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Eric Gordon annihilates the rim

Posterized: adj. See: Anderson, James. Victim of: Gordon, Eric.
Posted by Matt Moore

I'm not even going to comment.

Okay, I'll comment briefly. As I said on Twitter, "Gordon just strapped C4 to the rim and said "Equipment Manager, please start over."


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Video: Rajon Rondo is good at assisting

24. Are you kidding me? 24 assists. Video thereof.
Posted by Matt Moore

Only 7 point guards in the NBA have 24 or more assists this entire season. Rajon Rondo got that amount in one game versus the Knicks Friday. An absolutely stunning performance, which was of course captured by Celtics fans on video .

Even if some of those were questionable, and some of them were, it happens all the time and I'm willing to give the man more than one for a few of those dishes. Rondo has such confidence, such touch, and combines it all with both bravado and patience. Chris Paul is still the best point guard in the league. Rajon Rondo deserves some talk. He just does. If you don't believe so, take another look at the video.


Are you kidding me?

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Video: Cole Aldrich kicks career off right

Thunder rookie gets going with a huge putback. Posted by Matt Moore

Cole Aldrich was seen as a questionable first-round pick by many, like me, because of his limited athelticism and mobility. The Thunder took him and added him to a very versatile frontcourt that still has members out with injury. Last night, while the team got blasted by the Jazz, Cole Aldrich got his first bucket of his career and got it going in style, just as Tas Melas of The Basketball Jones noted this morning .

That's some good rim killing, youngster. A shiny nickel for you!
Posted on: November 1, 2010 2:30 pm

Ohio political candidate spoofs LeBron

Posted by Royce Young

In what probably isn't the first and certainly won't be the last, Ohio political candidate Lee Fisher spoofed LeBron's "Rise" commercial with his own "What Should I Do?" ad.

It's not perfect, but for a guy running for the U.S. Senate in Ohio, I'd say it's a pretty good move. Fisher nails just about every aspect of the commercial, especially the opening shot which is perfectly done.

I also like the "Break!" basketball slaps he does a couple of times which seem out of place and awkward. Those completely sold me on his candidacy. Also, his dunk over a LeBron cut-out was a nice touch. It looked like he really got up there.

But for a guy that's trying to make up some ground in Ohio, this will certainly play well to the people. It gets the message across, is clever and it's already making some good noise on the Internet. Well done Lee Fisher. Your pandering to the emotions of jilted Cavalier fans could very well work.

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Amar'e Stoudemire does the Top 10 on Letterman

Posted by Royce Young

Friday night on The Late Show with David Letterman, the always fun Top 10 list was, "The Top 10 reasons Amar'e Stoudemire is excited to play basketball in New York."

They were all pretty solid but my favorite were No. 8 ("I finally get a chance to use my Yiddish") and No. 5 ("If I played in Miami, I'd never get to touch the damn ball"). It's the one of the perks in playing in the biggest market - you get to be on TV shows that have nothing to do with basketball and become a celebrity off the court. I bet Chris Bosh is soooooo jealous.

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You Got Dunked Off: Rodney Stuckey

Every night there are spectacular slams in the NBA. And twice as often, there are dunks that would have been amazing if they had, you know, made the dunk. "You Got Dunked Off" profiles the best missed dunks in the league.
Posted by Matt Moore

Rodney Stuckey, the ultimate tease. Kris Humphries, always tries hard. When their forces collide...okay, not much happens. But it almost looks really cool while it happens!

So close, Stuck. So close.
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LeBron James unveiling South Beach Nikes

Miami Heat star LeBron James will unveil a new "South Beach" themed Nike sneaker this weekend.
Posted by Ben Golliver

The Associated Press reports that Miami Heat star LeBron James and Nike are set to release the "LeBron 8 South Beach" sneaker on Saturday. The sneakers are designed as an ode to Miami's original sports franchises and culture.
The shoe shown Saturday have a turquoise and black scheme, similar to Dolphins and Marlins colors—a “pre-Heat” version, James said, noting that the design is based around Miami themes. James said “shoeheads will definitely love it” and that the initial response to the sneaker has been overwhelmingly positive.

It retails for $160.
So what does $160 get you these days? Aron Phillips over at Dimemag.com has pictures of the new South Beach sneakers ; I would recommend putting on sunglasses before clicking. Phillips gives his approval to the ostentatious colorway, calling the shoe a "must-have" and noting that the color scheme is "inspired by Miami’s Art Deco District (marked by the pastel-hued buildings that line South Beach and Miami Beach) and the hit 80s crime drama Miami Vice."

The South Beach sneaker is actually a special edition version of James's new Nike Air Max LEBRON 8, set to be released later this month in black and red to match Miami's jerseys. SunSentinel.com's Business of Sports blog has this sneak peek at the LEBRON 8s .

Last but not least, here's a video tour of the new shoe from Nike designer Jason Petrie.  
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Matt Barnes and Carl Landry crush a Laker Girl

Posted by Royce Young

It always fascinates me how with so many people close to the action in both basketball and football, that more people don't get horrifically injured. Like in football when a receiver is knocked out of bounds and goes flying into a cameraman, everyone always seems to pop up just fine. (Except for Joe Paterno, that one time.)

And in basketball, when there's a hard foul on a fast break and Luke Walton (why did I pick Luke Walton? I don't know) falls hard onto the baseline cameraman for TNT, all that ever happens is we get an awesome shot of Walton's face coming a hundred miles an hour at the lens before the camera goes crazy.

In the NBA, pretty much the only people in the danger zone (the baseline) is photographers and camerapersons. Unlike college, the cheerleaders and dancers don't sit anywhere near the action. But when the NBA takes preseason on the road to various locales, one being a college arena, the cheerleaders are stuck right in the middle of ground zero.

For instance, Ashley the Laker Girl found out exactly this thing.

Lakers reporter Mike Trudell says Ashley is doing fine and isn't seriously injured, but dang, that didn't look awesome. Especially the part where two huge men fell on top of her.

Last year, Chris Paul re-injured his knee falling into a baseline photographer and it's amazing not only more photogs and camera types don't get hurt, but the players as well. Not to make a whimsical post serious, but having people that close is just dangerous. I get that having people as close to the action whether they're working or just watching is the thing now, but still, it's sort of scary.

I know I wouldn't want Matt Barnes falling on me. Not even if the job required it.

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