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Posted on: September 30, 2010 9:41 am

Shootaround 9.30: D-Howard makes children's music

Posted by Royce Young
  • Dwight Howard has a children's CD coming out. The album is called "Shoot for the Stars" and some of the tracks on it include: "Whoop There It Is," "U Can't Touch This," "Banana Boat" and "ABC." I smell Grammy.
  • The trade rumors aren't bothering AK-47: "First of all, there's not much I can do," Kirilenko told the Deseret News. "Secondary, I don't really care what the people (are) thinking. My job is to play basketball, and it's as simple as that ... I don't really care about rumors," Kirilenko added. "I spoke with (Jazz general manager) Kevin (O'Connor) and Jerry (Sloan), and they said, 'Look, we don't have any intentions' ... So, I'd rather believe them than the rumors."
  • Tom Moore of PhillyBurbs.com: "At Doug Collins' request, Reggie Miller delivered a message to the 76ers on the second day of training camp Wednesday. As the NBA's all-time leader in made 3-pointers (2,560) and one of the best clutch shooters in league history before retiring in 2005, Miller would seem to have plenty of cache with today's players because of his on-court accomplishments. And he more than held their attention as he talked and demonstrated what he was saying, according to those in the gym at the time."
  • Jeff Pearlman of SI writes that he wants his kids to watch Eddy Curry so they won't be like him: "That's why, as Curry collects $11.3 million for sitting on the bench this season, I'll tell my kids all about him. "See that guy," I'll say. "The one in street clothes eating the hoagie. His name is Eddy Curry. He's young, he was wealthy, he's gifted -- and he's invisible."
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MeloDrama: Nets trade dead or just "dormant?"

Posted by Royce Young

Yesterday, the word of the day was "dead." Today, maybe that's changing to "dormant."

A day after the four-team talks fell apart that would Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey, the word is maybe it's not entirely over. As Ken Berger of CBSSports.com tweeted, "One GM in the Melo loop shares my skepticism that 4-team deal irreparably broken. 'Be skeptical,' the exec says. 'I don't believe it.'"

On top of that, Marc Stein of ESPN.com tweeted, "
You've heard word "dead" used to describe four-way trade that would have sent Melo to New Jersey. "Dormant" is far safer description."

So maybe it's not all over? Stein also made the solid point of any time a trade gets this far down the line and has this much work done, it can be revived because there's so much framework already in place. The word "dead" implies that this thing is gone forever. But all it takes to bring it back to life is for Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri to pick up the phone and go back to work on it.

Potentially this could be a PR ploy by the Nets as Devin Harris, wasn't very happy with the swirling trade rumors, now won't get the trade questions every day at practice.
Stein said, "Nets obviously/rightfully want story to die so Devin Harris and Derrick Favors don't get trade questions every day. Safe to say, though, Nets still want Melo. And safe to say Nuggets, much as they're clinging to hope they can somehow talk Melo back on board, won't stop taking/making Melo calls."

It became pretty clear from all the reports about the deal that new teams might have to be involved. But again, it's not all over. Carmelo hasn't changed his stance on wanting out and the Nets haven't changed their mind about wanting him. The big four-team deal may be in a coma right now, but it's not dead.
Posted on: September 29, 2010 9:17 am
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Current four-team deal for Carmelo dies

Posted by Royce Young

The shelf life for trade talks that go public isn't very long. Eventually, they just dry up and die. And that was definitely the case for the current four-team Carmelo Anthony trade to the Nets. According to multiple outlets and confirmed by Ken Berger of CBSSports.com , the current deal is dead.

As Berger reported, the potential trade was hung up and stuck in a state of inertia while everyone sorted things out. But it became clear to the Nuggets that this was a deal that could cost them money, therefore, they started wanting more and more.

But here's where there could be some confusion: Yes, the four-team deal involving the Nets, Nuggets, Bobcats and Jazz is dead. But that doesn't mean a Carmelo-to-the-Nets deal is dead. Both Berger and Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post have reported that talks are continuing, with Hochman adding that Melo won't be traded today. But something could go forward soon for sure.

The Nets still want Anthony and are willing to hang in there. But the Nuggets continue to push for more for their star (and why wouldn't they?), so the talks have been hung up on a number of snags. There's no doubt this could eventually be revived in another revised deal, but just because the current one is dead doesn't mean Carmelo can't still go to New Jersey. If the Nets want him and Carmelo agrees to signing an extension there, you can be sure they'll put together another package and find a few new teams to make this thing happen.

Berger reports the Nuggets are trying actively to find new places for Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith, so they can offload almost $25 million in salary. Ken mentions this thing would likely have been done if the Bobcats hadn't waived Erick Dampier two weeks ago. Dampier had a non-guaranteed $13 million contract, which could've been a perfect exchange for Martin. Adding Dampier into the deal would've saved Denver in the neighborhood of $33 million when factoring in luxury tax savings.

At this point, it feels a little like Denver might be holding on to trying to play a little of the season with Anthony. But there's never been any indication Carmelo intends to stay in Denver past this season, so it's probably a pipe dream to convince him to stay. But the Nuggets still hold the cards and if they want, can have Carmelo for at least one more full season in Denver.
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D-Will tells Jefferson he'll make him an All-Star

Posted by Royce Young

Sometimes, what makes a good player great is his point guard. And really, isn't that the job of a good point guard? To make everyone better?

Steve Nash definitely did it with Amar'e Stoudemire and Shawn Marion. Chris Paul did it with Tyson Chandler and is doing it with David West. And Deron Williams did it with Carlos Boozer.

Now Williams has a new project. And he said he intends to turn new big man Al Jefferson into an All-Star. Jefferson, in an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, said:
“D Williams is Batman. He’s Batman. He’s the captain. He’s the guy, you know. And I’m Robin. So I’m willing to do whatever. I’m not worried about jelling with him. I’m going to adjust to him. Whatever he needs me to do is going to be done. Because the first thing he said to me when I talked to him is, ‘I’m going to make you an All-Star.’ And when he said that to me, I believed him. He wasn’t just talking. He wasn’t just saying it because it sounded good. He really means that. And I’m not going to do nothing to mess that up. Whatever he wants me to do. I know he told me one thing, he was joking. He said I don’t really dunk a lot in the games. And so [he said], ‘If I throw you a sweet pass, you’re going to have to dunk it.’ And if he wants me to start dunking, I’ll dunk it.”
There's absolutely no doubt that's possible. A lot of making the All-Star team is how your actual team is doing. And the Jazz should be pretty good. Jefferson was in Minnesota on sub-20-win teams, playing mostly in obscurity. He's always had nice numbers and that was with Randy Foye, Jonny Flynn, Ramon Sessions and Sebastian Telfair setting him up. No disrespect to those guys, but they sure as heck aren't Deron Williams.

Health has always been the main hurdle for Jefferson. If he gets that and adds it to the fact he has an elite point guard dishing him the ball, he very well could be headed for an All-Star caliber year. The West is relatively thin with premier centers. Jefferson could establish himself at the top of the pile.

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Shootaround 9.27.10: Taking and Giving

Jazz will take back Fesenko, Conley has to take charge, Dampier will take his time, and Shaq giving quotes as usual, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

It's Fesenko time! ESPN.com's Marc Stein reported via Twitter last night that Kyrylo Fesenko had elected to turn down an offer from the Rockets and return to the Jazz for a one-year, $1-million deal. NBA FanHouse's Sam Sam Amick confirmed that same report . Funny thing is, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports that while Fesenko's made up his mind, discussions haven't begun with Utah to finalize. So we're in the 90% range but not a done deal. If you're wondering why you care, take a look around the Western Conference to see how big the West is. Every center matters.

The Commercial Appeal 's Ron Tillery has a look at five things to watch during Grizzlies training camp, and Mike Conley is the big one. The Grizzlies have eliminated all competition for the point guard job in an effort to give him the confidence to be the player they need him to be. Which isn't really the player he's been for the duration of his career.

Guyism has an awesome run-down of the new technical foul violations , as demonstrated by Rasheed Wallace. Here's a question: How's the league going to make up for the loss of revenue with 'Sheed retiring? That's a lot of fine money going out the door. Could it be that's the reason for the expanded tech rules? Conspiracy! (Note: Not a real conspiracy.)

Sam Amick at FanHouse has another interesting story, as he spoke with Erick Dampier and found out Damp has expanded his list of prospective teams , with Portland, Toronto, and Milwaukee joining the list of teams he's considering. Portland's an interesting option, considering they have Greg Oden, Marcus Camby, and Joel Przybilla on roster, even with the injuries to the first two. Would be quite a statement if Portland brought in Dampier.

NIUBall.com, which covers the Chinese leagues, reports via HoopChina.com that either Von Wafer, Rafer Alston, or both could be headed to China . You realize Rafer Alston was starting for a Finals team a year and a half ago? Geez, talk about a plummet.

Among the many, many quotes that Shaq gave ESPN Boston , he says that this is the first time in his career he doesn't have to hold anyone's hand, nor have anyone hold his. Which is kind of ridiculous considering the level to which Dwyane Wade shouldered the load in Miami, having already made the playoffs. And I think it's hard to argue he had to hold James' hand. And he actually damaged Amar'e Stoudemire's confidence to a large degree. But hey, whatever makes the big guy feel good about himself. Also, apparently Glen "Big Baby" Davis is considered a "great player" by O'Neal. ... 'Kay.

Kwame Brown was injured in a pickup game and will be out 4-6 weeks. The Bobcats are going to be insanely short on centers. Bloggers will be insanely long on jokes about this situation.

Primoz Brezec is playing in Russia this season, according to ... himself . Again, see shot #1 here for why that's relevant.

Don't get Brook Lopez started on comic books .... you'll be there for a while.

Disney is now sponsoring Amway Arena , where the Magic now play. ESPN is owned by Disney. Maybe now you'll see Orlando getting the kind of attention respect that Boston and Cleveland have enjoyed from ESPN for... "BREAKING NEWS! The Miami Heat have gone to dinner together! We take you there live!"

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Melo update: Nuggets exploring, Sixers involved?

Posted by Royce Young

It's Sunday, September 26th. Do you know what the latest on Carmelo Anthony is? Here are some cliff notes: the Nuggets are talking to some teams and stuff. Well, there's more detail to it than just that.

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reported over a week ago the 76ers were involved in the Carmelo trade talks and were even offering Andre Iguodala as bait. Late Sunday, more reports of the same started coming out with multiple outlets reporting that the Sixers and Nuggets have been in talks regarding exchanging the stars. Nothing serious by any means, but at least some discussion.

Berger has filed his latest report updating the Carmelo situation and here's the gist:
  • In terms of the Melo to Philly talks, Anthony hasn't softened on wanting to go to Philadephia. So while there may be talk, don't look for that to Heat up. At least right now.
  • The four-team deal sending Carmelo to New Jersey is still alive, Berger says. And another team could possibly be added to the mix. But it's possibly on life support. The Nets are willing to wait, but the other teams involved - the Jazz and Bobcats - don't want this trade talk to cause a big distraction in their training camp this week. So if things don't start moving, they may balk.
  • The Nuggets have used this extra time to solicit more offers from other teams, but according to Berger, nothing better has presented itself yet. As of now, it appears the deal with the Nets is the best offer and by the account of a number of other executives, the best one the Nuggets can hope to get.
  • To copy and paste from Ken: "The Nets are said to have “exhausted” the options available to the Nuggets in the current structure of the trade, with one possibility having Harris going to Denver instead of Charlotte.
  • What's better for Denver? Devin Harris or Andrei Kirilenko? As Berger mentions, it comes down to which player has more potential trade value. Kirilenko who has a $17.8 million expiring deal is pretty lucrative compared to Harris who is owed $27 million over the next three years. But at the same time, Harris is an All-Star caliber point guard and if he's dealt somewhere that wants him, they've got him for three years. So Denver would be choosing between a large expiring deal or an actual trade asset in Harris. What gets them more?
  • Denver may be stalling for a whole other reason too. Not just to continue to hear from other teams, but in order to hopefully get Anthony in camp and around familiar, friendly faces. To this point, Anthony still hasn't had a sit-down with new GM Masai Ujiri. The Nuggets are hoping that if they can get Carmelo into media day and training camp tomorrow, that maybe talking with George Karl and Chauncey Billups will ease some of his desires to pack up and leave. But that's likely a longshot.
Maybe that's what the Nuggets have been stalling for. They haven't even been able to hear from Anthony and maybe they at least want their shot at keeping him tomorrow. If Carmelo doesn't show or he doesn't like what he hears, then the wheels may be set in motion, big time. That's all speculation on my part because this thing could go through while I'm typing this involving five teams we haven't even talked about yet. That's just how it is.
Posted on: September 24, 2010 11:04 pm
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The Melo Trade Update: Deal may expand

Four-team trade may expand to five teams by end of weekend, Denver considering holding out for better deal, and Nets want Augustin.

  Okay, so it's been one of those whackadoodle days where nothing has happened for a while and then lots and lots of stuff happens in a very short amount of time. Let me explain. No, that would take too much time. Let me sum up .

  • Most notably, KB says the Nets at some point looked down at their roster , saw that they'd be starting Jordan Farmar and Jordan Farmar alone at point guard, then started making noise about also wanting Charlotte's D.J. Augustin included. That's how these things go, where D.J. Augustin suddenly becomes a sticking point.
  • The Bobcats obviously are reticent to give Augustin up, especially because the deal for them would essentially become Boris Diaw (who has a player option for 2011-2012) and Augustin for Devin Harris. Harris is clearly a significant upgrade at a position they desperately need help at, but that's a lot of assets to give up for a player who's not an elite team.
  • If the Bobcats stick to their guns and the Nets still need a point guard, there's the possibility of a fifth team being added, making this the most ridiculous trade of the year, or at least a strong candidate.
  • Marc Spears of Yahoo! reports that the Nuggets have given Melo a 48-hour deadline dependent upon the teams reaching a deal in principle for Anthony to accept the three-year $65 million extension.
We'll keep you updated throughout the weekend. Eventually, we project this will be a 30-team trade that involves every player in the league outside of Kobe Bryant and the Miami Triad.

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