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Chris Paul shoots at a gun range video

New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul shoots at a gun range during his Las Vegas bachelor party. Posted by Ben Golliverchris-paul-gun-range

They shootin'! Aw, made you look. 

New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul has been through a lot this season. His team was sold to the NBA and there were rumors it would be contracted, his teammate David West endured a season-ending knee injury, and he was bounced in the first round of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Lakers after putting on a heck of a one-man show.

Now that it's the offseason and there's no free agency period to trouble him with rumors about his future, Paul is free to unwind. And he's reportedly doing so in style, heading to Las Vegas to celebrate his bachelor party.

TheBigLead.com reported on Monday that Paul was joined by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony in Vegas and, later Monday, Paul tweeted that he was having lunch with the All-Star threesome. 

To work up that appetite, Paul, his brother C.J. and others went to a gun range to shoot some high-powered weaponry. Indeed, Paul uploaded this video to Twitvid, which shows him lying down on his chest on a padded mat and unloading dozens of shells at a target. He then sent out the video, tweeting, "Check out my skills. Good times."

After he finished shooting, Paul turns to the camera with a big smile on his face and declares, "You don't want to mess with me. You don't want to mess with me."

Note: Once the video loads, be sure to hit the "rotate" button. Or, just turn you head 90 degrees to the left.

For the record, Paul shot 46.3% from the field last season.

TheYBF.com reported in September that Paul was engaged to Jada Crawley.

Top picture via JayTrice on MobyPicture.com.
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Chris Bosh wedding pictures

Chris Bosh wedding photos with new wife Adrienne Williams in Miami. Posted by Ben Golliver.


The last time we saw Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, he was collapsing to the ground in the locker room tunnel following a soul-crushing loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 6 of the 2011 NBA Finals.

It's safe to say he's recovered fairly well.

On Saturday, Bosh held an elaborate and ridiculously expensive wedding ceremony with his bride, Adrienne Williams, in Miami's Fontainebleau Hotel. Against all odds, both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade actually showed up, as did Heat president Pat Riley, who was granted an exception to the league's no-contact rule with current players to attend the event.

Curious what the hotel has going for it? Here's its wedding pitch.
Fontainebleau Miami Beach is a canvas to your imagination, where the focus is you - your passions, your dreams, and your spectacular wedding day. We will inspire a wedding to express you - unique, chic, and perhaps a bit unconventional. Mix in the pleasures of luxury surroundings, fine cuisine and superlative venues with striking sophistication.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach offers elegant ballrooms with enduring architectural imprints and an intoxicating mix of old and new 21st century glamour. Inside, floating ceilings, crystal chandeliers and plentiful sweeping curves impart an ultramodern atmosphere. We offer various options for your special day with one of a kind outdoor event space, including the Ocean lawn for elegant festivities. Our wedding planners provide personal, imaginative and discreet planning.
"Unique, chic and perhaps a bit unconventional." Yep, that sounds like Bosh. 

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of Chris Bosh's wedding festivities. All photos via Jason Binn on Twitter and Facebook

Here Wade and James sandwiching Heat forward Udonis Haslem. They all seem quite happy. Original here.


Bosh gets a smooch from his bride with the cake in the foreground. Original here.


Here's Heat president Pat Riley with a magazine publisher. Original here.


Top photo original is here.

Hat tip: JocksAndStilletoJill.com
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Report: Miami Heat to pursue Shane Battier?

The Miami Heat are reportedly interested in free agent forward Shane Battier. Posted by Ben Golliver. shane-battier

Last week, we noted a Houston Chronicle report that unrestricted free agent forward Shane Battier, who was traded by the Rockets to the Memphis Grizzlies before the trade deadline, is interested in hooking on with a contender.

On Sunday, the Miami Herald reports that the Miami Heat are interested in Battier, a hard-nosed, veteran perimeter defender.  
Regardless of whether James Jones re-signs (and there’s mutual interest), we hear forward Shane Battier will be very much on the Heat’s radar after the lockout. The Houston Chronicle, after interviewing Battier, said “don’t be surprised” if he signs with the Heat or Bulls.
At first glance, this seems like an imperfect match for three reasons. One: The Miami Heat already have Dwyane Wade and LeBron James playing heavy, heavy minutes on the wing. Two: Forward Mike Miller is under contract through 2014-2015. Three: The Heat have big holes to fill at the point guard position and the center position, and they don't have much financial wiggle room to address those issues.

If I'm Heat president Pat Riley or coach Erik Spoelstra, Battier is not my No. 1 target. But he would certainly be near the top of the list when it comes to back-up plans. 

Battier is a versatile, intense, tough defender who enjoys playing on that side of the ball. He embodies the culture that Spoelstra has tried to instill in Miami, one in which the offense flows from defensive effort. Battier is super intelligent, known to pour over scouting reports, and he would be a fit with Spoelstra's advanced stat-influenced approach as well. It goes without saying that Battier is unselfish on offense, not needing shots or touches to get his game going. He's a solid rebounder for his position and is a 38.5% three point shooter. All of those attributes fill a need for the Heat, who are building around the ball dominance of Wade and James. 

Further, Battier would relieve some of the regular season pressure on either Wade or James, able to defend top-level perimeter scorers for long stretches without help, something no one else on Miami's roster was capable of this year. At 32, Battier should be available on a relatively short year deal at a figure that fits inside Miami's mid-level exception. In other words, he wouldn't necessarily have to be Miami's major offseason signing if he's willing to take a discount to play for the odds-on favorite to win the 2012 NBA Finals.

Adding Battier would require some compromises. The biggest? James would need to be used in an unorthodox manner, either as a point guard in a big lineup or as a power forward with Chris Bosh sliding over to center. James showed the ability to play virtually any position last season but is playing him outside his usual position ideal? That's an open question.

Other issues: There's no room for Wade, James, Battier, Miller and Jones. At least one -- probably Jones -- will need to move on. In Miller, the Heat have far more questions than answers. Given his tough injury history and down year this season, it shouldn't come as a surprise if Miami is looking to shore up its depth on the wings.

Ultimately, I would expect the Heat to spend its available money addressing the center position first, if at all possible. Should the top candidates sign for more than the mid-level or elsewhere, there aren't many point guards worthy of a big pay day. And that's where the interest in Battier comes from.
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Shaq: Heat will be back, LeBron hate was fair

Shaquille O'Neal guarantees that the Miami Heat will return to the NBA Finals and says the harsh treatment of LeBron James was fair. Posted by Benshaq-chuck Golliver.

The last time the Miami Heat won a title, Shaquille O'Neal was playing alongside Dwyane Wade. The next time the Heat compete for a ring? O'Neal will be weighing in from the studio.

And one of O'Neal's first acts after officially signing up to join the TNT crew, the Sun-Sentinel reports, was to guarantee that the Heat will make a return trip to the NBA Finals after losing the 2011 title to the Dallas Mavericks in six games.
“They just came up against a team and it was their turn,” he said. “Dirk played unbelievable. They played together. I just think it was their turn.

“Michael Jordan told me a long time ago that before you succeed you must first learn to fail. This was the Big Three’s first time together and they made it very far and they are going to be together for a long time.

“I’m guaranteeing they will get back.”

Lest you think O'Neal is going to be a homer for his old club, BusinessInsider.com points outthat he also came to the defense of those who criticized LeBron James this season, painting all the hatred as a rite of passage for top-level stars and saying the criticism James absorbed was understandable. 
"I would not characterize it as unfair because, like I said, it happened to everyone," he said. "It happened to [Michael] Jordan when he went to Atlantic City to get away from the game. It happened to Barkley. It happened to [Dennis] Rodman. It happened to Magic [Johnson]. It happens to everybody. If it just started this year I would call it unfair, but I've been in the game for 20 years and I've seen similar stories."
O'Neal will be teaming with former players Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley in his new role. All three have silly sides to their personalities, which could get overwhelming at times. But "Serious Shaq" is not someone we are exposed to all that often, and his experience as a top-flight player, entertainer and celebrity will be invaluable for the casual fan. 

While Barkley has always kept it completely real, he never won a title and more time has passed since he left the league. In Shaq, the NBA viewer will have a thoroughly modern mega-star who has lived through everything -- the good, bad and ugly -- that the 21st century athlete/global icons deal with on a daily basis. His treatment of the Heat's James and Dwyane Wade will be particularly interesting to follow because he will speak from a position of authority and experience that is totally unique in the basketball world. Part Godfather, part older brother, part clown, part mogul, part movie star. 

Just as Shaq was born to dominate on the basketball court, he was born to commentate off of it.

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Video: Wade swats kid in knockout, still loses

Posted by Royce Young

If you weren't aware, knockout is serious business. At least for the Miami Heat. A couple weeks ago, LeBron James ran over a kid in a game of it at his camp.

This time, it was his running buddy Dwyane Wade getting the best of one of his campers. But like the actual Heat, Wade ended up coming up short in the end.

All in good fun for Wade. I'm sure that kid probably was as excited about getting blocked by Wade as he was by winning.

But what was the deal with that one reporter asking him, "Did you have to block that kid's shot man?" And then after Wade deadpanned, "Yeah" he came back with, "Why, you can't lose?" Sounded like he was a little contentious, though I guess he could've been kidding around.

Besides, we know Wade can lose. You get what I mean.

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Dwyane Wade: NBA Finals loss still 'stings'

Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade says his team's NBA Finals loss still "stings." Posted by Ben Golliver.

The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat.

On Tuesday, we listened intently as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recounted the final moments of his team's 2011 NBA title victory over the Miami Heat.

Now, we get to revel in Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade's pain thanks to the Sun-Sentinel.
"The sting is always going to be there when you lose," he said. "Obviously, it was my first time ever losing the Finals. The sting is there, no question about it. I joke with the kids. I said, 'All right, I'm going to make jokes about it. You guys are not going to ask me the question.' Because the first thing, when they ask questions, they want to know stuff. I make sure I shed some light on it in a sense-of-humor type of way, but the sting is there.
Wade went so far as to say he has avoided sports television so that he doesn't accidentally stumble upon basketball.
"I haven't watched ESPN in a long time," Wade said Wednesday morning, amid his youth basketball camp at Nova Southeastern University. "Sorry ESPN. I love the network and all. It's still hard to watch basketball. I'm used to basketball coming on any time, I'll have it tuned in."
For those who rolled their eyes when the Heat held their preseason parade and wanted to vomit when Wade and LeBron James mocked Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, Wade's description of his uncomfortable offseason is music to the ears.

For those expecting even more from the Big 3 in Miami in Year 2, these are welcome quotes too. Wade is already one of the most driven athletes in the league, but pain, properly channeled, can serve as excellent motivation.

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KFC offers Dwyane Wade a job during NBA lockout

Kentucky Fried Chicken has reportedly offered Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade a job during the NBA lockout. Posted by Ben Golliver. dwyane-wade

Back on June 30, when the NBA Lockout went from dreaded future event to reality, Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade posted some messages on Twitter that he thought were pretty clever.

"Any1 hiring?," Wade asked his 1.4 million followers. "My strengths: work well with others..My weakness: I sometime get fatigue... I'm available for all bar and bat mitzvah and weddings..but my specialty is balloon animals."

TMZ.com notes that Kentucky Fried Chicken, the fast food chain, replied to Wade's open Twitter question with a formal letter dated July 11 and signed by John Cywinski, General Manager. The letter notes that Wade was an employee of the company prior to joining the NBA and offers to donate $250,000 to charity if he agrees to work for the company during the lockout.

Here's an excerpt of the letter.
Dear Dwyane Wade,

We couldn't help but notice your recent tweet about looking for a new line of work in light of the lockout. We're always looking for folks with precisely your qualifications -- initiative, teamwork and the ability to make buckets in a hurry.

We've always been proud to call you a former KFC employee and, it goes without saying we'd love to have you back on our team dishing out the World's Best Chicken, like you dish out assists on the court.

Our offer: Come serve as an honorary captain at a local KFC drive-thru window. And, while we can't match your most recent salary, we'll honor your KFC service by making a donation in your name to Colonel's Scholars, a charity providing young people with much needed college scholarships, if you accept. How's that for a slam dunk?
Those references to basketball were worked into the letter so smoothly, like Wade finishing a fast break.

Blatant publicity stunt or not, Wade pretty much has to do this now. The joke is on him and the charity stuff only makes it that much harder to refuse. The Players Association should find a way to turn this into a "We're still giving back!" marketing campaign and then everyone wins.
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Wade, Bryant would consider playing overseas?

Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant would reportedly consider playing overseas during a lockout. Posted by Ben Golliver.


New Jersey Nets All-Star point guard Deron Williams is known for his ability to lead a fast break. This time, it might involve crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

One day after Williams reportedly agreed with Besiktas, a club in Turkey, on a one-year contract with an opt-out clause so that he can play overseas in the event of an NBA lockout, reports are surfacing that other marquee NBA stars are potentially interested in following his lead.
The Associated Press reports that Wade says he would consider playing internationally if the lockout continues.
"We've known that the lockout was a possibility for the last couple of years," he said. "It's not just something that came overnight. (Williams) didn't wake up and say, 'All right, go play in Turkey.' Obviously, this is something that he felt that if a lockout was to last a long time, 'I would consider playing.' It's because of the game. He wants to play the game, wants to play it at a high level, and if we can't play in the NBA, he's going to take that opportunity to try to play somewhere else. Hopefully, we don't get to that point, but if we do, I'm sure a lot of guys will possibly explore it."

And Wade made it clear: He could be in that group.

"If there's an opportunity there, I'd consider it," he said.

On Thursday, we noted that Besiktas was interested in adding Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant too.

Yahoo! Sports later reported on Thursday that Bryant is open to entertaining offers as well.

Bryant is willing to listen to overseas offers, sources close to him told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday. Those could come out of Europe or the Far East, and, yes, even Istanbul, the gateway bridging Europe and Asia.

As CBSSports.com's Ken Berger noted, the risk of injury, questions about whether international teams can afford to pay star-level contracts and roster space issues will likely ensure that we don't see a full-fledged pilgrammage of NBA stars overseas.

But Williams already has the Turkey option in his back pocket, and that's a nice thing to have. An available stream of tax-free money, a relatively low-pressure environment to play in against subpar competition, all the amenities and luxuries that go with being an international star in a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul. Things could be a lot worse. Other players, including stars, are smart to want that extra level of financial security and the opportunity to play competitively if they can get it.

Right now, it feels like stars, with nothing to lose, are putting up a sign that reads "NBA Player For Hire." Now we wait to see how many international teams are able to pay to play.  

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