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Chris Paul suffers concussion

Chris Paul injures his head in collision with Cavaliers' Ramon Sessions, taken off floor on stretcher in neck brace. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Update 10:27 p.m. EST: A Hornets release says that Paul was placed on the stretcher as a precaution after complaining of neck pain. Tests results at the hospital were negative, and he has been diagnosed with a concussion.  He has been released, rejoined the team and is listed as "out." We'll keep you updated on his status for the Hornets going forward. 

Updated 8:56 p.m. EST: Chris Paul's older brother informs fans on Twitter that Paul's "ok." He says that Paul wanted to get off the stretcher and play. Everything's looking good for this situation. 

Update 8:41 p.m. EST: Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that per a Hornets spokesperson, Paul did not lose feeling in his extremities due to the injury, another encouraging sign. The injury has been described as a head injury.

Update 8:29 p.m. EST : Paul was taken to the hospital but is responsive and aware of his surroundings. All good signs. 

Original report: Hornets guard Chris Paul suffered a potentially serious head injury Sunday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the third quarter against the Cavs, Paul drove the lane, then lost the ball off his leg, as he turned to try and recover the ball in the lane, his head slammed into Ramon Sessions' shoulder and arm. Paul fell to the floor and lay motionless for several minutes. He was eventually removed from the floor via stretcher , and gave a brief thumbs up, indicating movement in his extremities, always a good sign.

Paul has been taken to a Cleveland hospital for examination . We'll keep you updated on his condition as more information becomes available. Sessions was not significantly injured in the incident. 
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Nate Robinson has knee surgery, out 4-6 weeks

Nate Robinson undergoes knee surgery, will miss 4-6 weeks.
Posted by Matt Moore

The Thunder announced today that Nate Robinson underwent successful arthroscopic knee surgery Friday for a sore right knee. The release indicated he felt soreness in it on Monday and Robinson decided to be proactive with treatment in coordination with the team medical staff. Robinson is expected to miss 4-6 weeks recovering from the surgery.

It's peculiar that Presti has apparently taken on two players with knee injuries while surrendering Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. Robinson was a non-factor for the Thunder lineups anyway, so this development is hardly crushing. He was third point guard behind Eric Maynor and his skill set wasn't anything the Thunder need for the stretch run. Still, it's concerning that a week after acquiring both Robinson and Kendrick Perkins, the Thunder won't have either player available for four weeks. 

It also comes across as concerning from a chemistry standpoint. If it was elective surgery in terms of timing (he'd need it one way or another), it's construed as Robinson not committing to the Thunder playoff push. But most likely it was simply something that worsened, and as he'd been putting it off and wanted to be at best condition for the playoffs, elected to undergo. We'll keep you updated on his status.
Posted on: March 3, 2011 10:02 am

Glen Davis will have MRI Thursday on injured knee

Glen Davis suffering with injured knee, MRI to be done Thursday.
Posted by Matt Moore

When the Celtics elected to trade Kendrick Perkins, they were confident they would be able to survive based on their depth. They signed Troy Murphy in large part to bolster that front office core, but the real work would be done by Kevin Garnett, the O'Neals (both of whom are injured), and Glen Davis. Unfortunately, there's an issue with Davis that has become singificant enough he'll be having some tests done. And it's on his knee. 

Apparently, Davis has been suffering with knee pain for a while, to the point where at several points he wondered if he could play. He continued to do so out of a dedication to the team, but on Wednesday night, From CSNNE: 

But on Wednesday night, the pain got the best of him. Davis suffered a left patella tendon strain going up for shot attempt late in the fourth quarter against the Phoenix Suns. He was helped off the court by the Celtics team doctor and will undergo an MRI on Thursday.

His status for Friday’s game against the Golden State Warriors has yet to be determined.

via Davis injures knee, will have MRI on Thursday.

Davis' dedication to his teammates in admirable. It really is. But he's got to keep an eye on the long-term. The Celtics don't really need him in March, or February, or even January. They need him in June. Putting unncessary wear and tear on the knee when the Celtics don't absolutely have to have a win jeopardizes their ability to contend when the games really matter. If the training staff was aware of this situation, they should have shut Davis down for a few games a while ago. You're begging for a tear of some sort, which could mean more missed time, or worse, surgery. It doesn't sound like that's the result in this case, but even if it's just a strain, it's more pressure on an injury that doesn't need it. 

Should the Celtics be without Davis on Friday, Troy Murphy will get more run, which may not be a great thing considering how out of shape he appeared and the coaching staff admitted he was Wednesday night. Boy, if only the Celtics had a capable center they could rely on. Oh, wait, no, nevermind, even if they'd kept Perkins, he's out two weeks, too. No win for the C's. 
Posted on: March 1, 2011 4:09 pm

Andrew Bogut out one week with rib injury

Andrew Bogut out one week with chest injury.
Posted by Matt Moore

OK, good news, bad news. Bad news, Andrew Bogut's injured. Good news, it's not a horribly grotesque injury like the last time out. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Bogut has a strained muscle in his rib-cage area and will miss a week's worth of time. 

For the Bucks, this couldn't come at a worse time.  In a season where they were supposed to build upon last season's success, the Bucks have struggled significantly.  Brandon Jennings hasn't progressed, the offense they brought in has sputtered, the defense has regressed slightly, and they're four games back of the 8th spot in the East. So now really isn't the time to be missing players, but Tuesday night they'll be without Bogut, Ersan Ilyasova, and Drew Gooden.  

Basically, Scott Skiles will be running small-ball like mad against Detroit. The Bucks face Phoenix and Boston within a week's time, which means a toss-up game and a likely loss. But without Bogut those both become at best probably losses if not locks. Bogut's their best player, even as he's admitted he's not close to 100 percent this season after that elbow injury. 

It remains curious that Milwaukee did nothing with their expiring contracts, most notably Michael Redd, at the deadline. It's strange they didn't attempt a major shakeup with the veteran scorers they had on the market. It seemed to be a trend with Midwestern small-market teams hoarding cap space, as Indiana pushed the same policy at the deadline. Bogut needs to get back from injury for them to make a late push for the playoffs, but at the same time, Bogut's importance goes far beyond this season. Especially since it may be a lost cause regardless. 
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Tony Parker out 2-4 weeks with strained soleus

Posted by Royce Young

The San Antonio Spurs on Monday announced that guard Tony Parker has been diagnosed with a strained left soleus after undergoing an MRI. He is expected to miss two to four weeks and will not accompany the team on this week’s road trip to Memphis and Cleveland in order to begin his rehabilitation program in San Antonio.

What is a strained left soleus, you ask? It's part of your calf right above the heel and is one of the big muscles that helps you jump.

Parker has of course been a major part of the Spurs' league-best 49-10 record. He's averaging 17.1 points, 6.6 assists, 3.1 rebounds and 1.24 steals per game while shooting .518 from the field. Parker is one of two players in the NBA to average at least 15.0 points, 5.0 assists and 3.0 rebounds and shoot at least .500 from the field.

Fortunately for the Spurs though, they have one of the game's best backup point guards behind Parker in George Hill. Combine Hill with Gary Neal, who has shown ability to create off the dribble and distribute as well, San Antonio should be able to weather the storm of Parker's injury.

Of course a strained soleus is the type of injury that can be re-aggravated easily, but the Spurs won't rush Parker.

Good health has been a key to the veteran Spurs. Before today, Tim Duncan, Parker, Manu Ginobili, Richard Jefferson and DeJuan Blair hadn't missed a single game this season.

Posted on: February 17, 2011 4:03 pm

All-Star: Harden replaces Evans for Sophomores

James Harden replaces Tyreke Evans in Rookies-Sophomores game.
Posted by Matt Moore

The NBA announced today that James Harden will replace Tyreke Evans in the Rookies-Sophomores game (the "T-Mobile Rookie Challenge") on Friday.  The announcement is no big surprise considering Evans' injury history this season. He's suffering with plantar fasciitis, which doesn't really heal except with time and rest, two things not afforded franchise point guards.  Evans has missed the past two games for the Kings with the injury, and realized he needed the time off to try and get a leg-up, so to speak, on rest for the second half of the season. 

For Harden, he should have probably been on the squad in the first place. Harden's numbers are pedestrian (10 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists), but he's the composite role player, who defends, hits from the perimeter and helps the Oklahoma City offense function to the best of its ability. Plus, he's got that sweet beard. 

The advantage was thought to lie with the rookies regardless, due to, well... Blake Griffin. But with Evans out, the weight shifts even more significantly to the Rookies' advantage. But on the flip side, this is a huge opportunity for Stephen Curry to step up, or, please, Lord, Brandon Jennings to show something comparable to the potential he showed in the first half of last season. 

This game gets almost no play, but it also always features one player taking over in a spectacular way. Chances are it won't be Harden, but he'll still be a worthy representative. 
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Surgeon: Roy may have 1-2 years left in career

The consulting surgeon for Brandon Roy says he may have only 1-2 years left in his career, even under the best case scenario.
Posted by Matt Moore

Portland fans are starting to get excited again. The team's on a winning streak, have pulled into the sixth seed, and LaMarcus Aldridge is the new savior, along with Wesley Matthews. And then part of them also feels that Roy's coming back, and no matter what he's gone through, he's still Brandon Roy. He's still the hero that was going to lead them to a championship. Even if he's gone through a lot, you can never count him out. One Blazer fan told me last night: "Science has to be proven every time to be true!" 

And maybe that's true. But the predictive sciences are not providing a very rosey picture for Roy's future. The Oregonian spoke with the consulting surgeon on Roy'smost recent surgery. And the outlook is not good. 
The "consulting surgeon" whispers that he believes the best-case strategy for handling Roy is this: A) Limit Roy's practice reps to almost nothing; B) Play him off the bench in 65-75 or so games a season, choosing rest in key spots; C) pray. Surgeon suspects the Blazers might get 1-2 years out of Roy employing this strategy. Right now, I think they'd take that, and hope for the best. Roy is a fierce competitor and I won't count him out.
via Canzano blog: Emptying my notebook... smack into a LaMarcus Aldridge alley oop | OregonLive.com.

The article also discusses how a significant oversight would have had to have occurred for the Blazers to have given Roy his most recent extension given the condition of his knees prior to surgery. The questions surrounding the Blazers' training staff continue to skyrocket, even as everyone who works with them personaly vouches vehemently for them. 

Everyone wants to see Brandon Roy defy the odds, overcome his condition and take the league by storm again. But if we're examining the most likely scenarios, the odds of him ever being a major impact player again are slim. His game wasn't an "old man" game like Andre Miller's featuring set shots. He used his athleticism and physical ability to create his shots. Without any lift due to his knees, getting anywhere near the same kind of production will be extremely difficult. Maybe he can be a bench player who contributes the occasional big game, but consider the kind of precaution the consulting surgeon is the best strategy for Roy. How do you commit to Roy on that kind of salary, trying to rebuild your organization, for that kind of limited production? 

No one wants to count out Brandon Roy. But every indication out of Portland is a fearful warning that he may simply never be anything close to the same player again. 
Posted on: February 14, 2011 2:46 pm

Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

Kobe Bryant misses shootaruond with "aches and chills" and is a game-time decision against Bobcats
Posted by Matt Moore

Kobe Bryant missed shootaround Monday with "aches and chills" according to Lakers.com: 

Kobe Bryant missed his team’s Monday morning shootaround in Charlotte with “aches” and “chills,” according to the Lakers’ PR staff, and will be a game-time decision for a 4 p.m. Pacific tip against the Bobcats. 
Phil Jackson said he’ll just have to wait and see how Bryant feels in advance of the game before determining his status. Of course, since he is the same Kobe Bryant who generally plays through everything, many of his teammates expect him to play.
via Bryant Under the Weather in Charlotte « Lakers Blog.

It's yet another piece of rough news in regards to the Lakers facing the Bobcats. the Lakers are 2-4 since 2007-2008 against the 'Cats. In those six games, Bryant has averaged 25 points per game, but has shot just 40%, including a 2-12-shooting, 5-points performance last February that actually netted a win for the Lakers. So maybe Byrant missing the game isn't the absolute worst thing that could happen.

Then again, Bryant will typically play through anything, and trying to keep him off the floor is something that requires a crowbar and several security personnel.  The possibility for a "Flu Game" is what the media will be looking for, even though in general, no one plays well when they feel sick. Because they feel sick. That's what makes Jordan's "Flu Game" so legendary.

The Lakers could use a win tonight, though, after dropping yesterday's game to Orlando. The four game road streak had everyone feeling better about L.A. A two-game downturn would dampen that enthusiasm somewhat, even with the "just missed shots" feel of the Orlando loss and this one possibly without Bryant. The good news is they play Cleveland to end the trip, so that's pretty much an assured win. 
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