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Tyrus Thomas to have surgery, out up to 8 weeks

Posted by Royce Young

Just when things started to turn for the Bobcats and more specifically, Tyrus Thomas, something bad happened.

Thomas will be sidelined up to eight weeks after MRI revealed a tear of the lateral meniscus tonight, the team announced.

(An aside: How many players are going to tear a meniscus this season? Is it just me or is Thomas like the 50th guy to do it?)

Since Paul Silas took over for Larry Brown, not only has the team been playing better, but Thomas has been seeing more consistent playing time. Somehow, I feel the two are connected. After averaging right at 20 minutes per game the first two months of the season, Thomas has averaged 25.4 in January with Silas at the helm.

As a result, he's contributed heavily to Charlotte's 5-4 start to the month, which has put the Bobcats back in the Eastern playoff discussion and potentially Thomas into the Sixth Man of the Year talk. He was finally being freed.

Except now, he's out for possibly two months. How cruel things can be.

What does this mean for Charlotte though? Well, more Boris Diaw and more Derrick Brown. The Bobcats might even experiment a little with Gerald Wallace at the 4 and move Dominic McGuire to small forward. Or even Stephen Jackson to the 3 and Gerald Henderson in at shooting guard.

They have a few options, but for a team that's already paper thin inside, losing Thomas for an extended stretch is really a killer.

The other option is for Charlotte to just blow it all up. There have been talks about the Bobcats shopping Stephen Jackson and Wallace for young assets and picks and maybe this is the nail in the coffin for Michael Jordan to go ahead and do it. The team has legit playoff hopes (they're actually in seventh at 17-24 after beating Philly Thursday) but without Thomas for two months, it becomes a bit of an uphill climb.

I mean, we're talking about a team that starts Kwame Brown at center and has Nazr Mohammed backing him up. The other backup, DeSagana Diop is out for the season with an achilles injury. So the Bobcats aren't deep inside.

If Charlotte had any visions of making a run at the eight-seed in the East, those hopes took a major hit with this injury to Thomas. It can be overcame, but some players are really going to have to step up.
Otherwise, maybe it's time to set dynamite to the roster.
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Marcus Camby to have knee surgery

Marcus Camby to have surgery on left knee to repair torn mensicus. No timeline set for return.
Posted by Matt Moore

It would be funny, if it weren't so sad. 

The Blazers have another player undergoing surgery. Yes, knee surgery. No, it is not Greg Oden, he just had it. No, it is not Brandon Roy. That was last week. No, it is not Joel Przybilla, thankfully. That was last year. Twice. 

No, this time it's Marcus Camby who the Oregonian reports will undergo surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. The Blazers soon confirmed the report. A timetable for Camby's return has not been released yet. 

Should the surgery be to remove the meniscus, Camby could be out much longer, but there has been no indication that the surgery is for removal and not repair. Camby's known as a pretty tough customer so a return ahead of schedule isn't out of the question, but Camby's also made noise for several years about heading towards retirement. You have to wonder if he's getting worn out of these kinds of things. An average return for a meniscus repair is 4-6 weeks. 

In the meantime, the Blazers will suffer through their fifth player undergoing knee surgery this season. Five. Oden, Roy, rookie Elliot Williams, Jeff Pendergraph, and now Camby. This is the third center this season, fourth to miss some time this season due to knee surgery (Przybilla missing significant time in the beginning). This has moved beyond ridiculous. It's into patently absurd. It's ludicrous. There's a book somewhere in spending some time with Phoenix's training staff, and then spending some time with the Blazers' training staff. Oden having a bad string of luck is one thing, as is Roy's condition which was pre-existing to when he was drafted. But five players in the span of a season undergoing knee surgery? Is the ground made of adamantium there?  Is the water poisoned with anti-knee fungus? Is it just the freaking rain? 

Somewhere along the way, the pattern becomes such that you have to be concerned about it long-term. In the meantime, Nate McMillan will have to somehow find a way to rally the troops in the face of even more adversity. This for a team that two seasons ago looked set to become a title contender. 

Like I said, it'd be funny if it weren't so sad. 
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LeBron out tonight against Chicago

Posted by Royce Young

UPDATE: LeBron has been ruled out for tonight's game. Brian Windhorst tweeted that if this were the playoffs, he'd play but will sit because it's just January.

LeBron James has missed one game already with a sprained left ankle and it's looking like he'll miss another.

LeBron didn't partake in the Heat's shootaround this morning and coach Erik Spoelstra listed him as "doubtful," although there's still a chance he could go.

We saw what happened to the Heat without LeBron as the Nuggets completely blasted Miami Thursday. There may have been more to it other than just missing James though as that game came as the second of a back-to-back in which the Heat had a good long flight from Los Angeles to Denver. So they may have been worn out as well as missing their best player.

Reserve James Jones started in LeBron's place last time so it'd be assumed that would be the case again tonight if LeBron can't go.
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Shootaround 1.14.11: Worries abound

The Bulls miss Noah on offense, beards abound, J.O. may need surgery, and the Hornets need a big uptick in fans, still. All this and more in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

You know why the Bulls miss Joakim Noah? Because their offense is struggling. Noah goes out and their offense falls off. How weird is that?

The best beards from NBA D-League's Showcase

Darko Milicic won the opening tip last night. A bit too much. He ended up scoring on his own goal with it. Whoops. The Wolves won and Darko was big down the stretch. But can you imagine if the Wolves had lost by two points?

George Karl thinks the Carmelo Anthony trade could fall through. If Ujiri's previous actions have been any indication, though, Karl will be the last to know. 

In case you missed it, Ben Golliver broke down the most efficient scorers in the NBA. It's well worth a read. 

Jermaine O'Neal may not be able to avoid having surgery on an ailing knee. 

Speaking of injured Celtics bigs, Danny Ainge is surprised Boston's bigs started missing games with injuries this soon. And he should be. After all, they're only 7,000 years old. 

Orlando Pinstriped Post asks what more Magic fans want from Jameer Nelson.

One of what will be many looks at Rondo versus Rose for the next three years.

The Hornets still need to average 14, 915 fans in attendance over the next five games to avoid the elimination of the buyout penalty for their arena. Their attendance on Wednesday? 13, 688. 
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Anderson Varejao out for the season

Anderson Varejao is out for the season with torn ligament which will require surgery. Loss is more costly for Cavaliers than just on-court production.
Posted by Matt Moore

The Cavaliers season went from bad to worse as the Cavaliers have announced that forward-center Anderson Varejao is out for the season with a torn ligament in his leg. The injury will require surgery, ending Varejao's season according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Equally as damaging as losing Varejao's on court abilities as he leads the team in rebounds and blocks, is Varejao's value as a trade asset. Varejao is younger than Mo Williams or Antawn Jamison, but is a proven veteran that can contribute, has a large but reasonable contract that is movable, and to top it all off, is a big man who can contribute immediately. For a Cavaliers team loaded with LeBron James' trade exception, picks, and in need of moving salary, Varejao represented a significant asset for them to pursue options with at the deadline. 

Without Varejao, J.J. Hickson is likely to see an increase in minutes, though Hickson and coach Byron Scott haven't exactly been bosom buddies this season.  Leon Power was announced out earlier this week in need of knee surgery to repair a tear. So basically, the Cavaliers are having a very Cleveland week. 

A bad season gets worse. Expect a massive fire sale before the deadline as any hope of contention ended long ago and now hopes of moving forward with this core has also been derailed. 
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Matt Barnes with a torn meniscus, out a while

Posted by Royce Young

UPDATE: Barnes tweeted he'll be out eight weeks after his surgery.

Per Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times on Twitter, Laker forward Matt Barnes has a torn lateral meniscus on his right knee and will miss "several weeks." No timetable is set yet as Barnes will have surgery next week.

Barnes had an MRI today that revealed the tear.

While Barnes isn't a big name or a huge producer for the Lakers, his loss could be somewhat significant. He's been a big part of their bench this season, actually player better in stretches than Ron Artest. Barnes gives the Lakers an extra defensive-minded player off the bench, but can also knock down an open 3.

The Lakers have Luke Walton and rookie Devin Ebanks, but neither have near the toughness or skill as Barnes. There's a good chance that Phil Jackson actually won't go deep into his bench looking for help, but instead just using the extremely versatile Lamar Odom at both backup power forward and small forward.

Kobe Bryant has been battling some knee issues all season, Steve Blake had a small ankle tweak and Odom has been a little banged up. Injuries are part of any season, but nothing that substantial has hit. Until now, of course.

Just when the Lakers appeared to finally be getting kind of healthy with Andrew Bynum's return, of course something goes wrong. Again, it's Matt Barnes not someone that important, but nevertheless, depth is something teams really value, especially in the postseason.
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Yao Ming has surgery, does it matter?

Yao Ming has had surgery on his ankle to repair a stress fracture. But is it too late?
Posted by Matt Moore

The Houston Rockets today have announced that Yao Ming underwent surgery Thursday to repair the stress fracture in his ankle. The surgery was deemed successful and Yao has released the following statement: 
"I'd like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. I know this will be another long rehab, but I'm looking forward to beginning my recovery. I will use this time to consider all of my options, and will make a decision regarding my career plans as I get closer to the end of my rehab."
So surgery, again, and again successful. But at the end of this, his seemingly ninetieth road to recovery in the past decade, the question will weigh more heavily than ever: is it time to surrender to the will of the body?  Yao was a tentative target to sustain this season with the damage his feet have incurred due to his humongous frame over the years in basketball. Now, there's the complication of an ankle fracture on top of it. That's a fragile set of structures already damaged multiple times in the last few years. That's a lot of pain for one person to go through when he's already financially sound. And that's a small probability that he'll be able to come back at anything close to effectiveness, and an even smaller chance that he won't sustain further injuries in his legs. 

It's a terrible decision to have to make, to say you're done when your mind and spirit says you're not. In the meantime, he may not be on the Rockets next season, he may have difficulty obtaining a contract with his history, and even if he could, trying to reach a level of contention with that team would take an extraordinary set of events. 

Yao's had surgery.  But his future in basketball remains dark.
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Dirk Nowitzki to miss sixth straight game tonight

Posted by Royce Young

Via ESPN Dallas, Maverick forward Dirk Nowitzki has been ruled out for tonight's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It will be the sixth consecutive game the Mavs leading scorer will miss since he sprained his right knee on Dec. 27 in Oklahoma City.

According to the report, Nowitzki spent the entire shootaround riding the stationary bike and was the first player to head to the locker room.

Dallas is 2-3 without Dirk, having won two in a row against Cleveland and Portland. The Thunder, being better than those two teams, present the Mavs with a bigger challenge. Add in the loss of Caron Butler and the Mavericks will be extremely shorthanded tonight against the league's leading scorer in Kevin Durant.

Plus, the Mavs have defeated Oklahoma City twice already this season, both in OKC. So of course Durant and the Thunder would love to score one against the Mavs, especially since the iron is hot with Dirk and Butler out.

It's expected Rick Carlisle will stick with Shawn Marion at power forward with DeShawn Stevenson at small forward and Jason Terry at shooting guard. Dallas is still a pretty good teams even without Dirk and Butler.

But no doubt the Mavs are anxious to get their star back in Nowitzki. You can get by for a little while without your best players but eventually missing too much talent catches up with you.

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