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Posted on: February 19, 2011 8:36 pm
Edited on: February 19, 2011 8:39 pm

NBA Dunk Contest Spoiler for Blake Griffin

Posted by Matt Moore

When I read this, I was pretty bummed. The Dunk Contest is silly, ridiculous, and loads of fun. It's part of the culture of the game, and finding out what everyone's going to do is part of the fun. Which means this spoiler takes quite a bit of the fun out of it. It's bold spoiler alert time. 

If you do not want any information on what Blake Griffin will do in the dunk contest, quit reading now. Go watch CBS, instead. 

The New York Times first reported and it's been confirmed far and wide. 

Blake Griffin will jump over a car in the dunk contest. Look, there's even a picture of it courtesy of SBNation.com

Not a bad trick at all if he clears it. Of course, if he doesn't, the Clippers organization are going to have a whole other realm of excitement: panic and fear. 

Personally, I think it would be cooler if he dunked into the car, as in smashed the windshield in or something. But I like breaking stuff. If he doesn't clear it length-ways, it's going to be fairly disappointing. Also, if he misses, he may die. So there's that. 

Stupid spoilers. 

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