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Posted on: September 9, 2011 10:18 am

Blazers looking at Clippers VP for GM

By Matt Moore

The list of candidates for the Blazers' general manager position continues to grow, and the latest could have big ramifications. From ESPN:
Sources with knowledge of Portland’s thinking told ESPN.com that the Blazers have both Cleveland Cavaliers vice president of basketball operations David Griffin and Los Angeles Clippers vice president of basketball operations Neil Olshey on their wish list.
via Blazers eye two more GM candidates - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN.

Olshey is the one that could really cause some ripples in the NBA fabric. Bear in mind that this is a report on the Clippers wish list, not a confirmation of an interview or of mutual interest. Olshey could be perfectly happy with the Clippers, even if his contract is set to expire this coming October.

But if we're smelling the smoke, we may as well look at the fire. Olshey has been a bright spot for the Clippers, as his moves have brought a new era where the Clippers aren't contending, but seem on their way. He's built a young team around Blake Griffin, and though he has lost draft picks, he's brought in enough talent to make you think the Clippers are headed somewhere. Losing Olshey means a return to instability, and, in more of a concern, an opportunity for Donald Sterling to hire the wrong person.

What's the real element of interest here? If Olshey leaves, and the Clippers return to disorganized mediocrity (as opposed to their current path of organized mediocrity with some hope of success), that puts even more fuel on the fire that could cause Blake Griffin to sign the qualifying offer in his restricted free agency in 2012, which would then make him a free agent in 2013. It's unlikely given the money he would have to surrender in that scenario, but this is the Clippers. We don't count anything out. Griffin hitting the open market would create a frenzy in free agency with teams dumping cap space to obtain his services in 2013 as if they were holding a firesale, and losing Griffin would be devastating for Clippers fans only now starting to believe hope is on the horizon.

In short, that would be bad. It's not that the Clippers need Olshey, he hasn't been the best GM or even top five in the past year. It's just that a franchise with such a history of disaster has to start somewhere, and the best place to start is by not giving Donald Sterling another hiring directive.

Griffin is a long-time basketball man who came up through the ranks and would be a great fit in Portland. He's well-respected and could bring some stability to the position, something Portland desperately needs.  
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Report: Cleveland hires Suns' Griffin

Report: Suns VP joins post-LeBron building project after turning down Nuggets' GM job.
Posted by Matt Moore

David Griffin has been quite the hot commodity this summer, and it would appear the Cavaliers were hot enough to land him. Ric Bucher of ESPN reports that the Cavaliers have hired Griffin as their new Vice President of Basketball Operations , the same role he's held in Phoenix since 2007. The role carries with it an increase in prestige as Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert is known to be more supportive and less fiddling than Suns' owner Robert Sarver. He'll join Chris Grant who was recently extended as General Manager after taking the interim reins following the departure of Danny Ferry. Griffin takes over the job of Lance Blanks who left in the great exodus pre and post "The Decision." Got all that? It's a little bit like a soap opera, only with poor drafting choices and salary cap management.

Griffin turned down an offer from the Denver Nuggets this summer to become their main man in charge, a position that was eventually given to Masai Ujiri, who now gets to wait for Carmelo Anthony to decide he's done watching tennis matches and ready to talk about his job. Bucher reports that Griffin turned down the Nuggets' position because it was substantially below the $1 million benchmark for GMs. If that aspect is true, it paints a disturbing picture for Nuggets fans who face a new regime with Josh Kroenke, son of principal owner Stan Kroenke taking over operations with the elder Kroenke gaining ownership of the NFL's St. Louis Rams. Those kinds of sub-standard offers make obtaining top talent difficult, even if the practice doesn't extend to the team's roster itself.

Cleveland meanwhile gets one of the remaining architects of one of the more succesfull franchises over the past decade. Griffin had been with the Suns off and on since 1993. You have to wonder after all the changes the Suns have seen with the departures of Amar'e Stoudemire, Steve Kerr, and now Griffin, if the ship will be steady as Steve Nash prepares to sail into the sunset in the next few years.
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Report: Griffin turns down Nuggets GM offer

Report: Nuggets must turn to plan B after Suns assistant turns down GM offer.
Posted by Matt Moore

Well, back to the drawing board. ESPN's Ric Bucher is reporting that David Griffin has turned down the offer of general manager extended by the Nuggets last week. Bucher reports that Griffin turned the offer down due to a paltry salary (less than the $1 million baseline for GMs) and due to confusion over the hierarchy in Denver. Josh Kroenke, son of Nuggets' owner Stan Kroenke, met with Carmelo Anthony last week to try and smooth out the situation with him requesting a trade. Meanwhile, advisor Bret Bearup is considered heavily involved in personnel decisions according to multiple media sources. With that kind of structure in place, along with Melo's possibly iminent departure , the job obviously lost its luster to Griffin.

Raptors executive Masai Ujiri is apparently next on the list. The question has to not only be what kind of a position the general manager will have with so many hands in the pot, but what the direction of Denver is going to be over the next few years. With Anthony leaning towards greener zipcodes, J.R. Smith on the block , and the future of Chauncey Billups in the air as well, Denver's not exactly looking like the most attractive destination. So this could take a while. But it is an NBA general manager position, and as such, they should be able to get the position filled at some point. The problem is that in a delicate time, with training camp getting closer each day, the Nuggets are still without an official general manager. And that's only got to make the situation that much more unstable for Carmelo.

For an interesting look at the work Ujiri has done, check out this HoopsAddict interview with him from June.
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Shootaround 8.25.10: Damp in Miami?

Posted by Royce Young
  • If you didn't watch "Jordan Rides the Bus" last night, make sure to catch one of its 500 re-runs. Absolutely terrific stuff. My favorite tweet of the night about it though came from SLAM's Russ Bengtson: "Kobe's calling the Dodgers right now."
  • Bobcats GM Rod Higgins says Erick Dampier might be traded rather than waived: "It's going to take a while," Higgins said. "Now that we've got another center, waiving him for the sake of waiving him doesn't make a whole lot of sense for us. We're going to continue to talk to teams to try to improve our roster."
  • Want to watch the best dunk-off of all time? Watch the best dunk-off of all time:
  • Brett Hainline of Queen City Hoops on Kwame Brown: "Kwame's signing puts the Bobcats at 4 centers on the squad - one of whom I have confidence in taking a shot that is not a dunk (take a bow, Nazr). While it was certain the Bobcats are going to waive/trade Dampier, this makes it appear unlikely that he will be re-signed following his eventual waiving, as he had previously indicated an interest in doing."
  • Matt Hubert of D-League Digest writing on Hornets 24/7 about Mustafa Shakur: "But the biggest takeway from this signing is the fact that the Hornets appear to be turning over a new leaf under new general manager Dell Demps, formerly of the Austin Toros. His D-League experience may prove to open new doors for an organization that previously had very little involvement with the D-League, and the signing of Shakur could be just the beginning."
  • John Krolik of PBT with an outstanding breakdown of LeBron James off the ball: "According to Synergy Sports, LeBron took 125 field goal attempts off of a "cut" last season, and converted 101 of those attempts. That's an 81% conversion rate. That, folks, is the definition of unstoppable, and that's how LeBron shot 65% from the field in international play. LeBron is great at scoring in isolation or pick-and-roll situations. He may be just as good at making plays for other in those situations. But he's unquestionably at his most effective when he can build up a head of steam and attack the rim against a defense that isn't waiting for him."
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Nuggets have offered David Griffin GM job

Posted by Royce Young

In one of those, "Should we be looking deeper into this?" type of stories, Sam Amick of Fanhouse reports that the Nuggets have made their selection for general manager, offering the position to David Griffin last week. But Griffin hasn't accepted. Of course, this makes one wonder, why?

Amick says financial negotiations are believed to be the hang up, but it's hard not to think that maybe Griffin, a former executive with the Suns, sees a tough rebuilding situation in Denver coming. Maybe he knows something more than about Carmelo Anthony's intentions. Or maybe it's just simply that the compensation isn't what he had in mind. Whatever the case, the Nuggets are now potentially looking at Plan B, Masai Ujiri.

Whoever accepts the job whether it be Griffin, Ujiri or somebody else, the situation in Denver appears to be a difficult one. The team is in great shape on the surface. The Nuggets have a star, have a good fanbase, have a good market, have had recent success on the floor and have a quality roster ready to compete this year.

But underneath all of that is a franchise that is looking at losing its face, probably trading away one of its top scorers and two of its cornerstones are unrestricted free agents next year. So this is definitely a time of transition in Denver.

Which is why it's slightly hard to believe this is just a financial issue with Griffin. It's possible Griffin knows he's walking into a tougher-than-expected circumstance with Denver and therefore wants more money and more guarantees. If Griffin already knows he's losing Carmelo, maybe he's reconsidering or at least, wanting more job security.
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