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Posted on: November 28, 2011 12:01 pm
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Crawford and Knicks have mutual interest?

Posted by Royce Young

The free agent pool isn't all that deep, but there are a couple decent prizes out there. One that's drawing a good amount of interest around the league is Jamal Crawford who has been flirting with Portland a bit and Miami, but just mainly because LeBron's been tweeting about him.

But according to the New York Daily News, Crawford also has some interest in returning to New York.

"Crawford is one of the top available free agents, and according to a source close to the veteran shooting guard, he prefers returning to the New York area if he does not re-sign with the Atlanta Hawks."

It's fairly unlikely that Crawford re-ups with Atlanta as the team shunned him all last season while he searched for a new contract. The Knicks would love to have his scoring punch to add to Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, but Crawford is likely looking for more than the mid-level exception. And with the Knicks current cap situation, they probably can't do much more than that.

Especially if the Knicks really are going to to try and straighten themselves out for a run at Chris Paul or Deron Williams next summer.

Crawford recently dropped agent Aaron Goodwin and signed with Andy Miller, according to the report. Miller's roster? Chauncey Billups, Jared Jeffries and Roger Mason. Miller's also based out of New Jersey. Not that those things actually mean all that much in terms of Crawford going to New York, but it certainly doesn't mean nothing.

The Knicks though are more in need of post help than another scorer. While Crawford would be enticing because of his scoring abilty, the Knicks need defensive help and a strong big man to play center. Stoudemire was forced to play the 5 all too often last season and with Ronny Turiaf as the likely top option there right now, the Knicks need help.

With that and the cap situation, really the only way Crawford ends up in New York is via sign-and-trade. And then again, are the Knicks willing to spend that money and completely blow any chance, no matter how small it may be, of snagging CP3 in 2012?

So consider this: The report says Crawford has interest in returning to the "New York area" next season. Guess who is in the New York area and will be even more there than in the past? The Nets. With their move to Brooklyn and the fact Crawford's new agent is based in the area, the Nets could be a strong option for Crawford. It makes a decent amount of sense too as the Nets need something to go next to Williams. They have to show Williams they're committed to building a winner and splashing for a guy like Crawford could be a start to saying so.
Posted on: November 24, 2011 11:57 am
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Report:Lopez turns down Besiktas, Odom signs

By Matt Moore 

Update: In a typical sign of how flimsy these European deals are, Sportando reports that the deal with Lopez has fallen through, and it's now Lamar Odom who has agreed to a deal with Besiktas. We'll wait to see if this falls through as well. 


After whiffing on Kobe Bryant and swinging out on Kevin Love, it looks like Besiktas has its next NBA star to go with Deron Williams. Sportando reports that Brook Lopez will head to Turkey to join Williams for the duration of the NBA Lockout, via Kartal Basket. 

That makes two Nets on Besiktas, and could help with developing chemistry between Lopez and Williams. Which, if the entire season is lost, won't be much help since Williams may bolt in free agency, and the Nets could jettison Lopez in restricted free agency. But it still makes for a notable teammate for Williams this season in Istanbul, and more time with Williams will help Lopez regardless of where he ends up. Playing with a point guard of his caliber will do wonders for him. 

Meanwhile, Williams hasn't been suffering as of late, scoring 50 points, shooting 17-23 from the field. Not a bad day's work. 

Lopez struggled last season under Avery Johnson, and his rebounding numbers have become an area of concern for his development. But he's still one of the better low-post and high pick-and-roll players in the league and should help Besiktas this season.
Posted on: September 26, 2011 10:51 am

Nets change name to... Brooklyn Nets

By Matt Moore

The New Jersey Nets held a press conference Monday to announce the official name of the Nets when they move to Brooklyn. And the winner is... the Brooklyn Nets. 


There had been rampant speculation about a possible name change for the team upon its relocation to the new Barclays Center in 2012. My personal favorite was the Brooklyn Hipsters, but that was a longshot. The name is a loaded issue. On the one hand, the Nets have a lot of history, dating back to the ABA. More importantly, sadly, rebranding is really expensive. In the midst of what many expect to be a lengthy lockout that could sacrifice the entire season, spending the money to rebrand everything from banners and jerseys to merchandise and letterhead probably isn't feasible in a dead income year. 

On the other hand, the name is the Nets. It's unoriginal, lacks any real identity, and seems like something an office full of unimaginative people would come up with.

But for Prokrhorov, Ratner, Jay-Z et al, the important part of the name is the "Brooklyn" part. That's the key to their success, the untold riches headed their way, a real shot to compete with the Knicks for the New York market, however unlikely that may be.

To slip off on a tangent here, it's remarkable that no one's batting an eye at the move for the Nets. Yes, the arena is only a short trip away. But there are kids in Jersey who won't be able to attend those games and will be, in essence, losing their team. Now it's only a small number of people, and that's why no one really cares. But we're a country that celebrates individualism, that fights to protect individualism, and in general, we get a little squeamish about utilitarianism. However, that's the opposite in this case. We don't care if the Nets move, or the Hornets are contracted, or the Kings slip town because we care about the most people. Just an interesting little offset.

Anyway, yeah, the Nets. Let's hear your thoughts on the "name change" in the comments.  
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