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Posted on: February 2, 2012 7:16 pm
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Bosh, Love the big All-Star starter snubs

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Despite leading the West in rebounds and sitting third in points, Kevin Love wasn't named a starter. (Getty Images)

The starting fives for the Eastern and Western Conference were announced Thursday night
and while there weren't any surprises from the fan vote, the question is, should there have been?

By default this season, the fans weren't afforded the opportunity to really mess this up as Yao Ming retired and wasn't on the ballot. But I'm sure he's still somehow going to be named the Western reserves anyway. It wouldn't be a proper All-Star Game without him.

But let's figure it out: Did the fans get it right?


Obviously Derrick Rose is the right choice at point guard. The alternative option would be Deron Williams I suppose. Or Rajon Rondo, who finished second. Or if you wanted to get clever, maybe Jrue Holiday or Kyrie Irving. But Rose is the obvious correct choice despite him missing a handful of games with an injury. You don't snub the reigning MVP.

But at shooting guard, there's a case to be made for someone else here. Wade is the obvious top 2 in the East, but he's only played in 13 of Miami's 22 games this season. His numbers are good and he's as much a superstar as you can be, but if you want to give it to a deserving player, you could point to Joe Johnson who is leading the Hawks to the top of the East despite Atlanta having lost Al Horford. Still, Wade's the choice. Just the way it is.

Dwight Howard, check. Moving on.

The two forward spots is where I'd point to a mistake by the fans. LeBron James is obviously the right pick, but Carmelo Anthony is not. Not only has he missed a good chunk of New York's season, but he's not even playing that well. His team stinks and Melo's putting up near career-low numbers. You know who deserves that spot? Chris Bosh, believe it or not. Bosh has quietly had a terrific season for Miami. A 21.0 PER, 20.4 points and 7.8 rebounds per game. Bosh deserves to start. Melo absolutely does not. Quite honestly, I'm not even sure if he's a reserve at this point.


If I wanted to have things thrown at me, I'd say Russell Westbrook deserves to start ahead of Chris Paul. CP3 missed a number of the Clippers' games and Westbrook has followed up last season's breakout with another terrific start. But I won't go there. CP3 showed Wednesday in Utah why he's not just the best point guard in the West, but the entire league.

Kobe Bryant, not going to argue with that. Honestly the only player that you could even recommend right now with Manu Ginobili being hurt is James Harden. And that's not at all reasonable.

Kevin Durant, check. He's not just scoring the ball well again this year while averaging career-highs in rebounding and assists, but his team sits atop the West and he's a solid MVP candidate.

Andrew Bynum gets the starters nod almost by default of being the best center in the West, but you could try and make something for Marc Gasol or Nene. Clipper fans want to point out DeAndre Jordan's defense, but come on. Bynum is averaging career-highs with 16.5 points and 12.1 rebounds per game. Bynum is the right selection, but not by too much.

Where the fans whiffed was at the 4 again. Yes, that means I'm going to tell you why Blake Griffin, even with his detonation of the Internet by posterizing Kendrick Perkins, is not the choice. Griffin's had a terrific season thus far, but I don't see how you deny Kevin Love. He doesn't have the highlight resume and doesn't have an arena oohing over a good offensive rebound, but Love leads the West in rebounding, is actually third in the West in scoring and has a PER of 25.87.

Griffin's numbers are great and you could even try and say LaMarcus Aldridge or Pau Gasol are deserving of mentions. So there they are. But that spot is owed to Love. His numbers are just too good to deny and there's not the excuse that his team is terrible anymore. The Wolves are nipping at that eight spot and are playing good basketball.

Plus, Love did this to Griffin, which should count for something, right?
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Metta World Peace says roaches are his friends

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"I grew up around roaches," Metta World Peace said. "And it was bad. Too many of them. Too many friends, yeah, in New York. I got a lot of roach friends. I'd wake up, they'd wake up in my cereal. They'd wake up like, you know, just Ron what's up, good morning. One leg in my macaroni, the other leg in my corn. They just made themselves comfortable at my home."

And this concludes your daily reminder that Metta World Peace is not your everyday, normal human being.

Via the L.A. Times

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K-Mart gets FIBA clearance to return to NBA?

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Kenyon Martin has received a surprising early clearance from FIBA that will allow him to return to an NBA team, according to multiple reports. Martin signed with a Chinese team during the lockout and because of Chinese Basketball Association rules would not be allowed to return to the NBA until his team's season ended.

Martin, however, reached a buyout agreement with his team in December and basically has just been sitting and waiting for their season to finish, which should happen in about two weeks.

Reportedly, Martin has drawn interest from the Lakers, Clippers, Spurs, Hawks and Heat. According to Yahoo! Sports, Martin is visiting with the Hawks today in fact.

The Hawks have a major need for a guy like Martin as Al Horford was essentially lost for the rest of the regular season with a shoulder injury recently. Martin wants to join a good team, but he also wants to play and there's a clear hole for him to fill in Atlanta.

Martin, 34, played last season in Denver averaging 8.6 points and 6.2 rebounds per game in 48 appearances for the Nuggets. He still has a little left in the tank and obviously is looking to join a contender and contribute to a strong championship, playoff push.
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All-Star jersey designs released

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Via the Orlando Sentinel, here's what this year's All-Star jerseys look like. The verdict? They look a lot like the other past five All-Star jerseys. Nothing all that flashy, but nothing all that ridiculous either.

Supposedly, the jerseys are supposed to have a "Florida vibe." I'm not sure I'm getting that, but they look fine to me.

The block lettering and numbers are intended to pay homage to the 1992 All-Star which was held in Orlando. They are also supposed to start out dark and end up light which is to present an "out-in-the-sun, faded approach." The shorts are to resemble board shorts.

The All-Star Game takes place Feb. 26 at Amway Arena in Orlando.

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Mark Cuban tees off on NBA officials

Mark Cuban should probably warm up that checkbook. (Getty Images)
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Mark Cuban has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for things said about and to officials. And I think he better prepare to get that checkbook ready to write another check to the league office.

Cuban, upset about the officiating and the Mavericks 95-86 loss Wednesday to the Thunder, let loose after game. Via ESPN Dallas:
"Look, I haven't said a whole lot about the officiating in a long, long time, but I haven't seen it this bad in a long, long time," Cuban said. "Guys miss calls; that's part of the game. You're not always going to have a great crew. Officials have got to learn that's part of the game.

"But these were officials that have been part of the league for years, and it was just off-the-charts bad. And, if no one ever says anything, nothing ever happens."

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle was ejected early in the fourth quarter for picking up a second technical foul, the last one for punting the ball into the stands.  The crew who tossed Carlisle weren't household names -- Ron Garretson, Michael Smith and Mark Ayote.

"It all comes down to this: I understand that it's tough for the officials now," Cuban said. "They're going through the same travel stress as everybody else, but there's absolutely no transparency right now. I mean, you get games like tonight where it was just horrible. Who knows, I'm not saying it impacted the game, but you can just start naming the calls.

"All I'm saying is some of these guys are bad. Let me rephrase that. Some of these guys are having really bad nights, and it's having an impact. The league's got to come out and say, 'OK, look, we understand they're going through some tough travel or whatever. It's just the way it is.' Otherwise, if that's not an impact, you have to wonder how some of these crews are still on the court."

The free throw disparity really wasn't anything outrageous as Oklahoma City went to the line 33 times compared to Dallas's 25. And that's with the Mavs fouling a little at the end because of the Thunder's lead. But it was a couple of other calls that irked Cuban.

"Then they'll call three seconds on Yi [Jianlian] because it's Yi, and that's it. I mean, it's just ridiculous. Something needs to be done; someone needs to stand up and say something. So here I is.

"If no one ever says anything, nothing ever happens. We turn in stuff not after every game, but we turn in stuff all the time and we get 'inconclusive; inconclusive; yeah, we missed this; yeah, we got it right.' That's all fine and good, but there's nobody reporting to us on accountability. And that needs to change.

"There's a lot of guys and teams that aren't having great starts to the season and there's a lot of crews that aren't having great starts to the season," he said. "The league needs to make some adjustments, because you can't have it like this all the time."

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Report: Heat made offers to Martin, Pryzbilla

 Miami is reportedly recruiting Martin and Joel Przybilla. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

You won't believe this, but it doesn't sound like Eddy Curry was the answer inside for the Miami Heat.

According to ESPN.com, the Heat have made offers to two free agent big men to try and help build their interior depth -- Kenyon Martin and Joel Przybilla.

The Heat have offered contracts to both Joel Przybilla and Kenyon Martin, their agents told ESPN.com. Przybilla is expected to make a choice between the Chicago Bulls and Heat, according to agent Bill Duffy. Martin is interested in several teams, with the Heat in the mix, according to agent Andy Miller…

Heat president Pat Riley has been recruiting both players as the Heat look to add depth to their frontcourt.

Martin most recently was in China honoring his contract with Xinjiang, but left the team in December. Because of Chinese Basketball Association rules, Martin wouldn't be eligible to sign with the Heat for another two weeks until Xinjiang's season is over. Martin has also been recruited by the Lakers, Spurs Knicks and Hawks. He averaged 8.6 points and 6.2 rebounds in 48 games for the Nuggets last year.

Przybilla has been retired because of injury issues, but according to the report is healthy and "believes he can contribute to a contender in a limited role off the bench." Przybilla is reportedly expected to make a decision between the Heat and Bulls by the end of the week.

Przybilla played in 36 games for the Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Bobcats last season, averaging 1.8 points and 4.0 rebounds.

The Heat obviously are desperate for a big man to provide some post scoring, toughness and rebounding on the inside. Joel Anthony is solid, but behind him is Curry, Juwan Howard and Dexter Pittman. If Przybilla is truly healthy, having his 7-1 frame on the block would surely help LeBron and Wade.

Same goes for Martin, who added to a frontcourt of Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem would give Miami quite the trio of power forwards. It's doubtful the Heat would look to sign both.

The Heat's roster stands at 15 so if one were to sign, a cut would have to be made. Curry is the obvious candidate as he has a non-guaranteed contract with Miami.
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Carlisle got ejected for kicking ball into stands

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Rick Carlisle was clearly frustrated with the officiating in the Mavericks' 95-86 loss at home to the Thunder. So much so that he got himself ejected. He picked up a technical early in the second half for protesting a call but with 9:34 left in the fourth picked up a second.

Not for yelling or arguing though. He got tossed for pretending his was Lionel Messi as he kicked the ball into the stands. Make sure to notice it hit a nice lady in the head.

Carlisle was apologetic after the game though, via ESPN Dallas:

"I want to apologize to our franchise, Mark [Cuban], our fans," Carlisle said after the game. "The incident where the ball got kicked into the stands -- that can’t happen. My intent was not to kick it into the stands, I was trying to kick it to the referee, but I’m not a very good kicker. But, that can’t happen; the officials made the right call on that one. That’s a regrettable situation."

It definitely appeared on the video it wasn't intentional that the ball flew into the stands, but props to Carlisle for just taking responsibility for it. I suppose the league could fine him for it, but we'll have to wait and see.
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Report Card: An upside down kind of night

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It was a pretty wild Wednesday in the NBA with some close games, some massive blowouts, some top teams losing and some big stat lines. Let's grade the action.

Serge Ibaka

What a game from Oklahoma City's paint protector. Ibaka set a franchise record with 10 blocks and finished with an unconventional double-double with 11 rebounds to go with it. He only had four points, which is a shame because a points-rebounds-blocks triple-double is pretty awesome. But Ibaka's impact in the Thunder's win over Dallas can't be understated.

Steve Nash

Nash went for 30 and 11 assists but that's not the best thing from his game against the Hornets. He also became the Suns all-time assists leader with 6,522 passing Kevin Johnson's mark of 6,518. Oh, and the Suns won, scoring 120 points. Just the way it should've happened for Nash.

Overlooked East teams

The Pacers beat the Timberwolves by 10 in Minneapolis and the 76ers beat the Bulls in Philadelphia. Two big wins for teams that are in the top half of the East, but that don't command the same kind of respect or attention as the Bulls or Heat. Andre Iguodala was fantastic defensively on Derrick Rose and Danny Granger poured in 36 for Indiana.

Russell Westbrook

With co-star Kevin Durant struggling a bit, Westbrook took over for the Thunder scoring 33 points to go with four assists and six rebounds. As he tends to do, Westbrook hit a dagger 3 with a minute left to ice the game for Oklahoma City. The six turnovers though were the only blemish in his line, but he had a fantastic game and showed why his scoring can often be incredibly valuable to the Thunder in close games against good teams.

Brandon Jennings

The Bucks won and Jennings scored 31. So why a C? Because he went 9-25 from the field and quite frankly, I was having trouble finding a C tonight. Jennings was pretty good though. He hit seven 3s, dished out eight assists and didn't turn the ball over once. He loved to shoot and does it without conscience, so the 31 points on 25 shots shouldn't really come as any kind of surprise.

Top East teams

While the Pacers and Sixers won, the Heat and Bulls both lost. Miami wasted a 40-point effort from LeBron and 23 from Dwyane Wade as Chris Bosh didn't provide much help at all with only nine points as the Heat lost to the Bucks. A Bucks team missing Andrew Bogut, mind you. Those type of games happen to everybody, but both the Bulls and the Heat definitely revealed a few dings in their armor. Neither executed well offensively and neither were able to consitently find baskets whether in transition or the halfcourt.

Dallas shooting

Credit the Thunder defense, but the Mavericks were absolutely awful shooting the ball Wednesday. Dallas shot only 35.7 percent from the field and went just 8-38 from the floor in the second half. Dirk Nowitzki clearly isn't entirely right as he went just 2-15 from the field. Dallas was without Jason Kidd and Lamar Odom, but that doesn't matter if you only hit 35 percent of your shots. Ten of those shots though never had a chance as Serge Ibaka was blocking them, but still.

Toronto Raptors and Charlotte Bobcats

The Suns scored 120 points. The Raptors and Bobcats combined for 132. The Raptors lost 100-64 to the Celtics and the Bobcats lost 112-68 to the Blazers. Scoring has been ugly on some nights in the NBA this season, but good grief, those are some major league whippings right there. The Bobcats and Raptors aren't good to start with, but an NBA team should be losing by 40 or 44.
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