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Posted on: June 18, 2011 2:02 pm

Dominique Jones christens title with a neck tat

Posted by Royce Young

Mark Cuban said he was thinking of doing something bigger -- or at least different -- for the Mavs championship. Rings are old news. Time to spice it up. (The team however isn't all that into it.)

Maybe Dominique Jones' idea was for everyone to get a matching trophy tattoo. And instead of waiting, he went ahead and did it.

Of course Jason Terry had the Larry O'Brien trophy tatted on his arm before the season and promised he'd remove it if the Mavs didn't win the title. If you missed it, they did.

I do feel the need to point out though that Jones, while definitely a part of the team, played exactly zero minutes in the postseason and appeared in only 18 games during the entire season. He was just a rookie though and depending on DeShawn Stevenson's future with the team, Jones might find himself a little more playing time next year.

Regardless, Jones is an NBA champion now and he's got a tattoo to prove it. He'll end up getting a ring too I'm sure, but rings come off. Tattoos don't. Maybe that's the idea there.
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Posted on: February 22, 2011 10:05 pm
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Mavs in talks to bring back Harris

Harris being talked about for deals to Portland, Dallas. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Devin Harris has been on the block for months, and now things are staring to get serious with the deadline two days away. 

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports  further details on the possible Devin Harris  swaps with the Dallas Mavericks  and New Jersey Nets . "Nets considering sending Devin Harris to Portland forAndre Miller  or Dallas for Caron Butler 's expiring contract, Dominique Jones  and 1st." ESPN reports that deal has been rejected, because the Mavericks only want to send Butler. 

The Dallas Morning News throws  some unsourced cold water on the Devin Harris talk. "Normally, the Mavericks look for bargains when it comes to the trade deadline. This year, bargains won’t do. Steals are what they are seeking. If it’s not along the lines of something great for something close to nothing, they don’t seem interested. Speculation about a reunion with Devin Harris seems farfetched, at best. And the Mavericks are in the enviable position of liking their situation and not needing (or wanting) to take on any long-term money in any deal." 

Yahoo! Sports is also reporting  that the Blazers are also in the talks. 

The Harris deal for Portland's Andre Miller if it winds up straight up. Miller is older, and even with a non-guaranteed contract, that only helps if you land an improvement over the summer. The Nets would essentially be downgrading while giving away their best trade asset. I don't care how well Andre Miller throws the lob, that's insane. 

The Dallas Morning News  reports that the Dallas end of the talks is "far-fetched." Butler himself says on Twitter he's not gonig anywhere .  But based on what we know of Cuban, and his soft spot for Harris, we'll have to keep an eye on it. Adding Harris makes their guard depth considerable.with Harris, Kidd, Jason Terry, Dominique Jones, Rodrigue Beaubois, and Jose Juan Barea. It basically removes any players just taking up roster spots in the backcourt. Dallas almost always makes a move or looks to, and this season should be no exception, despite all the calming noise coming out of Dallas. 
Posted on: February 8, 2011 9:39 pm

Mavericks G Dominique Jones suffers foot injury

Dallas Mavericks guard Dominique Jones is expected to miss significant time with a foot injury. Posted by Ben Golliver. dominique-jones

Dallas Mavericks rookie guard Dominique Jones has suffered a foot injury that will keep him out for a "significant period of time," according to the Dallas Morning News.
The Mavericks' injury situation has taken another bad turn as rookie Dominique Jones suffered a foot injury that will sideline him for a significant period of time, two sources said.
The injury occurred recently and Jones stayed behind as the team left for Sacramento on Tuesday. It's not known what the injury is, but it will take some time to recuperate from.
Jones, a first year player out of South Florida, hasn't seen much time for the Mavericks and has logged some time in the D-League for the Texas Legends. He's a big-bodied scoring guard, but hasn't been able to find minutes in Dallas' veteran-laden backcourt.

His numbers with the Mavericks: 2.3 points, 1.1 assist in 7.5 minutes per game over 18 appearances.

His numbers with the Legends: 18.7 points, 5.2 rebounds, 5.0 assists in 37.5 minutes per game over 10 appearances. 

ESPNDallas.com also notes that Jones has gone done right as fellow young guard Roddy Beaubois is poised to make his return from his own foot injury.
Roddy Beaubois hit a personal milestone Tuesday as he participated in his first full practice. It was an abbreviated, 45-minute workout before the team headed to Sacramento. Beaubois will not be on the first two legs of the trip, which goes through Denver on Thursday. He could join the team in Houston for Saturday's game against the Rockets, although Beaubois won't play in that game either. The earliest Beaubois could make his season debut is Feb. 16 at home against Sacramento or Feb. 17 at Phoenix Suns, which leads into th All-Star break.
Beaubois' absence has stretched on and on for months, it's gotten past depressing and past confusing. Here's hoping Jones enjoys a quicker recovery timeline.
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