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Posted on: June 15, 2011 9:54 pm
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Chris Bosh sued by baby's mother over reality TV

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is being sued by the mother of his child because she wants to appear in a reality TV show. Posted by Ben Golliver. chris-bosh-face

Just what Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh wants to deal with after losing the 2011 NBA Finals: A lawsuit.

Back in May, we noted that Bosh sued Allison Mathis, the mother of his child, to prevent her from appearing on VH1's Basketball Wives, a reality television program. The suit claimed that Mathis was "infringing his trademark and publicity rights."

Apparently the legal tactic worked. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Mathis is launching a suit of her own, claiming that she was fired because of Bosh's suit.
Allison Mathis, Bosh's ex-girlfriend, claims in a lawsuit filed Monday in Orange County Circuit Court that Bosh "intentionally, knowingly, maliciously and without justification interfered" in her employment, prompting the television show's production company to fire her.

Jane E. Carey, Mathis' attorney, released a statement that read: "Ms. Mathis was employed to appear on this season of the reality TV series "Basketball Wives." Chris Bosh is using his vast money and all of the power that comes from his wealth and celebrity to silence her."
I'm still not sure why Bosh cares so much about his trademark rights. In the last year, he's posed in weird magazine shoots, broke down crying on national television, secretly got married (maybe?) and was compared to Rupaul. Most of those incidents were blown out of proportion and the criticism from some has been unfair. But the point stands that his brand isn't exactly untarnished.

Will anyone really look down on him for whatever Mathis says or does on the show? This seems a little vengeful.  

Then again, Bosh is in a separate custody battle with Mathis, so maybe that lawsuit explains this one.

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 4:39 pm
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Chris Bosh sues baby's mother over reality show

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is suing the mother of his child over her appearance on a reality TV show. Posted by Ben Golliver. chris-bosh-face

On Tuesday night, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh will do battle with Kevin Garnett

HollywoodReporter.com reports that Bosh began fighting a different battle on Monday, filing a lawsuit against the mother of his child, Allison Mathis, for "infringing his trademark and publicity rights" by appearing on VH1's popular reality television show, Basketball Wives.
Bosh is claiming that co-defendants Allison Mathis and producer Shed Media are commercially exploiting his likeness and trademark, and the complaint offers an amusing rationale on why Mathis' appearance doesn't constitute protected First Amendment expression against Bosh's purported intellectual property rights: "The use of Plaintiff's name by Defendants is primarily commercial and not communicative," says the lawsuit. "Further, the show, 'Basketball Wives,'  is not transformative, but rather the use, depiction, or imitation of celebrity NBA basketball players, including Plaintiff, is the very sum and substance of the show." 
Bosh claims his consent was required for use of his mark -- his name -- and that the reality show is likely to confuse the public into thinking he authorized or sponsored Basketball Wives. 
I think pretty much everyone can agree that this show is an embarrassment. Being associated with this show is like being associated with a pig sty or chicken pox or something. It's just hideous, desperate, pointless and wrong. And no, I haven't watched a second of it. 

But is it really illegal? That seems like a stretch. Unless the show is going out of its way to defame Bosh, it's difficult to believe a court should prevent Ms. Mathis from identifying herself as who she is, the mother of his child. 

Everyone has regrets about past relationships and it's often a good idea to forget about them and move on. But Bosh's previous actions have consequences and filing a lawsuit to smother those consequences just feels like a bit too much.
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