Video: Mo Williams ignores LeBron

Posted by Royce Young

The fans weren't the only people jilted by LeBron's exit from Cleveland. Players were hurt. Ownership was hurt. Arena employees were hurt. Everyone down the line felt the pain.

But when LeBron returned Thursday night, he saw some of his old teammates, some that he spent multiple years with. Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson, Jawad Williams, J.J. Hickson and... Mo Williams.

Williams was so hurt by LeBron's move to Miami that at one point over the summer, hinted at retirement. Williams felt betrayed by a friend and wasn't shy about letting his emotions out. He even said before the game, "It's like your ex-girlfriend coming to your wedding." Even if that analogy didn't completely make sense, it's obvious that Williams had some harsh feelings still about LeBron's departure.

But before the game, LeBron tried to say hello to Williams and instead of exchanging pleasantries, Williams gave him the cold shoulder. I guess that's better than a bump, right?

The look on LeBron's face is a little bit shock and a little bit, "All right, I guess that's how we're gonna play it." And of course LeBron exploded for 38 points, setting a record for both his new franchise and the building he used to call home with 24 points in the third quarter. Williams on the other hand, went 2-8 from the field for just 11 points.

I thought LeBron played everything pretty much the right way last night, except for the weird taunting he did with the Cleveland bench. LeBron tried to be a gentleman in the midst of such a sea of nastiness. That doesn't mean that people like Williams had to be back, but I think giving LeBron the cold shoulder probably wasn't the wisest thing to do. Not just because it might have served as a little extra bump, but come on, is that really the time to do that?

But on the other side, Williams is kind of the ambassador for the Cavs right now. He's been vocal about the team coming together without LeBron. He's the face and the guy the fans were pinning their hopes on last night. It wouldn't have been the best of appearances if Williams was standing there yucking it up with LeBron. Williams kind of turns his head back at the last second. Who knows, maybe he said something like, "Talk later."

Again, this was about how it looked though. It looked like Williams ignored LeBron. Which is probably exactly how Williams wanted it to look, regardless of what he may or may not have said.
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Video: LeBron's postgame comments

Posted by Royce Young

After his season-high 38-point gem which featured a 24-point third quarter eruption, LeBron James was riding high. Especially because his Heat walked into Cleveland and whipped the hometown boys.

And postgame, it almost seemed like LeBron had prepared for this. Like he sort of rehearsed what he wanted to say to Cleveland, to fans and to the media.

"It's nothing personal from myself to these fans," James said. "It won't be, ever. Like I said, seven great years. A lot of memories I have here and I have the utmost respect for these fans because they came out every night that I was here and supported us ... Like I said, I understand their frustration. I understand things could've been a little bit different this summer for both sides. But I'm moving on. I'm happy with the position I'm in."

Ken Berger notes that the fans were relatively tame, chanting a few things, but one battery was tossed on to the court. But in the end, The King ruled his old court, but Cavs fans got to at least air their grievances.

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LeBron James does powder toss, gets booed

Posted by Royce Young

LeBron James is officially back in Cleveland. His name has been called, he has jogged through the tunnel of Quicken Loans Arena and the reception he received was, well, expected.

Boo. Lots and lots of boo. Then a little chant that can't be spelled out but starts with "A" and ends with "hole." Then some more booing.

LeBron warmed up with a buzz in the arena that really can't be described by anything other than an NBA Finals game. And I don't even know if that aptly describes it. He never let his eyes wander as he went through the pregame layup line. He dunked the ball, threw alley-oops to himself and shot fadeaways, all while holding the same little smirk on his face.

The of course the introductions where LeBron was booed some more. (Interesting that he was announced first. Maybe they wanted to catch the crowd off-guard.) It should be noted too, that Zydrunas Ilgauskas was loudly cheered upon having his name called.

The question was, would he stick to his pregame routine entirely though? Would he toss the powder? Well, he did.

LeBron calmly walked to the scorer's table, dumped the chalk on his hands and tossed it high into the air. The Cavs fans sitting behind the scorer's table turned their backs (which included Drew Carey!) as the powder dissolved in the air.

LeBron then hugged his old teammates and then, the game was on. But pregame was really an event in itself and something I'm sure LeBron is happy to finally have behind him. Then it was about basketball. But that was just for him. Because it was about so much more for the fans in Cleveland.

Check out Ben Golliver's take on LeBron's intro plus individual videos featuring the pregame activities: LeBron running out on to the floor and LeBron tossing the powder
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Video: The mood in Cleveland right now

Posted by Royce Young

CBS Sports' Ken Berger is in Cleveland for that game that's being played where that guy comes back or something. The mood? Slightly tense.

Mo Williams and Daniel Gibson both talked about how the world is going to be with them and how that feels nice. "Obviously it's no secret," Williams said. "Everybody in the world is with us. We got a lot of people behind us. I'm grateful for that. I'm glad to be on this side."

Byron Scott joked about how he switched teams but left in good standing. "I can't imagine what he's going through or what he's thinking," Scott said.

Berger makes the fine point that 20,000 Cavs fans are going to have their opportunity to vent tonight, but says, "Here's to hoping they can do what LeBron couldn't do back in July. Handle it the right way."

Hear, hear.

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Video: Russell Westbrook says hi to Shane Battier

Posted by Royce Young

Here's Russell Westbrook. He's 6'4, athletic, really fast and likes to dunk all the time. Did I mention he's a point guard ? And here's Shane Battier. He's the charge-taking, no-stats-All-Starring, glue guy that plays great defense and does little things.

What happens when they meet in the lane? One flies through the air like a missle headed for a small city and the other just has to watch it. Observe:

The irony of Westbrook's massive cramjob is that Battier, in very Battier-like fashion, turned around and hit three crucial 3-pointers for the Rockets almost immediately after. Battier has been struggling from deep on the season, but went 4-6 for Houston Sunday to really key the Rockets 99-98 win over the Thunder.

So he may have been abused both physicaly and emotionally by Westbrook, but Battier responded. Typical. I'm sure Dick Vitale is somewhere nodding right now.
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