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Walker gets 5 years probation for Vegas debt

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Employee No. 8 won't become Inmate No. 8, at least not yet.

The Associated Press reports that former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker was sentenced to a 5-year probation term and was ordered to pay more than $700,000 in restitution to multiple Las Vegas casinos as part of a case that he plead guilty to back in June.
Former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker was sentenced to five years’ probation and ordered to pay $770,050 in restitution to three Las Vegas casinos after pleading guilty to failing to repay gambling debts.

Prosecutor Samuel Bateman says the felony charge could be dismissed if Walker fully repays the debts incurred in 2008 and 2009 at the Planet Hollywood, Red Rock Casino Resort and Caesars Palace casinos.

He faces a year in prison if he violates probation. 
The Las Vegas Sun reports that Walker had nothing to say about the matter on Tuesday.

Walker, wearing jeans and a gray sweatshirt, was in Clark County District Court on Tuesday morning but did not speak at his sentencing. He declined to comment after the hearing.

Walker, 35, was recently waived by the D-League's Idaho Stampede, although he is reportedly set to rejoin the team at some point later this season. The average salary in the D-League is $35,000, meaning that his Vegas debt bill would take 22 years worth of salary in the American minor league to cover (disregarding taxes).  

He last played in the NBA during the 2007-2008 season. A three-time All-Star and a member of the 2006 NBA champion Miami Heat, Walker retired with career averages of 17.5 points and 7.7 rebounds per game. His 12-year NBA career included stops with the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves.
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Antoine Walker waived by D-League team

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Employee No. 8 has been asked to clean out his desk and turn in his badge, at least for now.

The D-League's Idaho Stampede announced on Wednesday that former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker did not make the team's final 10-man roster cut and has been waived. The team's press release cited "personal reasons" for the decision and noted that the Stampede still hold Walker's D-League rights.

Walker's release comes roughly one year after Walker made the decision to mount his NBA comeback in the American minor league. In 43 games during the 2010-2011 season, Walker averaged 16.0 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.4 assists for the Stampede.

Walker, a notorious high-roller as a player, earned more than $108 million in NBA salary yet was forced to plead guilty to writing bad checks after accruing more than $750,000 dollars in Las Vegas gambling debts.

On Monday, RidiculousUpside.com reported that Walker had not yet reported to the Stampede and had plans to host parties in Chicago when the Stampede was scheduled to play the Dakota Wizards in North Dakota. The site reports that Walker may join the Stampede later this season.

Walker, 35, last played in the NBA during the 2007-2008 season.  A three-time All-Star and a member of the 2006 NBA champion Miami Heat, he retired with career averages of 17.5 points and 7.7 rebounds per game. His 12-year NBA career included stops with the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves.
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Antoine Walker pleads guilty in Vegas debt mess

Former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker pleaded guilty in a Las Vegas gambling debt mess. Posted by Ben Golliver. antoine-walker

The trials and tribulations of Antoine Walker have added yet another chapter.

On Tuesday, the Las Vegas Sun reported that Walker, a former NBA All-Star who played for the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, among other teams, pleaded guilty to felony charges in Nevada over unpaid gambling debts reportedly totalling more than $750,000.
Professional basketball's Antoine Walker pleaded guilty to felony bad check charges Tuesday morning in Clark County District Court.

“Being put on probation, he’ll have a court order to pay the restitution to the casinos,” said Deputy District Attorney Sam Bateman.

The criminal complaint was filed in the summer of 2009, when Walker failed to pay back gambling debts at Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and the Red Rock Resort. He pleaded not guilty to six felony counts related to drawing checks without sufficient funds with attempt to defraud in June 2010, before changing his plea Tuesday.
In November, word surfaced that Walker, 34, was headed to play for the Stampede, where he averaged 16.0 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.4 assists in 43 games this season.

His expressed goal of playing in the D-League was to hook on with an NBA team for a final run. He last played in the NBA for the Minnesota Timberwolves during the 2007-2008 season and was waived by the Memphis Grizzlies in Dec. 2008 without appearing in any regular season games. Since then, he played professionally in Puerto Rico.

Walker was known for his extravagant spending during his NBA career, reportedly amassing a large collection of automobiles and multiple houses.

This is how the decade-long party ends. With lawyers vacuuming up every last dollar bill.
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Friday 5 with KB: Who's moving at the deadline?

Posted by Matt Moore

In today's Friday 5 with KB: who's getting moved at the deadline, where's White Chocolate going, and how's Kevin Durant's season going?

1. Guess what, Ken? February's here! Which means it's trade deadline season! Which means you won't get to sleep for a month! Get excited! Okay, give me one guy who if you absolutely had to put money on getting moved before the deadline, you'd put the cash down on. 

Ken Berger (CBSSports.com): With cash on the line, I should take the easy way out and say Anthony Randolph, who's either going to be traded to the Nuggets in a Carmelo Anthony deal or to Minnesota for a first-round pick the Knicks can use to replenish their stockpile after the cap-clearing trade with Houston last season. But that's like stealing candy from a blogger, so I'll be a little more risk-taking and say Joel Przybilla. The Blazers are likely to try to shake things up, and Przybilla's size and expiring contract will be in demand among contenders. Once Marcus Camby comes back from his knee scope, Portland will have the green light to explore how much those contenders will be willing to give up.

2.  Jason Williams released by the Magic this week. Any chance of him winding up in Miami? And if not, where then?

KB: The Heat haven't had any internal discussions of significance about Williams; despite their limitations, Miami seems content with the point-guard platoon of Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo. The latest, as you know, is that the Grizzlies have serious interest -- especially now that O.J. Mayo has been suspended 10 games for using a banned supplement.

3.  Your big feature on Antoine Walker this week showcased the problems with players who squander their money in rather horribly pathetic ways.  Is this an issue of personal responsibility only, or one that either the union or the league will feel compelled to act further upon? There have been classes, resources, advisers, all made available to the players and yet we see things like this. Is it foolish to hope for anything more provided to the players to avoid situations like Walker's?

KB: As you point out, the league and union do try to educate players about the perils of mismanaging their money, trusting it to friends or so-called investment gurus, or simply squandering it on an outlandish lifestyle. As in any walk of life, some players listen and some don't. That is always going to be the case no matter how much education is available. That's why I like this idea, and since the CBA is up, it's the perfect time to implement it. Let's set aside a small percentage of the profit when a team is sold and  put it in the pension fund for retired players. It would be a forced-savings mechanism and a safety net for players who get into financial trouble -- whether it's their own fault or not.

4. O.J. Mayo tests positive for DHEA, which is a borderline substance, but banned nonetheless, with a previous instance of suspension against Rashard Lewis. A bill failed to have DHEA classified as an anabolic steroid, but the considerations of the substance are all over the place. Any impact of this suspension beyond O.J. Mayo's continuing "worst month ever?"

KB: Just another cautionary tale for players to be aware of what they're putting in their bodies. Look around any NBA locker room and you see five-hour energy drinks in multiple lockers and guys chowing down on horribly unhealthy pre- and post-game meals. Then you have Steve Nash, who won't let a single granule of processed sugar pass through his lips. To each his own -- but beware of the consequences.

5. Kevin Durant drops 47 this week on the Timberwolves, days after an 0-5 performance down the stretch in a loss to the Hornets, which was days after a killer fading 3-pointer against the Knicks. What are your thoughts on KD's season, one with heightened expectations but less press than we were expecting from the superstar?

KB: Well, his shooting and scoring numbers are down slightly from last season, but I think that's more about the  emergence of Russell Westbrook as a legitimate scoring option than it is about KD taking a step back. His game is sensational and only growing and getting better. I don't think you'd find too many GMs who'd say that, given the choice, they'd want to start a team today with anyone else. The best way to judge Durant's season so far, and the way he'd do it? Through 45 games, the Thunder (29-16) are five games ahead of where they were last season, when they won 50 games and put a scare into the Lakers in the first round.

Have a burning NBA question you need answered? Email us at cbssportsnba@gmail.com, or drop Ken a question for the Friday 5 on Twitter at@cbssportsnba . 
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The Shootaround: Heat haven't shown greatness?

Miami's coach says the Heat haven't yet shown greatness, Scottie Pippen has Dennis Rodman's back, Nate Robinson shares his thoughts on this year's dunk contest, Chauncey Billups really was sick, the latest on the Carmelo Anthony trade talks, and much more. Posted by Ben Golliver.  shootaround
  • Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra says in an interview transcribed by SportsRadioInterviews.com that he has not yet seen greatness from his team. "We have proven that we can be great, we can be great on the defensive end of the floor, but we have not shown greatness yet. We do not do it on a possession or every single minute of the game mentality yet. We’re moving in that direction and I think our guys understand that this isn’t where we want to stop. To play really at the elite level, and we’re talking seven game series, we need to be more consistent with that and that’s what we’re striving for and working for every single day.”
  • Boston Celtics guard, and Slam Dunk contest champion, Nate Robinson says the NBA wants Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin to win this year's contest. The Boston Globe quotes Robinson: “It’s time to basically let Blake Griffin win, because that’s what they want. Hopefully the young fella can go on and get it done.’’
  • Former Chicago Bulls forward Scottie Pippen is campaigning for his former teammate, Dennis Rodman, to make the Hall of Fame, notes NBA.com. “We all watched Dennis’ career and we know just how good he was as a basketball player,” Pippen said. “I think we all got caught up in his antics, and things he did away from the game, and it sort of disrespected or took attention away from what he did on the basketball court. But he is surely a Hall of Famer.”
  • Yesterday, we noted that there was some speculation regarding Denver Nuggets guard Chauncey Billups' absence from practice due to illness, and ongoing trade talks between the Nuggets, New Jersey Nets and Detroit Pistons. Billups' agent, Andy Miller, tells Yahoo! Sports not to read into it. “He’s really sick,” Miller said. “He has a headache and was feeling under the weather. There is no correlation with regard to the rumors and speculation regarding a trade scenario. Chauncey’s professionalism should never be in question in regards to his responsibilities as a professional athlete.”
  • Here's the up-to-the-minute latest on Carmelo Anthony trade talks, which includes discussion of Houston's potential involvement and Denver's reported unhappiness with the public nature of the negotiations. "The teams haven't stopped talking, but the Nuggets are trying to show people that they aren't going to be rushed into anything," adds ESPN.com.
  • Minnesota Timberwolves president David Kahn lets the Associated Press know that no trades are imminent for his team and that patience continues to be a virtue. "As painful as this is, there was no way to do this with a quick fix and put the team into a position to dramatically rise overnight," Kahn said after practice. "It is really painful to work your way through this process. I'm actually encouraged that maybe it won't be as painful for as long as I once worried it would be."
  • The Utah Jazz are considering changing their starting lineup to fix some slow starts. The Salt Lake Tribune writes that point guard Deron Williams wouldn't comment on any specific changes, other than to say he wants to pick up the pace. “I want to run more, that’s all I can say,” Williams said.
  • Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant says his knee "feels good," but he's back to sitting out of Lakers' practices after a short stretch of participating over the holidays, according to the L.A. Times. "It feels good," Bryant said after practice Monday at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo. I'm not going to answer questions about my knee every damn day. I said what I had to say. My knee feels fine. The key is to make it stay fine."
  • Toronto Raptors sophomore wing DeMar DeRozan tells TheScore.com he's not hitting the rookie wall this season. “I think around this time last year, I was so banged up,” DeRozan reflected. “I think I hit the rookie wall or something like that. I remember just being tired, being banged up and I wasn’t playing as many minutes as I am now. Just being able to get stronger in the offseason, being able to take the physicality of going inside with the big guys.”
  • DimeMag.com has an interview with Greg Minor, Antoine Walker's former Boston Celtics teammate. Minor touches on Walker's current D-League stint.
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Antoine Walker to make D-League debut Wednesday

Former NBA all star Antoine Walker is set to make his D-League debut. Posted by Ben Golliverantoine-walker A few weeks back, we noted that former NBA all star Antoine Walker was ready to attempt a comeback in the D-League, the NBA's minor league that's usually filled with young, up-and-coming NBA hopefuls. Walker hasn't played in the NBA since the 2007-2008 season, when he piddled around in limited minutes for the Minnesota Timberwolves and then headed off into the sunset, to play in Puerto Rico. On Wednesday night, Walker is set to make his D-League debut for the Idaho Stampede. According to the Idaho Statesman, Walker views the D-League as a path back to the big show.
“My dream is to play in the NBA. I left the game at the wrong time,” said Walker, who has not played in the NBA since 2008. “I want to leave the game on my own merit. … This is the perfect stepping stone to see if I can still be competitive and play at that level.”
Of course, Walker is desperate, in a load of hurt financially. But give him credit for subjugating his ego and embracing the long, cold bus rides that the D-League has to offer.  In this excellent Fanhouse piece, Walker sounds focused and ego-free.
"I've worked out very hard. Starting in May, I went back with Coach (Rick) Pitino at Louisville so I've been at it pretty hard getting myself in shape. Obviously I haven't been able to play a lot of five-on-five because the guys that I was playing against are obviously playing right now, but I've still been able to work out," Walker said. "I'll probably be a little rusty in the beginning because I haven't played competitive basketball in a year and a half. It's going to be a little rough in the beginning, but hopefully it all comes back to me real fast."
"I'm here to play. I came with five or six bags, so I'm here to play," Walker said. "I don't put any sort of expectations on me. I think if I can come out and play and help the team win, I think people will see what I'm worth. I know it's going to be hard and I know it's not going to happen overnight so I don't want to put that type of pressure on myself. I want to come play basketball and let my play speak for itself."
Best wishes to Walker, who has a long -- an impossibly long -- journey to get where he wants to go.  That basketball could still represent the promised land, after all these years and for a man that has been there already, speaks to its unique, intoxicating power. If Walker's only contribution in Idaho is to serve as a cautionary tale for his younger teammates, the trip will have been worth it. At least philosophically. There's still the matter of the millions of unpaid debts, of course, and banks, unfortunately, don't accept intergenerational karma as a payment method.
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Report: Antoine Walker heading to the D-League

Posted by Royce Young

Right before training camps started in September, former NBA player and renowned long-bomber Antoine Walker expressed interest in a comeback.

Most agreed it was for financial reasons (Walker declared bankruptcy recently), but according to some, Walker was in shape and committed to this comeback.

It obvious didn't happen for him in making a roster much less get the camp invite from the Bobcats like he was hoping for, but that doesn't mean he's given up. According to FanHouse, Walker is still trying - this time in the D-League.

(UPDATE: According to ESPN, Walker is set to sign with the Idaho Stampede.)

Most thought his "comeback" to the NBA was nothing more than something he was trying on a whim. Something that he thought he could get by name recognition alone, cash some checks and then move on down the line.

But the fact he's willing to go the D-League route shows that Walker is committed. Surely it's still for the money almost exclusively, but the fact he's willing to go the D-League way either says he's actually dedicated to doing this the right way, or he's really, really desperate. Or I guess it could be both.

Walker was picked sixth overall out of Kentucky in 1996, but he actually wouldn't be the oldest player in the D-League. Antonio Daniels, known for his time with the Spurs and Mavericks actually holds that honor as he's with the Texas Legends, also trying for a late NBA comeback.

Walker - if in shape and ready - could be a serviceable player still. He's always been a deep threat, but he's a talented scorer. People forget that he averaged 17.5 points per game during his career with a high of 23.4 ppg in Boston in 2000-01. He's not that old at 34 and if he can get his head right and prepare to fit in to the structure of a team, somebody might give him a shot.

But it's all going to start in the D-League. If Walker's going to go up, he has to first start back at the bottom.
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