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Posted on: January 31, 2011 3:17 pm
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Warriors looking for an extra wing?

Posted by Royce Young

New Warriors owner Joe Lacob hasn't been shy about trying to improve his new team. He even stretched it so far to offend one of his best players talking about it.

But that's the point. The Warriors are shopping and shopping hard. They want Carmelo Anthony, but Carmelo Anthony doesn't want them back. So they're looking at new options. What they really need is a good, reliable big man to play with David Lee, but that's looking difficult to track down.

Via the Bay Area News Group, the Warriors are planning on being aggressive heading to the deadline and that 76ers wing Andre Iguodala "has been on the Warriors' radar for a while, according to team sources."

Of course Iguodala is said to be off limits with the improved play of the Sixers though. The report also says that Danny Granger is a player "the Warriors wouldn't mind getting their hands on."

The Pacers have reportedly been open to potentially moving Granger, but the word on that is that Indiana's looking for substantial return -- a starting power forwars and starting shooting guard -- and I'm thinking the Warriors don't want to move Monta Ellis and David Lee.

The Warriors are armed with two large expiring contracts -- Dan Gadzuric's worth $7.2 million and Vladimir Radmanovic's worth $6.8 million -- so they have some cards to play. 

So what are the options right now then if those prices are too high for Golden State? Antwan Jamison is a stretch power forward/wing and the Cavs are certainly open to moving him for young assets. Tayshaun Prince has been on the block for a good while now. Anthony Randol-- nah, nevermind. Rashard Lewis has been brought up a couple times and the Wizards might be looking to deal.

Other than that, is anything else out there much of an upgrade over Dorell Wright who has had a really nice season? Probably not. But the Warriors are looking for a serious star to add to the roster. Problem is, who isn't? And the price is always high for that type of player.
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The Game Changer: Memphis mauls the Lakers

Posted by Royce Young

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer.


This really was kind of a bizarro game. The Lakers fell behind early to a quicker, more athletic Grizzlies team and never had the firepower to really make up the deficit.

It was basically the formula you see good teams use to beat bad ones. A couple 6-2 runs placed in between bigger 10-2 ones and before you know it, the margin is 20. And that's what the Grizzlies did to the Lakers all night.

Kobe tried to shoot the Lakers back into the game late finishing with a fourth quarter flurry of points, but it was too late. Rudy Gay had already done too much damage, Zach Randolph had already had his way inside and O.J. Mayo had already gotten hot from outside.

Obviously the look here is at the Lakers who have lost again, this time big against a sub-.500 team. But really, shouldn't we be impressed a little with the Grizzlies? They've started playing much better the past few games and take away Tyreke Evans' miracle and they've won four of five. As it stands, they're three below .500 but have three straight tough ones playing the Thunder twice and the Jazz in the middle.

But while the Lakers will gain most of the chatter for getting worked over by Memphis, I think it's at least courteous to give a little credit where credit is due. The Lakers don't lose just by playing bad. Someone had to make them do it. And the Grizzlies did Sunday.


Blake Griffin had a very Blake Griffin night. Big highlights and 31 point and 15 rebounds.

DeAndre Jordan was actually quite good as well: six points, 12 rebounds and six blocks

DeMarcus Cousins had the best game of his young career with 28 points, eight rebounds and six assists

Danny Granger finished with 25 points and 17 rebounds in a loss to the Knicks.

Antwan Jamison dropped 35 and pulled in 10 boards, but the Cavs lost to the Mavericks.


It wasn't against a great team or anything, but the Celtics got Rajon Rondo back and took care of business, dispersing the Raptors. Paul Pierce scored 30 on 15 shots, but it was having Rondo back that was the story. He played 34 minutes, scored four points and ` out eight assists, but just his presence commandeering the Celtics was a huge difference.

With Rondo, there's a different level of execution. The spacing is terrific and the team plays just with a looser, more confident feel to it.

Getting Kevin Garnett back is the next goal, but just having Rondo on the floor again is nice for Boston.


For Cleveland, that's 17 out of 18 in the loss column. For the Mavericks, it's now one out of four without Dirk Nowitzki. I just thought that was worth pointing out. Plus I wanted to say "Mavs beat Cavs."


In a battle for the now-getting-more-and-more-interesti
ng eight-seed spot, the Trail Blazers took down the Rockets behind a big game from Nicolas Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Even without Brandon Roy when the Blazers play in the open floor the way they did, they look like a capable playoff team. They always defend, they always rebound, but it's the offensive execution where sometimes they lack. But against the Rockets, everything was on point especially when the Blazers ran.

Houston has been coming on strong lately, and a team Portland will likely be fighting with for months to come. It's not a statement so much as it's a leg up on the nearest competition. The Blazers are potentially good enough to solidify themselves as an eight-seed or higher contender despite injuries, but winning games against the direct competition is key.

Paul Pierce SMASHY

Blake Griffin had himself another stellar finish yesterday, but Paul Pierce gets the dunk award for the day with this Griffinesque cram.


The Clippers did a very Clipper thing by blowing a late lead over the Hawks by surrendering 37 fourth quarter points. This Clipper team has some really nice pieces. But they're obviously one of those young groups that isn't exactly sure how to win or finish. They keep reminding me of the Thunder from two years ago. Clearly talented but just not ready to win consistently. Patience is key here, but I think by April, we're going to have reason to be impressed.
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Is Byron Scott losing the Cavs?

Posted by Royce Young

LeBron's return to Cleveland was seen as something not just for the fans, but as something to bring the current Cavalier unit together. Except it has kind of had the opposite effect.

  Counting the Heat's 28-point destruction of them, the Cavaliers have now dropped four straight by an average margin of 23 points. Not just that, but the losses following the Miami game have come at the hands of the Timberwolves, Pistons and 76ers. Teams with a combined record of 19-45.

With the way things are going, it almost seems like the Cavs have quit. And there's thinking that coach Byron Scott may be losing his team. Scott knows they hear him. But even he doesn't know if it's getting through.

"I feel they hear me," he told The Cleveland Plain Dealer. "Now the listening part I don't know. I think I was pretty loud and clear at halftime."

Leaders like Daniel Gibson and Antwan Jamison say they're still tuned in. "I'm listening to him," Jamison told the paper. "Guys are listening to him as well. Let's be honest. It's not the coach." Said Gibson: "We definitely ride with everything Byron tells us ... He's in our corner, and we all are behind him. We have to go out there and do it."

Cavs beat writer Mary Schmitt Boyer, a very seasoned NBA writer, feels like this team has pretty much given up.
"I have covered the NBA in various places since 1981. I've covered good teams and bad teams and expansion teams and championship teams, so I know what I'm talking about here when I say that this Cavs team, right now, is as bad as any of them. It has nothing to do with talent. It has to do with attitude, and these Cavs are feeling sorry for themselves. Hey, it's too bad that LeBron James left and didn't take all of you to South Beach, but the people of Cleveland who remain deserve a better effort than you have been putting out. They got a pretty raw deal, too, you know.

This is absolutely pathetic. Byron Scott is right when he says it's got nothing to do with Xs and Os. Antawn Jamison is right when he says nothing has changed in the team's offensive or defensive schemes and that guys have to look themselves in the mirror. The worst part is that Scott said things actually could get worse. He said he wasn't sure if guys had had enough yet. Well, I can tell you from the emails and comments posted on the Plain Dealer stories and blogs, that fans have had enough."
For whatever reason, it seemed to all changed after the Heat game. Prior to that, the Cavs couldn't have been called anything other than a mediocre team that played with some inconsistency. They were 7-10, had beaten a contender like the Celtics and were competitive every night. The good teams handled them by 10 or more, but the average and bad clubs were either wins, or close losses. But after LeBron came back, the Cavs aren't even competitive against the bad teams.

After the 34-point loss to the Wolves, I thought the team had quit. It was obvious to me. They had no interest in working on the defensive end and at no point looked focused and intent on winning a basketball game. They looked like group that wanted to get on the hardwood for 48 minutes and then get off as quickly as possible.

Scott has been through a tough season before. He coached the Grizzlies (of Vancouver at the time) to a 15-67 record in their first season. Scott even said he started drinking beer as a result of that year. And the way this season is going, he may have built quite the liquor cabinet before April.
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The real quitter in Cleveland? The current team

Posted by Royce Young

Leading up to LeBron James' return, the talk in Cleveland was all about how a player quit on his city. How he betrayed them. How he was a traitor. Cavalier fans brought signs to let him know. They chanted it at him. They yelled it at him. They wanted LeBron to know that he quit on them.

Well, they might want to give the current team the same treatment when the Cavs return home Dec. 18.

Following a 28-point drubbing by LeBron's Heat where the Cavs trailed by as much as 38 and pretty much let down a city ready to rally behind them, the Cavs went on the road to play the 4-15 Timberwolves. Not necessarily a sure thing win by any means, but a game you'd expect the Cavs to bounce back in. I mean, they had to still be stinging after the beating they took at the hands of the Heat and ready to rinse that blood off their hands.

Instead, the Wolves beat down the Cavs by 34, possibly sending the franchise to maybe its lowest point ever. Think about it - LeBron returns and instead of being intimidated by the animosity thrown at him, he drops a cold-blooded 38 points and leads his new team to a blowout win. Ouch. And when the Cavs take the floor the next time, they don't even come close to competing. After one quarter, Cleveland trailed by 13 and it just got worse and worse and worse, eventually snowballing into their worst loss of the season.

  Following the game, coach Byron Scott was pretty honest and candid with reporters. "We played like the word that starts with an s and ends with a t," he said. "To me we're playing like the worst basketball team in the NBA right now.''

Hard to argue, really.

LeBron blew the Cavs out twice. Once in Cleveland and then again against the Wolves. Whether it was because the team didn't have any fight in them and backed down or because there was some sort of emotional hill they couldn't get over, the fact is, these two losses look pretty bad.

(An aside here though: Props to the Wolves. They set a new franchise record with 18 3-pointers and shot nearly 70 percent from deep. Kevin Love was 5-5 from 3, Wesley Johnson 3-4 and Wayne Ellington 4-6. This of course wouldn't have been possible without the soft Cleveland defense, but the Wolves still had to make the shots, which they did at a ridiculous rate.)

You can almost - I said almost - excuse the loss to the Heat. A superior team with superior talent that was absolutely ready to annihilate the Cavs to stand up for their guy.  But taking an absolute beating from the Wolves? I don't know where you come up with an excuse for that. The only explanation really is that the team stinks, the players didn't play with any heart and basically, they packed it in pretty much after the opening tip.

There's still plenty of time to bounce back for these guys though. The Cavs are 7-12 and have 63 games left to re-inspire themselves and act like they're playing for something. But what was supposed to bring them together and give them something to feed off of in LeBron's return has had the opposite effect. They crumbled faster than Rich Rodriguez at a Josh Groban concert. Instead of rallying with a city and adhering by the "All For One" motto they go by, the Cavs just didn't respond. Again, the season is still young and Byron Scott is a good motivator. But these past few days are some of the darkest in the franchises history, no doubt.

The Cavs play their next two on the road with a game at Detroit Sunday night. All of a sudden, that matchup has become extremely important for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with the standings. Cleveland needs to bounce back and do it now. The team, the fans, the city, the franchise can't afford to continue to sink down into this hole. There's no time to pout. There's no time to think about LeBron.

The city is still feeling the sting from the whipping Heat administered and there's real potential here to do lasting damage to the fanbase if the team doesn't show some heart and guts from here on out. Cleveland fans have shown they're willing to fight for this team. But they haven't seen anything similar from the team. No doubt there isn't a ton of talent on the roster anymore, but that doesn't mean the Wolves are 34 points better than you.

When LeBron left, a lot almost felt like professional basketball in Cleveland followed him. The depression caused by The Decision was so heavy that there was a fear that the fanbase might feel so jilted that they gave up. But they didn't. They rallied behind their guys, showed up in force and were ready for vengeance when LeBron returned. Except their guys completely let them down. And then to follow that up with the embarrassment that was Friday night in Minnesota, well, how do you explain that to your fans?

Maybe it was all the hoopla surrounding LeBron's return. Maybe the team was distracted by all the outside noise and was over-focused and over-hyped for the game against the Heat and it carried over to Saturday's game in Minnesota. Or maybe these guys have followed their leader from last season and pretty much just quit on the city. They absolutely have time to redeem themselves, but hopefully it's not already too late.
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