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Posted on: October 4, 2011 4:51 pm
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The worst overall player ratings in NBA 2K12

Posted by Ben Golliver


Last week, we took a look at the top-rated players in the latest rendition of the popular video game, NBA 2K12. Miami Heat forward LeBron James led all current players with a player rating of 98. Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams were all rated above 90 by the game on a scale of 1-100.

Here's the flipside. The following is a list of the worst-rated players on each team. The absolute worst of the worst is Oklahoma City Thunder center Byron Mullens, who rates as a 40. The rest of the bottom five: Chicago Bulls forward Brian Scalabrine (41), Toronto Raptors center Alexis Ajinca (42), Utah Jazz center Kyrylo Fesenko (42) and San Antonio Spurs forward Steve Novak (43).

Here's the full list of the worst-rated players for each team in NBA 2K12

Atlanta Hawks -- Jason Collins -- C -- 45
Boston Celtics -- Nenad Krstic -- C -- 54
Charlotte Bobcats -- DeSagana Diop -- C -- 51
Chicago Bulls -- Brian Scalabrine -- PF -- 41
Cleveland Cavaliers -- Luke Harangody -- PF -- 50
Dallas Mavericks -- Ian Mahinmi -- C -- 47
Denver Nuggets -- Kosta Koufos -- C -- 53
Detroit Pistons -- DaJuan Summers -- SF -- 55
Golden State Warriors -- Vladimir Radmanovic -- PF -- 53
Houston Rockets -- Hasheem Thabeet -- C -- 51
Indiana Pacers -- A.J. Price -- PG -- 53
Los Angeles Clippers -- Brian Cook -- PF -- 49
Los Angeles Lakers -- Theo Ratliff -- C -- 53
Memphis Grizzlies -- Hamed Haddadi -- C -- 48
Miami Heat -- Dexter Pittman -- C -- 45
Milwaukee Bucks -- Jon Brockman -- PF -- 51
Minnesota Timberwolves -- Nikola Pekovic -- C -- 55
New Jersey Nets -- Mario West -- PG -- 49
New Orleans Hornets -- D.J. Mbenga -- C -- 45
New York Knicks -- Anthony Carter -- PG -- 53
Oklahoma City Thunder -- Byron Mullens -- C -- 40
Orlando Magic -- Malik Allen -- PF -- 49
Philadelphia 76ers -- Tony Battie -- C -- 47
Phoenix Suns -- Garret Siler -- C -- 52
Portland Trail Blazers -- Earl Barron -- C -- 47
Sacramento Kings -- Hassan Whiteside -- C -- 49
San Antonio Spurs -- Steve Novak -- PF -- 43
Toronto Raptors -- Alexis Ajinca -- C -- 42
Utah Jazz -- Kyrylo Fesenko -- C -- 42
Washington Wizards -- Hamady N'Diaye -- C -- 50

Note: Both the Hawks and the Hornets had multiple players rated below 50. Guard Pape Sy was rated 48 for Atlanta and center David Andersen was rated 49 for New Orleans.
Posted on: August 25, 2011 1:49 pm

Scalabrine headed to Italy for five-week tryout?

Posted by Royce Young

Earlier, I was excited to bring you news that Wilson Chandler, who is not some middle-ground NBA also-ran, was headed overseas to play in Italy. Other than Deron Williams, almost everyone taking their talents across the pond seems to be in the lower tier of NBA players.

So here's another and he happens to be the marginalist of all marginal NBAers: Brian Scalabrine. And here's the best part: He doesn't have a contract -- he's trying out. How I love thee, Scal.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Scalabrine will spend the next five weeks training with Benetton Treviso in Italy. After that, he'll decide what he wants to do.

Sportando reported earlier in the week that it was more of a tryout rather than a check-it-out-for-five-weeks-and-dec
ide move. Scalabrine may not be a top level NBA talent, but he has been a mainstay on rosters since he broke into the league. He's always been a quality practice player and part of a lot of good teams. He can play a bit and I'm sure in Italy, he'd be a solid player. So the "tryout" thing seems to be a bit strange.

But if that's the case and he doesn't make Benetton, then where's that leave him for the NBA? He was on a non-guaranteed contract with the Bulls last year and really served more as a veteran bench presence than actual contributing player. Someone surely would want that service again, but if Scalabrine is looking to play, staying overseas might be his best option.
Posted on: September 22, 2010 12:32 am
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Scalabrine leaves Boston, signs with the Bulls

Posted by Royce Young

Some thought the day might not ever come. But after five seasons as a pseudo fan favorite in Boston, Brian Scalabrine is set to finally ship out.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Scalabrine is following one of his old assistant coaches and signing with the Bulls. The deal is a non-guaranteed camp invite, but reports indicate that Tom Thibodeau pushed hard for Scalabrine and with that kind of support, the veteran forward might have a shot at the roster.

The Bulls need training camp players as they currently only have 12 players under contract. So while Scalabrine's deal is non-guaranteed, he has a pretty solid chance of being on the team. In fact, one report said a source said Scalabrine is a "good bet" to make the final Bulls roster. So while the contract isn't guaranteed, by the looks of it, Scalabrine should be playing for Chicago this season. Well, not "playing" I guess. More like sitting.

Why the interest in such a minor signing like Scalabrine? Honestly, I have no idea. But there's something about the awkward redhead that people find interesting. He's a character in the league, despite being very insignificant on the actual court. He is known for being one of the league leaders in high fives and is always one of the quickest and most energetic guys off the bench for hand slaps during a TV timeout. So there's that for Chicago.

Known as a hard worker and quality practice squad player, Scalabrine, 32, has averaged 3.3 points a game during his nine seasons.
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Shootaround 8.12.10: Scal with a clipboard?

Posted by Matt Moore

Did we overreact to the Malice in the Palace? Was it really that big of a deal when Ron Artest went into the stands and decked a fan who he thought hit him with a cup of soda (he didn't, some other dude did)? After all, Kevin McHale did pretty much the same thing in 1987. The answer of course, is no. Even if no one was significantly injured in either incident doesn't mean that the odds are good these types of things won't lead to it. There are kids in that lower bowl. Let's all agree near-riots are bad, m'kay?

While we're at it, let's keep "don't slap assistant coaches in Pro-Am leagues (or ever)" on the list as well.

Daryl Morey on the trade for Courtney Lee yesterday: "This is a guy who we were focused on acquiring in the (’08) draft. I think, overall, the deal is similar to the Kyle Lowry deal. We’ve been trying to acquire Courtney when he went to Orlando and then he went to New Jersey and as you can tell, myself being on vacation, you can just never tell when an opportunity is going to strike. We really target players who we think will fit in well here over time and when we got our first chance to acquire him we really were obviously fairly aggressive to get this done."

Lorenzo Wright's ex-wife (who has been investigated in connection to his murder) claims he left the house the night of his murder with drugs and money . This story gets progressively somehow more depressing.

Carlos Arroyo raps ! (Not well.)

Breathe a sigh of relief for the already depleted Team USA team. Danny Granger's finger is A-OK . You can pat your Pacer friends on the back as well.

Don't sleep on Shaun Livingston. I can never decide if Shaun Livingston is over-covered due to his hardships, or not covered enough. Either way, the idea of him with the Bobcats is a pretty solid concept. Larry Brown is the type of coach that appreciates the effort that Livingston has made to recover from injury.

Chris Bosh continues to drive the dagger into Toronto . It's kind of suprising. Some people you expect to behave cruelly to their former small-market comrades. But Bosh never struck me as that type. I was wrong in that assessment.

Shocking news, Rudy Fernandez wants out of Portland . No, really. No kidding. Like, seriously this time. No joshing.

Brian Scalabrine may be a coach . No, not a dancing coach. Quit laughing. It's not funny. Not that funny, at least.
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