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Posted on: July 24, 2010 7:41 pm
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Shaq wants to play in Boston

Posted by Royce Young

And here comes another report from Shaquille O'Neal's camp, this one reported by Tim Povtak of FanHouse . Two sources close to Shaq confirmed to FanHouse his continued interest in the Celtics .

Though as Povtak mentions, Shaq is interested even though the Celtics currently have no room, or exceptions, under the salary cap to pay him beyond the NBA veteran's minimum of $1.35 million. The only way Shaq is getting more money is if Cleveland lends a hand with a sign-and-trade.

One question though is where does Shaq fit? The Celtics have Kendrick Perkins inside (though he is recovering from an injury), Jermaine O'Neal and of course, Kevin Garnett. Where does Shaq pull meaningful minutes from? Shaq would have to accept a reduced role, which is something he hasn't sounded that excited about during this process.

So far, Shaq's name has been up most prominantly with the Hawks, but also a little with the Spurs. In both instances again, the word has come from Shaq's side of things.

But for a guy that's 38 and looking for a last hurrah before signing off on a historic career, Boston is a nice fit. He would have the luxury of not being heavily relied upon, would fit in with a group of quality veterans and the Celtics are already serious Eastern contenders already.

Though there's no telling if the Celtics have mutual interest. Shaq might have a difficult time fitting into Boston's defensive system because the Celtics prefer a versatile, more athletic big in the middle. But it makes a decent amount of sense of both sides, especially if Shaq is willing to take the minimum. Hard to see Shaq humbling himself that much, especially since as of a month ago, he was still thinking he was at least a $10 million a year player.

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 4:17 pm
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Shaq still looking for a spot to land

Posted by Royce Young

Free agency has very nearly come and gone. The big names have signed and the ones remaining are either role players or big names that some might consider only that - names. Players like Shaquille O'Neal, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady.

Marc Stein of ESPN.com has updates on all three , but looked intently at Shaq's current situation.

Stein says Dallas is "definitely out" and that Atlanta stands as the only team with a confirmed “live” interest in Shaq. But the big guy, Stein says, still wants assurances of a healthy amount of playing time as well as a salary that starts above the $5.8 million mid-level exception, which can be achieved through a sign-and-trade with Cleveland. But again, Stein reiterates what we already know: No team out there, including Atlanta, is known to be willing to pay Shaq more than $2 million for next season. And why should anyone?

Stein also said Shaq, McGrady and Iverson have all expressed interest in joining the Heat, but it's unlikely any of them will land in Miami. In assembling a supporting cast for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on a severely limited budget, the Heat made it clear that it doesn’t want to add anyone -- no matter how much money that player is ready to sacrifice -- who could potentially alter chemistry or divert focus away from the SuperFriends. As Stein says, Shaq was never a consideration after his critical comments of Miami’s training staff upon arrival in Phoenix and his history of ripping Bosh.

Currently, Shaq's best option appears to still be Atlanta but O'Neal will have to check both his ego and his checkbook at the door. The Spurs still reportedly have some interest, but that's surely on the condition Shaq takes the veteran minimum. Right now, it appears options for Shaq are pretty limited.

Now Shaq was productive in Cleveland last year. He averaged 12 ppg and 6.7 rpg, and fleshed out to per 36 minutes, he put up close to 18 and 10 and had a quality PER of almost 18. But again, he's 38, will only play about 20-25 minutes a game, isn't a guarantee for all 82 and wants too much money. Who's in? Don't all you teams put your hands up at once.
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Scratch that Shaq-to-the-Hawks talk

Posted by Royce Young

Both Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Brian Windhorst of the Plain Dealer report that it's unlikely Shaq is going to Atlanta in a sign-and-trade. Windhorst says the teams have indeed talked, but just aren't anywhere close to making it happen.

There was talk earlier in the week that made it sound like the two sides were pretty closed to getting together. But as Cunningham points out, the Hawks don't want to bust the luxury tax and the numbers aren't lining up.

The Hawks were talked about as a prime destination for Shaq along with Miami, San Antonio and Dallas. Now with the Mavs putting 45 centers on the roster and the Heat spending money on Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard and others, San Antonio looks to be the destination.

For shame Shaq isn't headed to the ATL. I just came up with the nickname I liked: The Big Peach.
Posted on: July 14, 2010 12:12 pm
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Shaq headed to Atlanta?

Posted by Royce Young

David Aldridge of NBA.com reports through league sources that the Cavaliers and Hawks are discussing a deal involving Shaquille O'Neal and Marvin Williams.

The deal would be a sign-and-trade sending Shaq, now 38, to Atlanta for Williams, a promising tweener that just hasn't had it click yet. As Aldridge wisely points out, the move would line up with new coach Byron Scott's intent to play at a higher pace next season.

Another thing from Aldridge of interest: "Scott has already indicated that J.J. Hickson will be the full-time starter at power forward next season, and said during Tuesday's NBA TV Las Vegas Summer League game between the Cavaliers and the D-League Select Team that he is contemplating bringing veteran forward Antawn Jamison off the bench." Aldridge also mentions that Atlanta is interested in veterans Kurt Thomas and Brad Miller as well.

With the Hawks dishing out a bunch of money to Joe Johnson, the budget is tight. However, Atlanta has a trade exception worth about $3 million, when it agreed to a sign-and-trade deal that will send forward Josh Childress to Phoenix for a future draft pick. The Hawks can use that exception to get a player making that much money. Shaq made $20 million last season in the final year of his contract but obviously knows he's going to have to take a paycut to keep playing.

But for the Cavs, life goes on after LeBron. Filling his void with Marvin Williams surely won't sooth the pain from LeBron's departure, but it's something for Cleveland to get for Shaq. The Cavs have been busy, inking guard Kyle Lowry to an offer sheet late Tuesday . However, indications are that Houston intends to match.

But all that is not what's important here. What's the nickname going to be if Shaq goes south? The Big ATL? Shaqlanta? These are the answers we really need.

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