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Posted on: November 11, 2010 1:21 pm

Alvin Gentry on the Steve Nash trade speculation

Posted by Royce Young

Yesterday, there was a little nugget of rumor that dropped which included Steve Nash's name potentially being on the trade block come the deadline. It kind of seems hard to fathom the two-time MVP being moved, but in some ways, it makes sense for Phoenix.

But don't tell Suns coach Alvin Gentry that. He doesn't want to hear it. He told Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic yesterday, "Steve's not going to be traded, that I can tell you. If he's traded, I'm going along with him, OK?"

I just tried to plug that in to the Trade Machine and the weird thing is, there's no place for coaches. Too bad, because I really thought my Nash and Gentry for Jameer Nelson, Marcin Gortat, cash considerations and Jeff Van Gundy was going to go through perfectly.

Gentry may say that Nash is going nowhere, but that obviously doesn't make it so. He's not the one in the front office making that call, though it does seem a little wild that Steve Nash could be moved. If the Suns completely fall apart and are in shambles in February, maybe. But as it stands now, it looks like a longshot.
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Steve Nash on the trading block?

Posted by Royce Young

If you asked me about star players that I thought would be on the last block to be brought up in trade rumors, Steve Nash would probably be there. But not on Ric Bucher's list. He has Nash on the top (other than Carmelo Anthony).

Bucher appeared on the NBA Today Podcast with Ryen Russillo and talked about players that could be traded. Nash was his top choice other than Anthony. Valley of the Suns transcribed Bucher's comments:
“I personally feel like I may have overestimated where they are, my belief in Nash to take any spare parts and make it work. I may have overestimated that.

They just don’t have what they had previously and the feeling is that you’re going to have a distinct two camps (in the Western Conference), the haves and the have-nots. Depending on where Phoenix is and in which camp, they may say ‘you know what we need to go in a different direction.’ If you’re going to move Steve Nash, you have to move him now rather than late to get something out of him.

It’s tricky because again we’re talking about a business decision and Steve Nash is a great draw in Phoenix and he’d be a great draw anywhere.”

Keep in mind, this isn't like a real, substantiated rumor neccesarily. This is one sports person - who is plugged in, mind you - giving his thought about who would be traded. He's not saying he's got source material calling for it to happen. It's just an opinion.

Nash makes $22 million over the next two seasons and is 36 years old. He's off to a pretty fantastic start this year, averaging 18.7 ppg and 8.9 apg. Moving Nash obviously means the Suns going in to full-on rebuilding mode and start working to build behind Robin Lopez and Goran Dragic I guess. Not exactly a big-time core there.

Nash has already been somewhat vocal about the team early on, saying they aren't a playoff caliber group and almost preparing fans for a rough year. They're off to a decent start at 3-4 but if things go south and the Suns are a bundle of games under .500 at the All-Star break, they might just put dynamite to it, trade Nash and start over. I'm sure Nash would appreciate it since he's in his twilight years and doesn't want to be stuck on a lottery team and also Nash isn't in the Suns long-term future. Makes sense, pretty much.

I say Nash would be one of the last to be brought up on the trade block not because it doesn't make sense. Because it does. But because he is the Phoenix Suns. Picturing him anywhere else is kind of difficult.

Again, just a rumor and I'm the messenger. But we do know one thing - he's not retiring to become prime minister of Canada.

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Posted on: November 7, 2010 7:19 pm
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Houston Rockets won't sign Erick Dampier

Free agent center Erick Dampier reportedly will not sign with the Houston Rockets. Posted by Ben Golliver A little over a week ago, Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reported that free agent center Erick Dampier had agreed to sign with the Houston Rockets for their biannual exception. The plan was for Dampier to step in and play some serious minutes now that Houston's franchise center Yao Ming is having his playing time strictly limited as he recovers from a foot injury that caused him to miss last season. Those plans have apparently changed. To make room for Dampier, the Rockets would have had to trade or release a player, and all signs pointed to guard Jermaine Taylor as being the odd man out. But the Houston Chronicle says not so fast
The Rockets told second-year guard Jermaine Taylor on Sunday they would not release him because they no longer planned to sign center Erick Dampier, Taylor’s agent Michael Whitaker said before Sunday’s game.
“I was actually told that I’m here to stay,” Taylor said. “They told me I was here."
Update: Ken Berger of CBSSports.com confirms Monday morning that Dampier will not sign with the Rockets. As we noted earlier Sunday, the Rockets are off to a nightmare 0-5 start and have been beset by injuries up and down the roster. So what's next for Dampier? Who knows. It took forever for him to settle on the Rockets and now the wait is on once again. A number of other teams had been linked to Dampier, including the Phoenix Suns and the Toronto Raptors.
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Game Changer 11.4.10: Can't Stop Dirk

Posted by Matt Moore

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer .


The trap we often fall into when evaluating great performances is that somehow, the defense was useless. That they were pathetically overmatched by the greatness we just witnessed. But in truth, it's often a great performance in the face of great defense. Great players hit tough shots and figure out a way to get it done. And that's what Dirk Nowitzki did against a surprisingly good defensive approach from the Nuggets. Rookie Gary Forbes and Al Harrington did everything they could, had position, got a hand in his face, and Nowitzki just kept working them over with the fadeaway. There were a few times when questionable switches and assignments doomed the Nuggets. J.R. Smith trying to defend Dirk? Aaron Afflalo? That's not going to work, kids. He may be "Euro-soft" or whatever (averaging 9.8 rebounds this season), but he's still 7 feet. And he took advantage of it.

But the Nuggets hung around, getting good perimeter contributions, and had a shot to win it with time expiring. Their offensive set of choice? Contested jumper for Carmelo in ISO. Clang. Ballgame. Don't get me wrong, Carmelo's a fantastic clutch scorer. But not even a post possession or a pick and roll or anything? Just, here, try and nail it over your guy, Melo? And that's why Dallas usually finishes with a better record than Denver.


Kobe Bryant: 30 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists, 1 turnover. Took 22 shots to get there, but who cares when he's producing that many points in total?

Monta Ellis: 39 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals.

Deron Williams: 22 points, 8 rebounds, 14 assists

Dwight Howard: 18 points, 16 rebounds, 8 blocks in 23 minutes.

Tim Duncan: 25 points on 13 shots, 17 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocked shots, 6 turnovers


Baron Davis is out because he is out of shape, which surprises no one. But what is surprising is that in last night's win, yet another membe of the Kentucky 5 showed up to make the case for being a legit NBA starter. Eric Bledsoe stepped in and dropped 17 points, 8 assists, and 2 blocked shots as the Clippers got their first win. The kid's got moxy, we'll give him that. Bledsoe at times elected to take contested 3s with time on the clock. But he also got things going, ran the offense, and was very efficient for a rookie starting. All this and the Clippers blew out the Thunder like they weren't even there. It's not a small element if Bledsoe can become the point guard of the future for the Clippers. That makes them a much more complete team and gives them a 1-2-3 punch with Gordon and Blake Griffin.


Things looked bleak for the Jazz as the season started. But in their past two games, they've absolutely annihilated their opponents, as they did to the Raptors last night. The Jazz dropped 66 on the Raptors in the first half and that was all she wrote. Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, or as I like to call it, Aul Jeffsap, dropped 48 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists, and a block on the Raptors, on a night where Andrea Bargnani was actually rebounding. There were so many questions about how those two would work together, but at least early on, they're monstrous offensively. Jefferson's savvy and poise is offset by Millsap's explosiveness and tenaciousness. The Raptors had no return volley and that was it.



KB says KG can still make this right . Bogut and Garnett got into it . And Steve Nash is not retiring .


Richard Jefferson nailed 4 three-pointers from the corner last night, and had himself a barrage from the arc.

Richard Jefferson hits four 3-pointers in the 4th quarter to beat Suns from 48 Minutes of Hell on Vimeo .


It's overtime. The Celtics need a bucket to get some space on the Bucks. So the Celtics go to their best option. Let Rajon Rondo create.

Rondo sets the play and moves to the left wing where KG is moving to set him a pick to clear baseline. Paul Pierce has his hands on his knees on the far wing, he's harmless. (HINT: He is not harmless.)

As Rondo comes off the pick, Davis is high, pulling defenders away from the basket. Ray Allen sets a pick low, and because it's Ray Allen, the Bucks rightly are concerned with keeping tabs on him. Meanwhile, they're trying to prevent the pick and pop from Garnett at 18 feet which is deadly. So you'll see three Bucks players creating a wall watching that pick and roll. The problem? There's no one behind the play to watch... the Truth, who has come hard off of that wing to the low cut. Rondo is dribble hesitating to pull Ilyasova out and freez him where he wants him.

Rondo's got one lane, over the top of the tall Ilyasova, to the bucket, without making Pierce go up too much. Pierce is nto really an alley-oop guy at this point, so Rondo's got to get it where Pierce can grab it and immediately go up to score. He's got a narrow lane, with a defender closing off the pick (and Garnett is still open if he want to opt for the pick and pop). Meanwhile, the Bucks have just realized they don't know where Pierce is.

Too late.

Look at all the space Pierce has when he catches the pass from Rondo. They've managed to create space right under the basket and all they need is a great pass from Rondo. Which he delivers on target.

Too easy.

See you tomorrow on the Game Changer.

Follow F&R on Twitter at @CBSSportsNBA and check out our RSS feed . This has been your daily edition of the Game Changer.
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Shootaround 11.14.10: Post-Halloween Scary

Posted by Matt Moore

  • Richard Jefferson hit four deep corner threes last night to help the Spurs bury the Suns (again). NBA Playbook breaks down one of them . Next time your team hoists another contested mid-wing three, ask yourself why it is that the best teams work for high percentage areas for high percentage shots and bad ones don't. 
  • Doug Collins left in the second half of the Sixers first win against the Pacers with vertigo symptoms. Collins' concussion was some scary stuff.
  • It would be remarkably easy to find only negatives to talk about in the Pacers' loss to the Sixers (the Sixers first win) by a comfortable margin. But 8 Points 9 Seconds points out that a big difference in this year versus last is that last night, no Pacer showed up his teammates . Bad teams turn to good teams when things like that start happening. It's early, so things can still go south, but it's a good sign. Losing well can at least be a building block for a young team, as long as it doesn't happen too often.

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Steve Nash retirement story a hoax

Posted by Royce Young

A story popped up online Wednesday at The Phoenix New Times that claimed Steve Nash was retiring. Not eventually. We know that. That he was retiring now to pursue a political career in Canada.

The story claimed Nash was retiring Nov. 15 and that his long-term goal was to be prime minister of Canada. People believed this. It was a five-page story that was thousands of words. There were quotes, confirmations from Jerry Colangelo, Robert Sarver and Alvin Gentry. There was no hint that it was a joke or no reason for it to be fake.

But don't worry, it was. CBS 5 News in Phoenix confirmed that the story was a fake and there was even an official statement on Suns.com calling the story humorous.

Via Seth Pollack of SB Nation, Nash said, "Obviously, I'll be prime minister one day but I was going to wait until after I finish playing basketball." Well played, Prime Minister Nash.

Why the joke? Why the fake article? I have no idea. It makes no sense to me. It seems like it took a lot of effort and honestly, there just doesn't seem to be a reason for it. The Phoenix News Times isn't a site that's prone to making up stuff, but it is an alternative media company that aims to sort of pry and dig. The New Times brand is owned by Village Voice Media which has a number of these sites planted through the country. They've actually won awards for writing and investigative pieces. But I don't think this is going to help their credibility a ton.

I assume there was some kind of satirical effort behind this story, like it was trying to make a point about LeBron's move to Miami or Amar'e Stoudemire leaving. But to run it with fake quotes and in a way like it's actually happening is weird. And it was even a cover story!

Kind of a fun story though. I can totally picture Steve Nash giving his home country an assist and taking control of the government. I'm sure he'd be quite the leader. But that'll have to wait for a bit. Don't believe everything you read, kids. Except this stuff. This stuff is all good.
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Posted on: November 2, 2010 12:16 am

Jared Dudley signs 5-year, $22 million extension

Suns forward signs 5-year, $22.5 million extension.Posted by Matt Moore

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that the agent for Jared Dudley confirms the Suns star will get the payday he's been hoping for. Berger reports that Dudley tonight signed a 5-year, $22.5 million extension. Dudley had been hopeful, but pessimistic of getting the extension. The Suns forward averaged 13.5 points and 5.6 rebounds per 40 minutes last season, which is nothing to write home about, but was a huge part of the Suns' bench mob which helped them to the Western Conference Finals.

Defense is where Dudley makes his money, and last year, according to Synergy Sports, he held opponents to 36% shooting in the post with a 20% turnover rate (!) and 40% in isolation. That's good work. 5-years and $22.5 million isn't bad for a do-it-all forward, but you have to wonder if the Suns will regret the length of that contract in a few years when Steve Nash is gone. But hey, maybe the CBA will wipe it out anyway.

Dudley, on his part, is pretty excited.

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Report: Dampier to Rockets

Report says Dampier will sign with Rockets. Posted by Matt Moore

Our long national ... apathy may finally be over. Hoopsworld is reporting that Erick Dampier has made his decision, many moons after "The Decision", and will join the Houston Rockets as a backup center. The Rockets are at 15 players, so there will have to be cut to make room for him, likely Ishmael Smith. Smith may wind up in the Rockets' D-League affiliate Rio Grande Valley Vipers who they use quite a bit.

Dampier makes for a valuable addition to the Rockets. Against the Lakers, when they had a center with size in, they flourished. Those players went out due to minute restrictions or endurance, and production dropped. They need that size, despite having an absolute plethora of bigs. Dampier gives them elite size to combat their opponents' bigger lineups. He's slow, old, and never been a great scorer, but he does his job and does it well. In limited minutes, he could pack a big punch for Houston, who has struggled in rebounding through their first two games.

Dampier had been pursued by Toronto, Portland, Phoenix and Milwaukee, with heavy talks of him signing with all three. But Dampier took his time, or those teams pursued other options, and so now Houston will bring him in and slide Chuck Hayes to backup power forward. The race for size in the Western Conference continues.

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