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Posted on: December 7, 2011 2:31 pm

Vander Weide denies being intoxicated for call

By Matt Moore  

At the official press conference for the retirement of Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide, it didn't take long for the entire thing to fall into madness. With GM Otis Smith along for the ride, the questions about Dwight Howard were nearly immediate, and from there, of course, the questions turned to the topic of the phone call Vander Weide discussed Wednesday in which he called Howard after "a couple of glasses of wine." A local television reporter did not beat around the bush, immediately asking if Vander Weide had "drunk-dialed" Howard, in those terms. Vander Weide took the time to be clear on the subject. 

To begin, Vander Weide said that he had been texting back and forth with Howard over several hours. He then said that he was not intoxicated when he dialed Howard during a game of "paddles" with friends, saying he had had "two-to-three glasses of wine" over several hours. 

"We need to be clear on this," Vander Weide said, "that phone conversation has not changed my relationship with Dwight."

Vander Weide said he and Howard share a close relationship, saying the two "like each other, even love each other, as people." The former Magic CEO said that the phone conversation had nothing to do with his retirement, which was for personal reasons. 

Magic GM Otis Smith was there to play the business end. Smith said that the Magic's intention is for Howard to retire with the Magic, but also said that any team wih a top-five player has to deal with free agency, and they're dealing with it now. Smith said that while the franchise is building around Howard and wants him to stay, they will not "placate" to anything he wants in order to keep him. 

The circus rolls on.  
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Magic targeting Deron Williams or Chris Paul?

Posted by Ben Golliverdwight-howard

Hours after Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide stepped down after admitting he drunk dialed All-Star center Dwight Howard, reports have surfaced in Orlando that the Magic are exploring their trade options in hopes of acquiring a second All-Star to placate Howard.

BHSN reports that Magic have lofty goals.
Source in Magic front office confirms the Magic are attempting to acquire Deron Williams from the New Jersey Nets to help Dwight Howard. Magic front office source confirms Chris Paul and Monta Ellis are on team's radar. Howard confidante told me Paul and Ellis were on Dwight's wish list. Magic will try to acquire another superstar to help him out. 
Vander Weide said similar things to the station before the door hit him on the way out.
He told BHSN he believes the Magic might be able to cater to Howard's needs and acquire another NBA superstar. "It is certainly possible, teams like our assets," said Vander Weide in regard to a question about the potential to acquire either Chris Paul of the Hornets or Monta Ellis of the Warriors.
As Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reported Tuesday, Howard has not formally told the Magic whether he would re-sign with the team or elect to pursue his options by requesting a trade or entering free agency after this season.

What to make of these rumors? Well, first, they are a desperate attempt by the Magic organization to shift the discussion from the unprofessional conduct of one of their chief decision-makers during a critical time in the franchise's history. The sooner everyone starts talking about rumors -- any rumors -- the more quickly everyone forgets that the guy employed to keep the only player worth more than a damn happy was too busy drinking wine and "paddling" to remember the basics of the boss/employee relationship. The bigger the name in the rumor, the better right now. Anything to restore some element of hope following a lockout and prior to the start of the 2011-2012 season.

Once the dust settles, the Magic will find themselves where they've always been: in a ridiculous cap situation with mediocre talent and a small market that doesn't appear to be enough to satisfy Howard's demands. Recently, Magic GM Otis Smith admitted that he is open to entertaining trade offers for Howard. That's smart. Put that all together and we should expect the Howard outbound rumors to replace these All-Stars inbound rumors in no time. Given how weak the Magic look right now, we should also expect the volume and velocity of Howard outbound rumors to increase dramatically over the next few weeks.
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Magic CEO Vander Weide resigns

By Matt Moore  

The Orlando Magic announced Tuesday that Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide has stepped down as CEO. From the Orlando Sentinel
Alex Martins has been promoted from team president to CEO.

Vander Weides decision to step down was reported first by WKMG.

Vander Weide has been Oralndo Magic President/Chief Executive Officer since 1994. He began his career with the Magic in 1992 as Vice President of Basketball Operations. According to the Magic’s website, his responsibilities included player planning and procurement, long-term strategic planning and new business initiatives.
via Bob Vander Weide: Bob Vander Weide retires as Orlando Magic President - OrlandoSentinel.com.

That's a long time for someone to run an organization and then suddenly step down. Magic center Dwight Howard has been linked to a series of trade rumors over the past two weeks, centered around Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. An afternoon press conference has been scheduled. The reason for Vander Weide's departure is not known at this time. 

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that Magic executives were "taken aback" when they were informed of Vander Weide's resignation, and that it is considered retirement. Notably, Vander Weide admitted Tuesday to a reported call to Howard at 1 a.m. earlier this week after what he described as called "a couple of glasses of wine." 

Because, really, that's the best time to call the superstar who may or may not be seeking a trade and/or departing in free agency which would wreck your organization. From CFNews13: 

Vander Weide confirmed that he made a 1 a.m. phone call in recent days to Magic superstar Dwight Howard, and Howard thought Vander Weide may have been intoxicated. On that call, Vander Weide told Howard how much the Magic wanted to keep him in Orlando.  "I was playing paddle with friends and had a couple of glasses of wine," Vander Weide told BHSN.  "Maybe Dwight thought it was inappropriate to talk business after a couple of glasses of wine... Maybe I should have waited until the morning."
via Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide to retire, Alex Martins promoted - Central Florida News 13.

Vander Weide also said that he had a "very good" relationship with Howard. 

Vander Weide serves on the NBA's Board of Governors. Orlando is set to host the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend in their brand new, publicly-funded Amway Center.
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Magic will retain coach Van Gundy, GM Smith

The Orland Magic will retain head coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith for the 2011-2012 NBA season. Posted by Ben Golliver. stan-otis

'Tis the season for coaching changes, especially when playoff teams don't reach lofty expectations. The Orlando Magic, though, is adament that its key basketball personnel will be back next season.

The Magic sits on the precipice of disappointment, trailing the Atlanta Hawks 3-2 in their first round series. The team entered the season with championship aspirations, made a roster-flipping midseason blockbuster trade and were regarded as heavy favorites coming into their series with the Hawks. 

Despite sitting one game from elimination, Orlando Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide issued a public show of support for coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith to the Orlando Sentinel.
"We're happy with Otis and Stan," Vander Weide said. "Neither are in jeopardy. I've been around now 20 years in the NBA and I've got a good idea of other people's skill-sets are out there, and Stan and Otis are as good a complement as any in the league."
The Magic's struggles against the Hawks, plus their slide to 52 wins this season after two questionable mid-season trades, drew speculation about job security for Van Gundy and Smith --- Smith in particular.
"You can second-guess, but the changes we made were made to win a championship," Vander Weide said. "We didn't feel we were going to win with the guys we had."
Van Gundy has guided the Magic to the playoffs and won 50+ games for four straight seasons, including a trip to the NBA Finals in 2009. That track record more or less speaks for itself.

The Magic are faced with a franchise-defining moment in the relatively future: Can they convince center Dwight Howard to sign an extension? Besides the obvious benefits that go with maintaining stability and familiarity, keeping Smith along with Van Gundy is smart for two reasons. 

One: Smith knows Howard and has a far better chance of selling him on the Magic than any newcomer could, given the benefit of their shared history. Two: if Howard decides he wants to play in a bigger market or to team up with other superstars, Smith has a proven track record for not blinking when it comes to making big deals. Trying to picture Danny Ferry trading LeBron James? Impossible. Trying to picture Smith trading Howard? Definitely not impossible.

In other words, Smith is poised to be an asset to his organization whether Dwight Howard becomes the next Dirk Nowitzki or the next Deron Williams. He's smart and experienced enough to realize that this is a business, and he's dealt with Howard for long enough to establish a relationship that will keep the negotiating and closed-door conversations where they belong: out of the media.  

Perspective is also important here. While the Magic took a step back this season -- winning 52 games, seven less than the last two seasons -- this is still the golden era of Magic basketball. This is the only time the team has won 50+ four times in a row and there's nothing standing in the way of this group doing it again next season, save a work stoppage. 

Surely, roster changes are needed and expected. But stability has value, especially in Orlando right now.
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