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Posted on: December 29, 2011 5:20 pm
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Wade: Superman act was 'respect' for Cam Newton

Posted by Ben Golliver


Miami Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade hit a game-winner against the Bobcats on Wednesday night, and he wasted no time sending a message to Charlotte's most prominent professional athlete, Panthers rookie quarterback Cam Newton.

After banking in a leaner in the closing seconds to give Miami its 96-95 winning margin, Wade turned to Newton, who was seated courtside, and emulated the quarterback's patented "Superman" celebration. Wade and All-Star forward LeBron James both mimicked ripping open their suits to reveal the Superman outfit, just as Newton does when celebrating touchdowns, while staring right at the 2011 NFL Draft's No. 1 pick.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Wade says he was not mocking Newton but was instead simply tipping his cap to the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback out of Auburn.
"That was a show of respect to him," Wade said. "Not showing nobody up."

"First of all, the guy is huge," Wade said of Newton. "... I've seen him play a lot. He's entertaining. He had one of the best rookie years of any player to ever play the game."
This seems plausible. Wade and James are both noted NFL fans. Wade, a Chicago native, roots for the Bears; James cheers for the Dallas Cowboys. Star athletes across sports are part of an elite fraternity and this can certainly be read as an homage to Newton's greatness.

But the play, the celebration and, really, the start to Miami's season combine to send a greater message. Not just to Newton but to all basketball observers. These guys look eager to create their own lasting, memorable, trend-setting greatness this year.

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Posted on: January 6, 2011 9:59 pm
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Charles Barkley rants on Carlson, Cam Newton blog

TNT commentator Charles Barkley ranted about Tucker Carlson, Michael Vick and a blog post about Cam Newton during halftime of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks game on Thursday night. Posted by Ben Golliver.

TNT commentator Charles Barkley, never one to mince words, was in fine form during halftime of a game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night, teeing off on Tucker Carlson, a political talking head who said Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick should be executed for mistreating dogs, and an unnamed blogger who claimed Barkley gave free Los Angeles Lakers tickets to Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

Barkley called Carlson an "idiot" and said that his comments on Vick were "total B.S." Barkley made the comments while on set with studio host Matt Winer and commentator Kenny Smith.

Here's a transcript. 
"There's some idiot on another station named Tucker Carlson, who called out Michael Vick. Number one, Michael Vick, we're all pulling for you, man. Keep doing your thing, you paid your debt to society, good luck to y'all in the playoffs. Tucker Carlson, who's a nobody, he used to work for us over here, we fired him, because he sucked. Now he goes over there ... He said Michael Vick should be executed, which is total B.S. TV is a very powerful thing, but you just can't get on here and say anything. He should have never said that. MIchael Vick paid his debt to society and we're all pulling for him. When I say I'm pulling for him, I mean the brothers." 
After that final comment, Barkley turned to Winer, who was guest-hosting for Ernie Johnson, and cracked, "And Matt, you're a brother. You're closer to being a brother than Ernie is."

Barkley then shifted gears to attack another "idiot," this time an unnamed blogger who claimed Barkley, an Auburn graduate, had illegally given Newton, who is preparing for Monday's BCS title game against the Oregon Ducks, tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers game. 

Here, again, is a transcript. 
"OK, there was a report out today by some idiot and I don't know his name because I don't blog at all. He accused me of breaking NCAA rules. That I gave Cam Newtown tickets to the Lakers game ... this guy is an idiot, I hope he doesn't have any kids. Because if the parents are idiots, you follow the kids, the kids are going to be idiots too. But, I did not give Cam Newton tickets to the game." 
"First of all, if [Newton] had called me, I would have got him tickets to the game. The guy won a Heisman Trophy and he's one of the greatest jocks I've ever seen at Auburn. He's right after me and Bo Jackson. He's right with Frank Thomas right now. But listen, dude, you can't just get on your blog, I don't read that crap, but I had to respond to it publicly today, you can't just come out and say what you want to. I did not get him tickets, I have never met Cam Newton, but if Cam Newton had called me I would have put him in the Laker locker room if he wanted to go."
After getting that off his chest, Barkley said, "OK, I'm good now. I'm good now," and the show went to a commercial break. Here's video of the rant.

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