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Obama on the Heat: Give them time

Posted by Royce Young

What's up with the Heat?

It's kind of The Question in the NBA right now. Everyone is wondering how to fix the team that was supposed to destroy and humilate everything in its path. So naturally, it was time to get the leader of the free world's opinion on the matter.

In an interview with Barbara Walters, President Barack Obama shared his thoughts:

The message from The Leader: The team needs some time to gell and get to know each other. He even envoked the always cliche "No I in Team" clause.

Miami dropped yet another game Wednesday, this time losing to Orlando, putting them at 8-7 on the season and losers of three straight. The sky kind of feels like it's falling around the Heat, but the president said, give them some time. It's not about how you play in November, as much as how you play three months from now. No doubt that the Heat's current play could create some roster shakeups, possible coaching shakeups and potentially affect their seeding in the playoffs.

But it's too early to completely panic. Why? Because the president said so.
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Video: Bosh says the Heat just want to "chill"

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Finally, Chris Bosh played a solid game. Against the Suns Wednesday, Bosh put up a season-high 35 points in just three quarters of action. So of course he got the camera time he so desperately wants after the game and he let out a little quote that many have found as interesting.

Basically, in talking about Erik Spoelstra and how he's coaching the team, Bosh talked about how Spoelstra felt like he was loosening up too much. No big deal. But then Bosh let this little line out.

I've watched this video eight times now and I still don't exactly know what Chris Bosh meant. "[Spoelstra] wants to work and we want to chill." Hmm. I need my professional athlete translator here because this one isn't in the handbook.

It makes sense to me that Bosh was implying that Spoelstra has been riding the team harder than expected and that the team has kind of felt like they need to just hang in there and let it all come together. I think that's what Bosh meant.

But the way he phrased it was just odd. "He wants to work, we want to chill." That makes it sound like Spoelstra cares about the things that, you know, make you a great team. Hard work, then harder work and then some more hard work. While Bosh sounds like he just wants to hang in South Beach, get on TV some and then oh yeah, play some hoops. I don't think that's what he meant, but that's what it sounds like.

Thing is though, Bosh is starting to make a habit of saying some dumb things. He's the black sheep of this Miami super-trio and hasn't really held up his end of the deal until he played a team like the Suns that literally doesn't employ an actual power forward. I get the feeling that if you put a mic in front of Bosh's face enough this year, you're going to get some quotable quotes that are head-scratchers.

I'm convinced that the way this sounded isn't what Bosh actually meant but he ought to know better. Especially since most feel like he's sort of "chilled" his entire career. He's never had a reputation for hard work and actually has one for giving up. Maybe it was more of a Freudian slip than anything.
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Video: Garnett introduces Shaq to "Gino Time"

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It's become something of a traditional at Celtic home games. At some point, a video plays on the big screen showing an old American Bandstand video with guy dancing, with "GINO" written across his shirt. I'll admit, it's pretty awesome.

And the entire Celtic team eats it up as much as the crowd does. So when a new player comes in, surely something that must be done is to introduce them to Gino Time. And that's what Kevin Garnett did with Shaq Wednesday. Shaq found it hilarious and therefore, I found Shaq finding it hilarious, hilarious.

Via NBA Musings

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Video: Highlights from the Greg Oden presser

Posted by Royce Young

General manager Rich Cho, coach Nate McMillan and head athletic trainer Jay Jensen addressed the media regarding the decision for Greg Oden to undergo microfracture surgery on his left knee. Jensen gets visibly emotional when discussing the process of telling Oden and Cho talks a little about Oden's future with the Blazers as a restricted free agent.

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Billups hits a 75-footer; too bad it didn't count

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As long as I can remember, people have complained about traveling in the NBA. "They never call it!" they say. Well Tuesday in Denver, it was called and it's a darn shame it was.

Chauncey Billups swished a 75-foot shot at the end of the second quarter, something that was truly incredible. But he took a hop, step, a crab dribble and switched pivots all on the way to the heave. The video:

Of course that was the right call and no I don't actually wish it wasn't called. The ball still went in and it's still very impressive. But the fact it didn't count just kind of taints it. I guess it's a lot like a Barry Bonds home run.
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David Stern appears on the Colbert Report

Posted by Royce Young

Monday, David Stern appeard on the "Colbert Report" and in his infinite David Stern-ness, was extremely clever while being at the same time being extremely serious. Nobody balances that line better than Stern.

Stern didn't make a joke out of the interview, instead answering Colbert's question honestly. Which is one thing I love about Stern. He's pretty straightforward. For example, Colbert asked him what the most popular sport in America was and even tried to finish Stern's sentence with the NBA. But Stern was truthful, saying it's football.

I was really hoping Colbert would hammer Stern good on lockout questions, but it was really something that was glossed over. Probably largely because Colbert didn't necessarily know that much about it and didn't have a good idea how to follow up. Anyway, fun to see Stern on there and if I'm giving him a grade, I'd say he gets a B-plus.

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David Stern
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Video: Kobe goes off the glass

Posted by Royce Young

It feels like we're seeing this move more and more. A player gets caught after he picks up his dribble, looks around and has nowhere to go. He pivots, sees the lane open up but again, can't dribble because he lost it. So acting on instincts, he alley-oops himself off the glass. Andre Miller pulled it off beautifully last week against the Thunder, but if there's a master of the move, it's Kobe Bryant.

Kobe pulled it out wonderfully again Sunday night against the Suns. For shame all he gets is two points, because it's so pretty he deserves an assist and a rebound, plus the points.

It's a crafty "veteran" move as they like to say, but it's just clever basketball. It also fascinates me to see players think that quickly on their feet playing a game that goes a hundred miles an hour. It's what makes the great ones so great. Never panic, never lose focus. And Kobe obviously does both of those so, so well.

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Game Changer: The Suns were hot

Posted by Royce Young

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer.


The Suns scored 121 points against the Lakers Sunday night. That part is impressive. More impressive? That 66 of those points came from 3-point range.

Chew on this: Phoenix took 40 3-pointers against the Lakers and hit, wait for it, 22 of them. Before you ask, no it's not an NBA record. That's held by the Magic who hit 23 in 2009. But the 22 is a Phoenix franchise record and it's also dang impressive, so that's something.

Here are the cliffnotes on the shooting show:
  • Six players made 3-pointers
  • Grant Hill was the only player to attempt a 3 and miss it, going 0-1
  • The Suns went 13-19... from the free throw line
  • The Suns made 43 baskets, with of course 22 of them being from 3
Not often do you see a team lose a game with 68 points in the paint to their opponents 28. Because that was the difference between the Lakers and Suns. But it doesn't matter how good you shoot it in close when the other guy is hitting the shot that counts for one more point.

But this is the second consecutive loss for the Lakers and a big win to push the Suns to 5-4. No reason to worry for L.A., but the fact that you even gave up 40 looks at 3 is something to raise an eyebrow at. The perimeter defense is lacking at this moment and really, the defense in general. The Nuggets exposed the Lakers on that end Friday night in L.A.'s first loss and then Sunday the Suns dropped 121.

Obviously, Phoenix winning is something for the Suns to be excited about and to build on. But the way they won isn't much to think about. You're not going 22-40 from 3-point range very often. And you're not winning pretty much ever being outscored in the paint by 40 points.

But on Sunday night, the Suns were hot and that Heat from the outside is what they rode to a big win over the Lakers.


Jason Richardson gets the gold star for the night with 35 points including 7-10 from 3. That's some shootin' right there.

Can't overlook Al Horford's big night against the Wolves as the newly paid Hawk went for 28 on 9-14 shooting and pulled in 10 rebounds for good measure.

Just 22 and 17 for Kevin Love against the Hawks Sunday. What's the deal man?


Via John Schuhmann: "A team has hit 20 or more threes in a game 5 times (3 by PHX). The previous 4 all won the game by an avg. of 27.3 pts & by no fewer than 18."



Peep the shot chart for the Suns against the Lakers. It's not something you see very often.


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