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Posted on: July 21, 2011 2:53 pm
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Durant to lead Goodman League against Drew League

Posted by Royce Young

You need basketball. I need basketball. We wouldn't have it now anyway, but the prospect of not having it at all next year is a terrifying idea. That's why people have taken an odd amount of interest in players participating in exhibition games overseas.

Well, now there's going to be a pretty significant streetball exhibition and it's happening in Washington, D.C. We told you there was a possibility of this and now it's pretty much definitely happening.

The legendary Goodman League is set to take on the legendary Drew League in a showdown taking place Aug. 20. (You can watch a stream of it here.) And the rosters aren't going to disappoint.

Kevin Durant leads the Goodman and joining him will be John Wall, Ty Lawson, Gary Neal, Tyreke Evans, Michael Beasley, DeMarcus Cousins, Josh Selby, Sam Young, Donte Greene and from the And1 Tour Hugh Jones, Emmanuel Jones and Warren Jefferson.

For the Drew, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Nick Young, Dorrell Wright, Brandon Jennings, JaVale McGee, Craig Smith, Pooh Jeter, Bobby Brown (Aris BC), Marcus Williams and three more players yet to be named.

Durant, of course, has been playing in the Goodman League at Barry Farms for a long time, kind of making it his second basketball home. It's sort of the place to be for good pro-am hoops on the East Coast right now. The Drew League has become the premier pro-am league on the West Coast. So it's only natural someone organized a showdown.

With a dark summer of no official basketball because of the lockout, you should be very, very excited for this. And there’s no doubt the Goodman has a major edge here. First, it’s in D.C. Second, look at that roster. KD, Wall, Lawson, Reke and Beasley are quite the core. Harden’s been tearing up the Drew (he scored 52 there a couple of weeks ago), but the Goodman roster is way better.

I mean, who the heck is guarding Durant? Dorrell Wright certainly will get the call, but the Goodman has a ton of speed. Of course, I'm hoping to see Harden on Durant for most of the game, for obvious reasons.

You can be sure this showdown will be awesome. And you can be sure I’ll be watching. You better be, too.

Posted on: February 16, 2011 12:30 am
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Cousins is already putting incident behind him

Posted by Royce Young

OKLAHOMA CITY -- As the Thunder and Kings got set to tip, the popular arena anthem "Zombie Nation" blared throughout Oklahoma City Arena. Donte Greene went wild on the Sacramento bench, busting out some sort of Russian high step dance.

Sitting right in front, totally hamming it up as Greene grooved? DeMarcus Cousins, who of course had an altercation with Greene in the locker room following a close 99-97 loss to the Thunder just a few days ago.

Cousins was deemed "inactive" for the Kings last game, a win at Phoenix, and was fined one game's pay for the incident. With eyes locked on him and how he'd react to his first action since the locker room dust-up, Cousins, and the rest of the team, appeared to have everything behind them.

"To be honest, it wasn't as big as people made it out to be," Cousins said. "I mean, teams do that. I mean, when it's a team sport, you're going to have disagreements because it's five opinions trying to get along. But they made it bigger than it is. It's really not an issue. There's no beef, there's none of that. We're fine."

Cousins apologized and took responsibility for what happened last Saturday saying in a statement, "I wish to apologize to my teammates, the Kings' organization and Kings fans for my role in an unfortunate altercation between teammates. I accept full responsibility for my actions and know that I must keep raising my standard of professionalism to be my best and a great player in the NBA."

Obviously those are just words and for Cousins to really move past this, it was going to start in Oklahoma City.

His team got completely rolled by the Thunder 126-96, falling by 17-4 within minutes. Cousins, who is typically a starter, began the game on the bench but checked in quickly with 7:22 left in the first quarter. The Kings never caught up, getting only as close as 15 to the Thunder, but Cousins turned in a nice performance regardless. The rookie finished with 21 points and 13 rebounds in 29 minutes.

"I came in and didn't get a chance to shots up over that little break, but really tried to get my shot going in the warm-ups, but it wasn't falling tonight. Overall though I kind of got in my groove," Cousins said. "To be honest, I really just wanted to win. I really wasn't concerned about my performance. I wanted to really come out and get a win. That's what we're here to do."

With Cousins, he's no headcase. He's a young player that might have some maturity issues. He's learned not just how to play professional basketball, but how to be a professional. It's something that not every rookie picks up on right away.

I think there will be an assumption that maybe this is a turning point for Cousins. He entered the league with a potential problem stamp and after being kicked out of a few practices by coach Paul Westphal combined with the Greene incident, he's had a rocky rookie campaign. However, with the not-a-suspension inactive punishment and then Tuesday's response, maybe it's a step forward.

"Hopefully," he said. "I believe I was taking steps forward before the incident happened. But, you could say I took steps back. And that can happen. But I'm just going to continue to progress."
Posted on: February 13, 2011 6:00 pm
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Kings list Cousins as inactive, no suspension yet

The Sacramento Kings have listed DeMarcus Cousins as inactive and have not yet decided whether to suspend him following an altercation with a demarcus-cousins-kingsteammate on Saturday night. Posted by Ben Golliver.

This is exactly what scouts and analysts mean when they say a player is a "red flag" during the pre-draft process.

On Saturday night, we noted reports that Sacramento Kings rookie big man DeMarcus Cousins got into an altercation with teammate Donte Greene following the team's loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Cousins was reportedly upset that he didn't receive the ball on the Kings' final possession and exchanged swings with Greene, who had inbounded the ball to Kings guard Tyreke Evans instead of Cousins.

On Sunday, the Kings released a statement that said Cousins would "not play in tonight's game at Phoenix while the organization reviews the situation that occurred in the locker room following last night's game versus Oklahoma City."

Earlier reports noted that Cousins had been suspended, but Yahoo! Sports reported on Sunday that the Kings have simply listed Cousins as "inactive" for Sunday night's game against the Suns in Phoenix and that any further disciplinary action - including a potential suspension - will not be released until Monday. 

The Kings own the worst record in the Western Conference at 12-38, so Cousins' frustration with all the losing is understandable, to a degree. He's a competitive, fiery spirit that wants to help his team win and has faith in his own considerable talent. But SacTown Royalty brilliantly laid out the biggest problem with this situation: Cousins wasn't even open on the play in question. 

In other words, this was a baseless public tantrum from an immature rookie, one that showed up a veteran teammate (Greene). To make matters worse, Cousins' actions also went against his coach, Paul Westphal, and his team's best player, Evans. Cousins' job in this situation is to flash to the ball and then go rebound if he doesn't receive the pass. It isn't his responsibility to draw up plays, second-guess the plays that are drawn up, or question his teammate's late-game abilities, especially in a manner that is public and/or inflammatory. This is NBA 101 stuff.

The Kings have done the right thing by placing Cousins in timeout as they gather the facts. This incident has the potential to be a crossroads for Cousins, who has a long way to go if he is to become the consistent, reliable player and person that coaches look for when they divvy up late-game touches. Right now, he's just a mess.
Posted on: September 24, 2010 9:17 am

Preseason Primer: Sacramento Kings

Posted by Matt Moore
Could we have seen it coming? Could we have known that Tyreke Evans was going to join Michael Jordan and LeBron James among the handful of players to average 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists in their rookie season? That he would make such a huge difference? Well, yeah, we should have. The question is where do the Kings, whose rebuilding project they find accelertaed, go from here? That's where we begin with the lastest in our Preseason Primers .

Training camp site: Sacramento, CA
Training camp starts: September 28th

Key additions: Samuel Dalembert (trade), Antoine Wright (free agency), Luther Head (free agency), DeMarcus Cousins (draft)

Key subtractions: Spencer Hawes (trade), Jon Brockman (trade), Andres Nocioni (trade)

Likely starting lineup: Tyrke Evans (PG), Beno Udrih (SG), Donte Greene (SF), Carl Landry (PF), Samuel Dalembert (C)

Player to watch: DeMarcus Cousins. There's no getting around it. "Boogie" is the guy you want to keep an eye on. He could dominate. He could underwhelm. He could blow up on his teammates. he could fit in seamlessly. He could add weight. He could slim down. Anything is possible with Cousins, and his progression will be a huge factor in how the Kings do this season.

Chemistry quiz: Evans needs to be the leader, and this is the season where he's got to start showing that. Meanwhile, there aer a bunch of players on the Kings like Thompson and Greene who may wind up frustrated if they can't secure their positions on the team. Throw in the explosive Cousins and you have a tenuous situation that could be brilliant, could be terrible. It's wait and see.

Camp battles: All eyes on small forward, as Donte Greene and Omri Casspi battle for control of the universe... I mean, small forward spot. Greene has more experience and athleticism, but Casspi is arguably more skilled. This is going to be and intense and close fight. Sorting out the rest of the frontcourt will be tough as well with experience (Dalembert, Landry) versus upside (Thompson and Cousins) as well as slotting positions.

Injury issues:
Evans had an ankle injury in Team USA tryouts but should be fine. Other than that, the Kings enter camp healthy.

Biggest strength: Athleticism. Evans, Thompson, Greene, Cousins, Landry. They're tough, long, and athletic. That team can create mismatches on the floor sheer length and leaping ability. Strong, too. Should be a lot of fun to watch.

Glaring weakness: Inexperience. The best thing about being young is you don't know any better. That's also the worst thing. The Kings are going to struggle as they learn how to win. Learning to be consistent starts in camp.
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