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Posted on: November 8, 2010 9:23 am
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Shootaround 11.8.10: Right and Wrong

J.O.'s knee not quite right, Kevin Garnett not quite wrong in the head, and a murder suspect busted in Charlotte, all in today's Shootaround.Posted by Matt Moore
  • Oh, those sneaky Celtics. It seems they snuck a Jermaine O'Neal surgery under our very noses . J.O. certainly has seemed a step behind in terms of explosiveness and strength in the paint. But to be honest, we just chalked it up to age. Apparently there was an actual reason, which means he could improve, which means the Celtics could get stronger, which is just terrifying.
  • A Minnesotan discussion of Kevin Garnett's behavior, in which it's argued he's the most genuine athlete alive . I'm not buying it. Garnett isn't driven to these things out of passion, they're calculated maneuvers. That's why he doesn't end up in fights, instead walking away with his hands up after starting something. Intense, sure, but just as deliberate as the outraged opera star on stage.
  • A murder suspect was captured in the VIP section of the Bobcats game against Orlando Saturday. Seriously. Pretty scary because there were so many people around in the public event. Pretty funny because of all the jokes you can make of "Well, if you want to be hidden from people..."
  • Brandon Jennings with some disturbing comments about the locker room chemistry in Milwaukee that's helped lead to the 2-5 start they're off to. Jennings is still learning how to be a vocal leader, but he needs to take the step and say to his teammates what he's telling the press.
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Vince Carter slips on wet spot, strains hip

Magic forward Vince Carter was injured when he slipped on a wet spot during Orlando's game against the Charlotte Bobcats Saturday night. Posted by Ben Golliver Look, it's not exactly news when perpetually injured Orlando Magic forward Vince Carter goes down in a heap. "Half Prone, Half Amazing" is really the best way to describe the second part of Carter's career, as he always seems to be dealing with this or that minor injury, and you're as likely to see a grimace on his face as you are a smile. This was the familiar scene in Charlotte on Saturday night.   vince-carter But this time it was different. This time it wasn't Carter's fault. As the Orlando Sentinel reports, Carter took a nasty slip on a wet spot on the court, collapsing to the ground in horrific fashion, even by Carter's standards. Magic coach Stan Van Gundy sounds like he's so angry his mustache is about to fly off of his face.
Van Gundy said Vince Carter injured himself after slipping on a wet spot. Carter hobbled off after falling with one minute and 45 seconds left and did not return. He said he has a sore hip and knee.
"We got a guy hurt simply because they wouldn't dry a damn wet spot," said Van Gundy, who added that a Bobcat player slipped in the spot earlier. "When a player goes down they're supposed to do it. They didn't care. That's ridiculous. I'm just ticked off."
Here's a rough cut of the video replay. It's hard to watch.   OrlandoMagic.com reports on Twitter that Carter suffered a "strained right hip flexor. He's officially listed as day-to-day."  That's good news, because this one had disaster potential written all over it.  Surely the Charlotte Bobcats will be reviewing procedures with their sweat mopping staff, if they haven't already. On the bright side, at least Carter didn't get lung cancer from the asbestos at Madison Square Garden.
Posted on: November 5, 2010 2:29 pm

Report: Bulls hold on Beverley for trade purposes

Posted by Royce Young

After he was cut by the Miami Heat to make room for Jerry Stackhouse, most thought guard Patrick Beverley would find a new NBA home soon. In fact, even Beverley thought the same thing tweeting about good news he was going to have.

Well, that good never came and the team expected to sign him, didn't. Why? Because the Chicago Bulls are keeping the roster flexible to explore future trades, reports ESPN.com.

Reportedly, a trade sending forward James Johnson to Charlotte has popped up as an option, but the talks haven't become serious yet. What would the Bulls be seeking in return? No telling at this point, but as of now, their plans don't involve Beverley.

As is the case always in the NBA, nothing is done until it's totally done. So Beverley could still find his way into a Chicago uniform in the near future. The Bulls scheduled Beverley for a physical but nothing materialized. Chicago's options also include bringing back John Lucas III or Kyle Weaver, players that both worked out for the Bulls.

Chicago needs point guard depth right now. C.J. Watson has done a decent job backing up Derrick Rose, but his natural place is more of a combo guard. Most teams carry three point guards, but right now, the Bulls truly only have one plus a shooting guard pretending to be a point man.

Currently, the Bulls have 13 players on the active roster so any trade they're looking at will likely be a two-for-one type of a deal, so it's certainly something to keep an eye on.
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The happier NBA Ammo moments in pictures

This really isn't meant to be as mean as it comes across. Posted by Matt Moore

Adam Morrison was cut yesterday from Wizards camp, putting more questions out as to whether Ammo's NBA career may be over. A highly touted pick out of Gonzaga, the mustachioed youngster struggled mightily with NBA defenses that were able to defend his shooting prowess with superior athleticism. Eventualy he wound up on the Lakers, and won two rings as a seldom-used bench figure, often in a suit and tie.

After not being re-signed, he made camp with Washington, but couldn't hold on. It's probably a very sad day for Adam Morrison. So to boost his spirits, here are some of the happier moments from Ammo's NBA career, through the camera's eye.

Farewell, old friend, until we meet again down the road.
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Shootaround 10.22.10: Engaged

Sasha Vujacic gets engaged to Maria Sharapova, the Bulls need to get engaged with one another off the floor, Mike Miller is disengaged for several weeks, and Dwight Howard is engaged on the microphone, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

Remember that thumb injury for Mike Miller we shared with you yesterday? Yeah. So, Brian Windhorst is reporting that it's going to be "several weeks" on that . The new Era d' Heat is starting off swimmingly. All they need is an outbreak of cholera and a bus accident.

May the Fates bless you in your travels, Darius Miles. Miles was cut from the Bobcats yesterday , in what could be the nail in the coffin on his "career." Pay attention, Blake Griffin. This is what happens to Clippers.

Sam Amico of NBA.com and FSN Ohio says the Blazers, Rockets, and Spurs, but especially Blazers, are also interested in Anderson Varejao. We continue to be perplexed as to why .

Martell Webster will have an MRI on his back and miss the Wolves' preseason finale. The Wolves will just have to turn to the other 700 wings they picked up in the offseason.

Dwight Howard told the Orlando Sentinel that a lot of NBA stars get the kinds of Tweets LeBron freaked out about . “All of us get those kinds of Tweets,” Howard said. “People just feel that they can say whatever they want to say to us, and I don’t respond. People are going to talk when they’re hiding behind a computer or a cell phone. What’s the purpose of letting that affect what we do?” Anyone else get the impression Howard's got a serious beef with everything LeBron does? He's one of the few guys to call out James on things. He's more vocal than Boston. Oh, and Heat play Orlando in a preseason game tonight.

The Bulls' chemistry isn't really so much where it needs to be , via the Chicago Tribune talking to Derrick Rose: ""I wouldn't say it's all the way there," Derrick Rose said. "But being on the court with the guys, I definitely know what their strengths are, where to give them the ball in certain situations, just the way they play."At practices, our second team beat (the starters) four or five days in a row. That competing will make us better and help the team gel quickly." It's interesting to hear that, but part of that is probably the disconnect with the departures of players who were closer last year. Something to watch as the Bulls go forward.

So here's the Flex offense . No, seriously, here's the Flex offense.

Sasha Vujacic is now engaged to Maria Sharapova, in case you needed further proof the universe is cruel and unfair.

Ron Artest has been given a "Year in Sanity" award by Salon.com. So if the apocalypse shows up soon, don't say we didn't warn you.

Hear Dwight Howard. Hear Dwight Howard sing. Hear Dwight Howard sing "All-Star" by Smashmouth .
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NBA Southeast Division preview

The CBSSports.com NBA Facts and Rumors team previews each of the NBA's six divisions. First up: the Southeast. Posted by Ben Golliver The Burning Question: What would 72 wins mean for Miami? While the Southeast Division is stacked from top to bottom, both in terms of talent and storylines, the Miami Heat are the division's clear favorite. Anything less than a runaway Southeast crown would be a disappointment for the meticulously-constructed Heat, who should welcome the absurdly high expectations with open arms and shoot for history from opening night.  LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and company are presented with a unique, and clean, opportunity to answer their many critics: if they commit to the ultimate team success, tying or surpassing an NBA-record 72 regular season wins followed by a title, they absolve themselves of any questions about their motives, egos and self-involvement. America respects winning, especially dominant winning, and winning in historic fashion would have the power to reshape the entire conversation, re-write the "Decision" debacle. If they kill themselves night in and night out for eight months and then bring home the rings, suddenly Wade becomes mini-Jordan, James becomes mega-Pippen, and Bosh becomes prude Rodman, with sacrifice replacing soullessness on the first line of their obituaries. Winning is that powerful. 72 wins seems impossible, especially in a division that could produce four playoff teams (Miami, Orlando and Atlanta seem like locks; Charlotte should sneak in) and the Rookie of the Year in Washington's John Wall, but no team has had a better shot at it than these Heat in the post-Jordan era. Here's hoping Miami seizes the opportunity and goes all-in, all-out because everyone, even their biggest detractors, wants to watch greatness. What Berger Says: CBS Sports Senior Writer Ken Berger previews the Southeast Division.
The Heat can win 65, 70, or 73 regular-season games if they want; they have so much talent that anything's possible. But their biggest test will be defending the 3-point shot and stopping a highly motivated Dwight Howard in a best-of-7 playoff series against Orlando. And no matter how good the combination of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James is -- no matter how much single-coverage Chris Bosh faces as a result of their greatness -- and regardless of how close they are defensively to the Bulls team that went 72-10 in 1995-96, Howard ultimately is going to present the biggest challenge they face.

Does Orlando have enough to win more regular-season games than Miami and win its fourth consecutive Southeast Division title? Probably not, but it doesn't matter, anyway. Every time these two teams tangle in the regular season, the focus will be on how it will apply to the postseason.
What Others Are Saying: Here are a few choice cuts from NBA Southeast Division previews found around the internet. Chris Mannix of CNNSI.com asks...
Can Pat Riley stay upstairs all season? Speculation has run rampant that Riley is itching for the opportunity to coach another potential dynasty. But it's unlikely he would submarine protégé Spoelstra without good reason. Expectations for the Heat are predictably absurd -- anything less than the all-time wins record en route to a title would be, in the minds of some, a disappointing season -- but what if the team gets off to a sluggish start? Will Riley give Spoelstra room to mold this new roster? Or will the Armani'd one take over at the first (or second, or third) sign of trouble?
David Thorpe of ESPN.com thinks Orlando's Ryan Anderson could break out...
Now that J.J. Redick has his first real contract, one that he earned with pure hard work, he will relax and play even better than he has in the past. But Anderson has game, too, and considering how much Lewis struggled last season, it's fair to expect Van Gundy to get Anderson a lot more touches. He's a much better rebounder than the Lewis we saw last season, and perhaps his inspired play will light a fire under Lewis. Either way, the Magic have to get more from the power forward spot, and Anderson will have many chances to provide top-level shooting, hustle and board work.
Charley Rosen of FoxSports.com says...
Gilbert Arenas is the key player for the Wizards. Too bad he’s plagued by injuries and incredibly poor decisions. No matter how much he parrots the company line, he’ll have difficulty playing second fiddle to John Wall. 
In truth, the only way that Wall can develop into the leader that the team so desperately needs would be to trade Arenas. Even so, Wall is very good and will have every opportunity to be great.
CBSSports.com Video Preview: CBS Sports's Jason Horowitz, Ian Eagle and Ken Berger break down the Southeast division on video.
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Crittenton waived: A tale of two would-be gunmen

Posted by Royce Young

It was almost inevitable. With the Charlotte Bobcats already carrying three point guards on the roster, Javaris Crittenton didn't really have much of a chance. And today, Charlotte cut him, sending him off to who knows where.

As the oft-forgotten secondary piece in the Gilbert Arenas crazy gun puzzle from last season, Crittenton's NBA future has been in limbo since the incident. The Wizards cut ties with him shortly after, leaving him to look for someone to offer a make-good type of deal. The Bobcats came calling, but really, it was destined for failure from the start.

Crittenton isn't like his former Bobcats counterpart Shaun Livingston. Crittendon never was the kind of NBA prospect where you just knew he'd eventually make it. He was a McDonald's All-American before going to Georgia Tech where he was decent. But riding the coattails of his AAU success and McDonald's All-American hype, he went pro early and was drafted 19th in 2007 by the Lakers. He qas quickly moved to the Grizzlies in the Pau Gasol deal before then being shipped to Washington in 2008.

(A fun Did You Know: Crittenton was high school teammates with Dwight Howard in Atlanta. That was a good team, I bet.)

Again unlike Livingston, Crittenton never had the "can't-miss talent" type of tag. He's not the kind of once-in-a-long-while gifted point guard where you keep taking a chance on. He's a good player, one that certainly can show flashes of brilliance, but he never has been the kind of player a franchise is willing to risk anything substantial for. Which is what makes his situation so unfortunate.

Gilbert Arenas is still with the Wizards and set to start for two reasons: 1) He's owed a crap-ton of money and 2) He's a really good player. Both of those things worked against Crittenton. Of course the Wizards couldn't keep both of the guys that drew guns on each other in the locker room, but it's undeniable that Crittenton got the short end of this situation.

Crittenton certainly has NBA talent, but it's a measure of how badly does he want to get back. He's going to have to rehabilitate everything, starting with his perception. He's nothing more than a minimum salary player at this point but his a minimum salary player with substantial baggage. And when you're choosing your third point guard and you can have him or Sherron Collins who Charlotte currently has slated there, you go with the cheap rookie that doesn't have a blemish on his record.

It's unfortunate, but it's life in the league.  And it's unfortunate too because the Bobcats are a team in desperate need of point guard help. Right now they have D.J. Augustin who's unproven, Livingston who's still nearly crippled after a horrific injury and Collins, a mediocre rookie. If he couldn't make it there, it's either the baggage, the talent or a combination of the two.

It's not overy yet for him though. Did you know Crittenton is just 22 years old? It feels like he's been in the league for 10 years now. And I bet he feels the same way. This is a pretty major setback for the forgotten second gunman in the Wizards locker room. Arenas is getting his chance for redemption and it's off to a rocky start as seen with the new dark persona and lying to coaches. Crittenton's just going to have to wait for another shot.
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Melodrama: It's not over yet

Posted by Royce Young

Remember Carmelo Anthony? Nobody has talked about him for a while but that doesn't mean things aren't happening. In fact, a lot is. As Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports, the Nuggets are still "extremely active" in exploring options for trading Anthony. One source even indicated to Berger that this could be the "calm before the storm" and that though things seem to have chilled, calls are still being made.

A few highlights:
  • If the Nuggets are going to go through with this, they're wanting to find a replacement for Andrei Kirilenko. His big $17.8 million contract is scaring them off and according to Ken, the Nuggets have no interest in re-signing the Russian.
  • Here's a bombshell: Chauncey Billups could be added in the talks. If the Nuggets are willing to just completely blow things up, Billups could be involved in the trade. As Ken reports, sending Billups to Charlotte would alleviate Larry Brown's desire to get a point guard out of this deal.
  • Denver has looked everywhere. They've considered deals for the Clippers' Chris Kaman, the Bulls' Luol Deng, the Nets' Devin Harris and the Bobcats' Gerald Wallace, sources tell Ken. The Bulls appear to be a long-shot after Joakim Noah's extension. and the Bobcats continue to be reluctant to trade Wallace unless they're getting Anthony, who wouldn't sign an extension in Charlotte.
  • A new team could settle in as a fourth team in the talks and Berger says that could be Detroit. Sources tell Ken the Nuggets inquired several weeks ago about the availability of Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince -- with a focus on Prince, whose $11.1 million contract is expiring and would provide some savings for the Nuggets. At the time, Pistons president Joe Dumars quickly dismissed the deal. But according to Ken, there's a chance Detroit's mind could change with reports this week that the team will be sold to Tigers and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch.
  • Two teams that have inquired but as of now you can cross off: the Sixers and Cavs. Carmelo has indicated that he wouldn't sign an extension in either place.
  • The Knicks continue to cross their fingers that Carmelo hangs around in Denver. And Carmelo might be wishing the same. The longer he stays there, the less Denver is going to require in return and the more chance there is New York could just Carmelo next summer.
But the main thing to take away is that the Nuggets still haven't lowered their demands. And at this point, they still have as much leverage as their going to get. It's believed the four-team deal that died over a week ago was made public by the Nuggets in order to try and entice teams to one-up the current offer.

Denver appears somewhat content to try and wait out an offer they can't refuse, though as of now, the best one on the table sounds like it's coming from New Jersey. And the Nets are also currently the team pushing hardest. It all comes down to finding acceptable third party partners and potentially involving Detroit might be enough.

Though all's quiet on the Carmelo front right now, it probably won't stay that way for long.
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